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uhh, you still doing that facial expressions meme? Can I have a 4A Ink, a 5A ink, a 4C Blueberry and a 5D Freshy? if not, can I at least have a comic where Ink goes "SCREW YOU" Blueberry gets very offended, and Fresh ends up screaming his non-existant ass off?

I…. might have kinda ran with that idea…..

I mean, this was the best situation I could imagine them to have these reactions. Or just a random idea.

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Can someone be a ravenclaw if they've got depression? It makes me do bad in school and I loss interest in stuff and it makes me feel like less of a ravenclaw

again, this in no way affects your status as a ravenclaw! also done a post on depression so here’s the link-there’s the whole list of ravenclaws with various mental/physical illnesses over on the faq so feel free to check it out!

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I have to ask - top 5 Bokuto moments!! :D

top 5 bokuto moments bc hes my son and i love your account 💕💕

THE TIME HAS COME. I’m overwhelmed because doing a top 5 for my favorite character is possibly the most difficult thing ever. There are so many things, so many moments, everything he does it’s so important to me…but somehow I have to choose. In this case too, I decided to NOT use scenes from the manga that would spoil the non-readers…but we’ll have to update this as soon as Cats vs Owls airs! 

1. His speech to Tsukishima. Probably the most famous speech in the whole Haikyuu series, for sure it’s my favorite. This is the essence of who Bokuto is as a person, of how self aware he is, how hard he works, how he sees the world. Bokuto with this single speech changed EVERYTHING for Tsukishima, he gave away a life changing lesson, just for the sake of helping a kid who’s not even his kouhai. He just has the biggest heart of gold ever. 

2. When he taught Hinata the feint. Or the moment Bokuto chose Hinata to be his son disciple. This is another example of how Bokuto goes out of his way to make other people improve, no matter that this very person managed to turn this attack against his own team. When it comes to Hinata, Bokuto is always immensely proud, their relationship is honestly one of the purest thing ever happened in Haikyuu history 

3. When he recovered from the dejected mode. This spike is frankly breathtaking. This was such a delicate moment from Bokuto, and everything from the set up, to the support of all the Fukurodani members, to the ear-splitting sound it made, to Bokuto’s scream and his expression right after, to Akaashi’s petty smirk…is just…ICONIC. 

4. Every time he hits a cross spike my soul just leaves my body and ascends. He’s just so majestic. *cough* chapter 195 of the manga *cough* 

5. HEY HEY HEY™ (yes every single one of them)

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There are so many things I want to say about him, but I’ll just state the obvious once more: BOKUTO KOUTAROU, I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK 

Thank you for your message!

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partners [george weasley]

request:  15 & 32 for george weasley? ( not even sure if you write for him but dang, i think your writing is really good and i’m curious on how you’d write for other characters. thank you. 😉 x ) - @bookthrills

word count: ~2200 (i totally lied about the 1500 word limit omg HOW did i go 700 words over my budget)

a/n: so basically i’m a terrible human being and HAD to write this before ANYTHING ELSE. i have so many requests atm AND I LOVE YALL FOR IT IM JUST SO OVERWHELMED so sorry if there’s a delay in ur request im trying my best!!! also this took so long bc im a bad influence and partied after finals. it got bad. ANYWAY I LOVE U AND THANK U SO MUCH @bookthrills UR A GR8 WRITER go check out her blog she rocks my socks

15: “can i kiss you?”

32: do u like me? check yes or no

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Salvatore Sister Part 2

You can find part one here

Imagine~  The first time Kai sees you and he’s already completely infatuated with you.

Lunch with Kai was perfect, you both ate and spoke about your lives. You talked so much and neither of you ran out of things to talk about. 

He was a good person, he was just misunderstood and you knew that. The whole time he wouldn’t take his eyes off you; completely awestruck. 

“You’re really beautiful.” Kai breathed, speaking his thoughts. Your face turned a light shade of pink at his comment and your heart skipped a beat. 

“Thank you.” you said with a giggle which made a warmth run through the boy sitting opposite you. 

You could hear his heart thumping and if you were any closer you would probably be able to feel it to. 

The grill began to clear out and it was then you’d realized how long you’d spent with Kai, it was starting to get dark and soon the night owls would begin to arrive. 

Kai noticed this as well and he said something about it before you could. “It’s getting kind of late, I should drop you home before your brothers get worried.” 

You gave him a small smile, you found it humorous that was scared of your brothers. “As long as I tell them everything went well, they won’t touch you.” you chuckled. 

He sighed as he looked over at you, “I just want to make sure they’ll let me keep seeing you.” 

A grin spread across your face, the boy who all of your friends and family feared and despised was currently sitting in front of you completely infatuated with you. 

“Should we get going then?” you said smiling, standing up from the booth you’d been sitting in. 

Kai stood up smiling at you as he towered over your small frame. “Sure.” he said as he began to walk towards the door as you followed closely behind. 

You climbed into his car as he got into the drivers seat, a small smile on his face. He’d been right to like you, you were incredibly understanding, kind as well as beautiful. 

Whilst he was driving he stole glances at you, some you noticed, some you didn’t. 

He pulled over at the front of the Salvatore home and you began to get out of the car before realizing Kai hadn’t moved a muscle. 

“You not coming in?” you asked, looking over at him. 

His face was slightly surprised but his face returned to normal. “I’m not sure that’s the best idea, y’know your brothers hating me and all.” he mumbled looking down. 

“Just come in, for me.” you said smiling as he sighed and unbuckled his seat belt. 

You both walked towards the porch as you pulled out your keys. You unlocked the large wooden door and pushed it open with a creak to see both of your brothers sitting on the couch. 

Their attention quickly turned to you and Kai as they both sent him deathly stares. 

“If you’ve bought him home for me to kill him I’ll gladly do it.” Damon said, looking Kai up and down. 

“Actually, I had a lot of fun and it was an amazing date.” you said tilting your head smiling at the two brothers. 

“Ugh, I was looking forward to ripping his heart out.” Damon said rolling his eyes. “I was looking forward to watching him do it.” Stefan spoke up. 

You looked back at Kai to see him sending them both a sarcastic smile making you giggle. 

“I need a drink, want one?” you asked Kai as you started to walk down towards the cellar where you kept all the Salavatore’s supply of booze. 

“Sure.” Kai said, following closely behind you leaving your brothers alone in the living room. 

When you reached the cellar you turned to Kai about to ask him what he wanted but before you could he smashed his lips onto yours. 

Your face burned a bright red and you were surprised but melted into it after a few moments. 

The kiss was passionate and fast but not too fast. It was full of affection and love. You could feel Kai’s heart racing and his muscular body pressed against your frame, his body heat radiated onto you. 

Everything about you made you feel safe even though he was the most dangerous person for you to be around right now. 

He pulled away for air, his face burning from the intensity of the kiss. “Sorry but I’ve been wanting to do that all night.” he said breathlessly as he looked deep into your eyes. 

You didn’t know what to say so you simply pressed your lips against his once again. 

He kissed back almost immediately, it was rougher than the last but still filled with just as much affection. He slowly backed you into the wall, his cold rings running up your arm to cup your face. 

You rested your hands behind his neck, pulling his body closer to yours. He picked you up, placing you onto a table in the cellar; not breaking this kiss for a second. 

You wrapped your legs around his waist wanting him as close to you as possible, needing his body heat like it was a drug. 

“Not in the wine cellar.” somebody groaned from the door way. You quickly pulled apart to see Stefan standing in the cellar looking away from the two of you. 

“Um.” you stuttered as your face flushed red. 

“I should really be leaving.” Kai muttered as he left the room leaving you on the table. “I’ll see you later Y/N.” Kai said as he smirked at Stefan. 

Stefan left alongside Kai leaving you there in the cellar, sitting on the table. 

“Sorry, I really couldn’t keep my hand hands off her.” Kai smirked at Stefan and Damon before he left, leaving them in just as much disgust as they’d been in earlier that day.   

(a/n) thank you @kaimonels for asking for this x the first one was so nice to write and i hope this is along the lines of what you wanted to read

Kicking off Our Daily Bird with a Superb Owl! This is a Long-Eared Owl.

Each day I’ll be posting up another image of a bird. They might be digital, taken out of my sketchbook, paintings, or who knows what. But since there’s approximately 81983247391032803472384 kinds of birds, I won’t have to worry about running out of ideas anytime soon. 

the first click and “rrrrrr” are me, and then when he opens his mouth thats him makin his cute lil contented squawk. although most raptors aren’t cuddly at all, crosby has been under human care and frequent handling for 10 years (he was a rescue with an injured wing). so he enjoys being doted on, haha!

What Are They Like With Their Kids- Lestrade

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  • He is that dad who constantly has a picture of his child on his person at all times. Sherlock finds it stupid considering the line of work he’s in, but he refuses to leave home without one. He likes to have a reminder of why he does what he does.
  • He is all about night feedings. He’s a night owl. As soon as the baby cries, he’s up and in the room before you can even roll over.
  • He baby talks. A lot. Half the time, he can’t get himself out of it once he starts. It’s amusing.
  • He has a playpen in his office just in case you and the baby happen to drop by (aka on those rare slow days where he calls you and asks you two to stop by for a bit)
  • Balancing work, family, and Sherlock’s hijinks can be difficult, but he manages well with the help of the much more frequent use of “Not my division”.
  • He also buys your child a ridiculous amount of stuffed animals. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Half the time he passes a store that sells them he buys one. You’ve tried to stop him, but your words fall on deaf ears. Eventually you just give up and wait for the phase to pass.

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