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jeff atkins: is that a yes?

Request: “Hi! Please say that you will do a part 2 of Jeff imagine. I love this one soo much” - @newsameoldmistakes

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Warning(s): None

Word Count: 231

Gif: @kingofrecovery

A/N: There is a third part, so enjoy this so far! [ Read pt. 1 ] [ Ready pt 3 ]

“Hey Jensen,” someone called from behind you. You turned, seeing Jeff Atkins jogging down the hall. You suspected he was looking for Clay, so you carried on walking.

“Wait, no!” A hand gripped your swinging one causing you to stop in your tracks. The famous baseball player, Jeff Atkins. “Y/n Jensen- not Clay Jensen.”

“Oh, hi Jeff,” you smiled in confusion. “Clay’s stuck in history, if you’re looking for him.”

“I actually wasn’t,” Jeff blushed. His thumb smoothed over your hand that he was still holding.

You tucked a hair behind your ear, looking at your feet to keep from him noticing your rouge.

You cleared your throat. “What is it you want?” He smiled warmly at you.

“A date,” he grinned. “With you. At the movies. This Friday.”

“Oh,” you bit your lip. His cheekbones accented his smile perfectly, making you weak in the knees.

Jeff softly squeezed your hand. “Is that a yes?” He tried to keep the idea of being rejected out of his head, but your delayed response provoked the thought.

You always thought Jeff was handsome and awfully kind. I mean, he was your nerdy brother’s best friend. He was the eye candy of the school. How could you deny him a date?

“Yes, Jeff,” you nodded. “I’d love to.”

His smile became brighter and his eyes shrunk. He bit the corner of his mouth.

“Great! Friday it is.”

Aquarius and Virgo are drawn together by their shared intelligence. The Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is very clever and able, and they admires the foresight and reason of the Aquarius. They in turn, progressive and idealistic, admires the Virgo’s willingness to be of service. The couple genuinely like each other and want to help each other. Virgo sometimes needs to step away from all the work and other obstacles they have that can get in the way of a healthy relationship with their Aquarius. Virgo wants to take on the world, and sometimes they feel like no one else but themselves can do it. Aquarius does not do well with a mate who is inconsistent. They don’t like to be neglected because all Aquarians are looking for someone who accepts them, and a lack of time or shallow interest will make the Aquarius fade away. Aquarius needs to be open to letting their romantic side out. They can speak through your creativity, bake them a cake, write them notes, draw them pictures, and give them gifts. Aquarius can feel weird if they are forcing their interactions with someone – because it cares greatly about authenticity. Virgo is great at manifesting things into reality, they are great caretakers, they love acts of service, that’s how they show love. Aquarius is great at the art of conversation, exploring unturned stones, and being sweet. They show love by spending time, physical affection, and compliments.

Both partners in this relationship are kind and caring, and they will try hard not to hurt each other. They are also both very sarcastic, however, and can be quite scathing to each other when they’re in a row. Fortunately, neither takes it particularly personally, and each is able to give as good as they get. The wars between this couple will be fought verbally and with great dexterity. The Virgo, ruled by communicative and intelligent Mercury, is used to getting the last word. However, the Aquarius is ruled by unpredictable Uranus, and always has a last word up their sleeve. The couple tolerate each others different styles with good humor, however and with respect. Aquarius and Virgo love is based on genuine friendship too.

The two popular young stars play two members of a team of vigilantes aiming to carry out justice in the action-thriller drama. Kim Seul Gi plays Seo Bo Mi, a woman who was transformed from a happy high school student into a recluse after being traumatized by a crime. She’s holed herself up in her tiny room and avoids social interaction as much as possible. Meanwhile, Key plays a quirky genius hacker named Gong Kyung Soo.

The pair only communicate via their phones and the Internet, and it’s said that they’ve never once meet in person. However, the bickering pair is a perfect fit, with Gong Kyung Soo hacking into CCTV systems and Seo Bo Mi monitoring footage in her room.

A representative from “Lookout” has said, “The pairing of Kim Seul Gi and Key is more than anyone could imagine. We expect that the witty duo’s collaboration and their unique ‘virtual’ chemistry will give a boost of fun and energy to the drama.

‘Lookout’ couldn’t exist without them,” the representative went on to state. “Please look forward to Key and Kim Seul Gi’s impactful roles as the perfect partners.

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anonymous asked:

Hi hi~ I know I'm asking a random question but do you know any kaisoo fanfics that are a good read that you still have it in your mind? Anything but AT lol

Hey anon~

Sure I do!! :D you can check out some of my other fave kaisoo fics here too (x) & (x

Graceless Heart (Dystopia!au, romance, smuttt. Love has been prohibited, so instead you get assigned a partner. Naturally, Soo and Nini gets paired together but this whole “no love” thing ends up being difficult for them. Really beautiful fic!) 

The Guardian (Fluff, romance. Love love love love this fic. Kyungsoo is an asthmatic and Jongin takes really good care of him ;;;;;;;;;;) 

In Time (+ Sequel Perks) (Abo/wolf!au, arranged “marriage”!au, alpha!jongin, omega!soo, romance, smuttt, mpreg. So, Soo and Nini have been arranged as mates. But kyungsoo is reluctant to let jongin in, since he’s been hurt before..)

Carnation Pink (Prince!jongin, prostitute!soo, smuttt. Nini secretly visiting a brothel and becoming captivated by Soo, I know it’s basically pwp but it’s so beautiful!) 

Cosmic Love (Tribal!au, romance, smuttt. Kyungsoo travels to another planet and meets Jongin, who’s a native of the planet and they fall in love ;; another fic that’s so beautiful, and nini’s character is everything with his pink long hair!!!<3)

As You Wish (Royal!au, arranged marriage, angst. Soo and Nini are in an arranged marriage, and Soo has been treated bad his entire life, so when he moves to Nini’s castle it’s difficult for him to adjust to a lot of things. Warning: the fic has not been updated since march.. *sobs*)

With You (Single father!soo, babysitter!jongin, domestic!au, fluff, romance. So, Kyungsoo has a son and jongin offers to help baby sit him :—–) very heart warming and cute fic. same author as above, and below, she’s a fave of mine)

Christmas Wishes (Lil angst, family!au. Soo and Nini are divorced, and their sons biggest wish for christmas is for them to get together again :’)) 

Someone Else (Angst, romance. Soo is in a relationship with Yeol that’s about to end, but jongin is there to pick up all the pieces of Soo who’s broken..)

Yellow Chrysanthemum (Wedding planner!au, mute!soo, lil angst. Soo gets hired to plan the wedding of a past boyfriend..)

Hold My Hand, Let Me Know You’re Still There (+ Sequel: Now Guide Me) (Blind!soo, fluff, smutttt. Nini is a new kid at school and immediately falls for Soo, who’s blind)

Get To Know Me (Enemies to lovers!au, “friends” with benefits!au, smuttt, romance. So Soo is really smart and gets asked to tutor jongin, who’s got a bad reputation, but they don’t do much tutoring..) 

{Imagine} Kaistal Pregnancy Memories

Kai and Krystal! He comes home after a long day of work and she’s in her third trimester and she’s about to pop any day now so he decides to pamper her

His hands glide over back smoothly like soft waves running over the sand. It had been a long day, but with her three month pregnant belly, Krystal was feeling the strain, she knew she would have to stop working sooner rather than later for the sake of her own health. But she loves making music, she loves her band, and it’s hard to let go.

Kai supports her however he can in the charming, gentlemanly way. Why else would be be massaging her back on his tiresome evening instead of resting himself for his hard schedule tomorrow? The two of them fell to a comfortable silence, the only sound coming from the swish of the skin to skin contact.

Into You

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

request: If it’s alright, could I request a Phillipa/Reader where the Reader is the standby for Eliza and really looks up to Pippa? And they’re like always clinging onto her and it’s so obvious that Pip has a crush on them but the reader is naive and oblivious? Sorry if that’s weird, it’s the first thing that came into my mind. Thank you in advance!

summary: Reader is a standby for Eliza and she quickly become great friends with Pippa, but it doesn’t take long for reader to realize she has feelings for Pippa.  

warnings: literally nothing I don’t think i swore even once

words: 2080

a/n: Here’s that pippa fic that i promised! I’m sorry it took so long, but it’s here and now I get to watch all the gatsby scenes I want to haha! 

tags: @bluesnowyangel and @hamrevolution

When you joined the cast of Hamilton as a standby for Eliza, you didn’t expect to be welcomed into the family with such open arms. Phillipa went well out of her way to make sure you felt at home in your new home away from home and even went as far as to give you a personal tour of New York City.

Before you knew it, you and Pippa had become the best of friends and were practically inseparable in every way. At every after party or celebration, instead of visiting with Jimmy Fallon or The Roots or even any of the other cast members, you stuck right by Pippa’s side like glue, and she did the same. It was a friendship made in heaven; as far as you two were concerned, nothing could go wrong.

But all good things hit a bump in the road eventually. It didn’t take a terribly long time for you to realize that your feelings for Pippa weren’t strictly platonic, and that lead to a knot tying up in your stomach anytime you were with her.

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I Had Enough

Pairing: Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: Phillipa is so busy with Hamilton the reader doesn’t see her anymore and when they finally do, reader breaks down

AN: Probably going to be a two-parted and idk how well this is towards the middle endish because I was out of it when I wrote it. Just that little warning.

Words: 1393

Warning: Angst; depression; swearing; heartbreak


9:30 pm.

That’s what the clock read. You gave up all hope that Phillipa was going to show up anytime soon. Rising from your seat, the chair scraped back against the floor as you picked up the two empty plates and silverware, carrying them to the kitchen to put them away in their respectful places. Going back to the table you covered up the food you made and put it in the fridge.

The food was untouched and you lost your appetite when your girlfriend of two years was a no show. It was your anniversary. She texted you saying she will be home after the show by 8. That was an hour and a half ago.

You were exhausted, having a long stressful day at work and it being your anniversary, you cooked dinner for Phillipa and yourself since she wouldn’t be home until later, the both of you were going to eat and drink some wine and spend the night together but that didn’t seem to happen at this point.

Stripping out of your clothes you threw on a t-shirt and jogger, crawling under the covers, you buried your face in your pillow. Suddenly a sob racked through your body. It didn’t stop there unfortunately. Reaching up you gripped the corner of your pillow tightly as you continued to cry.

This was hard for you to say the least. You felt mentally and emotionally drained as bad thoughts clouded your mind.

You moved to NYC to be with Phillipa. She made you so happy.

Everyone was accepting of your relationship. The two of you were two jigsaw pieces that fit together perfectly. At the time she wasn’t in Hamilton like she is now. The two of you spent so much time together after work and she’s helped you through so much that you can’t not be thankful.

Phillipa was so happy when she got the leading in role of Hamilton. You were happy for her too, knowing her dreams of being in theater and on Broadway some day.

But then the rehearsals started. That didn’t completely bother you, you knew that there was a lot of things that needed to be done to get the show and cast together. The two of you at the end of the day got to curl up on the couch and talk about everything over tea and a movie.

Phillipa introduced you to the cast and everyone got along great! You were there on opening night and you were Phillipa’s #1 fan (obviously).

You knew she’d busy, she would feel guilty because the only time you would be together was when she came home at night after a show but at that time she’d be too tired for anything so she would go to bed. Which was understandable so you didn’t really say much on it.

But that was before your normally good days turned to bad ones.

You have depression, you take medication but it didn’t really help in your situation. And you forgot to get a refill.

Phillipa was a worry wart when it came to you. She always took care of you even if you didn’t want it. Always made sure you ate, took your medication everything. After a month of performing she started to forget about you, it felt like.

After you forgot to get a refill was when your good turned to bad. Phillipa was the one to remind you because you forget so easily sometimes but now that she wasn’t here you didn’t remember.

You missed her. You missed your girlfriend. The less the two of you talked/texted the more alone you felt.

You tried to be happy after months gone by since the first show but it was hard. It was pathetic in your mind that you felt like this but it’s not like you could help it.

Another strangled cry left your lips as you let all your emotions out into your pillow. You had enough.

The front door of your apartment closed shut and you heard it. Turning your head at the digital clock it read 10:30. Lifting your head up you flipped your pillow over and rested your head on the dry side. Everything felt numb. You just…didn’t care.

The door to the bedroom slowly creaked open. Phillipa peeked her head in and from her eyes in looked like you were sleeping. Slipping into the room she got changed before getting into bed besides you. Your back faced her.

“Are you awake?” Phillipa quietly asked. You kept your eyes close, pretending to sleep. Exhaling softly she turned around to face the other way.


You woke up early that morning to an empty bed. Though not a surprise. It was a day off so you didn’t have to worry about work that day.

Getting up was the hard part. Everything was numb. You hated it. Inhaling deeply you couldn’t help but smell coffee and a clink.

‘Is she home?’

Scratch that hearing something in the kitchen was enough to get you up. Throwing the covers off you grabbed your hoodie that hung on the back of the door and put that on before leaving the room.

Phillipa sat there in the kitchen drinking coffee. Her head perked up when she heard you come in.

“Good morning.” She chirped. You ignored her all the while getting a mug and pouring coffee in your cup. “Sweetheart? Is everything all right?” She asked worriedly.

“Everything is fantastic!” You sarcastically stated causing Phillipa to frown, setting her mug down.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as you walked past her.

“Don’t you have a show to go to?” You retorted, throwing her a look as you went by leaving her stunned and hurt. You never spoke to her like that before. Getting up she followed behind you.

“Y/N what’s going on with-”

“I can’t do this anymore Pippa!” You shouted, spinning around to face her. Her face dropped.

“W-what?” Phillipa’s voice sounded meek. You sighed heavily tears threatening to spill once again from you, shaking your head you took a long sip of your coffee.

“I never see you anymore Phillipa! We never talk anymore, I can’t take it!” Her once confused, soft look went hard.

“Are you serious Y/N?” Phillipa asked in disbelief.

“Yeah I am Pip! All you care about is Hamilton! I know how much it means to you but its consumed you, like what about me? Why am I here at home while you’re having the time of your life and forgetting all about me!”

“Stop being selfish!” She yelled, infuriated at this point. Phillipa didn’t have a show until later in the day and wanted to spend a peaceful morning with her significant other but that couldn’t seem to happen.

“How about you stop being fucking selfish!” You shot back. “I’ve had enough!” Your voice lowered down to a whispered. In front of her eyes she saw you break.

“What do you mean?” Phillipa was afraid to ask but did so anyways. You sniffled.

“I’m tired Pip.” Your voice cracked. “I tried…I tried being happy but…..I’m not. It hurts. I just want to stop hurting.” You cried. The mug slipped from your hands, crashing to the ground. You yelped from the burn the hot coffee gave you.

“Are you ok-” You cut her off.

“No! No I’m not okay! It’s one thing to miss something like date night because of work but you said you’d be home by 8 yesterday and I sat at the table until 9:30 waiting for you to come home. Everything was set up. I had a shitty day yesterday and had a shittier anniversary because you weren’t there!” You shouted.

Phillipa’s eyes watered.

“Y/N I’m sorry.” She says.

“I can’t do this anymore.” You then told her. She shook her head.

“No sweetheart please don’t do this.” She begged as you walked away from the mess on the floor, away from her and to your room.

Tears were streaming down Phillipa’s face when you came out holding bags. You cried too as you looked at the woman you love, who’s bottom lip quivered, trying to suppress a sob.

Phillipa watched you go and it broke her heart but what hurt the most is that she’s the reason why you left.

That’s What Friends Are For

@hamwriters write-a-thon: femslash day (2)

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

summary: Pippa is reader’s childhood best friend and when reader finally gets out of an unhealthy relationship, she is right there for her through all the tears. 

warnings: swearing, very brief mention of sex, i think that’s all?

words: 2894

a/n: this is going to be a little two part bit of fluff. i was just going to make it into one part, but that was a LOT of writing to finish in one night, so i decided to split it up. i hope you enjoy!!

tags: @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution

“Luke, I can’t keep doing this!” You snapped as your boyfriend came stumbling through the front door of your shared apartment. It was 1 am and he reeked of alcohol and another woman’s perfume, but you were so exhausted you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

Falling limply into your arms, Luke let out a loud groan from the back of his throat then mumbled a few incoherent words. You grabbed onto him tightly to drag him over to the sofa just a few feet away and tossed him there with a sigh.

“You were supposed to be at a meeting for work,” you hissed at the dark haired man.

His response was much less coherent, but you were able to figure it out through the slurs. “But baby, I was!”

“Don’t fucking lie to me! I have proof right in front of my eyes that you weren’t at a meeting!”

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Secrets & Surprises

pairing: pippa soo x reader

word count: 1300

warnings: pregnancy

prompt/request:  “"Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!” pippa soo and reader” from an anon

a/n: i dont know how ultrasounds work and im also SO BAD at writing pippa but forgive me. enjoy!!!

It was late when you arrived home from work, and the sun had just sunk down below the horizon when you jimmied your keys into your doorknob, turned it, and pushed the front door open. A sigh escaped your lips as you stepped inside your darkened home. Long days seemed to be more common than usual lately – more common than they had ever been, actually. Every hour at work felt like it dragged into two hours; some days it felt like it dragged into three. The highlight of your day was coming home to the most beautiful woman in the world every single night of the week. You reached over to flip on the overhead light and glanced around the living room for her.

“Y/N!” Your eyes widened when you heard your partner, Pippa, calling you from somewhere inside the house. “Y/N, come here! Right now!”

“Pip?” you shouted back, slinging your bag onto the couch near the door and hurriedly taking off your jacket. “Are you okay? Is everything alright?”

“Just come here!” she yelled in response as you swiftly slipped your shoes off. “Hurry!”

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I Do Adore (Phillipa Soo x Reader)

Pairing: Phillipa “Pippa” Soo X Reader

Requested?: Somewhat (By Anon)

Prompt: Fic based off of I Do Adore by Mindy Gledhill. The reader is Pippa’s girlfriend for the past three years and in order to propose, Reader decides to sing a cute love song to Pippa.

Words: 1000+

Warnings: Lesbian relationship, and Lots of Gay Fluff!



“Pippa,” You whined, grabbing onto your girlfriend’s wrist as she got out of bed. “Don’t go. It’s too cold without you.”

Pippa giggled. “I’m sorry, love.” She said, sending you an apologetic smile our way as she got out of bed. “Lin called an emergency rehearsal. I have to get ready.” She turned and padded into the bathroom. You grumbled a profanity and got out of bed, following behind and glaring tiredly at her in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. She smiled at you but you crossed your arms across your chest and pouted like a child who wasn’t getting what they wanted.

You did this as Pippa brushed her hair, got dressed, applied her makeup, and made coffee. You made your own mug as she prepared hers into a styrofoam cup with a lid and kissed you on the head until she grabbed her bag and left. 

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