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Screwed Up (II)

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: Part 2!!!


Your phone started blowing up with tags and pictures of Shawn, you got sick of them tagging you in any picture Shawn was in, and sometimes he tagged you in things, probably when he was drunk

“Just block him, Y/N.” He said putting a hand over yours

You have met Liam over the time you and Shawn have been apart and tonight he was going to take you to a party to loosen up

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99 with taehyung or yoongi! Make it angsty as posibble please 😊

Prompt: “I can’t believe you’re carrying my child.”

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: Everything falls apart once you realize you’re pregnant.

Word count: 1k

A/N: There will be a Part 2, but this can be read as a standalone. Also, I chose to write this with Yoongi because Tae loves kids and I couldn’t make it angsty with him 🙃

Part One | Part Two (both can be read separately)

Yoongi had never been the most attentive of boyfriends–you knew that well. You had been dating him for almost two years, just recently moving into his apartment.

He worked as a music producer, often engrossing himself in his work and neglecting his own health. There would be weeks where Yoongi hardly came home, barely acknowledging you.

He made up for those difficult weeks by being perfect to you afterwards. It wasn’t the ideal situation, but you loved Yoongi and would rather wait for him.

Currently, you were going through a rather difficult stretch in your relationship. Yoongi had been producing a new album for an upcoming hip-hop group called BTS. He was also creating his own mixtape on the side.

This time, however, you were happy about your boyfriend’s absence. You had a lot to reflect on.

After all, you had an aching suspicion that you were pregnant.

Your period was late. Very late. At first, you attributed it to stress from your own job and Yoongi. But it was far passed the point of stress now.

A few days ago, you had bought a pregnancy test. It was sitting on the bathroom counter, and you stood opposite of it, trying to build up the confidence to confirm your suspicions.

Eventually, you brought yourself to do it. And, indeed, a few minutes later, the small test you held in your hand read positive.

That night, you cried yourself to sleep. Yoongi hadn’t come home. The only comfort you could find was in the warmth of your empty bed, pretending the blankets pulled around you were Yoongi’s embrace.


The next morning, you woke up to an intense bout of nausea. Rushing to the washroom, you emptied the contents of your stomach into the toilet. Violent wretches raked through your weak frame.

You knew immediately that this was morning sickness. Your older sister had had a baby a few years ago, and you helped her throughout her pregnancy.

On shaky legs, you lifted yourself up and flushed the toilet. You tried removing the bitter aftertaste from your mouth with cold water.

You had to tell Yoongi. You could already guess how he would react. He didn’t want children–not yet–and he didn’t want to settle down, either.

But where did that leave you?

With trembling hands, you picked up your cell phone from your nightstand. Sitting down on your bed, you dialed Yoongi’s number. Your phone rang for ages, and you were afraid he wasn’t going to answer at all.

“Y/N?” Yoongi called, his voice tired and scratchy. “I’m at work right now. What do you need?”

“Are you coming home soon?” you asked, keeping your tone steady.

“Probably in an hour or two,” your boyfriend answered. “Why?”

“I just need to talk to you,” you whispered. You began to pull the phone away from your ear, moving to hang up. “I’ll see you later. I love you.”

A few hours later, Yoongi did come home. His haggard frame appeared in the doorway. You were waiting for him in the living room. As he moved closer, you could see the dark circles ringing his eyes.

“Hey,” he rasped, his voice probably overused from rapping.

Wordlessly, you handed him your pregnancy test. He regarded it with a blank expression. Then, he laughed coldly, throwing the pregnancy test onto the coffee table.

“What the fuck, Y/N?” Yoongi demanded, running his hands through his hair. “I can’t believe you’re carrying my child.”

“I know,” you whispered, un-shed tears clouding your vision. “I’m sorry. I just took the test this morning.”

“Are you sure?” Yoongi choked out. “You’re sure this thing is right?”

You nodded. “I’m having morning sickness already,” you admitted. You looked up at your boyfriend, meeting his eye for the first time. “Yoongi, I don’t know what to do! I know-”

“Y/N, you know where I stand,” Yoongi interrupted, rubbing his hand over his face. “You know I can’t do this with you, not right now.”

“What does that mean for me?” you asked, already knowing the answer.

Yoongi was silent for a few moments. “If you want to have this baby,” he finally spoke, “then you can’t be with me.”

A single tear escaped from the corner of your eye. You tilted your head up, looking at the ceiling. “Okay,” you breathed, and the finality of this statement shattered your heart into pieces.

You packed as much as you could into one suitcase. Earlier, you texted your sister to let her know you needed to crash with her for awhile. As you collected your belongings, you couldn’t help but entertain the “what ifs” running through your mind.

What if you had never gotten pregnant? What if Yoongi loved you enough to let you stay?

Eventually, with your luggage in tow, you met Yoongi by the front door.

“I guess this is goodbye,” you said, looking at your feet. Yoongi nodded but didn’t say a word. He opened the door for you, moving aside to let you pass.

“Do you remember what I told you when we first started dating?” Yoongi asked suddenly, his voice somber. “I told you to never ask me to choose between music and you.”

“Because music would win every time,” you said, completing Yoongi’s thought. The tears you had been holding in finally escaped, cascading down your face. “Goodbye, Yoongi. Good luck with everything.”


Yoongi released his mixtape a few weeks later. You opened your laptop and  streamed it immediately, missing the sound of his voice. The title of one track caught your eye.

First Love.

You moved the cursor to begin playing it. You wondered if the song would be about you.

Soon, you were hit by the harsh reality of things. Yoongi’s deep voice flooded through your speakers, but his guttural voice only made your heart ache. Yoongi rapped passionately about his one and only love, music.

It was then that you realized you there was no room for you in Yoongi’s life–or his heart. You could only be grateful that he shared a part of himself with you for the short amount of time that you dated.

In the end, you were happy to carry Yoongi’s child–if that meant having something to remember him by.

- Girl in Luv

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Part 2. If you want to read more imagines by us, please send some requests! Check out our prompts page for ideas xx

ch 6

Bad Habits || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1280

Warnings: none :)

note: here it is everyone! hope y’all are having a great day. it’s a bit late but it’s totally worth it. however, who knew getting into a relationship would take up SO MUCH TIME. anyways, happy reading and take care! -admin

My eyes slowly started to open and I felt my head throbbing like I’ve been hit. All of a sudden, I remembered what happened and my eyes shot open. I tried to sit up but I’m pushed back down because of my hands and feet that are tied to the bedpost. My breathing was raggedy and I could start to feel the tears fall down my cheeks as a realization sets in. I’ve been kidnapped. But why? Last time I checked, I wasn’t involved in any gang nor did I do anything wrong. Could it possibly be the men who were against Jaebum?

I pulled my hands trying to squeeze them through the knot holding them together, but stopped when the stinging got unbearable. Letting out a sob, I looked around the room only to find a window with black bars over it. I sighed and forced myself to stop crying because there was no use. The only thing that ran through my mind was the thought of Jaebum saving me. Was I gone long enough for him to notice my disappearance? Surely, he would suspect something suspicious.

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Look At Me (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Request:  Hey can u do #4 from the embarrassing dialogue prompt list ? With peter maximoff ❤️ +  Number 7 from the embarrassing prompt list with peter maximoff pretty please  
Word Count: 1209
Warning: Fluff, lil angst, swearing, Peter being a dork, somewhat nudity?? 
A/N: I combined requests because efficiency (and I’m lazy) So enjoy!! 
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“You think Y/n likes me?” Peter asked Jubilee as they laid on the lawn, music playing quietly through Peter’s speakers.

“I don’t know, I mean you act like a total idiot around them.” She stated propping herself up while Peter huffed.


“You totally do, you tripped over your feet when Y/n smiled at you, dropped a mug on the floor when they walked by and remember the time you walked into the lamp post.”

“Pfft no one saw that…did they?” Peter asked, somewhat desperately while she snorted.

“Yeah everyone saw you walk into a pole when they said hi. It was kind of hilarious.” Jubilee giggled while Peter groaned.

“Fuck, I can’t help it, when they’re around I just can’t think straight. Y/n just does something to me, I feel like I can’t breathe, but it’s exhilarating–I don’t know, never mind.” Peter shrugged it off while Jubilee ogled over his head over heels state.

“I’m pretty sure you’re past liking Y/n. You’re in looooove.” She chirped while heat rose to Peter’s face.

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Break Me (5/?)

Summary: Y/N has been noticing a shift in her relationship with Bucky. A confrontation sets off a chain reaction nobody could see coming.

Relationship/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst & Heartbreak. Slow burn!!

A/N: This is for @sexylibrarian1.  So in the interest of jumping ahead in the story and where I actually had in mind that this direction would go, this chapter might be a little shorter than I expected. This chapter kicked my ass so I’m sorry if it’s crap >.<

|1| |2| |3| |4|


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Chapter 5

Wanda found Bucky in the compound’s garage, tearing apart the motorcycle Y/N had given him for his birthday, and assembling it back together again. 

“Hill is with the two agents that were with Y/N in Dubai, reinterviewing them.”

Bucky acknowledged Wanda’s presence as he dropped the wrench in his hand and nodded at her, muttering his response. “Alright.” 

“Steve thought you’d want to be there.” 

“He thought wrong.”

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member- jimin

genre- fluff, au

words- 1,712

summary- jimin the art student has a way of making masterpieces. artstudent!jimin / college!au

a/n- well i randomly got inspiration for this the other day, and so here is a scenario lol i hope you guys like it!! feedback is always appreciated :) 

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Jimin makes masterpieces. 

He makes skies full of magnificent color, realistic faces showing the utmost of raw emotions, flowers blooming elegantly with vibrant hues erupting from the page. He makes textures blend together so effortlessly and his attention to detail puts him far ahead all his other classmates. Even his five minute sketches are simply amazing. 

But right now, Jimin was not making masterpieces. 

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Panicky (Pietro x Reader)

“Thanks for taking me out tonight, this was so unexpected!” You smile, excited that your boyfriend had finally decided to take you out to the new bistro house that you’d been dying to try.
“Yeah I figured it’d be a nice place to talk…” He trailed, pushing around his food with his fork.
“Talk about what?” You questioned, a nervous smile playing at your lips.
“…how’s the whole SHIELD/Avengers thing going?” He asks with a subtle eye roll.
“Great to be honest, I mean this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me & my powers, I might even get to join the avengers if the training goes well!” You beam, you were so excited about the things you had experienced in the last two months that you didn’t notice the distance and discomfort coming from the man you once loved.
“So you’re really gonna do this then?” He asked curtly.
“Why are you being so defensive? I told you I really wanted to be a part of this and it seems like you aren’t happy for me at all.” You replied.
“I guess I thought it wasn’t gonna last…” He shrugged, raising his glass to drink. The words stung coming out of his mouth. You thought he understood what this opportunity meant to you. You’d spent your whole life hiding your abilities and to finally be able to use them and feel comfortable in who you were was such a big step, how could he not understand?
“What do you mean?!” You asked bitterly.
“I figured they’d fix your powers and then we could be normal, how else would we stay together? I can’t be with a super hero chick!” He spat.
“Seriously?! ‘Normal’?! Am I some kind of freak?! How can you be so inconsiderate? You know how hard I’ve worked for this, how much it means to me!” You yelled.
“Keep it down, we’re in public! I wanted to try to do this nicely..” He said.
“So you’re breaking up with me? Fine, fuck you! I’m out of here!” You stood from the table, pushing in your chair harshly knocking over the glass of wine you had been sipping.
You walked out of the restaurant and immediately started to cry. Making your way down the New York City streets you notice a club with a sign that says ladies night $5 cocktails. Wiping your eyes you sniffle one last time before entering, figuring a few drinks will numb the pain.
“1 flaming dr pepper please.” You say as you approach the bartender. She gladly takes your money and presents you with the cocktail. You sip it before sending out a group text to the ladies of Avengers Tower.
“I’m at this place called The Tiki Lounge, Chad dumped me & it’s ladies night here, GIRLS NIGHT ASSEMBLE!” You send it to Darcy, Wanda & Natasha hoping they’ll meet you and cheer you up. The girls agree and within a half hour the four of you are laughing away in a booth, drinks in hand.
“So he dumped you for being an Avenger?!” Darcy exclaimed.
“He said, and I quote 'I can’t be with some super hero chick!’” You mocked him bitterly, downing the rest of your drink.
“Screw that guy, I’ve got half a mind to find him & open a can of super hero chick whoop ass!” Natasha glared.
“I’m glad it’s over, I’m better off without him.” You sighed.
“Cheers to that!” Wanda smiles.
You grab another drink and head out on the dance floor with the girls, turning the club into your own personal party. The four of you popped bottles and got completely wild, dancing on tables and doing body shots. In the whirlwind of booze you soon forget about your ex, thinking more about the next chapter of your life as an avenger.
“I love you ladies, I’m so happy to have you.” You grin as you slide your arms around Natasha and Wanda’s shoulders.
“Group hug! Get in here Darce!” You shout. The four of you hug as you drunkenly sway to the music.
“Maybe we should head home, I’m so drunk I can hear everyone in the bars thoughts at once.” Wanda laughs. The four of you head out of the club, Wanda pulls her phone out to call a ride as you start babbling all of your thoughts.
“You know, I was feeling bad right? Cuz in training I see Pietro and I’m like 'Daaaaaaaaamn’ cuz he’s like hot as fuck. But I was feeling bad for thinking like that cuz of Chad but now he’s gone, I think I’ll follow that old saying 'get over him by getting under someone else’ cuz you know I’m tryna get under that speedy sokovian!!!” You laugh hysterically as you hug Darcy.
“(Y/n) & Speedy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” She chants as the two of you spin in a circle. Meanwhile Wanda has Pietro on speaker phone & he’s heard this whole thing.
“Was that (y/n)?!” He wonders, voice laced with shock.
“Yes, brother- drunken mind speaks sober heart. I tell you all the time I am right but you never listen. I’m literally a mind reader! Anyway, please pick us up, we’re at The Tiki Lounge on 22nd street.” Wanda says. “I heard you (y/n)! He likes you you know?” Wanda raises a brow as she turns to you.
“Nuh uh! He’s flirty with everyone!” You state.
“But he only means it for you, I read his mind and its hearts with your name in it.” She giggles making a red heart silhouette appear before you. You chit chat for a little longer, Wanda’s revelation swirling around your mind along with the alcohol in your system. Suddenly every passing glance and inside joke between you and Pietro seems to mean more. Soon enough Pietro pulls up in the suv.
“Hello ladies, I see girls night has treated you well.” He smiles and opens the door. Darcy and Natasha climb into the back seat first, Wanda lightly pushes you toward the front passenger door, you miss and fall into Pietro’s chest.
“Shot gun!” You giggle. He laughs and spins you around, opening the front passenger door before helping you into the seat.
“Thank you speedy.” You smirk, staring up at him. He reaches across you, buckling the seatbelt.
“It is my pleasure.” He winks as the seatbelt clicks into place.
Soon you’re on the road, driving past various fast food places.
“You know what would be awesome right now?!” Darcy muses.
“McDonald’s! Can we stop pleeeeeeease?!!” Wanda finishes Darcy’s sentence.
“Fine.” Pietro huffs as he turns into the drive thru. Wanda and Darcy high five in celebration.
“Welcome to McDonald’s, go ahead with your order whenever you’re ready.” The cashier says through the speaker.
“Ooh can I have a large fry? And a coca cola!” You say. Pietro repeats your order to the cashier, going down the line he relays all of the girls orders before pulling around to pay. He hands you your drink then passes the bags back to the girls.
“Here’s your fries (y/n).” Nat says as she passes you the red box of salty potato sticks. You stuck a few in your mouth, savoring the salty goodness.
“Wanna fry?” You asked, dangling one near Pietro’s lips. He responds by taking the fry into his mouth.
“Thanks frumoasă.” He replied.
“Frumumuh what does that mean?” You ask, stuffing another fry in your mouth.
“He thinks you’re beautiful.” Wanda laughs.
“Your welcome handsome.” You giggle, patting his thigh. The rest of the ride is mostly silent, save for the sounds of burger chewing & soda slurping. Pietro side eyes you throughout the ride, glancing as you drunkenly day dream. In your head you were contemplating your situation. Even though you’d had a great night out with the girls & were spouting brave words of being over it you still couldn’t help feeling sad about the break up. The thought of being alone made you want to cry, so you closed your eyes hoping to stop the tears from flowing.
Pulling into the car park underneath the tower Pietro stopped the SUV. The girls stumbled out, heels in their hands as they started to head to the elevator. Pietro sighed as he saw the wreckage of McDonald’s bags and cups strewn across the backseat, he got out to pick up all the garbage. It was then you noticed you were crying, eyes misting like a lawn sprinkler.
“Are you coming (y/n)?” Natasha called, looking back at you.
“Too tired to move.” You lied, tugging your knees up in the seat.
“Pietro make sure she gets in ok, please?” Natasha said.
“Of course I will.” He half smiled.
After taking the trash to the bin he comes back to the passenger side door, looking through the window he sees your shoulders rocking with your sobs.
“What is the matter?” He asks, opening the door. You turn to him, eyes glazed over as little black tear tracks stain your cheeks.
“He never believed in me. He thought SHIELD would fix me and make me normal.” You spoke the realization, your ex never truly loved you, he never really accepted who you were. Pietro frowned, his heart broke seeing you like this. He scooped you up in his arms, kicking the door closed behind him.
“I’m gonna be alone forever, I’m a freak.” You continued.
“No (y/n), he is going to be alone forever. You are a beautiful person with an amazing gift, you help people & he is stupid for letting you slip through his fingers.” He soothed as he wiped the tears from your eyes. You held onto him tighter as he walked to the elevator, pushing the button to the residential floor.
“You’re a good guy Pietro, handsome and sweet.” You smiled, twirling his silver locks in your fingers. He knew you were drunk and thinking out loud but he had to admit he enjoyed your touch as you played with his hair.
“Uh huh, & you are ready for bed dragoste.” He chuckled lightly. The doors opened to the hallway of the living quarters. He stepped out, carrying you toward your room.
“I mean it, speedy. You’re so sweet. and handsome. and nice.” You
Punctuated each compliment with a kiss to Pietro’s neck, for the first time in years he thought his legs would give out.
'She’s drunk, this is not real Pietro. Just get her to bed!’ He thought to himself.
“(Y/n) I do not think you want to be doing what you’re doing.” He forced the words out of his dry throat.
“Why not? You think I’m beautiful right? Fromuh-what ever.” You stumbled over his word from earlier as you looked up at him.
“You are beautiful.” He said, looking at your angelic face. Your eyes burned holes into his better judgment, incinerating it as your palm cupped his face, thumb brushing over his stubble.
“Then kiss me.” You lick your lips, grazing your teeth over your bottom lip. He couldn’t resist the temptation anymore, giving into your soft, supple lips. Your legs wrapped tighter around him giving him the leverage to hold your bottom with one hand while the other tangled into your silky (h/c) tresses. Your lips pursed open to allow the kiss to deepen, tongues moving in sync. You grind against him, wanting him so bad in this moment. He uses his speed to get to your door, pinning you against it he begins kissing your neck. You moan out before he stops, breathing hot against your neck.
“What’s wrong?” You ask as he let’s you down, feet thumping to the floor.
“We cannot do this, not in this way.” He sighs.
“But I want you,” you say as you start kissing up his neck again.
'Oh printesa, you are killing me! Please let me do the right thing.’ He thinks.
“I’m drunk, I don’t care.” You laugh, pulling him into another kiss. He starts to give in.
'Nyet! Pietro get out of here now before she hates you and you hate yourself in the morning.’
“Well I do, go to bed. I will see you tomorrow.” He says firmly before speeding off. You open your door, stumbling in before you begin crying again. This time it wasn’t the break up, it was the shame of throwing yourself at Pietro. You just wanted to feel loved. You kicked your heels off and immediately collapsed into your bed, hoping you’d wake up and this all would be a dream.
You wake up, eyes puffy and still in your dress from the night before. The night starts coming back in flashes. Dumped. -Ouch!- Ladies night. -Nice.-
Throwing yourself at Pietro and getting rejected! -*hurl*- Your stomach wrenches at that last thought. You run to your bathroom, immediately puking your guts out.
'Fuuuuuckkkkk! Fuck fuck fuck fuck!’ Is all you can think as you lay on the cold linoleum floor. You pull yourself up when you hear your phone go off. Trudging back to your bed you grab your phone, seeing a text from Steve.
“Nat informed me of your unfortunate circumstances, I’m not expecting you in training for the next couple days. You’ve got 48 hours to clear your head and refocus, chin up soldier :)” you appreciated the time to yourself, maybe you could hide out and some how never see him again? You texted back a thank you before heading back to the bathroom. You brushed your teeth and got cleaned up before fixing some breakfast. Just as you finished your last bite a knock came at your door. Creeping to the door you peak through the peep hole, the blood drains from your face and you think you might be sick again when you see who it is.
Pietro stands on the other side of your door, hoping to explain last night, hoping you aren’t mad at him.
A few moments pass before he knocks again.
Nope, definitely not- abort mission! Not answering the door.’ You think as you quietly tip toe away from the door. He waits a little longer before walking away in defeat.
You spend the next 48 hours in your quarters, avoiding everyone and racking your brain.
'Why (y/n) why?! *Get over him by getting under someone else* haha good one! Now I have to live knowing that Pietro thinks I’m a dumb slut. Chances of actually getting to be with Pietro are now 0 at best.’ You sulked. At the end of your quarantine you emerge from your room dressed and ready to train. You’re speed walking to the elevator when a blue blur races toward you.
“Hey (y/n)-”
“Don’t talk to me.” You cut him off. He immediately speeds away, you feel awful but you just can’t deal with it. For the next week you make sure you don’t see him. You request to train exclusively with Natasha in one on one sessions, citing your need to polish your assassin skills. You train hard, letting Natasha put you through the ringer of her red eye training sessions. You’re up and ready by 3:00 am and train for 4 hours. When you aren’t training you’re hiding in your room.

“Just talk to her, explain your feelings.” Wanda says. She’s sitting in the recliner of her room as Pietro lays sprawled upon her couch. The scene lends itself to the analogy of the psychiatrist and patient.
“I did, you should have seen the way she looked at me and snapped. Four words and I still bleed from the wound.” He whines.
“This must stop brother, we are all a team which means we need to all be on the same page. Not to mention you both drive me mad, minds whirling in turmoil at all hours of the night and day!” She hissed.
“What does she think about?” He asks, sitting up to pay full attention.
“That is not for me to tell, talk to her. That is all I will say.” She responds.
It’s the beginning of week two of your special training with Nat.
You run into her on your way to the elevator.
“How’s it going?” She asks.
“Ok I guess…” You respond.
“How’s your 'speedy sokovian’?” She raises a brow.
“Oh god do people know what happened?!” You grimace. It had been a little over a week with no words spoken between the two of you and you knew he wouldn’t tell anyone about what happened, save for Wanda maybe.
“No, what happened?” She asks, truly perplexed. She figured you had undertook this training camp in hopes of distancing your mind from the break up, she hadn’t thought Pietro had anything to do with it.
“So that night when I was drunk…I did something awful…I completely threw myself at Pietro! Like making out, gross, practically begging him for it! Just assassinate me Nat, he probably thinks I’m an idiot.” You conclude.
“Have the two of you spoken since it happened?” She wondered.
“No! I feel so gross, embarrassed and rejected. The worst part is I actually do, well, did kinda have a thing for him and now it’s ruined.” You huffed, thinking about seeing him made you feel like throwing up, let alone actually speaking words.
“You’re gonna have to get over it, especially since you’re on the team full time now.” She smiled.
“I’m a real Avenger now?” You beamed at the news.
“As soon as you sort this out with speedy.” She replied. You grumbled at the statement. Entering the training room you started your rounds, feeling good to be doing something to keep your mind off things. The session goes well until he whirls through the door.
“Finished my laps, now what?” He says as he takes a few steps forward; eyes falling straight to yours, catching you in his sapphire gaze.
“Are we done?” You ask Nat, eyes pleading for her to say yes.

“How about a bit of sparring, you and (y/n).” She answers as she walks toward the bench, sipping from her water bottle.
As he approaches you a toxic cocktail of emotions spring forth. Anger, lust, embarrassment. You square up, throwing the first punch you decide to pick anger as your chief emotion. He dodges it with ease, throwing one back. You start off slow but as the tension mounts it starts to have the potential of becoming a real fight. He kicks when you think he’s gonna punch causing your legs to be swept from under you.
“Why’d you leave?” You blurted angrily.
“Why didn’t you answer the door the next day?” He retorted. At this point Natasha had quietly stepped out. He tried to help you up, you scooted away, rolling onto your feet on your own.
“Cuz I felt like an idiot! I threw myself at you and you rejected me! I felt like a cheap whore!” You crossed your arms and turned away from him. He zipped back in front of you.
“I didn’t reject you! Believe me you made it very, VERY hard to leave. I didn’t want to take advantage of you. You don’t even remember what I said do you?” He waited for an answer he was sure you didn’t have.
“I said not like this, not that I didn’t want you! I just didn’t want you when you were drunk and vulnerable. It would have been wrong.” His voice had calmed a little. Suddenly, like a kick in the mouth you remember Wanda’s confession of Pietro’s supposed feelings for you. Embarrassment flooding your being your eyes fall, unable to meet his gaze.

“I’m sorry, ok? That night I just wanted to feel something besides being hurt and I didn’t expect you to be a gentleman & I felt so alone. I twisted everything to try & lie to myself so it would be your fault. I was embarrassed, in the whole time I’ve been here you were always so good to me & I thought I ruined it.” You confessed, wiping tears away.
“You didn’t ruin anything,” He took you in his arms, kissing your forehead.
“So can we be friends again? I miss having someone to make fun of people with.” He chuckled.
After making up with Pietro the two of you became close again, flirting and joking with one another. You were currently hanging out in the common room after a training session, laughing at a prank Pietro had pulled on Clint.
“So what are you doing tonight?” Pietro asked as he sipped his water.
“Netflix and chillin’.” You chuckled.
“You should come 'chill’ in my room.” He smirked.
“And why is that?” You mused. He placed his arm around you, the very action causing a heat to rush through you.
“Because I will provide candy, pop corn and a nice surface to snuggle upon.” He stated matter of factly.
Pondering his proposal you tapped your chin.
“Candy you say? I suppose I can raid your candy stash and make you watch chick flicks.” You grinned mischievously.
You made plans to meet at his quarters at around 8. This gave you time to relax, shower and take a nap.
When the time came to get ready and go you chose to stay casual in leggings and an oversized slouchy sweater, throwing your hair in a messy bun before heading over to his room. You barely knock before he answers.
“Welcome to movie night!” He smiles, ushering you into his room. You can’t believe your eyes when you see the amazing set up he’d created. Scented candles lined the book shelf on the back wall, he had set up a plush pillow sanctuary in front of the TV, pop corn and six different candies laid along the coffee table.
“This is so sweet! I’m never going to be able to eat all that candy.” You laughed as he scooped you up into a hug.
“Who says the candy is for you?” He chuckled giving you a kiss. You snuggled up in the pillows, scrolling through the movie selections as you munched on skittles.
“Comedy, Romance, Scifi, horror…what do you prefer?” He asked.
“Comedy!” You cheered.
Settling on a Seth Rogan film you laid with Pietro contently. As you watched the film Pietro found himself looking down on you, enamored with your smile and adorable wrinkle that appeared in your nose when you laughed. He leaned in, quickly pecking your nose with a kiss, you smile up at him returning the gesture with a peck on his cheek. You returned your attention to the movie, laughing as you and Pietro took turns trying different candies. When the movie was over you found yourself laying in Pietro’s lap while he played with your hair.
“What next printesa?” He mused as his fingers gently massaged your scalp.
Your mind travelled back to what he had said when the two of you were sparing.
“Actually, you said something before and I’ve been wondering about it ever since…” You trailed, looking up at him.
“And what have you been wondering bomboană?” He asked, pulling you closer to him.
“What exactly made it so hard for you to leave that night?” You asked, sitting up as you tossed your hair out of your face.
“Well, what do you remember?” He smirked, stretching out with his hands behind his head. You proceeded to straddle him, running your fingers up his torso, a small grin appearing as his muscles tensed under your touch.
“I remember kissing you…here. Here. And here…” You said as you placed kisses on his neck, slightly sucking and nipping at his skin, he let out a sharp breath. His eyes were closed, enjoying the feel of your body against his.
“Then I remember saying 'kiss me’.” You whispered in his ear, running your fingers through his hair before bringing your lips to his, enveloping your senses in the taste of his kiss. His arms wrapped around you as your arms slung around his neck, hands gently tugging the hairs at the nape, rolling your hips as he bucks up into you with a groan.
Soon your clothes are falling off and the two of you are down to your underwear, clothes strewn across the floor as Pietro peppers your neck and chest with hungry kisses. You can’t keep your hands off of him, craving constant contact as he pulls your bra straps down, eyes devouring you with an animalistic glare. You quickly unsnap the back, freeing yourself of confining fabric, his hands knead at your breasts, fingertips pinching the sensitive peaks as your mouths connect once more. Your back arches, removing one hand he places his mouth upon your breast as his newly free hand slips into your panties, strumming your slick center. A few high pitched moans escape your throat before he pulls away, bringing his fingers to his lips for a taste. You sit up, kissing him before sucking the juices from his fingers, focusing on his oceanic eyes.
“My sweet printesa.” He sighed, biting his lower lip. You kiss a trail down his body, tugging down his boxers you palm his head, stroking down the shaft. His head falls back, jaw slack as you take him into your mouth.
“Esti asa de bine printesa..” He groaned. You continue bobbing down, taking every inch into your mouth, his pleasurous moans igniting a fire within you.
“Mm, I need you.” You sigh, stroking him. He brings you up for a kiss before laying you back, gently parting your legs, teasing you with just his tip.
You instinctively buck up against him, craving his cock.
“Pietro please!” You whine, and he obliges. Finally filling you with his hardness. His thrusts are slow and deliberate at first as he savors the precious look on your face, eyes soft as you bite your lower lip.
“Keep going…faster.” You gasp, sitting up on your elbows. Pietros hand is soon threaded through your hair as he hungrily kisses you, picking up the pace. You reached a hand up, digging into his shoulder blade, eliciting a groan from him.
He kisses and sucks the crook of your neck, growling explicit praise in his mother tongue. Soon your bodies are in rhythm, writhing in an animalistic dance of bliss and pleasure,
“Fuck” you all but squeal when he bites into your neck, causing you to scratch your nails down his back eliciting a deep growl from him.
“Keep going, keep going…you feel so good.” You breathe.
Pietro grips your thighs, pinning you down as he thrusts deeper than before and soon you’re cumming undone. Writhing and moaning, he moves his hands from your thighs, pulling his arms around you he brings you to his chest. You grind down on his shaft, sharing a lusty kiss as he releases his seed.
He lays you back against the body pillow you were sitting against before, kissing you on the forehead.
“Shower & sleep over?” He nudges into you, kissing your shoulder.
“Of course.” You smile.

The End.

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Oh how I've missed you 😧 (life is hard dude) , for the prompt thingies could you do 46, 60, 72 with Steve pls? 😊😊

A/N: CJjjjj!~ I’ve missed you too!! I haven’t seen you around in a while!~ (Also, I changed ‘I’ to ‘It’ in prompt 60 bc it made more sense)


46. “It was a joke, baby. I swear.”

60. “Are you going to talk to me?”

72. “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

Warnings: Clowns, Fluff-ish stuff, and this was baaarely proofread tbh

Word Count: ~981

Tags:  @animexchocolate @jotink78 @freaksforthewin @feelmyroarrrr  @shamvictoria11 @addictivewriter @secondstartotherightimagines @earinafae  @fangirlnyxx @meatballevan 

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It had to be frickin’ clowns.

You had just gotten home from a mission halfway around the world, more than ready to take a hot shower and curl up in bed with a certain super soldier for the night. Instead, you were met with an apartment full of clown mannequins and creepily slow circus music on loop through FRIDAY’s speakers. The real kicker for you was that not all of the clowns had been mannequins.

In fact, your usually wonderful boyfriend and idiotic friends had been interspersed throughout the apartment decked out in clown gear as well. They came around the corner screaming bloody murder and you knocked each and every one of them on their ass in seconds. As soon as you realized who they were, you chewed them out and stormed off, mad enough that you left the Compound entirely.

You took a car to the city and marched right into the Tower where you still had a room. Tony was going to question why you had shown up out of the blue, clearly still in your mission gear, but thought better of it after you gave him the glare of the century. Sure, you knew perfectly well that you overreacted by storming out and escaping to the city but clearly no one thought to look up the details of your last mission.

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Smoke, Fog, and Haze

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* This is my first imagine so it’s not the best! I will be writing imagines for characters in shows that I love but unfortunately don’t see enough of! Shoot me a request if you have one. This particular imagine will be part of a series of imagines dedicated to Y/N’s love life with the beautiful Jeff Atkins until the unfortunate end.*

-not my gif. credits goes to the creator- 

Also not positive on their ages so I just made it up. OKAY ON WITH THE STORY

Jeff Atkins Series

How they met:

*        Smoke, fog, and haze = write about not being able to see ahead of you

Freshman Year: First weekend of the school year

“I can’t believe you’re actually going to this party,” Clay complained from his position on my bed, his eyes still glued to the tv screen where The Lord of the Rings was playing yet again. I was stood in front of my closet, focused on searching through my clothes when he spoke, making me jump a bit. I groaned and rubbed my eyes as I turned to look at him, a bowl of popcorn on his lap and an annoyed look on his face. “I’m in high school now Clay, isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?” I asked with a laugh, “You’ll go to a party too when you’re older.” “Ha ha,” Clay laughed mockingly as he threw a pillow in my direction, nearly hitting my face, “I’m one year younger than you. And yeah I guess you should go to parties but do you have to do it on Lord of the Rings night?” “Would you rather I go next week during Star Trek night?” “Shut your mouth.” I laughed out loud at my best friend. He was a year younger and while I was enjoying the new freedom of High School, Clay was stuck in 8th grade with our friend Tony. I turned back to my closet, deep in thought once again. “What do girls even wear to high school parties?” “According to the movies, not much,” Clay answered, once again sucked into the movie as if the two of us hadn’t been watching it on repeat every day after school.

Eventually I gave up and undressed before I pulled on some jeans and a cropped sweatshirt, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and slipped on some sneakers before turning back to Clay. “Okay how’s this?” I asked nervously, playing with my sleeves. Clay glanced at me quickly, scanned me and returned to watching the tv, “You look nice.” I giggled at the sight of his pout and sat on the edge of my bed next to him, kind of wishing I was back in my pjs and lounging on my bed as well. “I’m really scared Clay. You and Tony are my only friends and you’re not in school with me anymore. I went this whole week thinking that High School was gonna be this magical place where I found myself and made friends with a clique just like me and that together we’d dance and sing our way through the next four years” I began, making Clay snort, “But the only person who’s talked to me all week was Justin Foley when he knocked me over during P.E..  Like, I’m going to a party alone. That’s kind of embarrassing right?” I admitted with a strained smile, butterflies in my stomach at the thought of going somewhere on my own. Clay sighed as he paused the movie and sat up next to me, our legs dangling off the edge of my bed. “It’s not embarrassing to go to a party by yourself. I mean, the whole point is to make friends right? Look, as bummed as I am that you’re missing movie night, I do want you to go to this party. You’re my best friend, you’re a great person, and any one would be lucky to have you even say two words to them. Just go and have a good time and tell me all about it when you get back, okay? Tony should be here by then.” “You invited Tony to a sleepover at MY house?” “I think we’ve been friends long enough to consider it OUR house. Now get out there and make some friends.” I laughed and placed an annoyingly sloppy kiss on Clay’s forehead before reminding him of the pizza money my mom had left us and grabbing my cell phone. I then made my way to my bedroom door. “OH, and be careful out there. ‘ It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to’ “ Clay quoted making me laugh and roll my eyes. “You’re a huge dork for quoting that Jensen!” I yelled over my shoulder as I made my way to the stairs. “You’re a bigger dork for knowing what I was quoting!” he yelled back as I laughed and made my way out the door and down the street.

I stood in front of the large house just a couple blocks away from my own. The music inside was loud and I could hear the laughs and shouts of the teens just behind the front door. I took a deep breath and pushed open the door, being greeted instantly by the smell of alcohol and sweat. I glanced around the room full of dancing teens and made my way to the back where I opened up the back door and walked into the back yard that was just as busy but a bit more bearable due to the fresh air. In this area the teens were just as drunk but beer pong and swimming was involved. When I didn’t notice any familiar faces I seriously considered walking back out the front door and to my house but when I turned back to the house a hand reached out and grabbed my elbow. “Y/N! Leaving so soon? You just walked through the door!” I turned back around, my heart jumping knowing that someone had actually noticed my presence, and came face to face with Justin Foley. “Oh, hey Justin. Yeah I didn’t see anyone I knew,” I answered, pushing some fly away hairs behind my ear. I may have been nervous, but I had gone all through the awkward stages of middle school as confident as possible, and that wasn’t about to change.

“Well now you’ve seen me! So stick around,” Justin replied with a grin, running his hand from my elbow down to my wrist where he tugged slightly and led me over to a group of people I recognized from middle school. “You remember Zach, Bryce and Kat right?” he asked as the three turned and waved to me. “Oh thank god a familiar face” Kat practically yelled as she desperately hugged me, “I barely saw a single person I knew this week. I thought I was alone here!” A huge weight floated off of my shoulders when I realized that the lost feeling I was experiencing was happening to each of us. “Okay good, it wasn’t just me,” I replied and we both giggled as the three boys rolled their eyes. The five of us caught up and shared a few stories about the summer before Bryce suggested we step into his pool house. Bryce had just missed the cut for kindergarten, making him a few months older than us, him already being 15 while we were just 14.  However those few months made all the  difference as he carried himself proudly as if he had years on us. He led us into the pool house and he and Zach busied themselves over by the bar while Kat, Justin an I got comfortable on the couch; the music outside was so loud that it felt as though the speaker was directly next to me. Soon enough Bryce and Zach were joining us once again, lighting up joints and taking deep puffs, exhaling thick white smoke. I bit my lip and watched, not sure how to respond as I’d never seen someone smoke weed before. Zach and I made eye contact and he grinned as he lazily held out his hand to me, the joint tucked between his pointer and middle finger, “Want a hit Y/N?” he asked and I weighed my options. I could deny the drug and watch my new group of friends as they had fun without me, I could leave the party and head on home to Clay and Tony and spend another night watching sci fi movies, or I could take a hit and see how it goes. Finally I reached out and shakily took the joint, holding it to my lips but stopping as I noticed everyone watching with lazy smiles. Then I took a deep hit from the joint, holding the smoke and releasing it with a choking cough making the others cheer and pat my back. I laughed and tried again and soon we were in a circle, passing the joints around and laughing as we shared stupid stories.

I stood up from the couch with Zach’s help and laughed loudly at absolutely nothing. After an hour cooped up in the pool house, Bryce figured he should make sure his house was still in one piece. When I was standing straight, I stumbled to the front door and pushed it open, watching as the smoke that had once occupied the pool house, poured out the door blocking my view of the back yard. “Whoa dude, it’s so foggy out here,” Zach pointed out making Kat laugh as she slapped his chest and yelled, “It’s smoke not fog you dumbass!” Zach laughed and lightly pushed her away as I waved my hand in front of my face, pushing the smoke away from my eyes and watching as it floated up to the stars. And as I looked foreword once again I watched how the haze lifted and my eyes locked with a pair of unfamiliar sleepy blue ones. The boy ahead of me was playing beer pong and seemed to be focused on our little staring contest as he didn’t notice how the boy in front of him successfully tossed his ball into his final cup.

The boy quickly turned back to the game when he heard the cheering and smiled before tossing back the cup of beer that was in front of him. “He’s cute,” Kat giggled in my ear as she threw an arm over my shoulder and pushed her head close to mine, pushing her weight onto me as well. I assumed it was the weed that was causing me to giggle along with her as I wrapped my arm around her waist, because I had never laughed so much at absolutely nothing before. “Yeah he is,” I agreed as the boy looked at me one more time with a small smile. “You should kiss him.” Kat stated seriously as she dragged me away from the pool house and toward the actual house. My eyes widened, well as much as they could, and I stopped abruptly before she continued dragging me like a toddler being dragged through the supermarket by their angry mother. “I cannot kiss him. He’s too cute and I don’t even know him.” I differed. Kat gave me a dangerous smile as we stopped in the packed living room. I knew instantly that she had a bad idea. “SUCK AND BLOW!” she screamed at the top of her lungs and quickly people were entering or leaving the living room, a large circle forming, the cute boy sitting next to Kat on the couch. Well he was sitting next to her, until she conveniently stood to stretch and sat on the other side of me, pushing me closer to him.

A playing card was produced by Bryce and soon the small piece of blended plastic and paper was in motion. I couldn’t help but drum my fingers nervously on my thigh as I watched the card make its rounds around the very large circle. “You nervous?” the boy next to me asked. And I was thankful for the drugs in my system because I oh so easily turned to look at him with a lazy grin and what I assumed were hazy red eyes. He bit his lip as his eyes scanned my face and he laughed. “What gave it away?” I asked. “The restless fingers,” he answered, reaching out and pressing his hand against mine to stop its nervous movements. I looked down at his hand over mine, and thought that when he noticed it he’d pull it away; but he didn’t, and I didn’t want him to. “I’m Y/N,” I introduced myself loudly over the still pumping music. “Jeff!” he yelled back with a smile, “I think you’re in my art of film class! You’re the girl who fought with the teacher about how the Matrix movie is a cinematic masterpiece, right? He said you were wrong and you called him a mouth breather.” A heavy blush spread across my face and chest and I quickly turned away from the boy who introduced himself as Jeff. “Wait no, I didn’t mean that like in a bad way. It was actually super adorable how defensive you got,” Jeff added as he nudged my arm with his, “quit ignoring me!” I giggled a bit as I turned back toward him, meeting his dark blue eyes. “I’m embarrassed.” I spoke quietly, secretly loving how he leaned in close to hear me. “Embarrassed that you’re passionate about something?” “Embarrassed that I looked like a huge dork in front of a really cute boy.” I corrected, watching as Jeff leaned back slightly while biting the corner of his lip, his teeth grazing it as he slowly released it as he smiled. Before he could respond to me a hand was tugging at my chin and my head was being turned to Kat as she leaned in and pressed her card covered lips to mine. And I suddenly remembered that we were in a group of teens playing a game. I pursed my lips and sucked, the card sticking to my lips before I turned back to Jeff. I tilted my head up and pushed myself up to be closer to his face and Jeff pressed the palm of his hand against the back of my head before leaning down toward me. His eyes looked from my eyes to the card and back before he pulled my head close to his and pressed his lips against the card. I placed my hand on his shoulder and didn’t bother to blow the card away, and I noticed that he hadn’t bothered to suck. So when his face pulled a centimeter away from mine, the card fluttered to my lap before he leaned back in and his lips connected to mine.

The group of teens cheered loudly at the sight of a kiss (despite not being positive on whether the kiss meant a win or a loss) due to the fast paced game, which the pace of Jeff’s kiss completely opposed. His was gentle as he pressed a few sweet kisses to my lips, before my stupid smile made him smile as well and we couldn’t kiss anymore. Jeff looked up at the ceiling to hide his slight blush and I looked down at my lap in an attempt to do the same. I then pressed down on the home screen of my phone and saw the bold numbers reading 2am. “Holy shit,” I exclaimed. It had already been 3 hours, but it felt like it had only been 3 minutes. I stood up slowly and Jeff stood up with me. “Got a curfew?” he asked me and I felt Kat lightly smacking my leg in excitement that I was holding a steady conversation with him. “Yeah … well no, not a curfew. Just an antsy best friend who I really want to be watching Lord of the Rings with and that totally didn’t help my efforts to convince you that I’m not a dork.” I rambled. Jeff laughed and pushed his hands into his pockets nervously before bumping his shoulder against mine, “I can walk you home? If you’re cool with that I mean. No pressure or anything. It’s just really late and I think you’re a little too high to be walking around alone.” “Yeah I’d like that.”

Before Jeff could lead me to the front door I turned back to Kat and hugged her tightly, and glanced over her shoulder to see Zach and Justin giving me thumbs up. “I’ll see you at school on Monday right?” I asked hesitantly, praying that I wouldn’t go back to wandering the halls alone. “Obviously!” Kat yelled as she lightly shoved me with a laugh. I smiled at her and waved at the boys before making my way to the door, Jeff following as he said goodbye to his own friends. Together we made our way down the street and I welcomed the cool air, a complete contrast to Bryce’s stuffy house. We walked the two blocks home in a comfortable silence before Jeff helped me up my front stairs, chuckling as the door swung open revealing Tony and Clay. Their stern father looks were well practiced and they’re arms were crossed as they took in the sight of Jeff. “You guys are still here!” I yelled as I threw myself at them, trying to squeeze them both into a group hug. “She’s really high.” Jeff announced making Tony groan and pull me off lightly. “I’ll go make some food before the munchies hit,” he announced before disappearing into the house, Clay following him, but leaving the door open for me. I turned back to Jeff, who somehow looked even cuter under the unflattering porch light. “I’ll see you on Monday right?” he asked sweetly holding his hand out to me. “Of course. I’ll save you a seat in Film class,” I replied, taking his hand and squealing when he pulled me into a hug. He then pulled away and jogged down the stairs and down my front yard before disappearing down the street and I couldn’t help but let out another squeal as I turned and ran into my house and into the kitchen. “I take it you made some friends?” Clay asked with a smile as Tony put some left over pizza into the toaster oven. “I made friends and I kissed a cute boy and I’m really happy … and this is so good,” I announced as I pulled a handful of stale popcorn from the bowl on the counter and shoved it into my mouth. “Ew you kissed that guy?” “Yes Clay, and it was glorious.” “He was cute. Nicely done.” Tony replied ignoring Clay’s playful disgust. “Maybe I can actually survive my one year of high school without you guys after all.” “We never doubted you.”

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Internet Famous: Part 12

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe and Reader are friends who came together and started a youtube channel for fun. 1 million subscribers later, they’re now internet famous. Their friendship has thrived, however, all of their fans can obviously see that Poe and Reader aren’t just friends.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

A/N: I meant to post this yesterday…oops. 

Honestly, the whole unofficial family reunion thing was okay. There was hardly any family drama. Your relatives were too caught up in your relationship with Poe to even care for family drama. It was such a nice feeling. 

You and Poe were helping your mom clean up the place and wrap up all the food.

“Well, now you two are going to have to eat as much of this as possible tomorrow.”

“That won’t be a problem, mom. Poe is always hungry.” You patted him on his stomach, “I still don’t understand how you could stay so fit.”

Poe shrugged with a smirk, “The Gods have blessed me with a beautiful chiseled body.”

You scoffed, “Alright ‘chiseled body’, go help Zoe and Mason clean the living room. I have to talk to my mom.”

“You got it, princess.” Poe kissed your head and went into the other room.

“Is something wrong, Y/N?” Your mom asked as she was moving her spaghetti onto a smaller plate.

“Nothing’s wrong. Tomorrow’s Poe’s birthday and I was wondering what I should do. Of course I had plans, but I didn’t expect to come here. Poe doesn’t really care much for his birthday so I’m trying to figure out what to do.”

“Why don’t you two have a picnic at that park you went to often?”

You thought about what she was talking about, “Oh yeah! The one with big pond! That’s perfect!” You kissed her on the cheek, “Thanks, mom!”

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Elf! Calum

Words: 4.2k

Warning: smut!  

Summary: Elf! Calum who decides who's naughty and nice and know’s Y/N is always at the top of the naughty list and decides to pay her a small visit one day, after watching her masturbate for hours on end.  


*Calum’s POV*

I took a hold of the next piece of paper getting my fingers ready to type it into the crystal snow ball. I was stuck doing the boring job, most elves were off making christmas gifts getting a head start before december started. I was usually doing that but three year’s ago I had an argument with another elf and that left me in a slight grump which Santa saw, then he demoted me to the ‘bad elf’ factory. It’s where all the reject elves go and who they may be over excited or overly grumpy. I was neither, I was almost human, I wish I was a human but instead I have pointy ears and live in the north pole.

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//cracks knuckles.
I am a slut for domestic situations so I decided to do scenarios for Dazai, Chuuya, and Kunikida. They aren’t incredibly long, but I hope you enjoy them nonnie!. NSFW-ISH


Smooth instrumental music hummed softly from the speaker sitting on your bedside table. With the curtains drawn closed a tunnel of moonlight barely made its way into the room. The pale streak thinned across the foot of the bed as you flopped around vehemently. It was nearing midnight when you finally heard the door open and shut softly with a light click. Soon the familiar ruffle of a coat being draped across the couch and shoes being flung off echoed through the hallway. Smiling happily you reached for the stereo remote and flicked the button off as soon as Dazai entered the room. His espresso locks hung sloppily along his face and his fingers were dipped into the center of his vest. He always looked a bit disheveled after working so late but there was something about his messy hair and lopsided grin that made you ache for his touch.

“You didn’t have to wait up for me love, I know our little munchkin can be a handful at time and you need your sleep. But I do love seeing your beautiful face after staring at Kunikida’s all day.” He sighed while tugging the remaining buttons on his shirt open.

“I do wonder where our little man gets all his dramatics from.”

Dazai gasps and places his hand over his forehead as the remainder of his shirt falls to the floor at his side. His stark white bandages wrap around his forearms and loop around his chest a few times before entangling themselves around his neck. A chill runs down your spine as he peaks between his fingers. Your eyes roll and he whines pitifully at your lack of concern. Normally you’d engage in his dramatics but tonight all you wanted was to feel him on top of you. Stealthily pulling the covers down you slowly roll to your stomach and grip the belt at his waist to yank him forward. A breathy moan escapes his mouth as your lips plant chaste and hungry kisses up and down his stomach. His fingers automatically card themselves through your hair.

“____,” he stutters your name in a heated whisper. “Let me get in bed with you before you—ah!”

Your teeth scrape against his hipbone and the flesh beneath your mouth pebbles. One hand leaves your hair to yank at the waistband of his pants until they pool at his feet. The hand remaining pulls at the tangled hair until your neck cranes up and your eyes are locked with his. A lustrous sheen has glossed over his honey brown eyes and left a devious smirk on his face. Suddenly your back hits the mattress and Dazai’s lips are on your own. His fiery kisses leave you breathless and wanting more but he chooses to lap and nip beneath your jawline and down your neck. A ripple of pleasure shoots down your spine as he grinds his growing erection into you through his boxers. He hastily slithers himself down your body until his knees hit the bedroom floor and your legs are thrown over his shoulders.



Dazai’s eyes fly open and he immediately drops your legs. Within seconds the patter of tiny feet thump through the hallway as you shoot up and wrap the blanket around your lower half. Dazai’s pants are halfway on when the door flies open and a rush of golden light billows through the bedroom.

“Aren’t you supposed to be fast asleep little one?” Dazai questions while calmly buckling his pants and dipping back own onto the floor. “Did you have a bad dream?”

Wordlessly your little tot runs into Dazai’s open arms and wraps his smaller arms around his neck. His mess of hair is identical to Dazai’s, as are his dramatic expressions, which makes it harder to say no to just about anything. With the child in his arms Dazai stands and begins rocking the toddler back and forth while singing a made-up song about ice cream mountains and candy cars. Within a few minutes your son is giggling loudly and a wide smile has spread across your face.

“Are you going to tell Daddy why you’re awake now? It’s very late and Daddys need their sleep.”

“You promised you’d read me a bed time story! I’ve been waiting a hundred years!” Your son proclaims while burying his face in his hands.

“A hundred? Oh my that is an awfully long time for a bedtime story. You’ll have to talk to your Uncle Kunikida about keeping Daddy out so late then!”

“Dazai don’t give Kunikida anymore trouble than you already do on a daily basis.” You scold with your arms crossed. “Now you, little one, you can have one story then its off to bed. Understood?”

Both boys pout for a solid three minutes before you give up and flop back onto your pillow. Dazai smiles proudly at his son and plants a big kiss on his forehead before setting him back down on the floor. You roll your eyes at Dazai again as your son scampers off to his bedroom to gather the books he wants Dazai to read to him. With an innocent smile Dazai leans over the bed and captures your lips in a gentle yet heated kiss. His tongue darts out teasingly as his hands circle your waist and rub figure eights along the exposed skin beneath your shirt.

“Wait up a little longer my sweet, it’ll be worth it.”


The scent of freshly made noodles and cooking chicken hit Kunikida’s nose the moment he walks through the door and drops his keys on the keyring. His shoulders visibly relax as his shoes slip off his aching feet and his briefcase is set carefully on the entry way table. Rubbing the bridge of his nose with his forefinger and thumb he pads through the house and peaks his head through the door at his twins currently sitting cross-legged on the floor doodling on fresh sheets of paper. A rare smile dots his features as he sneaks towards the kitchen and wraps his arms around your waist.

A bit surprised by his affection you turned your head to the side and snuggled against his shoulder. It was a rare occasion to have a bit of peaceful silence in a house with a set of twins rampaging through the hallways after school. However the drizzling rain seemed to have calm their mood which allowed you to get actually get dinner started before Kunikida arrived home from work. While the chicken sizzled in the pan you took the opportunity to spin around and press a soft kiss to Kunikda’s lips, hands pressed flat against his chest. A relaxed sigh passed through his lips as he broke apart the kiss. Exhaustion was practically molded onto his face but he seemed to be in a lighter mood than usual. Quirking your brow you tapped your fingers along his shoulders and waited for him to express some sort of grievance about his day. Dazai was usually the first topic when he got home, and you understood that ne needed to vent, so you waited patiently for him to speak.

Instead of speaking the pad of his thumb brushes across your cheekbone and trails to your bottom lip. Kunikida pushes his glasses to the top of his head and tilts forward, lips ghosting down your forehead to your nose then landing on your lips once more. The tips of his fingers dance languidly down your rib cage before encircling your waist and pulling you flush against his chest. Kunikida was passionate and loving when it came to moments of privacy but he barely ever showed this kind of affection outside the bedroom. Even less when the twins were awake. But, why kick a gift horse in the mouth?

Grasping at the collar of his shirt you pull him even closer and run your tongue along his bottom lip before pushing it through. Kunikida’s lips part solely to get a steady handle on dominating the kiss. His tongue ravishes your mouth, tasting every corner like he’d never get the chance to do it again. Your nails scrape along his collarbones beneath his shirt while his find their way down to your ass. With a firm grip on your backside he hoists you into the air and plants you on the counter. Rough, hasty open mouthed kisses are sprinkled up and down your neck. Your hands tangle themselves in his blonde hair. He bites down on the center of your throat in retaliation. Instinctively your legs wrap around his waist, hands suctioned to his scalp to keep from moaning out his name.

“Mommy why are you allowed to pull on Daddy’s hair but I can’t pull my brother’s!” A sudden shout from your four year old daughter quickly freezes both you and Kunikida in your tracks. “That’s not fair!”

Quickly detaching himself from your neck Kunikida spins around and kneels down to his daughters height with a look of pure anguish on his face. It took all of your energy not to laugh at the pure awkwardness radiating from him, but in reality you had no idea what to say to her either. Time passed by in wordless tension. Every second felt like an hour. Finally Kunikida cleared his throat and took his daughter’s tiny hands in his. Kunikida was not exactly great at explaining things his children were too young to question, but they often did regardless. Their intelligence and type A personalities mixed together with your unrelenting sarcasm made them both two entities of pure exhaustion, especially for Kunikida and his lack of charisma.

Kunikida inhaled deeply and stared right into his daughter’s questioning gaze.

“My house, my rules.”


Everything is a haze of golden strips beaming through the open window. Perched high in the heavens in one of the Mafia’s most elite sky scrapers your bed is framed by the rising sun as it sends bursts of tangerine and crimson across the port city. Crisp silk sheets caress your sensitive flesh as Chuuya bites a line down your back. His lips are warm and swollen from kissing you awake, but now his focus has shifted to the rest of your body. Though Chuuya is still rigged with exhaustion his hands work quickly down the bare flesh of your ribcage. They trail the crescent shapes dug into your skin by his teeth with a feather-light touch. Strands of his hair tickle your sides as his head bobs down to the waistband of your panties. A low moan of wanton urgency resonates in his throat before he bites down on your ass. A muffled squeak escapes your lips as he smirks wickedly.

“Chuuyaa ah!” His name is elongated by a second moan when his fingers grip your hips and his mouth takes a second nip at your ass.

“You are so damn tempting in the morning,” he grates as his teeth bite the waistband of your panties and let it snap back on your skin, “How about you feed me breakfast in bed today?”

Chuuya’s requests are only posed as answers for the sake of being cocky, there is no choice in this matter, not that you mind. He enacts his ability for a moment to flip you over on your back with ease then adds to your weight so you’re unable to move. A hundred butterflies scatter across your stomach as soon as you realize what he’s done. An all familiar simper graces his peach tinted lips as he reads your expression with satisfaction. A devilish glint refracts of his eyes while they rake up and down your half-naked body. Only your fingers can move at this point and they grip and tear at the sheets as his hot breath coasts down your legs. Inch by inch your panties skate down your thighs.

Warmth from the sun barrels in as Chuuya slithers up your body and drinks in your naked body. Sweat glistens off his pale skin and shimmers beneath the sunlight, his hair is a tangled mess and falls around his pink dusted cheeks. There is a shift in his facial expression, a more somber and tender look falls upon him as he hovers above you. His hands have threaded themselves into yours, fingers locked tight around each other. He exhales softly as he lowers himself and molds his lips into your own. Pure reverence seeps into the kiss. Your body is still weighted and all you can do is allow him to suck and nip at your lips with your hands intertwined, and it was an action you utterly adored. His dominance was often draped in a veil of softness that would weave in and out of his actions. He always managed to disclose a passion no one else had ever brought out of him, he ravished you like he was about to loose you.




Instant panic shot through the both of you as your daughter’s terrified cries rang through the house. Chuuya was up and flying through the hallway with his pants half buckled within minutes. After throwing on your discarded t-shirt and shorts you chased after him into your daughter’s room. When you arrived your daughter was sobbing in Chuuya’s arms and he had an exasperated look on his face.

“What happened?” You stuttered between pants. “Chuuya what’s wrong with her? Is she hurt?”

“Her nail polish chipped off.”

His tone came out flat, unamused, and pained. All you could do was laugh at the situation.

“Honey Daddy can repaint it don’t worry.” You whispered while kissing your daughter’s forehead.

“Can you call off work and fix it for me Daddy please?”

Your daughter’s eyes watered instantly and bore the same color as yours. Chuuya swore up and down she inherited your ability to break him in less than a minute, but really Chuuya just wanted to spoil his daughter.

“I’m not taking the day off, but I’ll take the morning off okay baby girl?”

“Can we go shopping after?”

Your eyes flickered between the two and you had to clap your hand over your mouth to keep from bursting out laughing again. Chuuya eyed his daughter with a cocked brow as she snuggled up close to him and looped her arms around his neck lovingly. A sigh of defeat belted from Chuuya as your daughter squeaked in happiness and planted sloppy kisses all over Chuuya’s cheek. Her refusal to loose was without a doubt inherited from her Chuuya.

“Can we have breakfast now?”

“Daddy was trying to earlier..”


Agust D

Summary: Yoongi comes over to your place so that you two can “listen” to his mixtape.

A/N: This goes out to all the people dying because of Yoongi’s mixtape.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Smut

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME IT WAS RELEASED,” you yelled at Yoongi over the phone, angry that you had woken up to tumblr notifications about his mixtape instead of him calling you and telling you himself. 

“I didn’t want to wake you up,” he said calmly, completely blowing off your pissed off tone. 

“Where are you?” you asked him as you got out of your bed and walked into the kitchen, grabbing a cup of coffee and then leaning against the counter as you took a sip of the liquid. 

“Well, the boys wanted to have a quick celebratory party, so we just got done with that and I was planning on heading over to your place.”

“Really?” you asked, “Do you have time to stop by here.”

“Yeah Bang-PD gave me the day off today,” he replied nonchalantly, “Plus, I have a surprise for you.”

“Another surprise? Don’t you think you’ve murdered me enough today?”

“Definitely not.”

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[Request] Multiple anons said: Hey, I have no idea if you’re taking requests but if you are I was wondering if you could write where Y/N is dating Jack Maynard and lives with him, Conor and Josh. Thank you <3 ; Hey could you please do a super fluffy Jack Maynard imagine please if you’re taking requests. Thank you xx ; Hey! I love your writing and was wondering if I could get a Jack Maynard imagine where we are together but the fans don’t know (just our friends know) and we get outed in one of Joe’s vlogs at a creator party at vidcon?

[Summary] Basically the requests above.

[Pairing] Jack Maynard x Reader

[Universe/Fandom] Jack Maynard Fandom

[Warnings] Cursingggg, implies that the two have sex at some point. BUT YO FLUFF

[A/N] This is my first time combining this many requests, but I did have this story in mind which managed to be what all these people were asking for!! I hope you enjoy :) By the way, Vidcon is in LA in this imagine?? Not sure if that’s where it is actually held, but heY!

I slowly open my eyes when sunlight comes sneaking into mine and Jack’s shared bedroom. We had been in a happy relationship with each other for almost a year and last month he had asked me to move in with him, Conor, and Josh. Even though we had been dating for months, we still hadn’t put our relationship out in the world for our fans to know. Jack and I had been thinking about telling our viewers ever since we started dating, but we valued the privacy we had in our relationship. However, we still had to tell our viewers eventually. Today, Jack, Conor, Josh, and I are all going to Vidcon, where we may tell our viewers everything. I smile as I look to Jack’s side. He was still in a deep sleep.

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Pairing: Sam x Reader
Words: ~2,200
Warnings: Depression, pregnant reader, angst (no spoilers but it’s in the tags for those who have it blacklisted)
Summary: Y/n gets pregnant with Sam’s baby and angsty things happen
A/N: This is the first part of a series inspired by a show that I’m watching. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. <3
Tags: @fangirl1802  @jared-padaloveme @disneychic8 @impalaimagining @ellen-reincarnated1967 @fernandasvaldi@tmccarney​ @atc74 @supernatural-jackles  @jensen-jarpad @just-a-touch-of-crowley @the-latina-trickster@yunngarab @thinkingscared
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You sat in the chair of your doctor’s office, waiting for her to come back with the results of your test. You all but held your breath when you heard her walk in and close the door behind her. She smiled as she sat behind her desk. “The test was positive, y/n. You’re pregnant.”

Your eyes widened. You had always wanted a baby but knew that the odds of hunters raising kids successfully were very slim. You didn’t want to raise a child into this life but what choice did you have? It’s not like you and Sam could just leave this all on Dean’s shoulders and you sure as hell weren’t leaving Sam, even though he’d probably try and convince you when you told him. You smiled softly at your doctor as she told you what would happen now. You let out a sigh as you scheduled your next appointment and left. You sat in the car, not ready to go home and tell the boys your news. You were staring blankly at the wheel when your phone went off. It was Sam.


“Hey, Baby. Where are you?”

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Caught Wet Handed - Luke Hemmings Smut

Submitted by sweetpotatoeypie thank you!

AN: A few days ago I had this dream about Luke and I thought it’d make a hot smutty oneshot. I added a few details but this is pretty much what happened in my dream. This is my first time writing so I hope it doesn’t suck because I’m super embarrassed writing smut bye 

“What the fuck is that?” You mumble out of your sleep, after hearing something move downstairs.

You knew your mother was fast asleep. She never wakes up in the middle of the night. Your brother? Well it could be him. But there’s only one way to find out. You quietly creep down the stairs, making sure it miss the creaky spots on the stairs. Once your reach the bottom, you spot slight movement over near the night light by the front door. You see a body and you immediately freak out and turn on the light to lose your shit until you realize it’s just Luke, your brother’s best friend. 

“Oh my god what the hell are you doing here?” You whisper-scream, clutching your chest trying to suppress your nearing heart attack. He put his bag down and ran his fingers through his golden hair. “Calm down, I’m just hanging out.” he chuckled. “You’re gonna wake your mother up.” 
You rolled your eyes even though his Aussie accent was quite swooning. He wasn’t an asshole but he was a sarcastic dick sometimes. What did he really expect you to do when he’s sneaking into the house at 3am?


You silently go back upstairs and try to go to sleep. 

The next day, you went about your daily activities as normal. You played with your dog, hung out with your friends, and even ran errands for the elderly neighbors. However, you couldn’t get last night’s event out of your mind. 
Later that night Luke shows up, but he was actually invited this time. You were in your room with your brother opened the door. You recognized his deep Australian voice all the way from your room. You figured now was the time to get him back for scaring the shit out of you.

You head downstairs and Luke is the first one you see, sitting on the couch against the wall facing the TV with your brother. “What’s up y/n” he says as he throws a wink at you. Rolling your eyes and crossing your arms, you speak to your brother and your mother, who was resting the recliner in the corner.

“You know, something quite interesting happened last night. I saw Luke sneaking into the house.” You stared daggers into his soul. All he did was laugh and you were confused. 
“Yeah I gave him a key.” Y/b/n says nonchalantly, stuffing popcorn into his mouth like a chipmunk. Your mom just laughed at you.

“He’s always over, he already practically lives here. It sure saves a lot of hassle.” y/b/n adds.

You have never felt so dumb in your entire life. “Oh,” you say, uncrossing your arms. “That makes sense haha.” And you walk back upstairs, never to leave the room again that night. 

The next few days are quite normal. Your schedule is just as it always is and you’ve been having pretty great days hanging out with your friends. You had almost forgotten about the Luke incident until later that night. You overheard y/b/n on the phone in his room speaking to Luke at 1 am. Usually he was asleep by now. 

“Dude do you mind if I come over? My neighbors are being loud as shit and I can’t sleep” you heard Luke say, thanks to y/b/n stupidly putting his phone on speaker.

“Yeah mate that’s fine,” he says groggily, imitating his best friend’s dialect.

“Do you mind if my dog sleeps in here with us?” “No it’s fine. I just need to leave this house.” Luke says. They hang up and you decide that once again, you’re not going to leave your room. You’re still too embarrassed to face Luke. 
You open your laptop and move it to the foot end of your bed. Once it has booted up, you open and load your favorite porn blog. Bright pastel pink is the backdrop and it is chock full of really hot and arousing images and gifs. It was your little secret. You scrolled through and you felt a familiar tingle in between your thighs. Thoughts ran through your head and you reach your hand down to go inside of your boy shorts until you hear the front door open. Knowing it was Luke, you closed your laptop, and turned out your bedroom light, giving him no excuse to come in and speak to you. An exchange of “hey what’s up mate”s were exchanged. You heard both y/b/n and Luke go into y/b/n’s bedroom and the door shut. 

An hour or two went by and you still couldn’t fall asleep. Maybe you needed a sleep aid? No, it’s too late for that. Then you remember the porn blog that you visited earlier and you slightly smile to yourself. That gif of the big tanned man face-fucking that blonde was hot. You throw your covers off of your body and undress. Trying to be quiet, you sit on your bed instead of standing up. Once nude, you lay back and spread out. Everyone in the house sounds fast asleep so this was the perfect time to relieve some… stress. Your run your fingers down your body, making sure to glide across every inch. Gripping your breasts, you bite your lip as an attempt to suppress any moans. Your nipples hardened under the touch of your cold fingers. Shaking slightly, you graze your stomach and slowly slide your hands down to your thighs, spreading them. You close your eyes, imagining your hands as Luke’s. “Fuck yes,” you murmur as your run a finger up and down your folds, collecting a bit of your growing wetness.

You circle a finger around your clit, making yourself moan slightly louder. It felt amazing doing this after so long. Taking your other hand, you dip two fingers into your wet quivering pussy. “God Luke” you moan, surprised at your own words. He was asleep, it wasn’t a big deal. Dipping a another small finger inside of yourself, you began to work up a steady rhythm, constantly conscious of the juicy sound that you were making every time you worked your finger inside your warmth. You could feel the pressure building in your tummy. You were going to come soon. “Luuuuuuke God yes please!” You moan. Right as you were about to come, your door swings open and to your horror, it’s Luke standing there, in shock. His eyes were glued to your glistening body as your fingers were still inside of yourself. Your cheeks began to burn Crimson. 
“My, I’m so so sorry I thought this was the restroom… I-Im sorry I’ll leave.” He stammers as he turns around, just as red as you are, and closes your door. You wanted to die. It’s embarrassing enough to be walked in on masturbating, but moaning the persons name who walked in on you is beyond mortifying. You quickly get dressed and cry yourself to sleep, determined to not leave your room for the next week. Or month. 
In the morning, Luke enjoyed a pancake breakfast with y/b/n and your mother.

“Where’s y/n? She never misses pancake day.” Y/b/n says from the kitchen table.

“Poor thing, she said she wasn’t feeling well. Stomach bug is probably going around.” Your mother says, with sympathy in her eyes.

Luke looks down to his plate of half eaten pancakes as guilt floods his body. “I hope she feels better. Do you mind if I go speak to her?” He says.

Your mother smiles warmly. “Of course not honey, that’s so sweet of you. She’s upstairs in her room.”

You hear footsteps and you pray that it’s not who you think it is. A knock on your door confirms that suspicion. “Hey y/n? Can I come in?” You hear a deep voice say. You knew immediately that it was Luke. “Go away.” You groan from your bed. You were not prepared to face him. Your back was faced the door when you heard another knock on the door as it creaked open. You shut your eyes very tight and pulled the blanket over your head, hiding the growing blush on your cheeks. 

“Y/n I’m terribly sorry about last night. I thought this was the bathroom,” Luke says sincerely. “I would have never walked in had I known this was your room.” You say nothing, hoping that if you ignore him he’ll go away. He closes the door and sits on your bed. “Y/n, I’m really sorry.” He says as he rubs your back. “I know you’re not really sick. Look at me babe.” Your stomach dipped when he called your babe. You reluctantly removed the blanket from your face and look at Luke, with tears forming in your eyes. “I’m truly really sorry” Luke says once more. You nod and look at the ceiling. “But I have one question;” he begins. You immediately tense up as you feel his hand rest on your upper thigh. “Did you ever get to come?”

You cannot believe that he just asked you that. Your older brother’s best friend. You’re speechless as he continues stroking your leg. You squeak a little as your try to get words out. “Hm?” He inquires. You just close your eyes and slowly shake your head. Hearing Luke chuckle, he says “well since it’s my fault that you didn’t come, it has become my responsibility to make you come. Right here, right now.”

“I-I don’t know…”  you say, until you feel Luke’s wet full lips attack to that sweet spot behind your ear, while his hand moves further and further up your silky thigh. “Fuck,” you murmur, enjoying the different sensations going on across your body. 

“Is that a yes?” Luke whispers, before he grabs your face and plants a kiss on your lips. Not hungrily, not too roughly. Nice and soft. Just the way you like it. How did he know?

You moan into the kiss as it gets more intense, and your breath becoming increasingly shallow. “Quiet now, we don’t want them to hear us,” Luke says into your neck. You then remembered your brother and mother downstairs, still eating. You didn’t want them to get suspicious so you decided to speed things along.

You guide Luke’s hand up to your now wet core. “Someone’s a wee bit excited, huh?” smirks Luke.

“Please Luke. I need this so badly.” you say, biting your lip slightly.

Luke then wastes no time by pulling your pajama shorts down, revealing your body, free of panties. He smirks to himself as he slips his fingers up and down, mimicking your actions from the night prior. He seemed to already know what gets you going. “Can I make you come, baby girl?” he asks sweetly.


Luke digs his middle finger deep inside your pussy and you instinctively arch your back to meet him halfway. His fingers weren’t very long or thick but they sure knew how to work some magic on your nether regions.

“Good God Luke!” you moan into Luke’s mouth, as he leans down to kiss you. He soon utilizes his thumb by flicking it over your sensitive clit. “ummphhh…” you sigh, signalling your arousal and pleasure. You were pretty close. It never took you very long.

“L-Luke? I’m g-gonna…” you whisper

“Are you going to come, darling?”

“Yes, oh yes God. God, fuck me Luke! I’m coming!” Your breathing quickening even further. This time, you knew you were going to get your relief. Luke made sure of it. A few seconds later, you released your juices all over Luke’s fingers. Removing his finger from your sensitive areas, he lifts them to your mouth and you take them in, tasting your own sweetness. Luke smiles and the sight and runs his fingers through your hair, that is now sweaty and stuck to your forehead.

“I’m sorry for last night. I hope this could make up for it.”

Your chest was still heaving up and down. You smiled sweetly at Luke and bite your lip.

“Oh boy, did it.”

~again I hope it didn’t totally suck I’m new at this thanks~

holy shit good job! im gonna make a ‘submitted’ place in my masterlist so if anyone wants to submit stuff go ahead! xx - Lex