My prince, Happy birthday! Wow, another year past. You are growing up so fast, I still remember the day that I met you and I saw your smile for the first time. You don’t know how happy I am because I know about you, you make my days brighter, my life better and happier. Just a smile from you can erase all the bad things that I can ever think, and I really want to hug you and give you a lot of thanks. I wish that someday I can be able of share your birthday next to you,  give to you a lot of this love that I have for you inside of my heart, that beats for you. I’m so corny, right? You make me like this. What can I say? I love you Shin Soohyun. I show my love for you with every thing that I do, and sometimes I wonder what would you think about it, or your reactions if you see how much I spend time thinking of your flawless face.

I say this a lot, but please continue shining with all that you have to give us. I know that you are the best in this world, you already show me the shape of your heart. I would like to write you all this in a letter to you, but don’t worry… I will gather all my confessions to put it together, and give it to you someday. So, until this day please wait for me.

Thanks for be my soul, my angel, my beautiful prince that is always making me laugh with your precious way to be, and don’t forget that you are wonderful. Every year, every month, every day, every hour, every minute and every second I love you, and I wish you the best in this special day, when you have another year of being here in the Earth and bring light to this world.

내 사랑, 수현… 생일 축하합니다 ♥


He is a snowman. Not only that, he is the king of that soundless place called Neverland. Do you know about that world? Once this place was beautiful and peaceful, full of live. All the people think that the snowmen are cold and that they can’t love, but that’s not true. They prefer not fall in love because their hearts are fragile and unique and if they feel pain, they might die. Also because the “warmth” of the love could kill them. For this reason, they preferred not have a close relationship with other people, not fall in love. Still they all died over the years.

Some time ago, this snowman lost his smile. This soul fell in love with a human, not with a girl of his species. The girl had the same feeling for him, and accepted him like his equal, teaching him how nice it is to love. Their love for each other was strong, but the place where they lived was too cold and she died. The warmth of his love didn’t help her.

He didn’t die. He did not melt even though he lost his love. He understood that the real reason of why the people of his species died was not because of the “warmth” of love. It was because they didn’t know real love. He knows about this feeling, so he can live, because his heart is not cold anymore. It hurts, but he still can live. He’s there alone, playing the piano, calling to his eternal love. His love will remain forever, so he will live forever.