soom borol


DOLLS FOR SALE - Master Post

LittleFee Pipi/Soom Ai Hybrid: $700
Soom Teenie Gem FC Bronze Alk: $600
Soom Teenie Gem Lucky: $550
Soom Teenie Gem Unicenta Pyrol: $350

Prices do not include shipping. I will consider layaways for up to 30 days. Please send me an e-mail at nonesuchgardenATgmailDOTcom to request more info!

I swear it’s the last of Rhys-Spammage (for this WE) but it’s pretty much unheard of that I actually truly like this guy so bear with me.

He found his new default!outfit (which means Varekai is now missing his beloved coat but he’ll deal, he’s getting a custom outfit by nezumitoo, the spoiled brat) and I love it omg. Also paid for his Nephelin horns today (FINALLY) now he just needs a Soom Borol/Marl staff (preferable without me having to sell a kidney) and I need to find a way to attach the pauldron of the Iplehouse Isar armor without involving superglue (it’s that bitchy to deal with).

And blushing. But that’s nothing I can do so that has time (+ once he’s blushed I’ll be so scared to drag him around and scratch it anyway)