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A piece of watercolor tribute art in honor of the passing of Carrie Fisher. Her role as Princess Leia has been an inspiration to so many of us. Especially those of us that grew up on the Star Wars movies.
Leia wasn’t a helpless damsel that needed rescuing but a person that needed help by some willing to lend a hand to escape the dark forces. She is a strong, tough woman that gave a needed perspective on what a princess is and can be.
I think Carrie Fisher, the person, was much the same. She battled her demons and was a someone very true to herself. What we saw was what we got. With rough and soft edges.
It’s a shame we lost her too soon.
God bless you, Carrie Fisher. Rest In Peace.

such a beautiful, positive woman was taken from this world all too soon Johannah you have loved so many people tirelessly, while you had the weight of the world on your shoulders you were a beautiful light in all of our lives as fans, i am sure you were a wonderful, loving mother and just an overall amazing human being you seemed like a selfless, kind woman i hope you are free from pain now and continue to look down on your children and husband with love

Rest In Peace and Loving Memory Johannah Deakin

In the words of Yoda, Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force.

R.I.P. Carrie Fisher 💐

I keep trying to write a post but can hardly put into words how devastated I am for Louis and his family. Jay was taken from them far too young and far too soon. The realization that she won’t be there for so many major moments and milestones in the lives is absolutely heartbreaking. Rest in Peace Jay.

Since I know there’s probably a fair amount of you out there who haven’t seen the first three Mad Max movies, I’m here to tell you a li’l secret about them:

All the people complaining about how Max “isn’t the main character” in Fury Road are big ol’ Fake Fanboys cause Max’s primary character trait in literally every movie is “I hate this, why is it happening, please leave me alone to brood in the desert in peace”. 

He’s much more the central focus of the plot in the first movie but in Road Warrior and Thunder Dome he basically just gets kidnapped or beat up by wankers in weird bondage outfits and spends the rest of the movie trying to leave as soon as possible while other people are like “please solve our absurd post-apocalyptic problems”.  There is not one single point where Max actively seeks out being a hero until it is forced upon him.  He ACTIVELY TELLS PEOPLE WHO ASK HIM FOR HELP to take a hike.

Mad Max himself would like nothing better than to never, ever, ever be the main character.

He would also like for people to stop stealing his fucking car.

SM finally posted an official notice about Jaemin’s condition. We understand that his health is the top priority and I hope he’s getting enough rest and is in a peaceful environment for him to recover faster. Thank you, SM.

Stormy Nights

Simon X Reader

A piercing roar and a blinding flash of lightning jerked me out of what was once a peaceful, deep sleep. Startled awake, I sat up in bed, resting my head up against the headboard. I could hear Simons faint snoring sounds every now and then, he was sound asleep, and he wasn’t waking up any time soon. He was a heavy sleeper and some thunder and lightning wouldn’t even bother him slightly, let alone the heavy rain. I crept out of bed and went over to shut the window, confused to why it was left open as it had been raining for hours throughout the day. As I walked over to the window the lightning strike made me jump out of my own skin, sending shivers up my spine. Why was the weather bothering me so much? I slid back into bed, cautious of waking Si as I didn’t want to wake him. His sleeping schedule was in tatters however he managed to fall asleep at a respectable time tonight. I sat listening while the rain fell aggressively outside and the thunder shook the windows, rattling them. I didn’t have a fear of thunderstorms, yet I felt unusually uneasy. I pulled the duvet over me, warming my feet as they were near freezing before Simon rolled over to face me not yet opening his eyes.

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“We also are daughters of the great, and we have wills and courage of our own. Therefore do not bend, Ancalime. Once bend a little and they will bend you further until you are bowed down. Sink your roots into the rock, and face the wind, though it blow away all your leaves.” [for ceren]

Soulmates - mileven

“Do you believe in soulmates?”

The soft spoken words pulled me out of an almost attainable sleep. It happened every time; as soon as I was about to fall into a peaceful slumber, a question or two bubbled out of her mouth. I never minded, though. I knew that the reason she was asking all these questions was because of the abuse she suffered in the past. There was nothing I wanted more than for her to be able to experience the rest of her childhood the way I did, and losing a few minutes of sleep was a small price to pay for her happiness.

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I wish I could repay jackson all the love the affection the kindness and the and dedication he gives out I want to give it all back to him 10x over. I want to shower him with compliments I want him to know he is special and loved and beautiful and amazing. I want to steal him away so he can rest and enjoy some peace away from his hectic schedule away from all the ugliness and negativity that is out there. I want all of his dreams to come true and for him to do all the things in life that make him happy but with out him having to or thinking he has to sacrifice so much to do so. Someone as special and as kind as selfless and as noble as loving and as beautiful shouldn’t have to go through all he goes through and put up with all the things he puts up with and it pains me to witness and Iam in awe of how he has persevered through it all never faltering. he exceeds that of an angel and to call him only a king would be an insult he is truly so much more then that and deserves so much more then he gets and I pray and can’t wait for him to starts getting what he deserves. May all this ugliness that seems to be hovering over him soon pass and he get to bask in the sun like he deserves #GetWellSoonJackson

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People camp out here frequently; an abandoned graveyard makes a popular spot for urban explorers and dare devils. Rest assured, I make sure they leave without leaving any mess behind. However, even though this place is ‘abandoned’, a small handful of people still come here to pay their respects or sit vigil. Although… that is very, very rare.”

On Halloween, there are more pranksters than explorers. It’s dangerous for the residents as well as the people camping out here for a little spook. So, I chase them out as soon as they start having any funny ideas like setting off fireworks, grave digging, breaking tomb stones or anything along the lines. I won’t bother peaceful campers.”



And we have people like this, too. Trying to sneak up behind me, eh?”


Imagine running away from your fiance Joffrey and you soon reunite with Bran and fall in love with Jojen who vows to not let Joffrey touch you again

Joffrey: Huh, she actually managed to sneak off and run away…hahahaha. How amusing! Find her, and bring her back to me, alive.


Meera: She looks peaceful when she’s asleep.

Jojen: Yeah, she looks happy. Wonder what she’s dreaming about.

Bran: Well everything is a dream compared to being stuck with Joffrey.

Jojen: Then she’ll be living a dream for the rest of her life because I swear…i swear I will never let him touch her ever again.

“Soon or late, every dog’s master’s memory becomes a graveyard; peopled by wistful little furry ghosts that creep back unbidden, at times, to a semblance of their olden lives.” - Albert Payson Terhune

Today I lost one of my childhood dogs. I wish I could have been there, to hold his head and kiss his nose one more time and tell him how much I loved him and would miss him, but something tells me even though I wasn’t there, he knew all of that.

So Goodnight my sweet boy, I will always remember you.

Hunter - 7/3/2003 - 11/9/2016

Don’t Give Up

Because I can’t sleep. I’m gonna regret this in the morning, but so worth it LOL. Enjoy!

PS this is NOT my sad story, don’t worry. We had enough sadness for one night.


“I understand what you’re trying to do, Gabby, but I’m fine. It’s been a few weeks, I’m over it.” She lied, but enough was enough already. Whenever she was working, no one left her alone. They wanted to make sure that she was okay. The only time she got a moments peace at work was when they were on a call, and it wasn’t even peaceful.

And forget about when she had off. Gabby would call her as soon as she woke up, sometimes even waking her up in the process. And then for the rest of the day, she would spend time with Sylvie. She loved Gabby, she did, but she needed time to herself.

“You know, when me and Matt broke up for a little there, you helped me out a lot.” She reminded Sylvie.

“I was trying to set you up with someone else.” It wasn’t one of Sylvie’s prouder moments. She was new to Chicago, and she was happy that she had a friend in Gabby. Although she was dating Cruz, she felt alone, so she felt like doing that for Gabby would gain a friend.

“Yes.” Gabby said, remembering that clearly. “But after I told you that I needed a friend, you became that friend, and honestly you never stopped.”

“You are more than welcome to stop by my apartment, but I just feel like staying in tonight.” Because Gabby was married to the most supportive man, he was sharing Gabby with Sylvie. But, they were still newlyweds, she didn’t mind being alone at times. “Spend time with your husband, he probably misses you.”

“You’ll call me if you need me, right?” Gabby asked as she headed over to her car.

“Of course.” Sylvie promised. “Right now, I just want to go home and take a long hot bath and sleep.” She smiled at her plans.

“Okay. Call me later.” She said as she opened her car door. She looked behind her as Matt ran up to Gabby apologizing. “Sorry, Chief needed the paper work before we headed home.” He looked over at Sylvie. “Are you coming over later?” He questioned.

“No.” She shook her head, smiling at him. “Tonight, you can keep your wife to yourself.”

“She’s ditching us.” Gabby said, jokingly.

Sylvie laughed as she unlocked her car door. “I’ll see you guys later.” She said as she placed her paramedic bag in the passenger seat as she stepped inside her car.


“What are you doing?!” Gabby hissed at her brother.

“What are you talking about, sis? I’m just boxing.” He said, defensively. Ever since his break up with Sylvie, all he’s been doing is working and boxing. He wanted to spend time with the kids, but ever since Laura snapped about Sylvie having Diego, she was being a bitch. His life all around sucked at the moment and boxing helped him.

“Exactly. You’re just boxing. You aren’t fighting for Sylvie.” Gabby took a deep breath as she looked at her brother. “Listen, I understand you have to thread lightly with Laura because of the kids, however, you were happy with Sylvie.”

Antonio shook his head. “Gabby, no. We both wanted this, we’re fine.” He reassured her. “So please, let it go.”

Gabby nodded her head. “You’re grown, so I can’t talk you out of doing anything you’d regret.”

“Wait a minute—weren’t you the one who told Sylvie that it was too soon for us anyway?” He questioned. “And if I’m mistaken, you weren’t happy with our relationship from the start.”

“I never had a problem with your relationship with Sylvie. But seeing my friend and brother flirt? It was uncomfortable. And then seeing your hands all over each other, it was turning my stomach. But I’ve seen how happy you were, and that made me happy.”

“Just let it go, we’re both adults.” Antonio was done discussing this. And Gabby realized that, so she just shut her mouth and went on to a different topic.


For the the first time since the break up, she was alone. Sure, Gabby said to call her when she needed her, but she needed to deal with the pain on her own. She wanted so badly to hate Antonio for causing her pain, but at the same time how could she hurt a man she was in love with?

She sighed, they hadn’t said the words yet, and she wasn’t even sure if he felt it. But she sure did. Who couldn’t fall in love with Antonio? She couldn’t help but blame this all on her. He apologized for the way Laura treated her, and instead of accepting it, she yelled at him? No wonder why he ran away from her. The last thing he needed was more stressed placed on him.

As she was watching a romantic movie and sighing, while eating ice cream she heard a knocked on her door. As much as she wanted it to be Antonio, she knew it wouldn’t be. It was pretty clear that he felt like they needed a break.

Sylvie wiped the tears from her eyes and she stood up, placing the ice cream on the table in front of her. She walked over to her door and answered it, seeing Kelly standing there.

She was surprised to see him. Sure, she considered him to be family, but they also weren’t close outside of work.

“Hey.” He said, giving her a smile. “Just checking in.”

“Hi.” She said as she opened her door wider, letting him in. “That’s sweet of you, but I’m fine.” She reassured him but then she looked at him suspiciously. “Did Gabby send you?” She questioned.

He looked at her confused but then he shook his head. “What? No. I felt like I was being insensitive when you and Antonio broke up. So, this is my peace offering.” He said as he reached in his pocket and took out a candy bar.

Sylvie laughed. It was the first real laugh in weeks. “What? Do you just carry candy bars in your pocket?” She questioned, clearly amused.

“No. But I wasn’t sure if you would let me in, and if I came walking in with a candy bar in my hands, I wouldn’t have had a chance to apologize.” He said, jokingly. “So, here. It’s Fresh, I promise.”

Sylvie smiled and she took the candy bar from him. “Thank you.” She said, sincerely.

“So, how are you really doing?” He asked.

“Breaks up are hard, but I’ll be fine.” She replied as she walked over to the couch and sat down.

He walked over to her and noticed the ice cream on the table. “At least you’re dealing with the effects of the break up.”

“Yeah.” She said, sadly. “I just wish someone would have knocked me upside the side, thinking I could make a relationship work with a single father that has a crazy ex-wife.”

“My question is–why did you let her get to you?” He questioned. “You do realize this is what she wanted?”

“What was I supposed to do? Let her talk to me any way she wanted?”

“No, of course not. But it wasn’t about you. She just wanted to make Antonio mad.” He took a deep breath. “But this also isn’t my place to say anything. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Thank you for that.” Sylvie said with a smile.

“Can I just give you one piece of advice?” He questioned. When she nodded her head, he continued. “I had plenty of failed relationships, and most of them could have gotten fixed if we both weren’t so stubborn. All I’m saying is, don’t let his ex-wife or his problems in that area be the reason why you’re sitting in your apartment eating ice cream. We all live a life that can be taken away from us tomorrow, do you want this to be your last night, moping and crying over something that can be fixed?”

Sylvie sat in silence, taking in his words. After a few minutes, she opened her mouth. “But he wanted the break up.”

“Did he really? Or did he want to save you the headache?” He questioned as he stood up. “Look at me, I was finally ready to accept love in my life, and I lost it. Don’t lose it.”

“You really have grown up, Kelly.” Sylvie said with a smile. “Thank you for this.”

Kelly nodded his head. “Anytime. We’re family, you already know that.”

As soon as Kelly left, she closed the door behind him and she walked off to her room, getting dressed. She wasn’t sure where Antonio would be tonight, and maybe this was a stupid plan, but she missed Antonio. What sense was it to be hurting for no reason?

Although it was freezing in Chicago, she still managed to put on a dress. She wanted to look her absolute best so that it would be hard for Antonio to turn her down. She placed curls in her hair as she headed in her living room. She slipped on her coat and picked up her purse as she headed towards her door. As she opened the door, she almost bumped straight into Antonio.

“Oh—” She said as she stopped in her tracks and looked up at him. “What are you doing here?” She questioned.

“I–uh–” His voice trailed off as he noticed her outfit. “Hot date?” He asked, trying to hide the fact that even thinking about it made him jealous.

“Uh, no.” Then she thought about using Gabby, sorry Gab, she thought to herself. “Girls night out.” She lied, hoping he wouldn’t catch her in a lie.

But he seemed to buy it because his facial expression relaxed. “Do you have a minute?” He questioned.

This could be bad or good news, but seeing as how she was on her way to see him, she had nowhere to go now. She nodded her head and stepped back into her apartment.

Sylvie slipped off her coat and placed her purse on the table.

“You do look amazing to go out for girls night out.” He said, and Sylvie could see his eyes darkening. No, they had to fix this, if they could.

“Antonio.” She warned, trying to get him back on topic. She was happy that he came to her first, right now she had the control, she had the power.

Antonio forgot for a minute on why he was here, but looking in her eyes, he could see the pain. It mirrored his own. If he didn’t have his job and boxing, he would sure enough go insane. “I’m sorry.” He whispered.

“What?” Sylvie said. She heard him, but he came all the way to her apartment to say sorry? Didn’t they already go through this?

“I’m sorry.” He said, this time louder. “I shouldn’t have said any of those things I said. I’m just not good at keeping my temper in check.” He took a deep breath. “I also should have warned you about Laura coming to the firehouse. I know this isn’t what you wanted, with Laura and the kids.”

“No, I’m sorry. You can’t control what Laura does or says. I just think in my own way, I overreacted. Usually I’m not that kind of woman, but I also was never involved with a situation like this. I think we could have all handled that better.”

“We could have.” He agreed. “It was just a stupid fight, wasn’t it?” He questioned as he stepped closer to her.

“It was but–” She watched as his facial expression turned to sadness when she said but. “You really hurt me. I can take fights, I can take arguments, but you giving up on us entirely isn’t something I can handle again.”

“You gave up on me too. You let me walked away.” He pointed out.

“I wasn’t going to beg someone to be with me if they aren’t ready.”

He sighed at her words. “I am ready.” He said as he walked closer to her. “You just have to understand this is new for me too. You’re the first woman I introduced my kids to. You’re the first woman that I even considered taking this chance with. And–” He took a deep breath, getting enough courage to say the last words. “And you’re the first woman–” He began as he closed to distance between them and grabbed her hands. “That I fell in love with.”

If he wasn’t holding onto her hands, she would have lost her balance. Hearing his words, she felt like she couldn’t breathe, that the wind got knocked out of her. This only happened to her when he broke up with her. But this time it was different, it was better.

After a few seconds of silence, Sylvie couldn’t let that break her down. Even though it was her plan to see Antonio, now that he was here, she couldn’t forget the pain he caused her. “No.” She said, taking her hands away from his. “You can’t do this.” She said, frustrated. “You hurt me. I understand I wasn’t innocent in this, but seeing you walk away from me, it killed me.”

“It killed me too.” Antonio admitted. “I was hurting too, Sylvie. All I was doing the entire time we were broken up was working and boxing. When all I wanted to do was come over here and fix things with you.”

Sylvie could see the pain in his eyes, and she felt guilty because she wasn’t even thinking of his feelings.

“Then fix it.”

“Will you allow me to fix it? I promise for the rest of my life, I will be fixing this mistake. I don’t want us to break up after every little fight we have.”

“We won’t.” She promised. “The first fights are always the hardest.”

“So, are we good?” He questioned.

Sylvie nodded her head as she leaned in and kissed him. Since it has been a few weeks of their break up, it was no surprise that the kissed deepened in no time, both needing to feel each others lips again.

Antonio was the one who pulled away from the kiss and Sylvie sighed. She looked at him confused when he looked down at her dress. “Aren’t you supposed to meet my sister?” He questioned.

“Oh, yeah. About that, I lied.” She said with a smile, forgetting that he thought earlier she had a date.

He pulled away from her abruptly. “So, then where were you headed?” He questioned, his face hardening.

“I rather not say.” She said as she bit down on her lip.

“Sylvie.” He said in a warning tone.

“Antonio, I’m not one of your criminals, you’re trying to interrogate.”

“Sylvie.” He repeated in the same tone.

“I was actually going to your–um apartment.” Sylvie said, embarrassed.

“This is why we belong together!” He said, his face breaking out in a smile.

“Now you think we do.” She said, jokingly.

Antonio stepped closer to her, shaking his head. “I always knew we did. Maybe not when we first met, but that ride on the ambulance, I definitely did.”

Sylvie smiled as she gripped his jacket, pulling him closer to her. “Uh huh.” She said as she inched her face closer to his. “Oh, and I love you too.”

“Do you now?” He questioned as he closed the distance between them, crashing his lips against hers.

Their relationship wasn’t perfect and it never would be, but at least this time they were willing to fight for each other.

Imagine #19 Daryl Dixon [Requested]

A/N: This is the second part to this request. I hope you enjoy it! :)

The house harbored a restful silence as the moon reached it’s peak in the night sky; the moon’s periwinkle glow peeping through the bedroom blinds, the rhythmic beating of a heartbeat lulling your senses into a peaceful ease, the soothing warmth of Daryl’s naked body occupying your bed. Daryl was able to stop Carl; he explaining that there were no secrets being withheld on purpose, the relationship hadn’t been defined and Rick would know as soon as or if there were an acceptable title. Carl understands; he’s a teenager but he’s wise beyond his years and he mulled the information over before agreeing to keep quiet.

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When a Friend Quits band
  • Me: Ah yes, I remember them, they were such a nice person, they left this world too soon, I think we shall all miss them, may my friend rest in peace
  • Friend: *Distantly, from outside the band hall* STOP ACTING LIKE I'M DEAD
  • Me: I still hear their voice sometimes :)
  • Friend: *Distantly, from outside the band hall* DUDE, WE LITERALLY SIT NEXT TO EACH OTHER IN ENGLISH I'M NOT DEAD
  • Me: Sometimes I hear their voice say the silliest things, they always were a joker :,)
  • Friend: *Distant screams in frustration outside the band hall*
The Time Is Now

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Requested By: Anonymous - “Smut concept: You are Taeyong’s gf. Because of his busy schedules, he only stays in your apt a few nights a week, only to leave the next day. Most of the time he only comes for sex. He likes it rough, dirty talk, oral and multiple rounds. He is the dominate one. That’s all I could come up with haha sorry I’ll leave the rest to you

Genre: Angst / Smut

Character(s): Taeyong

Word Count: 1,148

Author’s Note: Listen, I highly recommend listening to like a rainstorm for this scenario. Or read this while it is raining. It makes it better in my head. Also oh gosh I was pressed on time because school and projects. I’m really sorry about the ending. Anyways, warnings are in the ask. :)

This night wasn’t as peaceful as the others. Thunder could be heard and lightning followed soon after.

Your room pitch-black and gelid. Just the atmosphere made the weather outside much more unbearable than before.

It was times like this that you wanted Taeyong right next to you. Of course. That couldn’t happen. He never visited you for anything you wanted. How selfish.

Either way he’d be so busy with being an idol. Practicing was important and you couldn’t blame him. Besides it’s your fault in the first place. You were the one who even accepted his offer to date.

How silly of you. Why would you be so careless when accepting. You felt caught in the moment.

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