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Since there is a lack of Otome game heroine posts here !

There are many more but i only knowthese. Also they all r beautiful and have traits that seperate them from each other , so stop the hate if you don’t agree that is fine.

Anthony: Damn, I look good

Pippa: Damn, I look hot

Renee: Damn, look at me killing it over here

Jasmine: Damn, I’m majestic 

Leslie: asdfghjklkjhgfdsa

Chris: Damn, I left the stove on 

Oak: Damn, Leslie’s leg is cool

Daveed: *Micheal Jackson voice* OW

I watched the Lego batman movie last night and I FRICKIN LOVED IT! (That ending though XD)
I especially like the flood of new batjokes shippers and all the new fanart/fanfiction fluff that they make! (I shipped batjokes before The movie made it popular so it brings me joy to see new people to share these guys twisted gay relationship ❤)

(I made this for funsies and I refuse to fix the animation/coloring errors ‘cause I’m lazy)

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hamliza A1?

That would be enough~


Riverdale appreciation week (and a half): Day 7 - Favorite friendship

The Core Four (Archie, Betty, Jughead & Veronica) 

Gangsey Height HCs
  • Blue is canonically tiny af. She’s like 4’11 which is why she makes most of her own clothes or parades the kids section.
  • She also wears kids underwear! Where else can she find butterfly socks and unironic Spongebob panties?
  • Gansey is the national average of American white males. Which is 5’10. In general, he is like the national American everything minus his glorious, chiseled face.
  • Ronan isn’t even really very tall, he’s like 5′6 . Until Blue came along he was comparatively tiny af next to the others.
  • Basically, that’s why he torments her all the time about her height because hes. so. fucking. glad hes not shortest anymore.
  • As any sane short person would do (i speak from experience) Blue latches on to his leg in retaliation, but he’s so fit and stubborn he carries on with what he’s doing like there isn’t a scowling maggot on his leg.
  • This becomes a normal thing after a while and the rest of the boys time themselves running from wall to wall at Monmouth with blue attached to them for dear life. It’s a fucking blast, don’t judge them. They need way more silly shit happening on a daily basis like that, they need it. (I NEED IT.)

  • Adam is like a giant I kid you not, he is 6′5. Think about the messy hair, nice jawline, and lanky ass bod. That is Ronan Lynch’s average nightly fantasy tbh.
  • Expanding on that, THINK ABOUT THE PYNCH HEIGHT DIFFERENCE!. Just imagine it. 
  • Noah’s height is always inconsistent bc it depends on his power source. When he’s around Blue or is in Cabeswater, you can almost his feet and is around Gansey’s height, but otherwise, his posture sags, he visibly shrinks (you can’t make out his calves at all and is Ronan’s height. 

Come on out. Face us like a man! I’ve got a better idea. How about I kick your ass like a woman instead?
Ladies of Arrow in celebration of International Women’s Day, 8th March 2016 

 I HAVEN’T DONE THESE  in  such  a  long  time.  it’s  only  been  a  week  !  and  over  100  of  you  decided  to  follow  shy  bean  me  /  but  i  wanted  to  just  thank  everyone  and  show  appreciation  to  everyone  in  this  loving  fandom  ?   honestly,  i  won’t  lie  i  was  nervous  making  ellie  because  i’ve  had  past  experience  of  oc  stealing  so  i’ve  just  been  traumatised  making  a  new  one.  EVEN  IF  she’s  based  off  disney,  her  whole  development  is  by  me,  you  get  me  ?   so  i  am  just  so  thankful  and  shookenth  by  how  everyone  is  so  lovely  to  me  and  gave  her  a  chance .   i  get  so  sappy  it’s  insane  but  for  the  sake  of  the  dash  i  don’t  wanna  make  this  too  lengthly.   just  know  that  i  am  so  thankful  and  grateful  that  ya’ll  gave  my  version  of  a  daughter  of  snow  white  love.  because  i’ll  be  so  honest,  i’ve  grown  so  attached  to  her  so  much  –  in  such  a  long  time  of  being  attached  to  a  character.  I LOVE YOU ALL SM.    xoxo,  k  

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"I wrote love letters to Eliza till she fell!"

He wrote until she fell….

Until she fell… love…..with him……..


WhAt THe AcTuaL FuCk