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This is that same anon who has only seen the anime. I may look into the manga more! It's on my bucket list. And you're welcome! I really enjoy your stuff ~ What do you think about Kuro x Mahiru x Sakuya? I'm curious about that!

Yayyyy!!~ Hope you do and hope you enjoy it!!! AHHHHHH hearing that makes me so happy every time~ 💗💗💗

andddddd about KuroMahiSaku….

IT’S A GUILTY PLEASURE OF MINE. I’ve been torn between SakuMahi and KuroMahi since I started Servamp soooo yeah. But just know I’m all for it. Been awhile since I’ve drawn this ot3, have a sketch. :>


Some Celrond sketches! \(^ω^\)

the monochromatic ones are Elrond and Celebrían in canonverse

the two modern/colorful ones are my modern au, where Elrond runs IMLADRIS, a center/organization to aide refugees, and Celebrian is the spunky new grad intern who makes him embarrassingly and unprofessionally flustered whenever she’s around 😏 *cue hallmark-esque movie*

okay so I’m like in love with The Picture of Dorian Gray and really would like to see a musical of it and if I could cast it it’d probably look like this;

Dorian Gray - Aaron Tveit

Basil Hallward - Josh Gad

Lord Henry Wotton - Leslie Odom Jr.

Lady Victoria Wotton - Amber Gray

Jewish Manager - Kevin del Aguila/Josh Groban

Sibyl Vane - Rachel Bay Jones

James Vane - Andrew Chappelle

Alan Campbell - Christian Borle

Adrian Singleton - Rob McClure

Duchess of Monmouth - Renee Elise Goldsberry

Let me know what you think and add your suggestions!