soo many shows

okay but simon geeking out over bill nye’s new show and screeching happily when pansexuality being valid is mentioned-

he calls clary but she doesn’t answer and then raphael bc it’s just second nature to want to share exciting things w/him even if raphael still looks at him like he wants to snap his neck

surprisingly raphael responds kindly and says he’s happy for him but ‘who is this Bill? I told you to stay away from mundanes. have you learned nothing?’

it’s an unexpectedly amusing conversation on simon’s end as it’s nice to Not be the confused one for once


and you don’t want that. - Poussy Washington, Orange Is The New Black



Lost characters according to Sawyer: 9/10 - miscellaneous I


The first three people in the world to drop a shuttlecock from the Great Wall of China (E61)

BTS reaction to their s/o wanting a beach date night

For my eternal bb @dan-taehyungs-man who is always so supportive it makes me emo sorry ily bye

Jin (Seokjin)

Jin would be all about a beach date normally but since he’s a bit of a worrier and so protective oh my, he would be a little concerned about his s/o swimming in the dark. He would be sooo Eomma Jin about it all, constantly questioning his s/o if they brought enough towels, if they were sure they could swim well enough, etc. Seokjin would stick right next to his lover the entire time, swimming with one arm around them, never letting them out of his sight. 

Ya, Jagi did we have to come at night. We would have such fun during the day! Put your arms around me okay, I don’t want you to slip under the dark water. 

Suga (Yoongi)

It doesn’t really seem like the beach would be Suga’s scene in normal circumstances, since they can generally be crowded, sometimes dirty and loud. Suga wouldn’t really see the appeal normally…but night time? Yoongi would be thrilled at the idea of swimming together when it was dark, it’s private and intimate - just like Yoongi would want. There is absolutely no doubt that Yoongi would be suggesting skinny dipping and once his s/o got into the water he would be a very playful, gummy Suga. 

Don’t be shy, it’s just us out here! Ya this really was a great idea, you look amazing. Come closer… wow, what was I thinking beaches are great. 

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

As opposed to swimming and messing around in the waves, Namjoon would want to just walk along the beach with his s/o, both of their feet barely in the water. RapMon would feel like he could really open up in the dark and the quiet, and would tell his s/o all about the unhappy or worrisome thoughts that had been going on in his head recently. 

I worry about my members every day…am I a good enough leader? Am I making them proud?

JHope (Hoseok)

Hobi would be so pumped about going to the beach late and would probably lift his s/o and carry them into the waves. There would be no shortage of laughing and smiles, since Hoseok would think this was such a spontaneous and exciting thing to do. Still, once he was in the water, his s/o in his arms, he would become more like Namjoon - a little reflective and honest. 

Let’s stay together like this for a little while longer, I feel really warm inside right now. 


Jimin would love the idea and immediately think up a thousand different romantic gestures to do for his partner. He would be the most attentive boyfriend anyway, and with a date like this he would see soo many opportunities to show his s/o how much he appreciated and loved them. He would probably go all out, bringing a blanket to cuddle up on in the sand and late night snacks for the two of them to share. Jimin would be willing to do whatever his love felt like, whether it be splashing around in the water, or curling up together on the shore. 

You decide what you want to do, I’m okay with everything. I’m just happy to be here next to you. 

V (Taehyung)

Beach date? Sorry, V’s already taken off faster than you can say Kim. He would barely wait for his s/o as he bounded towards to waves, stripping off his shirt as he went hot damn. Even though he may momentarily forget that this was in fact, a date and not just happy Tae fun time, being at the beach with V might be the most fun out of all of the members. Tae would be thinking up new games for the two to play together, like marco polo or breath-holding contests. Tae would definitely start some sort of splashing fight and would even try imitating multiple sea creatures to get his s/o laughing. 

Okay, Jagi guess this one. OooooooAAAOoohhhhAAohh. See? I can speak whale!

Jungkook (ie)

Since Jungkook is an absolute beast, he would try to start mini competitions with his s/o, challenging them to a running or swimming race. Kookie definitely has a softer side though, so after the two had their fun duking it out to see who was more athletic (is that even a question tbh), Jungkook would probably want to just hold his partner as they lie in the sand, looking up at the moon and stars. With Jungkook it would be very physical, basically he would end up just making out with his love all whispered conversations and gentle touches.


Dis boi could have a conversation with his eye hahah
It can form shapes and words hahaha
Who knows who is talking to the side therre
Let your imagination flooow hah
And the same with what they’re saying
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic


♡ happy 22nd birthday do kyungsoo ♡