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How about this? I will PK with the four of you. If I win all four battles, would that prove that I am Lu Wei Wei Wei?

Wei Wei calmly sitting there, calling “Next” as she absolutely slays the Xiao Yu clan and Zhen Shui is my aesthetics. Who are you? is the best line in this entire show. Also, I love the fact that normally she’s totally chill, but touch her friends and you’re in trouble.    [x]

precious child (ノ◕‿◕)ノ*・゚☆


 Countdown Until Jackson Wang Birthday (97 Reasons to Love Him)

Day 37: Adorable


anonymous asked:

Thanks so much for what you guys do, you guys deserve infinitely more attention for this

You’re welcome! :)

And thank you, I agree 200%. Sometimes it’s very disheartening to see other groups getting huge amounts of attention for simply announcing their intention to do something (with zero eventual followthrough) while we’re working our asses off, have hundreds of thousands of words in translations AND an extremely polished demo patch available, an organized website and active blog, and constant updates.

I like to believe it’s just because GH isn’t a hugely popular series - which is weird because the anime/manga were officially released in English - or maybe because our focus is GH2, which many people still don’t realize exists. Even though I’ve been screaming about it for over two years…

But idk, man. :(

On the bright side, I’ve made two awesome friends through running this blog and doing all this work for GH/GH2 makes us perversely happy cuz we’re weird like that, so it’s all good. :3



Welcome And Farewell

To horse! my pounding heart kept crying
No sooner was it thought than done
In evenings lap the earth was lying
And on the peaks the night was spun

Soon stood, in robe of mist, the oak,
A tow’ring giant in his size,
Where darkness from the thicket broke
And glared with hundred gloomy eyes

From out a hill of clouds the moon
With mournful gaze began to peer
The winds, their soft wings fluttered soon
And murmured in my awe-struck ear

The night a thousand monsters made,
Yet fresh and joyful was my mind;
What fire in my veins then burned!
What glow was in my bosom shrin’d!

I saw you, felt the joyful sweetness
Of your kind eyes pour over me,
My heart was yours in all completeness
And every breath I breathed for thee.

The roseate hues that spring supplied,
Where playing round thy features fair,
And love for me- ye deities!
I hoped it, I deserved it ne’er!

But soon’s the sunlight’s earliest minute
My heart grows faint to say goodbye
Your kisses warmth, what rapture in it!
What sorrow lingers in your eye!

I left, you stood with downcast eyes
In tears you saw me riding off:
Yet to be loved what happiness!
What happiness- ye gods!- to love!

           - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Countdown Until Jackson Wang Birthday (97 Reasons to Love him)

Day 63: All Black Everything!



Countdown Until Jackson Wang Birthday (97 Reasons to Love him)

Day 66: Lips 

(๑♡⌓♡๑) 👄 👄



Er mer gerd freaking out I got this thing a little over a week ago on an Amazon Prime Day deal, then the proprietary blades totally blew (and at $10 a pop?! HAHAHAHAHA), had to wait until my warranty-voiding and significantly cheaper/better-in-every-way industrial vinyl cutting blades and blade housing came in the mail. Aaaaand after just now figuring out why it kept double cutting the outlines of the graphs and completely mutilating them on every test run I did, I have my first (mostly) successful ~*~machine-precision cut~*~ concertina card! Lil bitty baby babby Gaussians! Throw up in my mouth that thing is adorable, could not would not cut those tiny-ass lines by hand. My Xacto game is strong, but it ain’t THAT strong.

Still have a few more things to figure out, like how I’m gonna go about making these things colored (and also cuttin’ and colorin’ ‘em on strips of 18″x24″ bristol board instead of 8.5″x11″ cardstock), also packaging. It’ll be a lil bit before I can start selling them ‘cuz I leave for the Bridges Math Art Conference in Jyväskylä, Finland, a week from Thursday and I have two homeworks and a final to pull off for complex variables before that, God Help Me. (…But I made a 33/50 on my retake of the exam I had a mental breakdown during that lead me to take an incomplete in the class because of that shitstain harassing me. High fives errybody, that’s about what I’d made on the two exams before that if memory serves, this class is fucking hard, I have conquered residue theory and Laurent series good enough to not-fail.)

Anyway, now I’mma replace the blade in this thing cuz I think I killed it just judging by how much assisting I had to do post-cut with my Xacto knife and then I’mma just sit here and go crazy and work on homework while it cuts cuz it ain’t exactly Speedy Gonzales (at least not with double cutting it and going slow enough that it doesn’t butcher everything.) I AM VERY EXCITED.


Please teach your kids to let you know if there is anything wrong anywhere in their body.  It’s ok to share what’s going on in the “private area” with parents and doctors.

An 8-year-old patient did not tell his mom that he had an injury in his scrotum.  He made up lies as to why he didn’t feel well (i.e. stomach cramps, legs cramps).  His mom only found out 4 days later when she insisted on examining him.  She took him to the ER as soon as she saw that his scrotum was swollen and purple.  The kid almost lost a testicle - he needed surgery asap.   

The patient still feels uncomfortable talking about what happened and has only provided a story about playing soccer and something hitting him.  The doctor tried explaining to him that he almost lost his balls because he didn’t tell his mom, and I think he’s starting to understand.

I don’t have children, so I don’t know how to approach this topic.  Anyone have any advice for parents and/or doctors?


Countdown Until Jackson Wang Birthday (97 Reasons to Love him)

Day 62: Cute little gopher teeth