[LYRICS] Zico - Veni Vidi Vici (feat. DJ Wegun)

Guess who?
No more talking baby
Allow me to reintroduce myself!

Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici

U can see me at AX-Hall1
and on radio stations
Like ‘wassup’
I became a famous greeting
Things I flippantly tweet
All become headlines
And they all desperately focus on searching for a flaw in me
And tie me in to noisy confrontations
I have no interest in rank
Think about it
Why would a wolf intermingle with a pack of dogs
You gotta give up slumber to rise above the surface2
If you just think about playing
And fall into that then you’re just wasting time
Increasing every 3-place numbers with commas3
Account for only how much you earn
Confess your sins to the bank
I bought a new Moncler for my mom
I got rid of my Maserati
And instead I drive a Porche
Imma get on this TV mama
The kid who said that
Got called over from Seo Taiji at MAMA4
Youngest judge
Show me the money 4
King of the 3rd generation I’m 24

Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
I told you Veni vidi vici

A bachelor from the year of the monkey
Who was just a VJ back in the day
Is now dominating Korean hip hop
Where did the hungry mindset go
While everyone else finds blame in shares
I shut up5
Just doing it now
I don’t visit drinking parties, instead I drink hard liquor by myself6
I outsmart you and steal your rice bowls
I’m the Achilles’ heel to lazy-asses
Your top priority is a retirement plan
and preparing for old age
That’s good method
People interested look at my reputation
There are a lot of idiots who sign contracts for just 300
So they can wear Blue Dial Submariner watches
Fuck off, I’m with Domain
and Buckwilds
A&R team whose ideas have fallen flat
If you come at me with ambitions of making my things into a motif, you’ll get beat
If you read it backwards
It’s pronounced amateur, Ya dic7

Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
I told you Veni vidi vici

When I say I’ll do something, I’m the bastard who goes all the way to the end
I proved that my big talk is real
While everyone else is wasting their time
I wisely treasured my talents and threw away practicality
I’ve got no plans for acting
I’m not an actor
Audience, put down your phones, the day to raise your hands has come
Looking at my active state
Must taste so bitter
So I hope at least some hate comments are left
It’s attention, here you go
My dreams are predictive, in the end they are actualized
Labelled as the best
While establishing myself in two areas
I joke around in the waiting room
With that hyung who wants
To do a track with me, ha
In the future even when I get older
I won’t forgive those who carelessly come at me
If your intention is to snipe me then put up your gun
Yes I’m back on the microphone uh

Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
Veni vidi vici
I told you Veni vidi vici

1 AX-Hall is a theater in Seoul

2 Slumber and surface are pronounced the same (soomyun)

3 Like 1,000 to 100,000 to 100,000,000 (etc)

4  Seo Taiji is a musical artist who is considered the establisher of K-pop. Zico performed with him in 2014 MAMA (….h?v=5X1IfyUQzRk)

5 Because he gets royalties, Zico doesn’t worry about share distribution

6 The word for “hard liquor” can also have a different meaning of “doing his own thing”

7 “Get beaten up” backwards sounds like “amateur” backwards

Translated by youngha @ blockbintl

Please take out with full credit.

soomyun  asked:


who’s the cuddler: hunhun

who makes the bed: sugardaddy got da money to call some guys making the bed tbh

who wakes up first: hunhun

who has the weird taste in music: suhomie is a dmx fanboy just saying

who is more protective: JOONMYUN.

who sings in the shower: okay now it’s difficult

who cries during movies: suho

who spends the most while out shopping: sehunnie (sugardaddy spends him way too much money for that brat)

who kisses more roughly: … joonmyun.

who is more dominate: joonmyun.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: .. not my pairing sorray –> 4

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