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Hello, my beautiful amazing Sensies! First, I would like to say THANK YOU for all the liking, reblogging, following – and your love and support for my posts.

I have to say that since May 5th, I’ve had really hard time to get my mind out of Sense8-world because this season was epic, the cliffhanger of finale took my soul – THIS SHOW IS LIKE NOTHING I’VE EVER SEEN BEFORE IN MY LIFE. How should I put it, the side effect or aftermath of this show just ruined my daily life! LOL. I tried to bring myself “back to reality” by watching other shows, listening to music, and blah blah blah.

I decided to have some time off before I start season 2 posts. Besides, I’m about to go on a trip for in June; I’ll be out of town. So I’m probably not gonna be able to upload Kalagang history posts for a while *sobbing* but don’t worry I’ll be back soon. It doesn’t mean I’m leaving Tumblr. I’ll still be around reblogging and gushing over Sense8. But yeah, until then, wait for me? haha.