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Romance in Rivendell (working title): Part 3.

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Celebrían believes she has deeply insulted Lord Elrond and suffers internal torment. Galadriel believes her daughter is overreacting but Brían is a grown Elleth now and must make her own mistakes choices. 

Next time: Lord Gil-Galad pays visit, and finds an interesting development in Imladris ;)

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[ girl you need some iron in yo system if you passing out!! but hope you enjoyed and thanks for requesting!! i made this soo freakin dramatic omg ] 


Jin’s world would completely stop when he walked into your apartment, and saw you laying face down on the floor. At first, he would call out to you - thinking that you were just being weird again or something. But, when you didn’t respond after the second time, that’s when he would start to panic immediately. Before he left, you had already told him that your cramps were more brutal than usual; he blamed himself for not staying home and watching over you when you said that. He felt like he should’ve known better. 

“Y/n…I-I am so sorry I left you all alone. Next time I will put more consideration in your health, I won’t allow this to happen again. I’m glad I got home in time, I don’t know what would’ve happened if I wasted another minute…never again, I promise. I’ll be here.” 


It would baffle Yoongi, to the point he wouldn’t be able to finish the food in his mouth. One of the managers had just gotten off the phone with an anonymous caller that said they lived in your building, informing that you were being carried out of your apartment by paramedics. You had fainted - luckily your friend was coming by to visit and was able to call for help. 

The reason it left him so shook was because, before he left, you were complaining about your stomach cramps - but, all he did was tell you to suck it up. “You have them almost every time, Y/n, aren’t you used to it by now?” He remembered those being the last words he said before leaving you in the apartment. Alone. He didn’t know they were that bad, to the point an ambulance was needed. Now, if anything, he felt like a royal asshole. 

“S-She’s what?” 


Namjoon was told right before going on stage. The whole performance, you were on his mind more intensely than before he left the house. You were already on his thoughts because of how needy you were of him thanks to your cramps. You were fine when he left, how could that turn to shit so fast? How was bad was it, were you alright, just question after question - but he couldn’t lose focus. The show had to go on, right? 

“I apologize if I’m not giving it my all tonight, A.R.M.Y., I’ve just…I’ve just been given some pretty bad news. M-my uh…my girlfriend, she’s…something’s happened, and they’re not going into detail with me about anything. So, bare with me, please…I’m just really worried, and I hope you understand my situation…” 


Hoseok was the one who had to take you the hospital. Having a sister, he knew a little bit on the topic of a menstrual cycle, so you were in somewhat good hands. He made sure that you took pills for that sort of problem, or perhaps put a heating pad on your stomach to help sooth some of the ache. But, what he wasn’t prepared for - was the passing out. When you damn near fell at his feet, he screamed so loud that it alarmed the rest of the house, all other six members rushing in to see what the problem was. 

After waking up, expect a lot of worried/concerned faces hovering above your figure that laid on the couch - Hobi’s being the first one you notice, though. His eyes were teary when he saw that yours were opening again, gently dabbing your semi-bruised forehead with a cold washcloth. 

“Jagi, don’t scare me like that. If this is a reoccurring thing, then we need to see a doctor. I don’t want to have to have a heart attack once a month when this happens out of no where, okay?” 


“I wasn’t there, jagi. I wasn’t there for you when you laid on the cold ground, bleeding - and I’m sorry. Sorry that you have to go through with this, and sorry that this is what it does to you. I wish I could make it stop somehow - someway.” 

“Well, you could get me pregnant - that slows it down to a stop.” 

Jimin would see the situation of you in a hospital bed as something to dread - but leave it to you to make light of it anyway. That’s what he loved about you, as you received a small chuckle from him while shaking his head. 

“If that’s what it takes, then…” He trails off, making your eyes practically bulge out of your eye sockets; only for him to burst into a fit of giggles. “Kidding.” 


I can see Taehyung cursing the mere existence of a period. The fact that this was something that they did to you, or any other female, I could see him being childish enough to just hate the shit out of it - even though it’s not even a living thing. 

“If I could bleed for you, I would. No girl should have to go through this kind of torture - especially not you, Y/n.”   


“She’s gonna be okay….r-right, hyung?” 

Poor Kookie was waaay in the dark with this. Just like Jin, he had walked in to you being passed out on the floor in the kitchen - not even thinking twice to call for the others in fear of something being terribly wrong. Eventually getting to the hospital, Jungkook watched the doctor examine over you from behind the glass - only allowing the elders inside to gather information about you. This only left him even more in the dark as he had nothing to rely on, other than the faith of his friends and his faith in you. 

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i hate when people are like ‘i love harry potter but harry is my LEAST favourite character in the whole thing hes soo dramatic lol’ like thats fucking cool and ~alternative~ but literally every reason they have for disliking harry actually stems from the fact he was forced to sleep in a damn cupboard and never experienced love for the first 10 years of his life like s .. hut up 

i get second hand embarrassment when girls constantly talk about or post their boyfriend all over their social media.. because 9.5/10 theyre going to break up and when they do they are SOO dramatic about it that shit is annoying