soo yep

kaisoo shippers' song for kaisoo tbvh

but you guys might wanna change it to a ‘boy’ instead of a ‘girl’






the boy


look at

that boy too shy

now’s your moment~~~~~~

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Looking exactly the same? Yep. Soo the new job and and commute have been rough on my routine. On Sunday I joined a dietbet hosted by @molsinspire (of insta, I don’t think she’s on tumblr) to get a little kickstart for the very end of winter.

On the left we have the dietbet I didn’t complete and on the right is my Sunday night weigh in. I’m very happy that I’m far from where I’ve been but there’s definitely a wall I need to break through to get to my next level of fitness.

Step 1: post more

My big life update

Hey guys!
How are ya! I am here cause I kind of need to share some info (or at least vent it)
In the past half year, your big loser had been searching for work. And finally i have found something! Last week I had a interview for a IT position (that made it sound like i would be working in web design but whatever). And today during a call i got hired..AS A ANIMATOR!!!!  Why so? Well during my interview i mentioned that knew the very VERY basics of animating! And i guess that some how translated to “I AM A ANIMATOR” Its not bad though, the company is operating on a eroupean project, that more or less requeirs them to hire someone with no experience to train them soo…. Yep..starting Monday.. I WILL START WORK AS A ANIMATOR!
So now i’m a dude with: a highschool diploma as a electrical engineer, a uni diploma for IT, who reviews anything from art, games, music, erotica for a hobby and now will work as a animator… WTH am i even doing

HOWEVER! Since this job will require me to go to the capital via buss or train…which means that i will have to get up and 5 am and i will get home by 9 to 10 pm…soo…yeah things like giving you guys feedback on your awesome works will slow down! I am sorry about that QwQ.
And all my other personal stuff might also hit a snag, like reviews, music, book(lol remember that, i finished the first chapter half a month ago but i lost it =w=; )
But this work will grant me money! so that means i can support some of you awesome peeps!
Welp that is it for now…

Hunger Cartoons - Bloodbath

I don’t like the sound of that.

Run, rabbit, run, rabbit, run run run…

Green beats blue. Also, Soos is resourceful.

Yep. Battle to the death and Spongebob grabs farming equipiment. Not holding my hopes very high here. ALSO BILL HAS KNIVES. OH HO HO HO.

Bad luck, Amethyst.

No blood in the bloodbath. Feeling kind of short-changed here.

That moment when you look back and realise that you didn’t even sign your name on the letter you gave them…..fml