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it hurts until it doesn’t pt. 1

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Angst, smut

Word Count: 5.5k

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part 1 part 2

You could feel your phone start to vibrate deep in the pocket of your coat as you fumbled with your keys and trying to balance your grocery bags in your hands. “Fuck.” You mumbled as the sounds of a bag ripping echoes through the hallway. By the time you managed to save your bananas and unlock your front door your phone had stopped.

The game of phone tag had been going on since Yoongi left for his work trip the week before and you hoped that when you called him back that he would still be on the other line. But your heart sank when the line kept ringing, only to have him pick up at the last second.

“Hey babe.” He said flatly. The syllables running off his tongue as if his thoughts were on autopilot.

You sank down in your chair, preparing for another conversation where neither of you actually say how you’re really feeling. Speaking in empty words to continue to pretend that things were still going strong between the two of you. “How is the album coming along?” You asked as you always do when Yoongi is away for work.

Yoongi sighed through the line and you could almost see him running his fingers through his messy hair, “The album is done. I’m just wrapping up the last of the mixing. I’m catching a flight home tomorrow”

Even through all the awkwardness your heart still skipped a beat at the mention of the word home. “Do you want me to pick you up?” You asked, trying to mask the hopefulness in your voice.

He paused, and you held your breath hoping that maybe he would have changed his mind, “No, it’s okay. My flight won’t be getting in until late and I don’t want you to have to take the train by yourself. I’ll just catch a cab home”

You couldn’t remember the last time he let you pick him up from the airport. You remembered how your heart used to race when he would text you that he landed. Even if Yoongi was only gone for a few days seeing him come down the escalators was enough to send your heart into a tailspin, “Oh, okay. Will you let me know when you’ve boarded and when you get in? Just to make sure you’re safe”

Yoongi’s yawn echoed through the phone, “I will. But I should get back to work. I love you”

“I love you too” were the only words that escaped your lips before the line on the other end went dead.

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99 with taehyung or yoongi! Make it angsty as posibble please 😊

Prompt: “I can’t believe you’re carrying my child.”

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: Everything falls apart once you realize you’re pregnant.

Word count: 1k

A/N: There will be a Part 2, but this can be read as a standalone. Also, I chose to write this with Yoongi because Tae loves kids and I couldn’t make it angsty with him 🙃

Part One | Part Two (both can be read separately)

Yoongi had never been the most attentive of boyfriends–you knew that well. You had been dating him for almost two years, just recently moving into his apartment.

He worked as a music producer, often engrossing himself in his work and neglecting his own health. There would be weeks where Yoongi hardly came home, barely acknowledging you.

He made up for those difficult weeks by being perfect to you afterwards. It wasn’t the ideal situation, but you loved Yoongi and would rather wait for him.

Currently, you were going through a rather difficult stretch in your relationship. Yoongi had been producing a new album for an upcoming hip-hop group called BTS. He was also creating his own mixtape on the side.

This time, however, you were happy about your boyfriend’s absence. You had a lot to reflect on.

After all, you had an aching suspicion that you were pregnant.

Your period was late. Very late. At first, you attributed it to stress from your own job and Yoongi. But it was far passed the point of stress now.

A few days ago, you had bought a pregnancy test. It was sitting on the bathroom counter, and you stood opposite of it, trying to build up the confidence to confirm your suspicions.

Eventually, you brought yourself to do it. And, indeed, a few minutes later, the small test you held in your hand read positive.

That night, you cried yourself to sleep. Yoongi hadn’t come home. The only comfort you could find was in the warmth of your empty bed, pretending the blankets pulled around you were Yoongi’s embrace.


The next morning, you woke up to an intense bout of nausea. Rushing to the washroom, you emptied the contents of your stomach into the toilet. Violent wretches raked through your weak frame.

You knew immediately that this was morning sickness. Your older sister had had a baby a few years ago, and you helped her throughout her pregnancy.

On shaky legs, you lifted yourself up and flushed the toilet. You tried removing the bitter aftertaste from your mouth with cold water.

You had to tell Yoongi. You could already guess how he would react. He didn’t want children–not yet–and he didn’t want to settle down, either.

But where did that leave you?

With trembling hands, you picked up your cell phone from your nightstand. Sitting down on your bed, you dialed Yoongi’s number. Your phone rang for ages, and you were afraid he wasn’t going to answer at all.

“Y/N?” Yoongi called, his voice tired and scratchy. “I’m at work right now. What do you need?”

“Are you coming home soon?” you asked, keeping your tone steady.

“Probably in an hour or two,” your boyfriend answered. “Why?”

“I just need to talk to you,” you whispered. You began to pull the phone away from your ear, moving to hang up. “I’ll see you later. I love you.”

A few hours later, Yoongi did come home. His haggard frame appeared in the doorway. You were waiting for him in the living room. As he moved closer, you could see the dark circles ringing his eyes.

“Hey,” he rasped, his voice probably overused from rapping.

Wordlessly, you handed him your pregnancy test. He regarded it with a blank expression. Then, he laughed coldly, throwing the pregnancy test onto the coffee table.

“What the fuck, Y/N?” Yoongi demanded, running his hands through his hair. “I can’t believe you’re carrying my child.”

“I know,” you whispered, un-shed tears clouding your vision. “I’m sorry. I just took the test this morning.”

“Are you sure?” Yoongi choked out. “You’re sure this thing is right?”

You nodded. “I’m having morning sickness already,” you admitted. You looked up at your boyfriend, meeting his eye for the first time. “Yoongi, I don’t know what to do! I know-”

“Y/N, you know where I stand,” Yoongi interrupted, rubbing his hand over his face. “You know I can’t do this with you, not right now.”

“What does that mean for me?” you asked, already knowing the answer.

Yoongi was silent for a few moments. “If you want to have this baby,” he finally spoke, “then you can’t be with me.”

A single tear escaped from the corner of your eye. You tilted your head up, looking at the ceiling. “Okay,” you breathed, and the finality of this statement shattered your heart into pieces.

You packed as much as you could into one suitcase. Earlier, you texted your sister to let her know you needed to crash with her for awhile. As you collected your belongings, you couldn’t help but entertain the “what ifs” running through your mind.

What if you had never gotten pregnant? What if Yoongi loved you enough to let you stay?

Eventually, with your luggage in tow, you met Yoongi by the front door.

“I guess this is goodbye,” you said, looking at your feet. Yoongi nodded but didn’t say a word. He opened the door for you, moving aside to let you pass.

“Do you remember what I told you when we first started dating?” Yoongi asked suddenly, his voice somber. “I told you to never ask me to choose between music and you.”

“Because music would win every time,” you said, completing Yoongi’s thought. The tears you had been holding in finally escaped, cascading down your face. “Goodbye, Yoongi. Good luck with everything.”


Yoongi released his mixtape a few weeks later. You opened your laptop and  streamed it immediately, missing the sound of his voice. The title of one track caught your eye.

First Love.

You moved the cursor to begin playing it. You wondered if the song would be about you.

Soon, you were hit by the harsh reality of things. Yoongi’s deep voice flooded through your speakers, but his guttural voice only made your heart ache. Yoongi rapped passionately about his one and only love, music.

It was then that you realized you there was no room for you in Yoongi’s life–or his heart. You could only be grateful that he shared a part of himself with you for the short amount of time that you dated.

In the end, you were happy to carry Yoongi’s child–if that meant having something to remember him by.

- Girl in Luv

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for Part 2. If you want to read more imagines by us, please send some requests! Check out our prompts page for ideas xx

BTS: how they propose to you

so this is quite a soft one, besides from Taehyung’s one so, warning for that, but i wanted to do something cute and innocent, even though im not good at it (i hate being cheesy and the majority of fluff fanfictions are, like, throw up kinda cheesy) but either way here’s how BTS would propose to you!

as always make sure you send me requests for reactions/imagines/preferences!

some of this content is for mature minds only (taehyung) ;)

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Talk Dirty To Me - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 4,134

Warnings: Pure Filth, NSFW, 18+, Masturbation, Oral (male receiving), dirty talk, teasing

Notes: Thanks @minhosmeanhoe. There is a LONG story behind this. Just enjoy the filth y’all. Formerly titled “The Results of Me Making Camile Horny”

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Come On Eileen

Wow!! We out here!! Thanks to @spookyflashlight for going through this with me to make sure is was *worthy* please make requests!! I would love to do them! anyways, here is this short Reddie thing that I wrote because this is one of my fave songs. Also there’s stenbrough if you squint and benverly. 

Based off of the song Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

Warnings: Cursing (as usual lol), kissing, slight homophobia (internalized and external), and also my kids dancing to this great song

It starts like this: Richie is sitting on Eddie’s bed after a long, shitty day, when the song comes on. It had been raining all day, and there was no sign of it stopping. To make matters worse they had to walk back to Eddie’s house in the downpour, and had a run in with Bowers and the rest of his pack on the way. They had luckily gotten away with nothing more than a few bruises that had yet to form, but it made Eddie’s mood match the weather outside.

Eddie can already feel his heart thrumming with love for the music, desperately wanting to dance to it, but not wanting to embarrass himself in front of Richie. Lord knows he would say something. He’s already had the worst day, his mood seemingly unable to lift. Richie does indeed say something, but it’s not at all what Eddie thought he would.

“Dance with me, Eddie Spaghetti.” Richie stands, his tone dreamy, grabbing Eddie’s hands and they begin to twirl.  

Eddie wasn’t dancing full force by any means. This wasn’t a twirling song, this was a jump up and down throw your limbs in every which way song. Eddie knew that, Richie knew that, and still they swayed the first time it played. That was fine; that was perfect. For the first time in a while Eddie didn’t feel like he had to be anything other than who he was.  

Richie was spinning the smaller boy around the room, his worries effectively slipping away like wicks of water. The slow part of the song came on, and Richie had slowed down his moves, snapping and speeding up as the song had, and clutching onto Eddie and jumping towards the climax of the song. Smiles seemed like they would never leave their faces, and the song ended, leaving the two boys to collapse onto Eddie’s bed, and hearing Mrs. Kaspbrak to yell up the stairs;

“Eddie! Don’t play your music so loud, you know it hurts your ears!”

They boys have stitches in their stomachs after that.

The second time it played, it’s years later at a school dance. He and Richie hadn’t gone together, but they were together. Sipping on spiked fruit punch (courtesy of Richie) and listening to too many romantic songs. Eddie felt a burning in his chest, his anxiety was rising, and instinctively he reached for the inhaler he knew wouldn’t be there anymore. Richie seemed to notice, like Richie notices everything about Eddie, and struts over to the DJ, muttering a few sentences and not so discretely sliding him some bills, before the song comes loudly on the speakers and Richie walks back over to his crush.

“May I have this dance, Mr. Kaspbrak?” He hums, extending his hand for Eddie to grasp. Eddie’s cheeks heat up, glancing around at the eyes glued to their interaction.

“Richie, you don’t have to…the people here…” He trails off, making his hands stay limp at his sides. Richie takes Eddie’s hand, leading him towards the dance floor, ignoring Eddie’s nervous complaints about what are people going to say?

“You really think I give a damn about what people say about me? They don’t know a thing about me, or about us. Don’t give them the satisfaction, Eds.” Richie murmurs, close to Eddie’s ear so nobody else can hear what he has to say. “Please, dance with me.”

With those words, Eddie’s hands grip Richie’s, and they begin a seamless dance. It seems like they’ve both been practicing the moves for forever, but they haven’t danced to this song since that day in Eddie’s bedroom.

Richie lets Eddie lead for about half the song, jumping and shaking their curly hair as they go crazy with the intense music. Richie can see Eddie mouthing the words with passion, and when the slow part comes, he does the same thing he did years ago, approaching Eddie with snaps speeding up as the music does, but this time instead of Richie throwing his arm around the boy, Eddie beats him to it. Even though Eddie is smaller than Richie, Richie is surprised at how strong the grip around his arms is, and they begin to jump together once again.

It’s at this moment that two boys look away from each other and realize that nobody is staring at them, instead, they’re all dancing with their respective friends or dates, giving no mind to the two gay boys. It’s at this moment that Eddie realizes that he wouldn’t give a damn even if they were staring, because goddamn it, he loved Richie Tozier. He loved Richie Tozier and he was going to kiss him if it was the last thing he did.

He did.

(It wasn’t the last time.)

The third time Eddie is so free, because they’ve moved from Derry, and it definitely adds to their life span. He and Richie live in a small studio apartment in L.A, and the song comes on over their radio. They’re both doing work on their bed, but almost immediately, Richie jumps up, pulling on Eddie’s hands for him to follow. Eddie groans, but he’s not really unhappy, he’s so happy.

Dancing ensues, Richie’s hands on Eddie’s hips as they execute wild moves and jumps. Eddie and Richie alternate in twirling the other. They yell and laugh and scream the lyrics, along with impersonating the instruments (Richie is much better at it than Eddie). There is little to no room to be doing this, and they know that they’re going to get a noise complaint when Richie turns to volume dial almost to max.

Eddie is swaying while Richie twirls the pen he put in his mouth with his tongue. They grasp each other’s hands and just start hopping in place, and by the end of it, their downstairs neighbors are banging on the ceiling for them to stop jumping, and both of their cheeks hurt because their smiling and laughing so hard. They collapse collectively on the bed, papers crinkling and pens flying. Eddie turns to his boyfriend of four years, just as Richie does the same. As if they were connected,

(They were)

They asked the


Question at the



“Marry me?”

They say yes at the



The fourth time the song plays, Eddie’s heart is in his stomach. His mother didn’t go to the wedding. She called him sick. Homosexuality is a sickness. He’s still sick. He’s always been sick, hasn’t he? He’s always been very fragile, right? The only problem was that when he looked at Richie, his husband, he didn’t feel sick. He didn’t feel sick when Richie made his heart race, he didn’t feel sick when he would kiss him. He felt the best he’s ever felt when he’s with him. How could he be sick when Richie was his cure?

It’s a small wedding. Close friends and family. Bill and Stan, and their daughter; Georgia. Ben and Bev, Mike and his mother, and a few work friends. The reception is held at Bill and Stan’s new house, and Richie made Eddie promise to let him choose their first dance song. He’s waiting anxiously as Richie uses Stan’s iPod to find the song and hook it up to their loud speakers. Stan put Georgia on his shoulders to act as an announcer.

“Now intwoducing Uncle Eddie and Uncle Wichie!” She yells, not able to pronounce her ‘r’s very well.

Richie is standing in the middle of their living room, his tie loosened and his jacket unbuttoned. With one hand in his pocket and the other extended to his husband, Richie beckons Eddie to him, and Eddie hears the beginning notes.

“You didn’t.” Eddie laughs, quickly latching his hand onto Richie’s.

“What else would I pick?” Richie smiles, pulling Eddie towards him, and immediately starts a quick-paced box dance.

Soon enough the rest of the Losers and the other guests join in, Georgia insisting on dancing with the newlyweds, grasping each one of their hands in her own and simply spinning in a circle and dancing. Near the end, Stan steals her away, and Eddie and Richie are left back to slowly dancing, barely keeping up with the beat. It didn’t matter.

“Jesus fuck, Eds. Twelve years. Twelve years I’ve loved you.” Richie smiles, and Eddie blushes.

“Stop. You’re making me blush.” Eddie giggles and Richie places his lips on his husband’s.

“That’s exactly why I’m doing it. Plus the whole I-married-my-first-love thing I got going on.” Richie speaks and Eddie blushes even harder rolling his eyes.

“I’ve loved you for thirteen, so; beat that Kaspbrak.” Eddie smirks, using Richie’s new last name.

“Oh, you’re so on, Kaspbrak.”

The song fades out, and they kiss once more, letting it last until Georgia yells in glee;



Anon Request: Hello! Okay so I don’t know if anyone wrote an imagine about that but here’s the deal: A Tom Holland x reader where Reader is Tom’s gf and she’s watching him perform live at Lip Sync Battle and they get freaky right after the show while he’s still wearing his costume because Reader finds him extremely sexy so yeah! Thank you much! And if you don’t write smut it’s all good! Have a nice day xx

Warnings: smut, language, NSFW, 18+ please, oral (fem-receiving), dom!tom, sub!reader, basically porn

(Y/N) had heard of a show called Lip Sync Battle before, but she’d never really watched it. Sure she saw John Krasinski’s hilarious interpretation of “Proud Mary” as well as Channing Tatum’s Beyonce impersonation, but those were just isolate incidents of hilarity, right?
She sat between Harrison and Harry, who had come out to see Tom’s performance, and couldn’t help the laughter that came over her as she watched both Tom’s and Zendaya’s interactions with one another throughout their songs, but there was little she or anyone else in the audience could do to prepare themselves for the closing performance of the night.
(Y/N) stifled a giggle as she watched her boyfriend enter the stage in a suspiciously large suit and start swinging around an umbrella to one of their favorite musicals. She thought it was cute, but there was no way “Singing in the Rain” was going to beat Zendaya’s Bruno Mars performance. (Y/N) ignored the competition part of the show and payed attention to Tom’s movements as he swung around the prop light pole only to disappear behind the set. Suddenly, the piano music cut off and shifted to more of a modern day feel. (Y/N) turned toward Harry and Harrison and the three of them exchanged looks of confusion only to hear Rihanna’s voice flood over the speakers and a the crowd erupt into loud screams and cheers. The three quickly turned back in time to see Tom jump back out onto stage in a black leather leotard and pantyhose with frilly wrist gauntlets and a full face of makeup on.
“Oh shit!” “What the hell?” and “Fuck me!” escaped the mouths of the three people Tom brought with him to the show tonight as he grinned lightly against the umbrella he held in front of him before backing up into the crowd of dancers and joining in their routine: popping his hips to the side and pulling the umbrella parallel over his head before squatting and separating his knees as if air humping the prop. He continued to swing his hips in circles and body roll before he threw the umbrella between his legs and popped his ass out repeatedly.

(Y/N) could hardly contain herself as he spread his legs as far as he could, squatted down, and then rotate his pelvis for the crowd. She couldn’t help the tears streaming down her face from laughter as Tom continued over toward Zendaya to grind against her, but the thing that captured (Y/N) most was when he made his way back to the center of the stage during the song’s bridge, building up for the last chorus. As soon as the rain glistened off the leather surrounding Tom’s package, she was soaked. Tom hit his knees and started to throw his head in circles before slapping against the water that had pooled up and rising again to complete the song and then fall on his back.
Slowly, (Y/N) managed to slip away from her seat without Harrison or Harry noticing. She dipped and ducked around backstage until she made her way to Tom’s dressing room. Her heart was pounding in her chest as the television mounted on the wall displayed in real-time what was happening on stage. her heart beat faster and faster the closer the number in the corner of the screen counting down got to zero. (Y/N) paced around the room, trying to find the best place to wait for him, debating on whether to strip naked already or not. Before she could make a decision, the door knob started to turn and she quickly jumped on the side the door opened on and hid behind it as Tom entered. Just as she had hoped, he was still dressed in his soaking wet faux leather leotard. She slipped around the door as he closed it and quickly turned the lock.
“(Y/N)?” Tom called with an excited and shocked expression on his face. “How did you get-” He was cut short of finishing his sentence when she shoved her lips against his violently. He didn’t waste time questioning what was happening. Instead, he dropped the prop umbrella and stretched his muscular bare arms around her body, clutching tightly at her ass and leaving scratched along her back. The wet lipstick on his lips quickly smeared across each of their faces as he slipped his tongue into her mouth and then sucked hers into his, biting down as she tried to pull out.

Tom shoved his hand down the front of her shorts, not hesitating to push his fingers into her longingly quivering lips. “You’re so wet,” he breathed against her ear as his three middle fingers swirled within her. She pulled against the leather trousers that clung to his bulging cock and realized his outfit came in two pieces rather than one. She slipped her dominant hand down the front of his pants and gripped his dick, rigorously pumping her hand along his length. Tom groaned under her touch and started to push the tips of his fingers across her clit, causing her to whimper under his touch.

“Tom,” she moaned. The hand gripping his cock started to shake and her momentum slowed down as her hips twisted against his body, begging for more than just his fingers.

He smirked devilishly as her power over her body subsided, leaving him in complete control. As soon as he knew she was his and that she wasn’t going to put up a struggle for dominance, he shoved her onto the couch and tore her shorts from her body without bothering to unbutton them. Tom pulled her back up from the couch to tease her, sliding his hands along her waist and then up her thighs as he slowly lowered himself into a squat. Soon, his hot breath panted against her stomach and his front teeth pinched her skin as the tugged against her black lace thong. Once he had her thong on the ground, Tom shoved her back onto the couch and took her knees in each of his hands before forcing her legs apart. He pressed his lips along her legs, leaving hickies dotted across the inside of her thighs before his lips finally collided with her opening.

He was slow at first, knowing that once he got her going, there would be no way to savor the moment they were in. The smallest part of his tongue slipped back and forth over her clit and (Y/N) arched her back in an attempt to raise her hips to beg him for more. Immediately, Tom pulled himself back and thrust his face into hers. “Fuck, babe,” he huffed, “I know you remember my rules.” She could smell herself in his breath as he licked his lips, his normally caring eyes calloused into what she called his ‘hard fucking’ eyes. Whenever she had seen this crazed look of necessary lust in Tom’s, she knew he meant business. Normally Tom was very attentive in bed. He liked to please and normally only had rough sex when (Y/N) told him to bend her over the bed and ‘fuck me like you mean it,’ but one night, she teased him so much to the point that he tapped into this other side of him and she realized just how much he was holding back.
(Y/N) tried to peck her lips against Tom’s before he went back to eating her out, but her failed attempt further unleashed his dominance. She knew his rules inside and out, but it didn’t stop her from breaking them. Whenever she did something that could be considered ‘asserting dominance,’ he would counteract her move with something even more irresistible, therefore, her attempt to give him a light kiss lead to him sliding his fingers inside of her and crashing his lips onto hers, sucking and biting her lips and tongue until the sensation between her legs was too much to handle and her moaned into his mouth.
She could still remember the night he became this sex monstrosity of her dreams and the way he delivered his rules to her. Even thinking about them now  got her going even more.

(Y/N) had wanted to introduce a little role playing to their sex life and decided that having him handcuff her and bend her over would be an easy transition but a strange sense of exhilaration came over him as he realized the meaning behind what she was having him do to her. Tom knew that (Y/N)’s greatest fear was her own vulnerability so letting him have complete control over her body like this only showed the true degree of trust she had in him.
Somehow she found herself on her knees with Tom tying his ties into tight box knots around her wrists to the top of the bed frame. Her back was arched and her head hung down as her arms were stretched out above her and Tom made his way behind her. Slowly, his shoved his hard-on inside her and slapped her ass.

“You’re going to be good for me, aren’t you?” he began. “You’re going to stay still, no matter how hard it is. Once you start moaning, you’re going to moan my fucking name louder and louder as you get closer to cumming. You’re not going to distract me by touching me,” each time he listed another rule, he slapped her ass harder and made his thrusts deeper. “If you break my rules, I will make you cum and then we will start over.”

(Y/N) leaned back on the couch as Tom hovered over her. His eyes were fierce and the bore against her bare chest. His head dropped and he immediately started sucking on her tits, nibbling at her nipples just enough to cause a tingling pain but not enough to make the mistake of getting smacked in the head again.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to break my rules?” Tom asked her as he put her legs on his shoulders and gripped her love handles so hard she knew she’d be bruised within the hour. His cock traveled into her in long, quick, violent thrusts and he repeatedly hit her sweet spot she reached forward to grab his perfectly toned chest only to have her hands swatted away and his thrusts to quicken. His thighs slapped against her ass with each thrust and a quick pulse echoed through the room, matching the throbbing in her vagina as she tried to constrict herself around him. “And now that’s three,” he sighed at her before flipping her over and pounding his thick cock into her until she bit into her arm to keep herself from screaming, saving herself even more humiliation of confronting Harry and Harrison who were no doubt wondering what was taking Tom so long to change. Tom stared at her ass as it bounced against him and looked into the mirror he had bent her over in front of to see her breasts smacking into the other.

“F-fucking shit, Tom!” she yelled before releasing everything she had pent up onto him. He looked over her naked body as she slumped against the chair he was fucking her over and smirked at himself. “What?” she asked as they each caught their breath.
“You owe me three more tonight,” he muttered against her hot and sweaty skin.

“Your brothers and Harrison are staying with you tonight,” she protested.

“Then maybe you’ll follow my rules those times,” Tom smirked at her as they slipped back into their clothes. They hurried to dress and leave before causing too much of a hold up for his brother and Harrison only to find the pair impatiently waiting for them in the parking lot.

“What took you so long?” they grumbled as Tom and (Y/N) walked past them. He gave her ass  quick squeezed before slapped it as she walked toward his car and turned back to the other guys with the pride of conquest in his eyes.

worth it ➳ t. holland

summary: in which little surprises go the longest ways

today we’ll be trying three different birthday cakes at three drastically different price points

inspiration: it’s @purelyparker‘s 18th birthday and because she’s so sweet and wonderful i thought i’d give her a little present! happy birthday cutie! :) 

“So, darling, what do you have planned for today?” Tom’s voice filters through the speaker on your phone as it rests precariously on the edge of your dresser.

You hum as you hold a dress against your figure, scrutinizing yourself in the mirror and internally debating whether or not you can withstand the cold Boston weather in nothing but a sundress. Tilting your head at your reflection, you tell him, “I’m going to brunch with a friend in an hour and then meeting my parents for dinner later in the evening. I don’t really have much going on.”

All you get in response before your conversation reaches an impasse is a hum of acknowledgement. Your brows crease together in slight confusion as you slip the dress over your head, “Why?”

You can envision the look on your boyfriend’s face as he says, a little too quickly, “No reason. Just wondering. It is your birthday after all.”

There’s a short pause before he sighs and continues, undertones of guilt coloring his voice, “I’m really sorry I’m not with you today, babe. You know I would be there if I could, right?”

A slow, affectionate smile creeps onto your face, lifting the corners of your lips, “Of course I do! It’s not your fault you’re successful and amazing and in Canada shooting a movie-” 

He laughs at your little quip before you continue, “-it’s not even a big deal. It’s just one birthday. There will be plenty more to celebrate together in the future.”

Your endless support and promise of the future sends thrills racing up and down Tom’s spine and he can feel warmth color his cheeks. 

“I promise,” he starts, cradling his phone between his ear and shoulder, “we’ll be together and celebrating your birthday sooner than you know it.”

Little did you know, “sooner” would come much more quickly than you ever could imagine; Tom’s plane had already touched down in Massachussetts.

The next few hours were a whirlwind. 

Tom had to plan his surprise visit down to a tee: while you were getting ready for brunch with your friend, he was on the phone with you and getting the spare key to your apartment from your parents; while you were leaving your apartment building, Tom was watching your departure from the backseat of a nearby cab; while you were pulling out of your parking spot, he was sneaking out of the cab and into your apartment, white and gold balloons and a boquet of roses clutched in his arms.

Granted, to any passersby, he looked like a lunatic - what with all the streamers trailing behind him on the street - but he didn’t seem to notice or care; the only thoughts occupying his mind were giving you the best birthday he could.

Once successfully in your cute two bedroom apartment, Tom got to work, tying balloons to your bedposts and spreading rose petals all along your sheets and floors. Pulling an elongated jewelry box out of his pocket, he did his best to place it in the center of your bed while simultaneously texting your friend and asking her to stall you for just a bit longer. She could only promise him an extra ten minutes, but that was enough to appease him. 

After another hastily spent five minutes, he put his hands on his hips and admired his handiwork; your room was a mess of streamers and balloons, but Tom thought he did a pretty good job considering his limited time frame.

True to your friend’s word, you were stalled only for a mere ten minutes, and soon Tom heard the telltale sounds of you coming home: keys jingling as you took them out of your bag, the lock turning, door opening. 

When you got home, you idled in your kitchen, unaware of anything out of the ordinary, but a text from Tom piqued your interest.

Check your room :)

If his slightly strange behavior from your conversation earlier didn’t give his surprise away, this text did. You had a sneaking suspicion that Tom wouldn’t let your birthday go uncelebrated, but you didn’t expect him to be able to fly out for you.

Steeling yourself for whatever was waiting for you on the other side of your bedroom door, you pushed it open only to be greeted by a barrage of decorations and a smiling boyfriend. Though part of you was expecting to see him standing in your room, nothing could have prepared you for your racing heartbeat and warm cheeks; it just felt so good to finally see him again after months of separation.

“Happy bir-”

Before he could finish his sentence, you were barreling into him with so much force he fell back onto your bed, cushioning your fall; the fragrant scent of rose petals and Tom’s cologne flooded your senses and for the first time in a long time you felt like everything was right again. Tom’s laugh reverberated in his chest as his arms came up instictively to circle around your waist. You nuzzled your nose into his neck in attempts to keep yourself from crying, grin parting your lips, “You’re here!”

He laughed again, running a palm up the length of your spine. He turned his head to kiss the top of yours, breathing in the smell of your shampoo - something he didn’t realized he missed so much until this very moment, “Of course I’m here. You didn’t actually think I wasn’t going to come and see you on your birthday did you?”

Pulling away from his embrace to look down at him, you pursed your lips in thought, “I’m more surprised that you actually managed to keep it a secret.”

He rolled his eyes, taking your cheeks in his hands and squeezing, making you giggle. He decided to sidestep your teasing to wish you a proper happy birthday. A genuine, fond smile curved your lips at his sentiment and you closed the short distance between you two to wed your lips together. 

With your cheeks still in his hands, he moved to kiss your forehead, your nose, and your cheeks, stopping to rest his lips on yours one more time.

You pulled away briefly to furrow your eyebrows at him, “You know you didn’t really have to fly out here. You’re going to be so tired when you get back to shooting.”

He massaged the crease between your brows with the tip of his finger in attempts to keep you from crinkling your face, laughing when you pouted and swatted his hand away, “Don’t worry about that. You’re worth it. Happy birthday, love.”

You buried your face in his neck again, inhaling the oh so familiar smell of his skin, kissing the underside of his jaw, “It is now.”

Look At Me (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Request:  Hey can u do #4 from the embarrassing dialogue prompt list ? With peter maximoff ❤️ +  Number 7 from the embarrassing prompt list with peter maximoff pretty please  
Word Count: 1209
Warning: Fluff, lil angst, swearing, Peter being a dork, somewhat nudity?? 
A/N: I combined requests because efficiency (and I’m lazy) So enjoy!! 
Tagging: @notsoprettykitty, @stovehairington, @writing-rogue

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((gif not mine, credit to owner)) 

“You think Y/n likes me?” Peter asked Jubilee as they laid on the lawn, music playing quietly through Peter’s speakers.

“I don’t know, I mean you act like a total idiot around them.” She stated propping herself up while Peter huffed.


“You totally do, you tripped over your feet when Y/n smiled at you, dropped a mug on the floor when they walked by and remember the time you walked into the lamp post.”

“Pfft no one saw that…did they?” Peter asked, somewhat desperately while she snorted.

“Yeah everyone saw you walk into a pole when they said hi. It was kind of hilarious.” Jubilee giggled while Peter groaned.

“Fuck, I can’t help it, when they’re around I just can’t think straight. Y/n just does something to me, I feel like I can’t breathe, but it’s exhilarating–I don’t know, never mind.” Peter shrugged it off while Jubilee ogled over his head over heels state.

“I’m pretty sure you’re past liking Y/n. You’re in looooove.” She chirped while heat rose to Peter’s face.

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Title: The Best

Request: Hello, you honestly have some of the best writings on here. Could you possibly write Zach Werenski where his gf has a really bad day and is crying in the shower and she didn’t hear him come home but he hears her and it’s just super adorable? Sorry if it’s too specific! ///AND/// Can you do a super fluffy zach werenski one?

Author’s Note: Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated!

Links: My Master List  and My Current Requests

You were watching the clock, the seconds passing slowly as your day wore on. One more hour and you were free from hell. Nothing had gone right today and you wanted nothing more than to go home, put on your oldest, softest sweatpants, and have dinner with Zach. A friend from back home was really sick, your mom was freaking out because you weren’t able to come home for your cousin’s bridal shower, a co-worker had called off and you had been pulling double duty at work all day. Nothing too serious, nothing you couldn’t handle, but it all happened at once and you were overwhelmed. You were shaken from your thoughts when your phone vibrated in your pocket. You pulled out your phone, sneaking a look at the screen, seeing a message from Zach. 

Zach: Don’t forget; dinner with the team tonight. See you at my place around 6:00? <3

You groaned. How could you have forgotten you agreed to go to a team dinner with Zach tonight? Even though you didn’t really want to go out after the day you’d had, you decided you could make it through a few hours. You were close with most of the other girls, the guys were fun, and they had an early morning practice so you could rest assured you’d home and in bed at a decent hour. You were about to type your reply when your boss appeared. 

“(Y/N), I know you’ve been doing a lot today, but I need you to stay over for 3 hours. Janice is going to be late and we need another person here until she gets here.”

“I would, but—”

“We really need you to stay. Please?” he asked. Although he had phrased it as a question, you knew you didn’t have choice. 

You nodded, biting back the tears that were threatening to spill. What other option did you have? Your student loan payment was due next week, rent not long after. You needed this job, you weren’t in a position to refuse. 

“Thanks, (Y/N). You’re a real team player.” he smiled, clapping you on the shoulder before turning back to his office.

You pulled out your phone, your fingers shakily typing out a message to Zach.

(Y/N): Sorry, Zach. Boss is making me stay over another 3 hours. I can’t make it.

Zach: You work too hard, babe. I’ll stop over on my way home for a bit.

(Y/N): I know. :( You don’t have to stop. It’s been a long day. I’ll probably be passed out before your dinner is over. 

Zach: Tomorrow then? We can have lunch after practice?

(Y/N): Perfect. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Zach: I love you.

(Y/N): Love you. <3

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Change Your Ticket (E.D)

Summary: You flew out to Australia to see your best friends Ethan and Grayson while they were on tour. You and Ethan have a little fling going on but nobody knows about it. It was time for you to head back to the states, but Ethan isn’t ready for you to leave.

Word Count: 2,437

Warnings: Some smut.

A/N: This is based on the song Change Your Ticket by One Direction. S/O to my baby @ddolanss for being my inspiration behind this lol. 

Ethan’s POV

Watching you get dressed messes with my head
Take that bag off your shoulder
Come get back in bed we still got time left
This don’t have to be over

“Y/N, come back to bed!” I whined, as I was spread out on the bed of Y/N’s hotel room.

“But I need to finish up packing.” she says, as she was folding up her clothes, and putting them in her suitcase.

We were currently in Perth, Australia, and it was one of the last cities on our 4OU tour. I surprised Y/N and flew her out here, because I knew how much she wanted to visit Australia. That, and because I missed her like crazy.

“Our flights isn’t for another 4 hours. We can cuddle for 2 more hours, before we head to the airport.” I said.

Grayson and I were heading to Melbourne this afternoon, for our second to last stop of our tour, and Y/N was heading back to the states. I don’t want her to leave, but she has to go back to work, and plus college is starting back up in 2 weeks or so for her.

I walked over behind her, and wrapped my arms around her waist, kissing the back of her shoulders, and whispering in her ear.

“Please?” I said, nuzzling my head into her neck, which caused her to laugh.

“Cuddling does sound better than folding clothes.” she said, turning around, and giving me a peck on the lips. I picked her up bridal style, and carried her back over to the bed, laying her down. I laid down on my side next to her, using my elbow to prop myself up, and cupped her cheek with my hand, as I connected my lips onto hers. Only for our kiss to be interrupted by my cellphone ringing.

I tried to ignore it, but Y/N pushed me away, telling me to answer it. I looked down at my phone, and saw Grayson’s name lighting up on the screen.

And you say
It’s hard to keep a secret
Girl, don’t leave me all alone in this hotel
And these shades can hide us from the streets, yeah
one weekend
I promise that I’ll never tell

“Uhh…I’m down by…uh by the beach. I’ll be back in like an hour.” I said into the phone. I had to lie, I couldn’t tell Grayson I was up in Y/N hotel room. That would seem a little weird.

Y/N and I weren’t officially a couple, but I guess you can say we have a little thing going on. A super lowkey thing, that nobody knows except for us obviously. It’s a little hard for me to keep this a secret from Grayson, since we tell each other everything. And, Grayson is Y/N’s best friend, so I’m sure she feels just as bad about hiding it from him as I do. But we knew we couldn’t say anything because then it’ll probably just make things awkward between the 3 of us. We have to be careful how we act when we’re in public. The slightest sign of flirting can cause the fans to go crazy. It’s hard not being able to hold her hand when I want too, or kiss her when I want. It’s even worst watching guys flirt with her, and I can’t do anything about it.

The shades from the hotel window where down, not that we were worried people would see through the 7th floor of the hotel, but it blocked out the view to the outside world. Letting us to just be able to focus on each other, and enjoy each other’s company. We were laying in her hotel bed, watching some show on TV. Y/N had one of her legs draped over my stomach, as I ran my hand up and down her thigh, occasionally making my way up to her butt, and squeezing it lightly. I cherish moments like this with Y/N because it’s not often that we get to be alone. Grayson’s either always with us, or it’s one of Y/N’s friends. And whenever we do find a way to make some alone time, something always ends up coming up.

You should probably stay, probably stay a couple more days
Come on let me change your ticket home,
You should probably stay here with me a couple more days
Come on let me change your ticket home,

“Can you stay for a few more days? Until we head to Melbourne at least?” I asked.

“I can’t. College starts back next week, and I still have to buy my books, and you know how I am about having all my supplies ready.” she said, still resting her head on my chest.

“And besides, we already booked my flight back for this afternoon.” she spoke again.

“I’ll just change your flight. It’s easy, Gray and I do it all the time.” I said.

“And you can just order your books online, and that way they’ll be waiting at your mailbox when you get home. Perfect plan.” I spoke again, before kisssing her on the forehead.

“Okay, and what about work. I can’t keep calling off. What if they fire me?” she asked, concerned about her job. I totally understand why she would be concerned, but 3 more days won’t hurt.

I tried everything I could to convince her to stay. I even offered to talk to her manager for her, but she wasn’t changing her mind.

Don’t go, it’s not the same when you’re gone
And it’s not good to be all alone,
So, you should probably stay here with me a couple more days
Come on let me change your ticket home

“Just 3 more days!” I said.


“So you’re going to leave me all alone in Australia?” I said, pretending to sound hurt.

“You have Grayson…” Y/N said 

“It’s not the same though.” I said, moving the loose strand of hair back behind her ear.

Y/N stayed quite for a minute, tracing circles on my chest. I don’t know what was going through her head at the moment, but I hope she was considering staying. 


“What?” I said, 

“I’ll stay and go to Melbourne with you guys!” Y/N said, a smile plastered across her face. 

I immediately pull Y/N closer to me, and crashed my lips onto hers. Our tongues immediately meet in a slow dance, that got faster and faster.

Don’t play innocent
I know what you meant
When you said you’d come over                                                                  
Aren’t we way past that?                                                                                       Playin’ hard to get                                                                                             We did that when we were younger

I positioned myself on top of her, and started kissing her neck, down to the exposed cleavage she had from her sports bra. I heard giggles escaping her lips, and she tried to use her hands to push my face away.

“Playing hard to get are we?” I asked, raising my eyebrows.

“Maybe?” she said, biting her bottom lip as she looked at me. 

I gave her a sly smirk, and moved my hand under her sports bra, giving her breast a gentle squeeze, as I started kissing her neck again. A small moan escaped her lips, as she tugged at the ends of my hair.

I pulled myself up, so that I was kneeling in between her legs. I reached for her sports bra, and slowly pulled it over her head. I ran my hands down her sides, tracing over her curves, and when my hands reached the strings of her red lace panties, I pulled them off, and threw them behind me. 

I grabbed the waist of my sweatpants, and pulled them down, along with my boxers. I positioned myself back on top of her, and ran my hand over her clit. I don’t know why she was acting like she didn’t want to do it, because she was already wet. I slowly slid my length inside her, making sure not to go to fast so that I wouldn’t hurt her. 

“Mmmm” Y/N started to moan.

My pace was steady. It wasn’t too fast, and it wasn’t too slow. Even though we did it last night, she was still super tight. I felt her walls squeezing around me, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. 

“Faster E…” she said, looking up at me. 

I knew if I went any faster, I would come immediately, but fuck it. I picked up my pace, pushing myself deeper into her with each thrust. A few groans escaped my lips, as I felt her muscles tighten up around me. I could feel her body start to shake under me, and I lunged into her harder, and drawing the both of us to our climax.

I climbed off of her, and pulled her into my chest. As our breathing was starting to calm down a little, my phone rang. I reached over to the nightstand for it, and saw Grayson’s name appear on the screen.

I cleared my throat before picking up the phone.

“Hello?” I said, putting the phone on speaker.

“Where are you? I’ve been texting the group chat all day, and neither one of you guys replied. That’s like so freaking rude!” he said in his preppy white girl voice, which caused Y/N to slip out a laugh.

“Are you with Y/N?” Grayson asked. I starred at Y/N who was mouthing for me to just tell him, so I did.

“Uh yeah. I’m… I’m helping her finish packing.” I said.

“Okay, cool I’m coming up.” he said, before hanging up.

Shit. Y/N and I were still naked, and you can tell someone clearly just had sex in this room. The sheets were half way off the bed, and the comforter was on the floor. I quickly grabbed my clothes, and put them back on, before fixing up the sheets.

“E, I can’t find my underwear.” Y/N said, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s not funny. Maybe if you didn’t throw them across the ro-” she was cut off by a knock on the room door. It had to be Grayson, because he said he was coming up a few minutes ago. Y/N was still naked, so she quickly grabbed some clothes from her suitcase and ran into the bathroom, so I could open the room door.

“How long does it take to open a door?” Grayson asked sarcastically as he walked into the room.

“Where’s Y/N?” he asked, as his eyes scanned the room.

“She’s getting dressed.” I said, running my fingers through my hair.

“We gotta get to the airport soon. Isn’t Y/N’s flight an hour before ours?” he asked.

“She’s coming with us to Melbourne. She’s staying for another 3 days.” I said, taking Grayson’s snapback off his head, and putting it on.

“No way!” he said. Just then Y/N came out of the bathroom, wearing a pair of black leggings, with a black Adidas t-shirt. Grayson ran over and embraced her with a hug, cheering how happy he is that she’s staying with us for a few more days.

We were getting ready to leave the hotel room. Y/N was finishing up with her suitcases, and bags, when Grayson said called her name.

“Ummm Y/N…” Grayson said, causing both of us to look up at him, and my eyes went wide. He ended up finding Y/N’s underwear. I bit down my bottom lip to try to hold in my laughter, but I couldn’t help but let it slip out. Y/N sent me a death glare, and snatched it out of Grayson’s hand.

“Oooo lacey!” he said, with a wink, and I immediately slapped him in the back of his head.

“Ow!” Grayson said, rubbing the spot where I hit him, causing a laugh to escape Y/N’s lips.

I grabbed Y/N suitcase, while Grayson grabbed ours, and we started making our way to the elevator, down to the lobby, and into the Uber heading to the airport.

You should probably stay, probably stay a couple more days
Come on let me change your ticket home, oh
You should probably stay here with me a couple more days
Come on let me change your ticket home
Don’t go, it’s not the same when you’re gone
And it’s not good to be all alone
Don’t go, it’s not the same when you’re gone
Come on let me change your ticket home, oh

Our Uber pulled up to the airport, and thankfully it wasn’t crowded with fans because we were already running short on time. We grabbed our luggage out of the trunk of the Uber, and I asked Y/N to take a picture of me so I could post it on Instagram. 

We ended up getting through security and everything just in time, because they announced that our flight was starting to board. We all made our way over towards our flight gate. The flight attendant checked each one of our tickets before letting us onto the plane. Once we were on the plane we made way to our seats, and realized that 2 of us would be sitting together, while 1 of us was sitting in the middle row. 

“I call the window.” both Grayson and Y/N said at the same time. 

Being the gentleman that Grayson was he let Y/N get the window seat, while I quickly sat down next her. Like I was going to let sit Grayson sit next to Y/N. 

Ha Comedy!  

Grayson rolled his eyes, and sat down in the seat across from me, flipping me off.

Why don’t we take some time
Why don’t we take just a little more time
Why don’t we make it right
Girl, I don’t wanna say goodbye

I really wish Y/N could stay for the rest of the time we’re in Australia, but I know she needed to go back eventually for college, but I’m glad I was able to convince her to stay a few more days with me because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. I don’t think I’ll ever want to say goodbye to Y/N.

I looked over, and saw Y/N reading her book. She looked so concentrated, and peaceful. I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked. I took out my phone, and decided to take a picture. I contemplated on whether or not I wanted to post it on Instagram, because I didn’t want fans to get the wrong idea, but I honestly didn’t care anymore. I added a simple caption, and posted the picture, tagging Y/N in it.

@EthanDolan: Off to Melbourne ✌🏼🇦🇺 Guess who’s coming with us…😉@YourInstagramName 

Having her with me this past week, made me realize how much more time I want to spend with her. I don’t want the only time we see each other or hang out, is whenever we’re sneaking around behind our friends backs. I want more time with her. I want to be able to go see her whenever I want, or invite her over without having to pretend I’m just her friend. I want to take her on out real dates, and not just sit in her apartment watching Netflix. I know she doesn’t mind doing that but she deserves more than hiding out in hotel rooms, and secret randevus. She deserves more, and I’m going to give it all to her. Once this tour is over, I was going to make things right.

Unforgettable// Jeff Atkins

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Warning: Smut

Pushing past those doubles door of the school and hurrying to first period, I was incredibly late for school. Loudly open the door of the classroom and earning everyone’s attention as their heads snapped towards my direction.

“Ah Ms. Y/L/N so kind of you to join us” our educator pronounced at the head of the class and I took an empty seat next to the sweetest jock in school, Jeff Atkins.

I managed to pull out my notebook for some notes that I had missed within the previous hour.

“Need any help?” a whispered tone of voice came from beside as I smiled and nodded towards his gesture.

“Thank you” I accepted his notebook and summarized the information whilst catching up to the events of now.

After a few hours more the bell had gone indicating it was our free period, I sighed in relief and headed towards the exit of the class and making my way towards the cafeteria. Immediately I noticed two of my friends sitting and chatting up amongst themselves, I walked over and took a sit next to Clay and Hannah.

“What topic is on the agenda today?” I asked enthusiastically and in a mocking tone because they always had a topic to discuss based on life events or merely the coincidences that occur.

“We were actually discussing whether or not we are going to attend Jessica’s party tonight” Hannah spoke up.

“Yeah, I’m thinking about that as well and I think it should be fun. I’m not exactly the partying type but a fucking good time never hurt nobody” I stated and earned a surprised look from the both of them.

“Seems like a legit statement, so we’re in” they smiled as we went back to fixate upon other topics.

Last period went by so quickly, I was headed towards the same door as this morning but only this time exiting the building so I can head home. My house was not too far from school so I decided to walk whilst listening to some music. My heart rate was elevated as I kept walking, it had been 10 minutes and I’m 5 minutes away from my house, I couldn’t stop planning my outfit for tonight- various selections of clothing had had lapses in my mind; I finally gave into my thoughts as I reached my front door and twisting the knob, I instantly jogged up to my room and straight into my closet.

After what felt like a decade I made up my mind to wear a Deep V neck Lace- up body suit, sleevless, and tucking them inside my ripped jean shorts with a belt.

(left side one)

I was finally pleased with what I chose, it had already gotten late and I had to rush and get ready while I messaged Hannah to ask for her location because she was my ride to the party and luckily she was right around the block. I slipped my black Nike shoes on and grabbed my phone as I headed out the door and into the vehicle with my friend.

“Girl, you look hot!” she emphasized on ‘hot’

“Thanks” I smiled and buckled my seat belt as she sped off to the party.

Arriving shortly I saw the front yard were full of people as they engaged in conversations, we got out of the car and we weren’t even at inside the house yet and we could smell the alcohol and teen spirit out in the air.

“Hannah! Y/N!” Clay yelled over the loud music and we made our way to him as he awkwardly stood in the middle of the living room and most probably feeling like an outcast.

“Hey Clay, you clean up nice for a party” I said

“Thanks?” he seemed confused of whether I was making a joke or being serious

Hannah walked over to him “You’re too buttoned up” she stated as her hand grasped the collar of his shirt and unbuttoning the first set, I noticed how nervous he was as he had an anxious laugh. They were so cute and very obvious they had a spark between them.

“I’m going to get a drink and I will be right back” I motioned over to the kitchen table full of drinks, I don’t normally have any alcohol but I decided to drink a little bit of beer and only one should be okay for the entire night.

I took a sip of the beer in the red cup and watched as every drunk person in this room made bad choices tonight.

“Enjoying yourself?” the same voice from earlier spoke beside me once more.

“very much” I looked at Jeff who was sipping coca cola from his cup.

“Loosen up! head to the dance floor” he laughed, and I actually took his suggestion into consideration after all, it is a party and there is music blasting through the speakers; the beer had done its job as it coursed through my veins and allowed me to loosen myself up- not to be overly confident but I did know how to dance.

I walked over to the crowd of people dancing around with my cup still in hand, the music was just right as my hips moved along to the beat. One hand tangled up in my hair as I guided my hips, I dropped down to the floor and pushed my ass out into the air and slowly got back up and this time I felt a pair of hands grasp my hips and pulling me into them, I swung around and noticed it was Jeff and for the life of me I don’t understand why but I smashed my lips against his but he didn’t seem to mind as he deepened the kiss by his tongue grazing my bottom lip asking for entrance and I accepted, his tongue moved in sync with mine and then suddenly I became very aware of where we were and I pulled away.

“Can we head to my place?” he asked evening out his breathing.

“Yeah” I breathed out

As soon as the words left my lips he took me by the hand and guided me to his car, getting inside as he drove to his place. I messaged Hannah to let her know I had left in case she looked for me after going home.

Jeff’s hand laid on my thigh the entire ride and from time to time I felt him squeezing it and his jaw clenched.

We arrived at his place and his parents car didn’t seem to me in sight so I am guessing they are either out of town or out for the night but I didn’t care because what is about to happen is burned in my mind.

He searched for his house key in his pocket and shuffled it around as he slipped into keyhole and turning the knob as we went inside, I was pulled up the stairs and into his bedroom, I’m assuming.

“The way you moved your body had me feeling some type of way, I looked at you from across the room and I had to pick you, You are something special and I need to have you” he spoke up with pure lust in his eyes.

“W-What?” I asked in complete disbelief.

“Tonight I’m going to pleasure you.” he smirked as he pushed me down onto the bed and immediately he attacked my neck with wet kisses and bruises, I bit onto my lower lip to muffle the moans and explicit words from escaping my lips.

The straps were undone as he revealed my breasts as he hungrily attacked my nipples; he sucked and licked on them until they hardened at the feel of his tongue grazing upon them, he unbuckled my belt and undid the button of my shorts and he slid them down and ripped off my bodysuit and undergarment, pushing my legs up so they rest on his shoulders, a cold air was blown on my wet core just so he can tease me- I flinched at his action but loved the foreplay, he used his fingers to spread my lips as his tongue licked up my slit and sucked on my clit; making sure to tease my nub as he circled his tongue around it, this caused my arousal to deepen as I got wetter. I ached to feel his fingers inside me.

“Fingers, Please Jeff” I begged and whimpered

I could feel him smile against me as he pushed a finger inside me, it was only one and I could feel his thick finger stretched me out slightly as he moved it painfully slow and later adding another for full pleasure whilst his tongue still circled around my clit.

“Oh my god” I moaned, unable to contain the emotions I was harboring.

I was stripped from my pleasure as he pulled away and stood up from between my legs and my eyes flew open within seconds as I stared up at him, I was out of breath as my chest rose and fell- my heart rate blew out of proportion, I was extremely aroused and felt the need of wanting more. I noticed the prominent bulge in his jeans and I was curious to know what laid behind those pile of fabrics, I bit my lip as I slid off the bed and kissed his juice filled lips as I tasted myself off his tongue and smiled a devilish smile because I figured he would find it hot when I tasted myself- I removed his clothes and making sure to reveal his abs and biceps because besides his outstanding and sweet personality, his abs and biceps were an absolute turn on as well. I grabbed his length and pumped him a few times before I spat on his tip and watched as he paid attention of every little detail; I circled my tongue around his tip and felt him flinch as I slid his entire length into my mouth and his tip making contact with my throat, it was quite difficult to take him all in based on his size, he was well endowed. I built up his pleasure and took it from him, I pushed hi onto the bed and straddled his waist as I suck down on his length and felt his thickness stretch out the walls of my core and I moaned and groaned as the pleasure and pain built up within me, I rode him and had a view of watching his face; his eyes were shut, lips parted as the profanities escaped his mouth but he didn’t seem to like the idea of me being in charge and so I was flipped over and dragged to the foot of the bed and he had pulled only to slam inside me again and this time I cursed under my breath, his tip brushed against my G-Spot repeatedly as his pace became faster and movements because sloppier, I curled my toes as the knot in the pit of my stomach tightened and my G-spot tingled with the pleasure that shot throughout my body as my orgasm caused me to tremble underneath him.

“Fuck, I’m coming” I cursed even louder and I felt juices squirting out of me and I felt a little embarrassed.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum” he shut his eyes and pulled out as he released his juices onto my stomach and pumped himself until he was done.

I laid there quietly as he went to get towels and he came back to notice the mess I made on the floor and his bed sheets.

“You’re a squiter?” he asked

“I’m sorry” I mumbled

“That’s hot” he smiled and picked me up so I could have a shower with him and I watched as he washed the alcohol and sex off my body and pecked a sweet kiss on my lips.

“Stay over?” he asked

“ I’d love to” I smiled as we got out and dried ourselves, I slept in nothing but his shirt and messaged my parents to say I was sleeping over at a friends place- we lied together on his bed with our fingers intertwined as we spoke about our dreams and passion.

Sex on Fire

author’s note: This story idea came from a video of Shawn dancing to Kings of Leon (gosh love that band!!!). And I thought why not make an imagine based on one of their songs. Also, thank you for @shawnrmendes​ for firing that up too ❤ feedback is very welcomed x



It hasn’t been a long way down to our relationship with Shawn, maybe only four months. We had become so far that we were almost hitting these points where we wanted to transpire our sensual parts. Yes, the kisses that we had already or the touches we have put on our skins were already very sensual to us but there was this one thing we wanted to experience—the sexual part of our life.

Shawn and I were laying on the bed, watching House of Cards. It wasn’t that intense anymore but Shawn was so concentrated into that. I was getting tired of it so I stood up and slided to the living room, taking my phone with mine. Shawn didn’t even make a movement when I slipped away from the room.

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The First & The Last (Hoseok’s POV)

Disclaimer: All of the things mentioned in this story are all works of fiction and have been made up by me, the author.  I did not intend to make anything based on real life, and any coincidences to real life are purely coincidences.

Genre: Smut / J-hope X reader / College!AU / House Party / Rough Sex? / Kinky? / Namjoon & Suga appearances

Inspiration: This video (gif taken from video – gif made by @xwonho​) & this picture

@1leeminhyuk​ Request: “You show up at his house party and you never show up to parties because you’re a good person and you keep to yourself, pure or whatever, and Hoseok sees you and he’s like ‘Damn I need a piece of that.’”

Length: 11,335 words

Masterlist |  Reader POV

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The Robin and The Snake

Anti and Angelic both like Reader. Reader goes through a tough breakup(shocker) and while the boys were bickering(arguing and such) to each other over Reader, Reader becomes sick (from not eating properly+not sleeping) so they both stop to take care of her and admit feelings (at separate times or the same time, up to you) But I would prefer Anti to kinda “Win” reader over and Angelic is of course just happy that Reader is Happy

(Y/S/O/N)- Your Significant Other’s name

Originally posted by marielgum

Angeliceye noticed it first. 
He visited you daily, small visits to make sure you were happy or if you need a little cheering up. And today you definitely needed comfort. 
Angel found you on the couch, sniffling into a pillow, shoulders shaking from tears that made your whole body tremble. 
He crouched in front of you, his hands brushing against yours. 
“Little Robin, what happened?” He asked, his voice like a soft chime of bells. 
You jumped at the contact, not at all hearing Angel’s approach. You sniffled again, hurriedly wiping the tears from your face. 
“(Y/S/O/N) and I broke up.” You got about half way through the sentence before your voice cracked and you were sobbing again. 
Angel was sitting next to you within a second of those words leaving your lips. His arms cradled you against him as his wings circled around you. 
“Oh, (Y/N) I’m so sorry.” He cooed quietly. Angel combed his fingers through your hair, hushing your sobs with warm words of comfort. 
But his voice turned bitter as the TV sparked and static played through the speakers. 
“What did you do, pigeon-shit?” Anti’s enraged voice echoed through the house. Glitching in places as he appeared in front of you. Angel held you closer as Anti’s glowing eyes settled on your shaking form. 
“She broke up with (Y/S/O/N)” Angel said smoothly, irritation biting at his words. 
Anti beamed, his eyes losing their glow as he exclaimed. “That’s great!” 
“No, it is not.” Angel sighed. He looked back at you, wiping a tear from your cheek. “Little Robin, have you eaten? You shouldn’t let this get you down so much.” 
“Yeah! That loser never deserved ya.” Anti said with a wicked gleam in his eyes. “Yer better off without them! They were a pile of shit-” 
“Anti!” Angel cut his counterpart off with a glare. “You’re not helping.” 
Anti huffed and stormed off. Somewhere in the kitchen you could hear something crash and other loud noises could be heard. 
Angel ignored Anti’s tantrum and turned his attention back to you. The back of his knuckles brush against your cheek as he tried to sooth you. 
“You’ll be ok, Little Robin. You got me and Anti, we’ll look after you.” As he said this, Anti returned with a large plate of what looked to be tiny cut up sandwiches. 
“I ain’t very good at making shit, but fer you I’d at least try.” Anti said with a smile. He winked at Angel, whose wings bristled and took the plate to sit it in front of you. 
“Please, Little Robin, eat something. You’ll get sick.” 
“I’m sure they’re already sick of you, bird-brain.” Anti said with a roll of his eyes. “Yer smothering them.” 
Angel sighed and lowered the plate on your lap. Peeling himself away from you and disappeared into the house. 
Anti took the opportunity to take up the empty spot by your side. He cuddled close to you, trying to get you to eat something between your sobs. But then looked up with a glare as Angel returned with an armful of blankets and pillows. 
“What are ya doin’ now?” Anti asked with a raised eyebrow. 
“Making a pillow fort.” Angel replied stiffly. Flashing you a smile. “I can’t have my Little Robin feeling down. So I thought making a pillow fort would be a good way to take their mind of it.” 
Anti growled and stood, moving forward to yank a blanket from the winged man’s hands. 
“I bet I could make a better fort than you, chicken-shit.” 
Angel laughed and placed the blankets and pillows on the couch beside you. 
“You’re on, Antisepticeye.”  

And they were like this for pretty much the entirety of the two weeks they stayed with you. 
You were never left alone, always with one or the other. But the missing ego was never far away, and never left for too long. 
First it was the pillow forts; which failed miserably because Anti kept taking Angel’s blankets and started to fight with his other side when Angel pointed it out. 
Then it was soups. You weren’t eating, which worried them both. And they tried to out-do one another in making the best soup. Which turned into a giant mess of food and feathers everywhere when Angel “accidentally” spilled tomato over Anti’s shoes. And Anti “tripped” which resulted in melted butter and chopped vegetables to cover Angel’s left wing. It wasn’t pretty and resulted in a three hour long clean up. 
Then of course it was the sleep routine. Anti insisted you needed a cuddle buddy, but Angel was persistent that his advances would worsen if he over-stepped a boundary. 
They fought over that too. 
On and on it went, and they were so caught up with one another, they didn’t see how this break-up was effecting you. 
Your sleep pattern was none-existent. Even though your stomach was empty, you never filled it unless you felt dizzy and almost passed out. 
Moody and a constant lit fuse, the boys walked on eggshells to try and not upset you. 

Until one day, Anti discovered you in bed, pale and sweaty. A fever had set in and you barely had the energy to lift your hand. 
“(Y/N)?” Anti pressed his hand against your forehead and his eyes furrowed with concern. “Yer burning up, Sparky. What’s wrong?” 
“They’re ill.” Angel said as he entered your room. In his hands he carried medicine and water, even a bowl of cut up fruit in case you wanted something to eat. “Can you sit them up? I need to measure their dosage.” 
Anti nodded and sat beside you on the bed. He snaked his arms under your torso and helped you sit up. 
“I’m fine.” You said, voice hoarse from the illness. 
Angel gave you a soft, but firm look. “(Y/N) you’re burning up and you have a chest infection. You are not ok.” 
Angel proceeded to pour a sickly smelling liquid onto a table spoon. Both Angel and Anti curled their noses at the smell. 
“Ew, yer gonna feed them that?” Anti said with a disgusted twitch of his lips. 
“The man at the drug-store said this would help.” Angel confirmed, sitting beside you and offering you the spoon. When you turned your head away and shook your head, Anti rolled his eyes and pinched your nose. 
“Open up, butter-cup. Or else I’m force feeding you.” Anti said with a smile. 
You tried to hold your breath for as long as possible, but you had to breath. 
And as soon as your mouth opened, Angel shoved the spoon into your mouth. 
You gagged and shivered at the taste. Shaking your head in disgust. 
“Please don’t make me take that again.” You pleaded and Angel smiled sympathetically. 
“Sorry, Little Robin, you need too so you can get better.” 
Anti laid you back down, but neither made a move to leave your side. 
“Yer gonna sit there all day?” Anti snapped at Angel, who shot the entity a sour look. But his expression softened when he looked down at you. 
“(Y/N), do you want us to stay?” He asked and you blushed a little. Your eyes flickering over to Anti. 
“Angel, I…” You touched Anti’s hand, who turned his palm over so you could slide your fingers in between his. 
Anti beamed. His smile was wide and smug as he turned to Angel; who nodded. Understanding what you were trying to say. 
“It’s alright, Little Robin. I kinda guessed it. I’ll take my leave, get well soon.” Angel stood and went to the door, turning to hold Anti’s gaze for a moment. 
“Look after them.” The words laid heavy with a warning. One Anti took with a growl, but nodded. Turning back to you as his counter-part left. 
“How ‘bout some more soup?” He asked and you couldn’t help but chuckle. 

Oh, baby...

Prompt: Please Admin Meyg, a drabble about Yoongi getting all flustered because of your outfit for a fancy dinner with him and the boys. There has always being something between you but it has never became fisical until that night when you instinctively touched his leg under the table while laughing and he gets all shy

Genre: Smut

Words: 1960

Author: JP

Tags: Public sex, mommy kink, light exhibitionism

Originally posted by jihoomie

You checked your ass out in the mirror. Yup. You looked damn good. The dress you were wearing had been a blessing from the gods - it fitted you in just the right places, and left just enough to the imagination. Happy with how you looked, you turned around again, to make sure your boobs and makeup were on point. They were. Perfect winged eyeliner that, granted, took you way longer than it probably should’ve, and the fake lashes that brought out your eyes and made them pop looked perfect with the bold eyeshadows you had picked - crimson and gold -, that made your gaze look as fierce as ever. All looked good with the dress. The simple, skin tight black dress that really seemed to be made especially for you. Smiling at yourself in the mirror, you searched though your makeup bag, looking for your favorite pink matte liquid lipstick. Once you found it, you dabbed a bit of it on your bottom lip, and closed your lips together a few times, applying it perfectly on your mouth. You smiled again. You felt and looked as sexy as ever, and no one could deny it.

You phone rang as you sat down on the bed to put your shoes on. You reached out for it, quickling accepting the call when you read Yoongi’s name on the screen.

“Sup”, you said as you put your shoes on, having managed to secure the phone on your ear by holding it there with your shoulder.

“Are you on your way? Namjoon misheard the hour and he and Jin are there an hour earlier, so they already got a table”, Yoongi’s voice rang on your ear, a bit muffled.

“Yeah, I’m about to leave. Are you driving or something? It sounds really muffled”, you finished clamping your shoes on, and stood up, scrambling around the bed for your purse and charger, then leaving you room, but not before picking up your four button coat from behind the door.

“Yeah, I habilitated it earlier. It sucks though. I must be losing signal or some shit. Anyway, I’m almost at the restaurant already, so you want me to order anything so when you arrive the food is there?”, you could hear him cursing someone out as soon as he finished speaking, and you had to bite your lip to not giggle.

“Chicken Alfredo sounds good”, you answered as you left the house, already unlocking your car.

“Of course it does. I’m serious, you have a problem”, he chuckled, and you rolled your eyes.

“It’s the best!Pasta and chicken combination? How can anyone not love it!?”, you defended, and he scoffed. “You don’t know the good life, Min Yoongi”, you said as you clicked your tongue at him, then placed your phone on the panel of your car, put it on speaker mode and pulled out of your driveway, carefully backing out into the street.

“If you say so”, you could hear him shrugging through the phone. The disrespect.

“Yes, I do say so. I’d defend it with my life”, you joked, watching the road as carefully as ever to make sure you didn’t have to make any brusque movements and cause your phone to fly out of the window or something.

“You’re incorrigible”, he tsked, and then laughed, “anyway, I just arrived, so I’ll have to turn off the car, that means end call”, he was speaking clearerly now, and you nodded, although he couldn’t see.

“No problem. See you there, Min”, you sing songed, tapping your fingers against the steering wheel.

“Yup, and I’ll see you”, he said, “bye bye now”

“Byeee”, you sing songed again, then turned your phone off and drove to the restaurant.


The restaurant was a small cantina just off downtown, and it was one of your favorite places ever. The environment was cozy, and the decoration was beautiful - the walls covered in pictures and objects from traditional Italian homes and culture -, their chicken alfredo was the best… not to mention they had some of the best wine you’ve ever had.

As soon as you entered the place, someone came to your assistance, recognizing you and immediately taking you to the table were your friends already were, all sitting down and talking with wine glasses in hand. Namjoon and Jin were sitting next to each other, and so were Hoseok and Jimin. Taehyung was typing away on his phone, seated in between two empty seats - you could recognize Jungkook’s coat in the one to his left, so you took the only untouched one, right next to Yoongi, and left your purse there, then circled the table to hug Jin and Namjoon.

“Hey guys”, you greeted, and they all cheered at you, raising glasses and wooing. You smiled and joined them, congratulating Jin and Namjoon on their third anniversary.

“See?”, you gestured at them with your hand, “I told you you guys were perfect for each other!”, you cheered, and they nodded, looking at each other with heart eyes.

“Yeah, I’ll say it. You were right”, Jin sighed,  voice filled with happiness and fake struggle from admitting - for the thousandth time - that you had been right back then. Namjoon laughed and hugged his boyfriend, stealing a quick kiss from Jin’s cheek.

“Thank you for convincing this one to make the first move”, Namjoon said, winking at you, “I never would’ve done it myself”

“Well someone had to”, you agreed, smiling when you remembered how they pinned each other back then.

Jin was about to say something when the food arrived and you finally sat down on your spot, smiling when your dish - perfect as always - was placed in front of you.

“Thanks for ordering”, you turned to Yoongi, and he smiled, shyly looking at you.

“I…uh, wow”, he cleared his throat, “’s no problem”

You smirked, following his gaze to where it had stopped - on your breaks -, and leaned closer to him, “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s perfect! Wow so perfect, I…you look really good in this dress”, Yoongi stumbled out, cheeks burning crimson. He looked at you up and down, nervously.

“Thank you! It’s new. I had to buy it cause it fits me so perfectly”, you told him, purposely straightening your back so he could see more of the dress.

“’s beautiful”, he agreed, still blushing, then shyly looked away.

You smiled. You loved how flustered Yoongi got whenever you wore something a little more revealing. It was a fun game you played, flirting and flirting but never doing anything about it, but, in times like this, when he looked and acted so shy because of you, you knew that there was more to his side of the game. And, god knew, there had always been more to your side, also.

So, that night, you decided to take a leap of faith, and go all out.

The food tasted great, and everyone was having fun, laughing and chattering away about their lives and careers, and sharing funny stories from their pasts. Hoseok was in the middle of telling everyone how he once got his hand stuck in a bucket as a child - a story that was proving to be way funnier than expected -, when you decided to finally make a move, and slowly snake your hand on Yoongi’s thigh, dangerously close to his crotch area.

Yoongi froze. His eyes roamed you up and down, silently screaming at you, what the heck are you doing? but you only smiled, and shrugged, pouting innocently at him, nothing?

It took a while for Yoongi to stop squirming but, when he finally did, he rejoined the conversation, looking much more relaxed than a moment before. You smiled and started talking as well, enjoying the warmth that emanated from his thigh, and squeezing it playfully, just to see what he’d do. You giggled when, as expected, he jumped a little and side-eyed you, once again questioning your morals.

Hoseok’s story was causing everyone to full on laugh now, and you decided to take advantage of the moment. Taking courage in the fact that Yoongi hadn’t pushed your hand away as he could’ve, and the fact that he was still so flustered and blushing whenever he looked at you, you ran your hand up his thigh, and, slowly moved it to his crotch.

He looked at you, baffled and lost, looking at you with confused eyes, not sure of what to do or how to act. You simply smiled at him and experimentally rubbed his clothed dick, making him jerk and his mouth fall open.

“Y/N!”, he whispered, ducking into your space so no one would hear what he was saying to you, directly on your ear, “What the fuck are you doi-AH”, you tugged at his dick again, making him keen.

“Ahh, baby”, you cooed, continuing to rub him, “people will realize if you make too much noise. Do you want people to realize? I’ll have to stop, then. Do you want me to stop?”

He looked at you, and, for a moment, you wondered if you had gone too far, if he would tell you to fuck off and never talk to him again, but, just as you were about to remove your hand from his crotch, his head fell to your shoulder, damp forehead touching your hot skin, “No, please…mo-, please, Y/N, don’t stop”, he begged, cheeks burning with embarrassment and humiliation.

“What was that you were about to call me, baby?”, you asked, taking a moment to make sure the rest of the table was still happily chattering away. It seemed that Hoseok had finished his story, and Jungkook had started to talk instead. No one was paying attention to you or Yoongi. Good. “Hm, baby? Tell me. Your secret is safe with me”, you tugged him harder, and he looked at you with big, scared eyes.

“I…I can’t, I…”, he bit down his lip to stop a moan from scraping when you cupped his dick with your hand, rubbing the head with your palm, “It’s…it’s dirty”

“Dirty boys are the best boys, baby”, you slowly unzipped his pants, “you can tell me, if you want”

He was quiet for a minute, but then nodded, “You…promise not to laugh?”

“Why would I laugh, baby?”, you popped up his button, then sneaked a finger around the waistband of his boxers, and shoved your hand inside of it, making him hiss when your warm palm finally came in contact with his already leaking cock.

“I…I…Oh, god”, he choked on his words when you started to thumb his slit, feeling the precum that oozed from it, “I…mommy, mommy, please, more, more”, he pleaded and you gave it to him, tugging him hard one more time, and smiling when he hid his head on your shoulder once more as he reached the edge, cumming in your hand and staining the front of his boxers.

You smiled, resisting the urge to kiss the top of his head, “There you go, baby, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”, you cooed, pumping him through the aftershocks.

“No, mommy, it was…it…it…thank you, mommy”, he said, looking at you with big eyes, and you knew, then, that you were in for a lot of fun.

“You’re welcome, baby. Now be a good boy and go clean yourself up, okay? Or do you need mommy’s help to do so?”, you asked, removing your hands from his trousers and cleaning them up with the napkin that was on your lap.

“I think…I think I’ll need mommy’s help, mommy”, he blushed, and you nodded, zipping his pants back on.

“Don’t worry, baby, mommy will take care of you”

Treat You Better (E.D)


Warnings: Just cuteness :) and cusses

Originally posted by teenagedolan

He ran his hands through your knotted tresses as you quietly sobbed into his chest, involuntarily pulling him closer. This was the fifth night in a row. The fifth night you’ve cried because of your boyfriend. You wrapped your arms around his waist tighter, like if you didn’t he would slip away which would never be the case. Ethan would never slip away, not from you at least. You felt as he released a deep sigh through his nostrils, the hot air brushing against your forehead which rested against his bare, flat, toned chest. “When are you going to learn Y/N?” He whispered as he soothingly caressed your sides. You felt a jab of hurt at that statement, but deep down you knew it was true, when were you going to learn? You kept going back to him, your sorry excuse of a boyfriend, even though he treated you like shit. You still loved him for some reason, maybe not him, maybe just the idea of him. He brought countless girls over even though you two were dating and assured you they were all just friends. But something told you after every time he left to answer a simple text message that, that wasn’t the case. “I’m sorry E, for dragging you into this.” You murmured softly, bringing up your arm so you could wipe away the wetness of your eyes onto it. “Don’t be. I’m your best friend, I’m supposed to be here. It’s my job.” He said which made you stifle a laugh. “Thank you.” You drew small circles onto his chest with your finger and smiled softly. “So, are you going to end it?” Ethan asked you, you looked up at him, gnawing on your bottom lip. “Yes. Definitely.”

Ethan smiled down at you and nodded, he grabbed the remote and surfed through the channels of TV. “Oh, stop!” You squeaked and grabbed the remote from him. “What?”
“You passed by Friends.” You grinned and switched back to your favorite show. Ethan rolled his eyes, he thought it was so ridiculous how much you loved that show but deep down he thought it was cute. Setting the remote back down, you scooted up so your back was against the headboard as Ethan laid down besides you. You both sat and watched the show, occasionally cracking jokes and stealing snacks from the kitchen. Grayson stopped by a few times, complaining that you two were being too loud and he was trying to sleep. You both suppressed your giggles until he left, then you unleashed your inner 5 year old. Laughing as Ethan’s hands found your sides, tickling the skin there. “Ethan!” You squealed as he relentlessly tickled you to the point where you were crying. He pinned you down on the bed, your arms placed above your head as you both breathed heavily. You laughed awkwardly at the position you two were in and wiggled in his grasp, as if to say “let me go”.
But he didn’t.
You both sat there, his hazel eyes piercing into yours, like it went straight through your soul, it sent shivers down your spine but you were mesmerized by it. You tucked your bottom lip under your teeth as Ethan’s heavy breathing slowed down. “What would you say..if I said I loved you?” He whispered, still pinning your hands above your head. “Well, I’d say I love you too, and then I’d ask for you to let me go.” You wreathed against him but he held you in place. “Ethan.” You whined and pouted your bottom lip. “Not that kind of love, Y/N” He murmured softly. He tongue flicked over his bottom lip and his eyes averted towards your lips. “Tell me to stop if you don’t want this to happen.” He leaned down, his lips barely an inch over yours. His warm breath fanned over your lips and you so wanted to just grab him by his neck and crash his lips into yours. The tension was thick in the air, Ethan leaned down a bit more, his lips brushing against yours softly. Your lips melded together perfectly, and you parted your lips just a bit more for him. He softly guided his tongue into your mouth, massaging yours with his own gently. You hummed against his mouth in satisfaction and eventually he released your hands, they flew up and locked around Ethan’s torso to pull him closer. He gripped your waist and pulled you up into his chest as the kiss deepened. “I love you.” You muttered against his lips. “And more than a best friend.”

You felt as a smile grew on Ethan’s face and you couldn’t help the one that grew on your own. Suddenly your eyes widened at the realization. You had just cheated on your boyfriend. You gently shoved Ethan away with a small gasp, “What, babe?” He whispered as his drew small circles onto your hip. “I just cheated.” You breathed. “Screw him Y/N, he’s cheated on you way more. Let me take care of you. I can treat you better.” Ethan mumbled and crawled over your body. You bit your lip and nodded, arms snaking around his neck to pull him in for another kiss. Suddenly you both were interrupted with a loud shriek. You both jumped apart, Ethan falling onto the ground as you tugged your sweatshirt down to cover your exposed skin. “Oh my god!” Grayson exclaimed. “I knew it! I’ve been shipping it since forever! It’s about time Y/N dumped that scumbag!” Grayson fist pumped into the air as you and Ethan exchanged awkward glances. “I haven’t dumped him yet. But I am, definitely.” You gave them both a small smile and Grayson awkwardly ran a hand through his hair. “Oh..well I’m still happy for you two. Now I’m never going to get any sleep.” He huffed and walked away to his room. You and Ethan both laughed and he stood up. “Should we continue what we started?” He murmured softly as he trailed his fingers along your jawline lovingly. “Let me become single first.” You smiled and rolled over onto your side of the bed. Ethan groaned and followed your movements. You grabbed your phone and dialed your soon to be ex-boyfriend’s number. He picked up on the first ring, his voice booming through the speakers. It made you flinch as Ethan cocked an eyebrow. “Y/N, where the hell are you!? I’ve been texting you and calling and now you wanna answer!?” He exclaimed and you sighed. “We’re done.” You said bluntly. He laughed harshly on the other line and scoffed. “Done? Ha, we’re far from done Y/N. You’re gonna listen to me, and you’re going to get this through you thick ass skull when I tell you that we are not done. You are such a bitch for thin-”
Suddenly Ethan snatched the phone from your hands and you groaned. “Ethan!” You exclaimed as he put the phone on speaker. “First of all, when Y/N says you’re done, you’re done. Second, she hasn’t been answering you because she’s been with me. And third, calling her a bitch crosses the line. Call her again and I will go over there and beat your ass myself.” And with that said Ethan hung up. Suddenly you felt your heart thumping in and out of your chest, you had just realized how much you really loved this guy. With a surge of confidence you grabbed his face and smashed your lips against his. He was taken back at first, but then kissed back with love and eagerness. He hummed against your mouth as you moved to straddle his thigh. “Why don’t you become mine first?” Ethan said, mimicking what you said earlier as you pulled away. He leaned forward and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. You chuckled softly and nodded. “I’m yours.”


member- jimin

genre- fluff, au

words- 1,712

summary- jimin the art student has a way of making masterpieces. artstudent!jimin / college!au

a/n- well i randomly got inspiration for this the other day, and so here is a scenario lol i hope you guys like it!! feedback is always appreciated :) 

Originally posted by suga-com

Jimin makes masterpieces. 

He makes skies full of magnificent color, realistic faces showing the utmost of raw emotions, flowers blooming elegantly with vibrant hues erupting from the page. He makes textures blend together so effortlessly and his attention to detail puts him far ahead all his other classmates. Even his five minute sketches are simply amazing. 

But right now, Jimin was not making masterpieces. 

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This Is Love: Part Ten

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job. 

Word count: 2342

Warnings: swearing, implied smut

A/N: so I am gonna do a prologue/flashback part😊 They finally get to be happy!!

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Nothing in your life could compare to the happiness you feel now, squealing as Bucky tackles you from behind and lifts your feet off the floor to spin you around. When he sets you down you turn to look at him, your wide grin and bright eyes making his heart go wild.

‘Don’t distract me Buck’ you complain and turn back to your filing and frown, getting confused after your interruption and huffing. 'Look now I have to start again’. He rests his hands on your hips before littering your neck with quick kisses, each one sweeter than the last.

'But I missed you’ he whines and you smile as you start rearranging the papers again.

'I saw you about half an hour ago’ you say, knowing he can hear your eyebrow raise at him in your voice. You secretly loved that he needed to see you all the time because you felt the same and this way you got to spend all the time you want with him without seeming clingy. 'And besides I need to finish tidying up your files. You know if you wanted to spend more time with me you should be more careful where you leave your paperwork’. At this he moans dramatically and rests his chin on your shoulder to watch you work.

'Miss (Y/L/N) Mr Stark would like to invite you and Sergeant Barnes to join the team for movie night’ FRIDAY’s voice booms out through the speakers and Bucky laughs as you slam the paper down and sigh. You were never gonna get this done.

'See now you have to spend time with me’ Bucky says triumphantly as you turn and stalk out the room, the super soldier tailing you like an excitable puppy. When you get to the common area the team are already settled in, the only two available seats being one on the love seat next to Sam and one on the couch adjacent to it. The rest of the team aren’t really up to date on your relationship status given that it was only two days ago that you’d found Bucky atop his balcony wall and you had since outright denied anything they’d said regarding it, not being sure whether he’d want everyone to know you were now officially together. Nat’s the only one who has any inclination of what is happening but you had been careful in how much you told her knowing she’d blab everything to the others. You can almost hear Bucky whine behind you as you plop down next to Sam and slide under the blanket he has. Bucky begrudgingly takes the other seat and you fix your eyes on the screen as the movie starts. It was Wanda’s turn to pick and you sigh again as the opening credits for Me Before You light up the screen, not knowing if you can deal with the emotional train wreck that’s about to hit you, that always hits you every time you watch this movie. You feel something jab into your arm and turn to see Bucky staring at you and holding a hand out. You smile at him and place your hand delicately in his, turning your eyes back to the screen.

About halfway through the movie you feel your eyelids start to droop. You’ve changed from the seated position you started in to being curled up with your head on the armrest and your feet in Sam’s lap, one hand still outstretched and intertwined with Bucky’s. You finally give in to the crushing weight on your eyelids and your breathing soon slows as you fall asleep.

Your eyes open slowly when you feel yourself being gently rocked and you look around in confusion. The first thing you see is a below view of Bucky’s face and you feel his arms around you as he cradles you. 'Bucky?’ you ask, you voice already groggy with sleep. At the sound of your voice he looks down and grins.

'The movie finished doll, thought I’d carry you to bed so you didn’t have to stay sleeping on bird man’ he explains. 'Now close your eyes, you look so peaceful when you’re asleep, it’s adorable’.

'Shut up’ you say teasingly but take his advice and let yourself drift off again. The next time your eyes open Bucky is trying desperately to take your blouse off without waking you, evidently failing. You see he’s already taken your skirt off and you watch him fumble trying to undo your buttons. 'What are you doing?’ You question and he looks sharply up at you, clearly embarrassed at having been caught.

'Nothing! I mean I am doing something obviously but you wouldn’t be very comfortable sleeping in your work clothes I didn’t think and I want you to be comfortable’ you give him a look which shuts him up and frown.

'I’ll just go to my room’ you say trying to pull yourself up. 'I’ll sleep in there tonight’.

'No!’ Bucky shouts and you look at him, slightly alarmed. 'Can’t you sleep in here again? I don’t have nightmares with you’ he looks at you from beneath his eyelashes and you sigh, slipping your blouse off and throwing yourself back down onto the mattress. 'Yes!’ he exclaims before hurriedly going around to the other side of the bed and getting in. You turn your back to him to resume your sleep only to feel one muscular arm wrap around your middle and pull you over to him so your bum is pressed against his crotch. His arm remains tightly around you, his metal one coming up to brush your hair off of your neck as he proceeds to press wet butterfly kisses to every inch of exposed skin. Your light giggles at the ticklish feeling the contact is giving you soon vanish only to be replaced by soft sighs of pleasure.

'James’ you moan and you feel him smirk against your skin.

'Yes doll?’ he growls sending shivers down your spine. Your breathing hitches as he kisses along one arm and back up to your shoulder, all the while dragging his metal fingers lightly from the bottom of your bra to the hemline of your panties. Your hips start rolling almost as a knee jerk reaction and you hear him groan as you rub circles against the growing tent in his boxers, his lips leaving your neck as his concentration averts to moving his hips in time with yours. Your hand moves to grip the pillow your head is resting on and when you hear Bucky utter the word 'fuck’ under his breath it’s like all your self control goes out the window and you release the most sinful of moans. 

When you open your eyes the next morning you feel someone watching you and upon turning your head your eyes meet Bucky’s, gazing at you in admiration and his face glows with euphoria. 'Hey’ he whispers. 'You look stunning’ he says making you blush and look away. You look to the foot of his bed where your bra is lying discarded along with your panties that looked like they had been torn. When you see this you try to frown but it seems the blissful smile just does not want to leave your face. 'I’ll buy you a new pair’ he says, noticing where your eyes go to and you look back to Bucky. He’s looking at you like you’re a goddess to be worshipped and boy, does he know how to worship. You try to muster something to say but are still rendered speechless merely by the memories of last night so you roll over, place your hands on his shoulders, the flesh one still bearing tiny crescent moon shaped marks where your nails had dug in, and press your lips against his in a fleeting yet no less passionate kiss. Sitting up you pull the duvet up with you to cover yourself and look back at Bucky only to see his eyes now fixed on the bottom of your back evidently waiting for you bend over to stand up and you suppress a laugh. You get up and grab his t-shirt that he’d been wearing last night and pull it over your head. 'At this rate you’re gonna own more of my t-shirts than I do’ Bucky says from where he is now kneeling on the mattress to get a better view of you as you walk into his bathroom.

'That’s the plan’ you call back before looking in the mirror and almost fainting at how little you recognise the person looking back at you. Your heavy bags under your eyes had all but disappeared despite the little sleep you had gotten, your eyes themselves brighter and your skin almost radiating the happiness you felt inside. Your hair was another story, resembling a bird’s nest, tangled up and completely untameable. You hastily pull it up into a ponytail and grab Bucky’s toothbrush. Not thirty seconds later you hear him call your name and you pad out of the bathroom, still with his toothbrush sticking out of you mouth. When he sees you his eyes fill with overwhelming emotion and he practically runs up to you, wraps his arms around you in a hug that lifts your feet of the ground and holds you there for what feels like an eternity. When he pulls away he holds you at arm’s length and looks you deeply in the eye.

'I-’ he begins but you cut him off by holding a finger up and then going back to the sink to spit the toothpaste out. You return to your stance in front of him and look at him, imploring him to continue. 'I am so in love with you’ he whispers and you almost choke.

'Bucky you’re just confused because I helped you the other night’ you say, trying to justify how he could feel this way after so little time. Of course you did too but that was different, you’d been in love with him for long before now.

'You did more than just help me, you saved my life’ he says in a low voice. 'And I’m not confused. I’ve been in love with you for a while now I just couldn’t tell you cause I’d already fucked up and made you hate me’.

'Bucky how could I ever hate you’ you whisper, planting your hands either side of his face and pulling him in for a quick kiss before you pull away again. 'Oh and Bucky, guess what?’


'I’ve probably been in love with you longer’ he smiles at you softly until your words sink in and his jaw hits the floor. 'Now are we gonna get breakfast?’ you ask to which he nods wordless and follows you out of the door.

When you push the door to the kitchen open you expect it to be empty due to the early hour you were up at. You halt when you see the whole team assembled there, some at the coffee grinder, some sat at the kitchen counter and others just stood around but all of them are clutching a mug of coffee in their hands and staring mindlessly into space.

'Sleep well?’ Natasha snarls at you and you look at her in absolute shock at her vicious tone. Bucky’s arm tightens around your waist and he pulls you into his side.

'Hey don’t talk to her like that’ he says defensively. Nat’s attention shifts to him and she glares.

'Thought you said you’d never be that lucky Barnes?’ she snaps and you look at him confused. 'Oh don’t act all innocent (Y/N). We heard you, we all heard you. 'Oh Bucky! Yes, yes, yes! Harder’’ your face flushes crimson at her imitation and so does Bucky’s when Sam joins in.

“Oh (Y/N) you’re so beautiful, oh my god yes” he continues to grunt explicitly and at this point you’re ready for the ground to open up and to be welcomed into hell.

'How’d you expect us to sleep when that’s all we can hear? Every time I thought you’d finished you start up again!’ Natasha yells and you both mumble apologies when the rest of the team grumble in agreement. The only person who has been silent throughout this is your uncle and when you look at him he’s giving Bucky the most intense death glare you’ve ever seen.

'That’s my niece!’ He yells at Bucky who winces slightly. 'My sweet, lovely, innocent niece! And I couldn’t sleep last night because all I could hear was you drilling her into the mattress!’ He takes a few long strides towards Bucky and stops dead in front of him.

'Ok I get that you don’t like being kept awake but if that’s the case be annoyed at me I was the one making the most noise’ you snap and Tony looks at you. 'But if is about what I think it is then I’m happy with him Tony, I love him very much so just leave us to get on with it’ you say and you feel Bucky looking fondly at you.

'What about you? Do you love her?’ he questions Bucky, who’s eyes don’t leave your face.

'I love her more than you can imagine’ he says quietly making you blush and you scowl as you hear at least half the team retching behind Tony. You look at your uncle and you can see his resolve giving way.

'Fine, but be warned Barnes you hurt her and you’re a dead man. Now I’m gonna go back to bed’ he says and the rest of the team nod wearily and follow him out. You go to the cupboards to get your breakfast with Bucky and when you come to a stop he rests his hand on your bum and kisses your shoulder.

'Guess we’ll have to be quieter next time’ he says and you snort with laughter, hitting his arm playfully.

'Yeah, I guess we will’.

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