soon to be batman

Alfred and Gordon being exasperated grandpas


Dick: I’m moving to Bludhaven and entering the police academy!

Alfred & Gordon: Yes!

Dick: Also going to be on my own vigilanting as Nightwing. Look at my costume!

Gordon: No.

Alfred: I’m not even surprised.


Tim: Going to quit being Red Robin and going to college.

Alfred: Wonderful.

Gordon: Oh thank god.

Tim: Actually, I have to fake my death, and go on crazy adventures, but I’ll be back soon!

Alfred: Who wants to join me for a scotch?

*Stephanie & Cassie *

Stephanie: Me and Cassie are gonna go fight a dinosaur with Catwoman. Bye.

Alfred: Be back for supper.

Gordon: Seriously?

Alfred: We have no say in this.


Damian: I adopted three more cats, a puppy and a goat. I will be with them now. Good day.

Gordon: That sounds normal.

Alfred: Wait for it.

Damian: I’m also training Superman’s son, so I’ll be going to Metropolis later.

Alfred: There it is.


Jason: Gonna go and beat up drug dealers.

Alfred: *Drinks more scotch*

Gordon: Kill any of them, and I’m gonna arrest you!

Jason: I promise nothing!


Bruce: Selina and I are engage.

Alfred: …


Alfred: Actually, that’s not craziest thing you ever done. Now please go and get Jason before Gordon arrest him.

DCEU has zero chill in 2017

- Wonder Woman

- Young Justice S3

- Nightwing movie is coming

- Batgirl movie is coming (although with Whedon directing)

- Lego Batman movie

- Justice League is coming soon

- A new Justice League trailer during SDCC

- A first trailer for Aquaman during SDCC

- Amazing photos of Amber Heard as Mera

- Awesome posters of Wonder Woman and Justice League

- Gotham City Sirens is in production

- Solo Batman movie has a great director, Matt Reeves, who, along with writer Ben Affleck, wants to get this movie right

DCEU got me so fucking whipped

Sigh… I miss this guy and his stupid smug face. Haven’t drawn him in a bit. Tired doodles are messy but that’s alright. Have a good day everyone. ;)