soon she was an expert

After the first summer:

Okay, picture this.

  • Dipper and Mabel go back to Gravity Falls for most of the holidays, sometimes even their parents join them. Ford and Stan always try to make it back from their adventuring in time to greet the kids, but if not they hang out with Soos, Abuelita and Melody until they do.

  • Once the Stans get a bit too old for all that exertion, they settle back home. Ford keeps busy and hangs out primarily with the now-sane Fiddleford, they go back to their science experiments and creations and every now and then sell something to secret corners of the government. Soos occasionally helps out with the technical side.

  • Wendy doesn’t go to college and instead learns all the tricks of the lumber industry from her dad so she can take over soon and in the meantime learns some expert carpentry skills and makes a lot of the Shack’s souvenirs and exhibits.

  • Pacifica, now a bit more humbled and in-tune with the people of the town, makes a lot of donations to several of the local businesses and befriends Candy and Grenda - although, to save face, she claims she’s only their friend so she can be closer to the nobility that is Granda’s boyfriend, Marius.

  • A bit further down, Melody and Soos get married and they have, to everyone’s delight, twins! They name them Stanley and Carla -  little Stanley goes by Lee to avoid confusion in the Shack. 

  • Soos gets pretty involved with helping Fiddleford and Ford with the heavy-lifting and work and Melody and Stan trade shifts as Mr./Mrs. Mystery. 

  • When Dipper and Mabel turn eighteen they officially move to Gravity Falls. Mabel joins the local college and takes several workshops and classes on design, sewing and decorating and Dipper takes a gap year to continue his exploration of Gravity Falls and helps out with Ford and Fiddleford.
  • Pacifica models a bunch of Mabel’s designs at first and later they both work together to create Mabel’s own fashion line. The first shop Mabel opens is where everyone gets their gowns and tuxes for Blubbs and Durland’s wedding.

  • In the meantime, everyone takes turns to babysit Lee and Carla and every other weekend the Stans, Dipper, Mabel, Wendy and her family and friends, Abuelita, Soos, Melody and their kids, the McGuckets and Pacifica gather for a barbecue and karaoke party.

  • Deep in the woods, Bill Cipher’s statue is dusty and dormant, at least, that’s what everyone thinks.