and some days, they just aren’t worth it
to be able to see your face again would be perfect.
so I tried an alternative, and messaged you on facebook
not expecting a reply, because you never even look.
but you caught me by surprise and actually answered
it brought tears to my eyes, made me feel absurd.
I asked you how you were and you told me. 
we talked a few minutes and you never asked about me.
it made me realize how much you don’t care 
and it broke my heart all over again, though you always said you wouldn’t dare.
it kills me to look at my messages and see your name
and know that what you say isn’t going to be the same.
 all I want is to know that you miss me sometimes
when a song comes on, or you go a place we went one time.
remember for those 7 years, I was yours and you were mine.