soon raccoon

So here’s some of my concept art for that animated taxidermy princess movie that needs to happen. They were referenced off these photos and Brain Scoop episodes.

GAH! I love Emily so much. Whenever I watch an episode of The Brain Scoop I see raw unparalleled enthusiasm, strengthened by the spread of ideas that inspire people such as myself. She’s this magnificent force of awesome that has ignited my curiosity and is flaring through my LIFE. Emily is the best. She truly is.

Also, what are fans of The Brain Scoop called? Scoopheads? Brain Scoopers? Swoodily-scoopers? I dunno


so this was a thing that happened today.

Seriously, Emily is so wonderfully passionate about her job and that natural sciences. And she’s hilarious too! 
The meet and greet was really chill and Emily was so  gracious, and smart, and genuine about everything. ( I also learned that female caribou have antlers to move the snow away so they can eat grass, NEAT)  She told the group that a majority of the researches that work there and and undergraduate in art. Which just totes mcgoats cool. 

Any way, it was an awesome day; one of the best I’ve ever had. I got to meet a role model of mine. 

Best Wishes to you Emily.

And keep on creepin’ on Soon Racoon. 

rogueguardians  asked:

A raccoon wearing a Christmas hat crawled in with a present in his hands. It's the Raccoon Mun! He hands the box to Teo and clasps his paws together. "Pay your taxes, and good luck will come."

“I mean, it’s curious that a raccoon would care about that. Anyway, I hope you’re having enjoyable holidays! Let me see what’s hidden in that box…”

been indulging myself in a Back To The Future/Gravity Falls AU. more to come! (p2, p3)

Masquerading thespian watercolor raccoon - soon to be a postcard design at my etsy store -


I have posted this before, but this is a raccoon that I made out of foamcore. This was an assignment for my design foundations class where the goal was to create something using foamcore using cuts, scores, and folds without detaching any of the foamcore completely. 

I did a raccoon because I really love the web series The Brain Scoop and I especially love Soon Raccoon. So this is a bit of an homage to one of my favorite channels on YouTube.