sonya cross


I present Sonya’s Leather Jacket: The single best piece of clothing of this past year of TV (and of ever), bar none. IT IS SPECTACULAR! It’s so rugged, it has SO MANY details all over, it looks so lived in. This surpasses Dean Winchester’s leather jacket in levels of cool! I fangirl over this jacket so much! Dianne Kruger did some great work on The Bridge. And the jacket fit the character perfectly, it’s almost a part of her body. It holds so much meaning to her because it belonged to her sister, too. It’s just an amazing piece in every way. Ugh I love it!

This, this and this are articles worth checking out for more on this insanely awesome jacket. It needs to be adored and recognized by more people!!

I’ve been working on this post for a while. I have so many gifs of Sonya wearing the jacket. It was REALLY hard to kill my darlings on this one.