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an anon asked for this scene but it was too long to gif and honestly i think we have to watch to appreciate it properly

a random list of things i still wish the gg revival had given me and i will always feel a bit bereft for not having:

  • more emily + lorelai + rory time. like, a lighthearted gilmore girls bonding shenanigan of some kind! it is only tHE TITLE OF THE SHOW
  • LANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and zack, and mrs. kim, and the kim-van gerbig clan)
  • luke/lorelai over-the-diner-counter kisses
  • an onscreen appearance of michel’s husband frederick
  • emily being in stars hollow at some point and dealing with stars hollow in its infinite stars hollow-ness (her brief diner appearance doesn’t count!)
  • i would especially have liked to see emily see petal the pig. just because i feel like her reaction would have been priceless.
  • emily walking lorelai down the aisle at her proper wedding that we didn’t get to see due to budget problems
  • LANE having a STORYLINE god damn it
  • rory reading more books, and telling us her opinion on the kindle. for some reason, i was really expecting to find out what she thought about kindles. and how first she hated the idea, but then she realized she didn’t have to carry four books around with her wherever she went anymore.
  • an explanation for why luke didn’t answer lorelai saying “you’ll never go to your kid’s graduation” with “lorelai, do you have amnesia? we went to april’s graduation,” because i literally do not understand why that line was even there, of course he went to april’s graduation, yo!!!!!
  • rory and paris confessing their eternal love for each other and vowing to forsake the romantic attentions of inferior menfolk forevermore
  • alternately: logan showing up in stars hollow at the end and being all, “hey ace, let’s raise this baby! odette dumped me for paul! everything’s coming up #rogan!” I JUST NEED SOME CERTAINTY + HAPPINESS 4 MY GIRL RORY, OKAY
  • someone making a jo march reference about rory’s writing career
  • a lorelai/emily hug, DAMMIT (i get that they just aren’t huggers and never will be, but do i care? HAIL NAW)
  • sookie + jackson shared screentime
  • LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE! LANE. lane. L A N E . like, what the hell, amy. why would you do this to me, to all of us, to keiko, to lane???

icaruspoes  asked:

an alternate for omgcp gilmore girls au: basically a sookie/jackson scenario where bitty is head chef and falls in love with his produce man, jack, who does competitive fucking horticulture

Omg, that would be amazing!!! They keep arguing about produce quality and Bitty is always nagging Jack about giving him the best quality stuff.

Jack once sees Bitty shopping for apples in the supermarket and he is #offended and doesn’t speak to Bitty for a week.

Bitty yells at him that he was making him a pie and it wouldn’t be a surprised if he bought the apples from Jack.

They kiss, they live happily ever after and they argue a lot about the best fruit for jam.