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So I work with pensions. That’s the opening to this story. It’s a vital part because my clients are all 65+ and I spend a lot of time explaining the paperwork to them.

This woman called to discuss her paperwork and she was asking about spousal benefits on her account because she’s not married yet but she’s going to be soon and does she need new paperwork for that?

I’m asking a couple of questions about her future spouse to see what she needs us to send out and after a few moments of vague phrasing she goes “I’m a lesbian” and she sounded so nervous you could actually hear my heart crack open.

After the third time she awkwardly said partner like she was expecting to me hang up on her I managed to work in “you’re in good company on this call” and she relaxed IMMEDIATELY. The whole call had a lighter tone and it really showed.

I don’t even care if I might get marked off for revealing “personal information” it made me put a couple things into perspective.

Sunni's computer is dead; time for a brief semi hiatus

It’s broken down more than I can handle, patch, or jury rig on my own, or even with the help of some friends.

On the upside, it’s just a crappy little tablet, and it lasted me three whole years or maybe a bit more!

On the downside, it was my only computer for several years, and now I’m down to my small, slow phone.

Im going to be taking out a loan soon, though, so in the next couple of months I’ll be back.

I’m reachable at my Discord, which you can ask me for via PMs.

Kankri and Titus will still be present in the loves of their loved ones, but their impacts on the world may only be communicated through their friends’ blogs or brief, small posts that may be inadequately tagged but i’ll do my best.

Thanks for your patience everyone, and I love and appreciate every one of you!!!!


have some adorable frogs. i’m thinking about doing stickers. 

oh and, I’m sorry i didn’t update in so long, college is killing me. 

btw, the killing stalking couple counseling au part 4 is coming soon, after that i will finish the haikyuu!! christmas requests. damn. i love you all. 

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Hazel's smile dropped slightly. "I can only stay another few days. I need to get back to Camp Jupiter soon, but I just couldn't leave until I knew you were okay," she said. Nico nodded, frowning. He'd wanted more time with her before she had to go but there was nothing that could be done. "Have you talked to Reyna?" Nico asked. Hazel nodded. "Yesterday. She had to get back to New Rome sooner than I did but she's really worried. She said she'd come back again when you woke up. I'll IM her later."

[Pt.1] Hazel sighed. “We have to get back to Camp Jupiter soon. Apparently there were some fissures there leading to the underworld a couple of days ago, but they closed and nobody fell into them. Frank and I are going back to help with cleanup, but I wanted to see you first and make sure you were okay. I’m going to Iris message you after dinner and if I find out you haven’t eaten by then I’m flying back and force feeding you.” Hazel promised with a stern look on her face. Nico just nodded. [Pt.2] He wanted to ask more questions, but Hazel was in protective mode and probably wouldn’t tell him. So instead, he moved so he was lying on his side so that he wouldn’t have to look at the light on the ceiling above Hazel’s head. It was making the headache worse. “I’m going to leave you to sleep. Love you.” Hazel told him, kissing his cheek before she was gone. “Nico.” Will asked once she was gone, and Nico jumped. “Does she know that you’re trans?” Nico’s eyes widened. “She uh… No.” [Pt.3] He shook his head, turning even further away from Will. “Everyone else knows, but when I… When I found her in the underworld, I was already going by Nico and I had a binder and everything.” Nico explained in a shaky voice, breaths getting shorter. “I can’t- Um, she’s from the 40’s (30’s?) and… I haven’t even known her very long. What if she’s not okay with it?” Nico could not handle it if his sister wasn’t okay with it. Bianca had been, but she also picked out the name Nico. [Fin]

“Nico,” Will began softly, gently taking hold of Nico’s hand. “She’s your sister. Of course she’ll be okay with it. She loves you more then anything. She would never hate you because of who you identify as.” Nico wished it was as simple as believing Will’s words, but Nico had more experience then that. He knew that it wasn’t as simple as just accepting someone. There was always a catch. It had taken Bianca almost two weeks to come to terms with the fact that her little sister wanted to become her little brother. It was the longest two weeks of little ten year old Nico’s life. He didn’t have his sister in those two weeks, me he was afraid he was never going to have her again. “It’s not the simple,” he had to make Will understand. He couldn’t be alone in this. He needed Will to understand. “I don’t… I don’t know if she even knows what my real name is.” He finished quietly, hanging his head.

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can i just say you two are the sweetest couple, i met my soon to be wife on tumblr four years ago we lived in the same country just two hours from one another we spent 11 months seeing each other once every two weeks i smiled so much at your youtube videos x

Aw this is so sweet congratulations on your soon to be wedding :)

Boyfriend Hikaru
  • A total dork
  • Wouldn’t waste time trying to get together with you, to be honest, he’d be quite obvious about it
  • Everyone would know he likes you and unless you’re dense, you’d probably know too
  • As soon as you start dating you’re basically like an old married couple, people would tell you that too
  • But he’d want to get to know you quite well before actually asking you out so actually starting to date might take awhile
  • A bit cheesy
  • Loves your laugh and would do almost anything to hear said laugh
  • So he’d always be trying to make you laugh when he’s with you
  • His texts are either super long and nice or a weird pick-up line, there’s usually no in-between
  • Spontaneous dates, you guys don’t usually need to plan things in advance you just decide to go on dates whenever you feel like it
  • Would take you to any interesting places he discovers
  • Whenever he finds something interesting his first thought is to show you as soon as possible
  • Whether it’s a place, food, video, or even just a picture; he’d want to show you everything
  • Random hugs and pecks
  • Cuddles on the couch while watching TV and talking about your days
  • Winks at you at random times
  • Like you can just make eye contact with him for a second and he’d just ;)
  • Would confide in you and would want you to do the same
  • Even though he’s always joking he’d get very serious if you’re upset
  • Would always want you to be happy, if you’re sad he’s sad
  • Wants to help you with everything as best he can
  • Besides being your boyfriend Hikaru would also be your best friend
  • If you liked a particular romance scene from a movie, book, manga, etc. he’d probably try to reenact it with you, even if it’s super cheesy
  • Might not warn you first so he’d just randomly start quoting it and you just ??, please play along though
  • He would just a dorky boyfriend that wants you to be happy

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This animal tastes frightened.