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Ben Affleck is having a bad week - first his movie ‘Live By Night’ that he directed and starred in gets trashed by critics, now two DC movies he’s starred in are short-listed for 12 Razzie awards between them including a ‘Worst Actor’ nom for him. Hopefully WB will release some new ‘Justice League’ footage soon to divert everyone’s attention to brighter things. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! Just wanted to say I love your art, it always picks me up after a hard day, especially today. I live in this super country- close minded town, and coming out left me with far fewer friends than before, and your art made me smile again. Just wanted to thank you for the smiles, have a nice day!

!!!!! hey friend! i get what you’re saying, i hope things look brighter for you soon, but in the meantime i really do have your back! im super glad to have a positive effect and i share my art for such a reason alone, so i hope it continues to make you happy! i hope you have an equally nice day, thank you so so much!!! :’)

Anonymous said: Hi! Sorry you’re feeling so down, I hope things start to feel a little brighter soon <3 I was wondering for the moodboard about a date night with Chris Beck for his first night back on earth? :) lots of love being sent your way x

His hair was longer than usual. You ran your hands through it so many times while you cooked pasta together, his favourite. The moan he let out when he tasted it told you how much he had missed it. Taking his hand and strawberries to dip in warm chocolate you brought him to the roof. “Tell me about the stars” you whispered in the night air and he spent the rest of the night telling you the universe’s secrets.
“Are you gonna be okay?” he asked.
She stood up and looked at the world before her. It suddenly felt a little bit brighter after setting things right.
“Yeah. Soon I will say I’m fine and it will not be a lie,” she smiled.
It’s true, she thought, lying in bed drinking vodka drowning in misery doesn’t help your problems to go away. Facing it and doing something about it does.
—  A.A // now stop moping around and do something about it