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Finders Keepers

Stanley Pines hadn’t really planned on kids, but then, they managed to find him anyway.

A little Father’s Day tribute (a day late, whoops) to not just a great dad uncle, but the greatest uncle!

Soon I’ll be sixty years old, will I think the world is cold
Or will I have a lot of children who can warm me?

-Lukas Graham, Seven Years

Stan Pines always figured he would have kids someday. Sometime after his “ew, girls are icky” phase and the following “okay, girls ain’t so bad,” yet before the “well shit, you know what, guys are A-ok in my book, too.”

Having kids seemed the thing to do when you grew up. What usually happened, Filbrick would grumble, whether you planned for them or not.

Stan didn’t necessarily believe that to be the case; regardless, eventually having a rugrat or two was what he wanted, expectations be damned. Babysitting his nephew had given him an appreciative stance on kids. Just the way a baby looked at you, like you were sun and lit up the whole world with your presence alone, that was staggering to Stan, unlike anything he had ever felt.

Not wanting kids was fine, too, as Stan pointed out when Ford expressed his disinterest in spawning any of his own. As always, the brothers were more different than alike, identical or no. Stan pondered if that was the way it went with all siblings.

(“Fatherhood would simply be a major distraction to my research. In moderation, children can be fun company, of course; but they’re also messy, loud, disruptive, and desire a lot of attention.”

“Geez, Sixer, sound like yer describin’ me,” Stan snorted.

“Exactly my point.”

Stan scoffed, socking his smirking brother in the arm. “Shuddup, nerd. Keep talkin’ like that and Uncle Ford won’t be invited to my mansion for Thanksgiving.”


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Words that actually came out of my mouth when I was trying to describe the HamilCast's voices:

Daveed Diggs: imagine if a trombone had a threesome with a piece of velvet and a rapper.

Anthony Ramos: if the sun could talk.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: it’s like listening to a golden retriever puppy being released into a large field as fireworks go off in the background but softly.

Okieriete Onaodowan: it’s like watching a time lapse video of a flower growing.

Jasmine Jones: who’s your favorite singer? Wrong. It’s her.

Phillipa Soo: a teddy bear sitting at the top of a green hill on the first day of spring as the sun rises while you’re wrapped in a freshly cleaned blanket.

Renee Goldsberry: Nicki Manaj and a rainbow’s love child.

Christopher Jackson: a softcore lumberjack who has both a pet lab and moose and spends his free time either whittling arrow heads or making pancakes for his family.

Leslie Odem Jr.: a thunderstorm, rolling in right after the sun sets. And you witness it pass while your significant other is holding your hand and your both drinking hot chocolate.

fic search #135

Looking for multiple fills on these!

1. So if you know if there are any fan fictions about jongdae having a solo album or going solo? 

2. Hello! I love your blog and that is why I visit it everyday! I keep up with the daily updates but recently I’ve been visiting that kid!au, singledad!au etc. And I wanted to know of you guys or the followers know about any new fics about adoption or family In general?! (Mpreg, adoption, family, singledad, kids) I am craving for some new fics or update! Appreciate the hard work and the recommendations <3 

  • Plus One (Xiumin/Luhan with child!Yixing)

3. Hi admins, do you know of any stories where someone wishes for something (usually impossible or highly unlikely) that actually comes true? Example: In “Our Way Home”, where teddy bear soo becomes human after making a wish

4. it’s official, i’ve cleaned out the top!tao tag 😭 do you guys have anything else you could reccommend? thanks so much for running this blog btw! it really helped me out in finding specific fics! 😘

5. any fics with hybrid!yeol? i’ve gone through the hybrid tag but i can’t find much :( i’ve read all the fics involving hybrid!yeol… thank you!!

6. I hope you don’t mind me asking but do you know of any fuckboi like fan fics?

7a. Hi! Have you stumbled upon new free verse/poetry/experimental fic? I’ve read everything filed under creative context and I need more :(( 

7b. Also, can you rec fics set in wartime where exo are rebels/soldiers? Any pairing is fine, and I need me some character death. Thanks for your hardwork!

8. Hello! May I ask if you have any fics about the mv “Gone” by Jin where Minseok appeared there? I want any fics that deals with his heart problems or what happens after he passed out. Thank you!

9. Fics where Kyungsoo is clingy? Like he likes to cuddle and hugs and is into PDA? I only know fic that portray him as cold but I don’t think he really is. Anyway thank you for your hard work

10. Are there any fics that involve the members revolting against SM or just another boss in general?

11. do you have any sugar daddy aus with jongdae as part of the main pairing?

12.  Do you guys know of any fics where a (main or side) character’s dream represents something or foreshadows an event? Is that too vague?

13.  Do u know any switch!hunhan fics? I can’t seem to find any except for hoe-sehoon’s fic(I love her so much) thanks!

14. has anyone ever seen a threesome fic thats an m/f/f pairing?

Open: Soo, here I come with Gummy Bears!

Gellert was in an odd modd. He danced through the room and sang a made-up really silly song:

“Sooo, gummy bears, gummy bears. Soo, here I come with gummy bears. And you are probably excited, and you are probably excited, and you are probably excited. Who would have thought so? Gummy bears! Soo, here I come around my pimped resolute desk with much buzzing. Who would have thought so? Outside you get a present; who would have thought so? Gummy - gummy - gummy - gummy bears. You get that? Gummy - gummy - gummy bears. Soo, here I come with gummy bears. Place the file in your hand, and you are probably excited. So here I come with much buzzing… gummy bears, you get that?”