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Great Comet Things

So here’s a list of great comet tidbits from the last two times i saw it. I made another post about the first time i saw it a while ago that has my some other moments of interest. Honestly I’ve now seen this show three times and I still feel like I missed a million things

-I know a lot of people talk about this but Marya wears a black leather jumpsuit and holds a riding crop during the duel and also is having the time of her life on the platform by the door playing a big drum during balata

-i think it was during pierre but there’s just a neat moment where four different men are lined up playing guitar

-Andrey gives Natasha a necklace right at the beginning of the show, and then later during charming Helene actually takes it off of her, gives her one of her necklaces, and keeps the andrey necklace for herself

-oh also during the first half of charming natasha is in her underwear

-right at the beginning of no one else the entire lighting of the theatre changes to blue

-right after the duel anatole and helene mime this little “boxing” moment its just really cute

-When Anatole and Natasha first kiss during the ball, that sound is actually the entire ensemble doing rings around the rim of the their glasses. They each stop one by one and the last person to let go is Helene who lingers a little bit longer than everyone else, and there’s a dim spotlight on her as she stops

-during dust and ashes the ensemble is all over the theatre doing those backup vocals, but they come out in the mezzanine almost in like a procession, and line up all the way across the mezzanine, and also all the way down the aisles in the orchestra. It had a very like voyeuristic quality? Like Pierre is being looked over by all these people it’s really beautiful

-in a call to pierre, when marya sends the letter, paul pinto carries it over to pierre and those hanging lights like light up to follow the letter? its on that big ascending run in the music and you can really only tell when you sit in the mezzanine but its a cool effect

-during the opera if you sit in the mezzanine, after the initial opera part when it gets to “in the second act there were tombstones,” gelsey bell and paul pinto come up to the mezzanine and continue to mime the opera

-during one of the newer parts in the abduction when music gets all big and grand, there’s a man on the stage by the door at the top doing like that russian dance where you’re on your heels and then bounce up, but really slowly, BUT there’s also a man up the mezzanine doing the exact same thing and they’re facing each other almost like they’re having a dance off from across the theatre and they both have huge spotlights on them

-there’s about five million things that are happening during the abduction actually so i won’t go into all of them, but i also love the “accordion-off” that sort of happens between the two women who play it

-if you watch the tony performance you can catch a lot of the other little moments like natasha smashing a painting over balagas head, of course the making out, and everyone throwing what i think are pages of war and peace everywhere 

- so when they do the fur cloak part an ensemble member comes to the front and acts out the whole thing while playing violin, her name is pearl rhein and when i talked to her at stage door i was like “i love your feature!” and she just goes “ME TOO!” and then goes “yeah people always ask me what my favorite part is and i just go well my part!” it was so cute

-there’s one or two times in the show when sonya and anatole cross paths on stage and she just glares at him

-when natasha poisons herself marya and sonya are both sitting onstage in the audience, and i’m pretty sure sonya immediately stands up, but i know marya does, an the she just watches her before they run after her offstage

-dolokhov plays the guitar during natasha very ill which i found neat

-its so funny when pierre sings “unable to find the sleeves” at the end of pierre and natasha, i’m pretty sure that at every show i was at the audience thought he had messed up and ad-libbed that

-when i talked to grace clean at stage door i told her i loved her music and she said there should be an album very soon if anyone was curios

-when i met paul pinto at stage door i told him that he has insane energy and he just goes “yeah it must be all that cocaine” before laughing and going “WAIT don’t do drugs”

Great Comet 8/17

I was sitting stage left banquettes, row BC. A lot of this is stuff I didn’t notice the first time around in the orchestra, or specific actor interactions! 

-I told the usher who showed me to my seat that he had, the best job in the world and he wholeheartedly eagerly agreed with me, saying he gets to watch the full show every other night and that he’s started sitting on the opposite side of the stage to get a different view. Everyone involved in this show loves it with everything they have and that is part of what makes it so special. 

-During Prologue Natasha and Sonya cross arms so Natasha drinks Sonya’s shot and Sonya drinks Natasha’s shot what cuties!  

-Dolokhov fist bumps so much i love the little party man

-at “minor charaaacterrrrs’ an ensemble member made eye contact with me and put his thumb and pointer finger close together. I did the same and he nodded emphatically 

-Scott Stangland was on as Pierre and honestly his physical acting blows me away? He moved so slowly and heavily. It seemed like every step took such immense effort because he’s just so weighed down with despair. It really helped me sympathize with Pierre even more than I already had 

-From where I was sitting Pierre’s back was to me when he sat at the piano, but the spot where sheet music usually goes was mirrored, so I was able to see his facial expressions! which is just, so genius. When Pierre wasn’t there the conductor placed an ipad with all his sheet music there

-Anatole walked across stage and rolled his eyes at Pierre when he sang ‘left it toothless and bald’ and ensemble members on the staircase next to me laughed/pointed fingers at Pierre :((( 

-Marya hits every note with such a wonderful balance of aggression and playfullness and it will never cease to amaze me 

-Sonya and Natasha held hands as they walked aw

-Mary and old prince Bolkonsky were onstage this whole time, in the area below the platform by the big door. Mary was reading a bible and bolkonsky was whittling. He trembles SO MUCH him holding a pocket knife was. a fright. 

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Top 35 TV Shows of 2013

27. The Bridge US

How long can El Paso Look Away? We’ve got some interesting times ahead

The US version of The Bridge is one strange show. Seriously the pacing for the season was all over the place with the real climax happening in the rather excellent 11th episode Take the Ride, Pay the Toll and the season finale not feeling like a finale at all. At times I really wasn’t interested in the overall mystery of who The Beast was and why he was killing on both sides of the border but I was completely pulled into the show but the relationships.

Whether it be the mentor come father/daughter relationship between Sonya and Hank, the forming friendship and working partnership between Sonya and Marco and the often hilarious and fascinating friendship between journalists Frye and Adriana.  As they all tried to solve the case it really became about these unlikely people becoming close and then at times being torn apart.  

I much prefer crime shows that focus on character development than just another dead body and sure there were subplots which seemed like pure detours or set up for season 2 but overall I really enjoyed The Bridge having not seen the original and that is probably for the best as I gather the murder case and tragic outcome is pretty much the same.

There were times though when the case aspect really worked, the chase to find Maria in the desert or the thrilling bridge confrontation between Marco and the killer. I also liked the weirdness Steven Linder, at first glance he looks like a clear suspect but instead he is trying to help the lost women of Juárez.

I think with some improvements and the recent announcement that Matthew Lillard and Emily Rios are now regulars the series can now jump from pretty great to all round excellent. I look forward to whatever case brings Sonya and Marco together again.

Favourite Episodes: Maria of the Desert / Take the Ride, Pay the Toll

Something I absolutely love about The Bridge:

Sonya’s appearance.

By that I mean, she wears polo shirts

we get to see her holster (oh lord how I love that holster)

she gets beat up, and we still get to see the scars.

Basically, everything that’s usually reserved for male characters on these types of shows, Sonya gets to inhabit. She gets to be bruised and bloody without having makeup cover it because ~she’s a woman women don’t get dirty~ or having it all magically disappear the next episode (because of ~time elapse oooh~).

Not sorry, I really love that. There’s reasons to have women with scars and shit without is being spousal abuse (as is per usual).