soo how was school

cozy nights… (´⌣`ʃƪ)

-late night halbarry sketch to calm me down from all the stress i’ve been having lately. hope you’re having a nice,comfortable night to relax yourselves. stay safe! 💕



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I was curious are the others aware of Genocide Syo/Jack since the second killing never happened? (Also really love your au keep up the good work!)

(awwwww thanks a lot! ill continue with the ask, if i have more ^w^)

Neiji: …yea i know her, she is half my aunt too…

Akira: genocider Syo??

Toko: yea….she is half of me…and…andd…..

Toko: *sneeze*

Genocider Syo: who was talking about meeeeee????

Mika: mooooom!

Syo: well well, if it isn’t my little baby!

Syo: soo…. how is school?

Mika: pretty gooood!

Gabriel: so this is Mika’s mom… i get why she do the thing with the tongue… 

Hanji: oh? oh hey miss Syo

Kyoko: syoooooo!

Shion: i already know her, she is nice

Sara: -purudensu and I did now know about her, but we are glad to know her

Takao: oh….so this creepy lady is actually Genocider Syo… he almost gave me a heart attack wen i was running in the hallway

Tsubaki: don’t call my mom creppy!

Takao: sorry….

  • me: soo when will I learn how to do taxes?
  • school system: ...
  • me: well? I waiting for an answer
  • school system: at least you know SOH CAH TOA :-)
  • seriously someone needs to talk to the school board or whatever about this. no we don't need to know what SOH CAH TOA is or what the quadratic formula is. we need to learn how to do taxes and what people will ask for interviews, and teach us more about mental illness and proper sex education. and the only useful thing I've learned is how to write a check back in 4th grade and everything else is a bit useless. I strongly think that education is important it really is but I just want to learn something that'll ACTUALLY help me in the future.

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Soo you moved , and didnt go to school .. How did you make friends bc i have the same problem

Church honestly everyone I know I met at church and I made some really good friends 👌🏼 join youth group and do sports or some kind of activity or club