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Your post about Sonya being like a mother for Nino made me draw this… I’m not sure Genny will let Nino steal her favorite mom ;-)

Sonya is still best mom though.

OH MY GOD I’M CRYING I LOVE IT?????? kiddos plz. but i’m sure eventually genny and nino will decide MAYBE they can share sonyamom after all and end up the best of sisters :’)

MFW guys in their wedding♥ (edited cgs)

Well I got bored and made this. Then I liked it so much that I posted it. Definitely didn’t thought that it would be so beautiful.

Its free to use, and like by the way.

Copyright: voltage inc my forged wedding characters.

April 2017, 34 pages

$8 + $2 S&H

“Fierce like the history of poetry itself, Alina Pleskova gives us poetry that explores how relations, love, and even failed love are where the real answers await. I would read anything she writes, a poet who gives the world back to us with her brilliant, assertive poems. Say Thank You Alina and BUY THIS BOOK!” – CAConrad

“In Alina Pleskova’s What Urge Will Save Us fever, competing economies of intimacies, work, and cultural expectation circulate together around a speaker who resists definition(s). Off-handed insight and candor brew an extremely subtle defiance here, allowing Pleskova to ask in subways, on sidewalks, of partners and friends all the gorgeous questions about how to resist and persist.” – Cynthia Arrieu-King

“I thought it’d be more years of / men repeating my jokes louder / instead I swallowed / something electric” and I’m not exaggerating when I say Alina’s is the only poetry I read these days. What Urge Will Save Us is a potent little book, all summer thighs sticking to the bus seat and late-night existential crises tempered with tarot; the kind of thing you write “!!!” in the margins of and make your friends borrow like they could ever care the way you do. Forget mamochka with her zakuski and come drink up the sun tonight, it’s all-in out here, it is, excuse me, really fucking great. You’ll remember this one.“ – Sonya Vatomsky

"When your post-millennial love/life is feeling all Buffy S6 going through the motions minus that up-tempo musical number destined to be a breakaway pop hit— what’s a girl to do? If you’re Alina Pleskova, you re/write it, your own Ballad of Sexual Ennui, chronicling the struggle for intimacy & understanding among lovers & friends in a world gone weird. In her new chapbook, Pleskova writes with a weary wisdom, naked & true, sentimental minus the mawkish. Here is a suite of anthems for a sexual revolutionary charting her course out of the whimper & back to the bang. Her urge will save you if you let it.” – Jenn McCreary



The Faithful believe that in times of tragedy, Mila will provide. As a cleric in her service, Genny struggles to do the same- to keep the faith, and to keep her promise, made what feels like a lifetime ago. 

A post-canon fix-it ficlet for Fire Emblem Echoes, featuring Genny and her found family. I hope you all enjoy the read. 

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It was not Mila who soothed her grief.

After the incident, when Genny was left wandering the countryside, aimless and alone, she found herself in a tavern, gazing up at the bottles on the wall. She’d never drank as a child. Not even now, as a woman grown. But she’d heard stories, of how people drowned their sorrows in ale, or smothered their worries in a warm embrace.

In the end, it was a touch that healed her. Not from a comely stranger, but an old friend- an old face from the priory.

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So I can’t let Shepard’s birthday pass without celebrating Sonya. As silly as this sounds, this gal changed my life. I thought I was done with writing, but then one day, Sonya woke up and informed me that I have a hell of a lot of stories to tell and I better get to it. 

More importantly, playing Mass Effect and posting about Sonya led to all of you. I’ve been so lucky with friendships on tumblr and I can’t thank you all enough. 

Ao3 tells me there are 167,121 posted words about Sonya. And there are a lot of unposted and unfinished works to be posted some day. 

Here are some important links to my Garrus-romancing, Earth Born, Sole Survivor Engineer, aka, the light of my life. 

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Sonya feeds all the stray cats outside of the house. They all have names. During the winter she takes some of the super old blankets in the house (probably knitted by the aforementioned knit-gossip-tea-book club) and makes a bed for the kitties. One morning she goes out and finds a ginger kitty has kittens. She gets a basket and puts mama kitty and kittens in and takes them inside the house. Now the rostov residence has five kitties! (Well four now, they give one to Mary!!)

Yes!!! Marya acts like she doesnt rlly care but she cries a bit just because,,, she loves those kittens

yxtes replied to your post: *sonya voice* you made your father cry nick!! why…

nick: you know sometimes i just want to grab my sister by the shoulders and shake her. like, did we not grow up in the same house?? am i blind ??? like what the hell is nick senior giving her.

o KAY BUT REALLY his thoughts the whole episode trying to understand why his sister is still in the mindset that the head of the household must be respected and how does he snap her out of it

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Spearmint, Sonya needed as much of it as she could find. With her parents leaving for a few days, she took it on herself to perform a travel spell for their safety. You could never overdo it in the brunette’s mind, especially when it was directed towards people you love. So now she found herself roaming through the nursery department of the store, collecting as much as she could. When she felt she had enough, the witch couldn’t help but mentally check over what else she might need for the future. It was embarrassing, asking the same person every time she came as to what they had in stock for her. Sonya wasn’t sure if they were on first name basis yet with the amount of times she frequented here, but found herself approaching them nonetheless. 

“Hey, so uh, what’s in stock today? I think I’m going to need some candles today if you have them, preferably anything that isn’t made from white wax.” She paused for a minute, pretending to scratch an itch on her nose before speaking again. “And a new knife or two wouldn’t hurt either.” Just in case she needed to trim off some of the wax and cut up the spearmint to more manageable pieces.