Day 14: Favorite Female Villain

Do you like daisies? I plant them, but they always die. Everything I put in the ground withers and dies. 

Oh God, Drusilla, she is, besides Angelus, one of my favorite reasons why I enjoy season 2 so damn friggen much. Such a psycho bitch, I thoroughly was enjoyed by her character whenever she pleasantly graced my screen.

Day 23: A letter to someone. Anyone

Dear River Phoenix,

Thank you. Thank you for changing my life through your films, music and work. Thank you for being a friend to me through your films, music and work. And most of all thank you for existing in this beat up world. Your 23 years of existence did more to this world than anyone else who’s lived up to 100. You’ve impacted us all and for that I can never truly thank you for everything you’ve done posthumously. I wish there was a way to save you from your fate but it looks like the universe had it written that way so by some chance you can affect millions of lives that you always planned to do.

No matter how many years pass by, the world will never forget what kind of a beautiful human you were and I, along with millions of others will make sure that your name will live on forever. And that we will be reminded of your grace and talent and try to pick up the pieces you’ve left behind and sort them back together.

Love always & your friend,

Sonia Ammar

Day 2; 10 likes and dislikes

Likes -

• tv
• music
• zayn malik
• YA books
• twitter
• when people listen
• making money
• photography
• travelling

Dislikes -

• insensitive jerks
• drama queens
• unappreciative people
• hypocrites
• fixing my hair
• low battery
• unfollowers
• answering phone calls
• cats
• zerrie


Day 29: Episode You Hate That Everyone Else Loves

Pangs, 4x08

Hmm, well for starters I just found this episode boring, and plain and I was really impatient watching this because I just wanted to watch Hush already. Anyways, yeah so as boring as this was nothing beats the return of Angel, okay I’ll admit at first I was excited to see him but I couldn’t have been more annoyed at the fact that he remained hidden from Buffy and wouldn’t let her see him. LIKE COME ON. Ughhhh he just doesn’t help my POV of him being selfish, I legit think he acts like that to piss me off intentionally. 


Day 3: Favorite Song Used In a Episode There is so much about this song that is a reason to be my favorite. Ugh this is tough, I live I’ve got a theory, rest in peace, Tara and Giles duet but this one is fantastic. In this moment you can tell after spilling out their darkest secrets and vulnerable moments they all wonder where do they go from here, were does there friendship, relationship, and life go. That one part where Giles sings and Tara’s voice helps back him up tugs at my heart…..cause they both decided where they’re going. Anyways so much is said between Xander and Anya, and Spike and Buffy. I really love this song and applaud the actors on their great performances throughout this episode!

Day 10: Least Favorite Season

This question shouldn’t even exist but sigh, you gotta do what you gotta do. SO first of all I was gonna say season 3 but 3x09 is my fav ever, and we get to see Faith and the Mayor. Then I was going to say season 4 but guilty as charged I enjoyed it a lot, then I was gonna say season 6 but Dark Willow….nuff said. So that leaves it to season 7. Even though the last few episodes rank in my top 50 favorites its just that a lot of things fell apart and well these reasons go as follow

  • No Tara
  • In Empty Places, it just makes me so angry how everyone gained up against Buffy and her judgement like wtf?? She’s risked everything for everyone and that is how she’s treated
  • The potentials, really who do they think they are coming into Buffy’s home and thinking they’re relevant enough to have a say in what she does. Kennedy, Rona and the others needed a righteous slap to the face half the time like stfu Buffy and Faith been through more then any of your dumbasses will ever go through….ugh I hate that episode so much which is a reason why I dread watching season 7
  • Anya dies
  • There’s basically no scoobies this season just everyone working together unwillingly
  • Spike’s gone all soft
  • Giles starts to act like Wesley back in his days
  • And its the last season. I don’t like when things come to an end and the whole army, final battle and First evil really makes me nostalgic for the other seasons.