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Love your art :) Had a terrible day, so... Really think I could use some DanRor! Would you draw them like... Uhm... Fluffy, cosy and happy? Maybe hugging? I so much want Walter to be happy that it almost hurts me. Keep up with your awesome job ^^

So I started dawin, and I sketched out dis:

but then I was like, hey vic that’s not very fluffy OR cosy! So here’s later, post makeout freakout, when Daniel plies him with full sugar coke and a rerun of Maltese Falcon <3

sometimes, just sometimes, this post resurfaces in my notifications with Gems like that attached and usually i just block ppl who do that but. look at this shit.

Day 21/30  Studyblr Challenge: A photo of your diary/planner/journal. I made this wishlist spread today after a fun time at the book store and loved how it matched the colors of the always encouraging pep talk for June from @calmdownmorrissey (seriously please check out her lovely blog if you haven’t yet because her art is incredible). Hope you all are having good days- and if not that things look better and brighter for you very soon <3

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Hey! Just wanted to say I love your art, it always picks me up after a hard day, especially today. I live in this super country- close minded town, and coming out left me with far fewer friends than before, and your art made me smile again. Just wanted to thank you for the smiles, have a nice day!

!!!!! hey friend! i get what you’re saying, i hope things look brighter for you soon, but in the meantime i really do have your back! im super glad to have a positive effect and i share my art for such a reason alone, so i hope it continues to make you happy! i hope you have an equally nice day, thank you so so much!!! :’)



I would like to start off by saying a massive THANK YOU. In fact, thank you doesn’t even begin to convey how utterly grateful I am to everyone who has, at some point, clicked that follow button. The fact that over 11,000 people have taken the time to follow my wee blog blows my mind.

Now I’m going to list some of my favourite blogs and write a little about my friends at the bottom! 

(I follow over 400 people so if you’re not on the list I’m sorry! I couldn’t list everyone or I’d have been here all day!)

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I'm so so so sad. im trying real hard to be strong for everybody around me but im collapsing under the weight of it all. im real sad and so alone. im sorry this is negative! youre a happy suggestion blog. i want to be happy

Don’t apologize! No one is happy all the time. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling that way - and I want to say that you are not alone, never alone, okay? And be strong for yourself first; you have no obligation to the people around you. Let them be strong for you, too! Let them help if they can. 

I don’t know if it helps for me to say this, but I have been where you are and I know it feels endless but I promise it gets better. It might take a long time, but it gets better. And if it’s a long term thing, I do have one suggestion for you: I journal on a near-daily basis, just writing down what I did that day and how it made me feel, stuff like that. Kind of like a diary. And one day I was looking back on what I’d written and I realized that it was really, really negative - partly because I was going through some tough things, and partly because those sad, angry, helpless feelings were all I could focus on. So I started to try to point out to myself the things that made me happy during the day - even silly little things, like having a cup of coffee in the morning. It honestly helped. Like I said I don’t know if writing is something that helps you but it has always worked for me. I hope you feel better soon - I promise it does get better and brighter. Things won’t always be great but they will be better. x

Ben Affleck is having a bad week - first his movie ‘Live By Night’ that he directed and starred in gets trashed by critics, now two DC movies he’s starred in are short-listed for 12 Razzie awards between them including a ‘Worst Actor’ nom for him. Hopefully WB will release some new ‘Justice League’ footage soon to divert everyone’s attention to brighter things. 

“Are you gonna be okay?” he asked.
She stood up and looked at the world before her. It suddenly felt a little bit brighter after setting things right.
“Yeah. Soon I will say I’m fine and it will not be a lie,” she smiled.
It’s true, she thought, lying in bed drinking vodka drowning in misery doesn’t help your problems to go away. Facing it and doing something about it does.
—  A.A // now stop moping around and do something about it