More concept art of Aloy, the lead character of Horizon: Zero Dawn. I worked on this character together with the rest of the character team for a few months in 2013. It was a huge honor working with Guerrilla Games and their inspiring, talented team! I’m so proud of them and the beautiful game they have created.

And I loved working on this character - hair is one of my favorite things to draw, so this was the perfect job for me, haha! These concept drawings make an appearance in this featurette by Sony:

Image © Sony and Guerrilla Games.

Laughing at all the Larries faux-confused about the “shadiness” of Harry’s Sony deal being ‘revealed’ by Sony Mexico, as if the outgoing head of Columbia/incoming head of Sony Music didn’t tell Billboard six weeks ago “we have a record we’re incredibly excited about and it’s not far away from being ready”. Like….did they somehow miss that??! 

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Wait, if old xian is't earning any money from 19 days than how does she make money😐

19 days earns her a lot of exposure (3 billion reads on weibo) and she gets paid very generously by her boss (last year just as bonus she got an iphone 6s from him, a new condo and a holiday to japan), gets book sales from her artbook, and all the advertisements she does for huge companies like marvel, apple (iphone, ipad, apple watch), sony, huwei, gintama, coca cola, that green water bottle, game apps, contact lenses, even tinder 

sony has sponsored/commissioned/paid her for product placement for the pink haired guy and band guy 

thanks sony for the gays 


We know when you’re sleeping
We know when you’re awake
We count.
Your heart takes.

We are way beyond status updates.

Let’s feel what you feel
Kick up those heels
Spin your wheels
We can see your pulse
We can see your calories

We’re with you
On that little band
Clasped ’round your wrist
Big Brother is
So much smaller now.

And how you adore
The color combo
With those digital eyes
Of your wearable watcher.

iWatch. weWatch.

Forget that the two-way mirror
Is always right here.

litglob © 2018


This entire watch and strap is an e-paper display.

Fashion Entertainments ‘FES Watch’ is able to change the look of not only its watch face, but also the strap with the press of a button.

The watch is the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign, although as the Wall Street Journal notes, the company behind it is in fact a division of Sony.

“We hid Sony’s name because we wanted to test the real value of the product, whether there will be demand for our concept,” a person involved in the project said.

Does that look like Jeff and Annie to anyone else? I was just watching the Sony UK preview on Reddit and this caught my eye right away and it’s made me excited because look at it!!! 

The girl has dark hair and seems to be dressed a little like Annie in S1 and there’s all the hearts around it. 

I’m really thinking it might be Jeff and Annie and it excites me that they’re putting figures who resemble them on the cootie catcher outside of the US this possibly means really good things for us!!! 


Watch in HD ;)

These two are really growing on me !

so a lot of people are upset that The Interview was racist and that Sony, Seth Rogen, and James Franco didn’t take the opportunity they had in order to raise awareness about what’s happening in North Korea, but if everyone would stop acting like they’re better than anyone who sees that movie, you’d all realize that it has brought an astronomical amount of attention towards the real life issues in North Korea.

literally everyone is talking about this movie. and the fact that it had the whole controversy on whether or not it was going to be released made it even more in demand. Sony lost probably millions of dollars when they went ahead and released it on the internet, and it wasn’t just because they wanted to say, “fuck you, we’re America,” it was because the film did expose North Korea and Kim-Jong Un, but in a way so that people would actually watch it.

Sony and the producers (including Seth Rogen) knew that no stuck-up American and their pride would go watch a documentary on North Korea because, hey, it’s not America, it’s not our problem, we’re not living with famine and prison camps, so we don’t give a shit.  they made a movie where it was racist, derogatory, and just flat out fucked up because we want to see that. Sony did their job, and if you don’t think so, you’re looking at it the wrong way.

i currently go to college for screenwriting and producing, and the number one thing we are taught is to know our audience and Sony fucking knew who they were selling this film to, and they did a good fucking job at it.

Keep calm and Harry on

EXCLUSIVE 1D watch special: Sony want Styles as solo superstar


ONE DIRECTION fans across the globe were distraught as I broke the world exclusive that the group will disband in March.

But the good news is that they won’t have to wait long to hear new music from the band’s members.

Just one day after revealing their hiatus, I can reveal HARRY STYLES is already being courted by record bosses at Sony to sign a mega solo deal.

Top execs at the company, which has 1D on their books through SIMON COWELL’s Syco label, are determined to turn Harry into the band’s breakout solo star.

They have made launching his debut material their top priority for 2016 — ahead of his three bandmates LOUIS TOMLINSON, NIALL HORAN and LIAM PAYNE.

1D quitter ZAYN MALIK is likely to get a head start, with another Sony label RCA, pushing for a release of his first solo material early next year.

My top Sony insider said: “Harry has always been One Direction’s most popular member and it’s obvious that we want to secure him — he’s a global superstar.

“Zayn will get to release an album first, as he left the band earlier, but the most excitement is about what Harry is going to do.

“Everyone wants to know what his solo material will sound like, there’s also a lot of pressure to get it right.”

Harry has been plotting his next move for the past year and he has taken advice from a host of senior industry figures.

The long-haired heartthrob has been getting tips from IRVING AZOFF, the former head of Ticketmaster and Live Nation who has managed the world’s biggest artists including MAROON 5, THE EAGLES and CHRISTINA AGUILERA.

Interestingly, Harry is also close to Azoff’s son Jeff, who himself is a top agent at CAA, the firm which represents JUSTIN BIEBER, KANYE WEST, TOM CRUISE, SCARLETT JOHANSSON and MILEY CYRUS.

My insider added: “Harry is a smart guy and is really good at surrounding himself with talented people.”

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