soon to be public memories

Public Press Conference

    “A public press conference was held today (June 5th) by Director Sharlen Vidal. He briefed the reporters on the status of the Silvermoon Intelligence Agency and its people.”

    We are here today to discuss the attack that went down the morning of June the 4th. From investigations it has been deemed that three suspicious packages were placed inside the agency foyer. Detonation was discovered to occur upon opening said packages, causing a delayed reaction. This is being deemed a terrorist attack on homeland security.–

“Do you have any idea who is behind the attacks, Director Vidal?”

    At this time we are investigating into certain suspects but none shall be named until more information is available. Instead we are focusing on the loss of our fallen agents. There will be a public memorial held for them soon.

“Do you have any idea on why the attack happened, Director?”

   No we do not - yet we will tell you that it is a blatant disregard for life. The life of our people were put in danger that day. Whoever planned the attack and for whatever reason is in the wrong here and we will be sure to do our best to deliver justice.

“Director Vidal– Vidal over here; Rumors are flying around, is it true that the old Director of the SIA has resurfaced?”

   No comment.

“Do you know if these attacks are because the old Director Diaage Nusas has returned– Director Vidal?”

  No comment.

“Is your job in danger? Do you think this attack happened because the agency was woefully unprep–”

    Look. Many good men and women - agents who were parents, agents who were sons, daughters, sisters and brothers - lost their lives. Focus on that. The agency and the collective councils of governments are doing their best to protect Silvermoon’s citizens. Now you, as citizens, should do your best to look out for one another in this time. That is all for today.

“Director Vidal– Vidal!”
“What about–..”


1997- Joe Weltjens sits in his room finishing up the last pages of his Magnum Opus: Diesel.

“This is great! No one knows about stuff from Japan so I can just use this Jojo’s Bizarre Whatever to get my foot in the door as a writer! No one will care about Japanese cartoons soon anyway.”

2000-  Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is released for the PS1 and Dreamcast. Joe Weltjens begins to sweat nervously.

“N-no one will figure it out. I only released the one issue anyway. Fighting games aren’t even popular.”

2003- The JJBA OVA is released on DVD

“It’s okay. It’s going to be okay, Joe. By the time they release the part i ripped off no one will be watching this trash. Its going to be okay. I’m already a respected comic editor. I don’t have to worry.“

2005- Viz begins to release the Stardust Crusaders manga. Weltjens becomes noticeably distracted at work and home. Slumped over his desk he begins a long contemplation.

“[internally]It keeps coming back to haunt me. But it can’t. I won’t let it. Its not like I got here with blood money. I got here on my own hard work. I’m talented. I work hard.”
“Joe are you alright?”
“Why do these demons torment me!”

December 2013- 8 years later Joe begins to find peace.

“They still haven’t found out. They’re all idiots. It’s been so long. I’m in the clear. I think I can rest easy now. I have two kids, a beautiful wife, a great job. It’s all behind me.”

April 2014- Stardust Crusaders anime begins. Its popularity continues to increase. 

Joe smashes his computer in a fit of rage.
“Honey! I heard a bang! Are you alright?”
“Yes dear! Everything’s fine! Don’t worry!”
Joe begins to cry in solitude.

February 23rd 2016- Two years have past. Joe’s marriage is strained, his two children grow distant. But Stardust Crusaders is over, soon to fade from public memory. Weltjens is determined, despite early mental setbacks, to continue his work as a comic editor, and rekindle his relationship with his family.  The nightmare is over.

Or so he thought.
Suddenly there is a stirring on twitter. Joe feels it. He feels it on the wind; the weight returning to his back.


Twitter begins producing pictures of Diesel. It’s been found. Try as he might  there’s nothing Joe can do to stop the deluge of cruel copyright infringement. The nightmare has been reawoken.

Though, it was never put to sleep in the first place.

2017- Joe Weltjens has been missing for over a year. His sudden disappearance shocking both his family and coworkers. Where is Joe? Kidnapped? Ran away? Or perhaps unbeknownst to them, swallowed by a dark shadow that had been chasing him for over 20 years.
Joe will not return.