Highlights of GTLive playing Sara is Missing

- Mat laughing so much and moving around the couch cause he can’t contain his excitement
- Figging
- Mat and Steph both acting out the voices it’s perfect
- Mat and Steph making Derek and Sara’s breakup WAY MORE overdramatic
- Mat acting as Sara’s mother
- The way Mat pronounces “Sasebo Slashing”
- Mat and Steph’s legitimate concern over the Red Room video


My most wanted games 2016 😍😍😍😍 in the right order 😊😊😊 i can’t wait for this games 😍😍😍😍
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If sony wants to watch their hands from babygate, they should end babygate. After this article, it's gonna be like 2+2=4

Yeah if there’s going to be an ending that publicly reveals bts stuff about it, it would be good to have someone to pin it on or for the implication to be there. That might just be wishful thinking though for a number of reasons. We’ll see what happens…


They called it the rocket ship of dreams.”


Lately, I’ve been getting BIG into one of the Scooby-Doo reboots– “Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated” to be exact– and it is REALLY GOOD! Yeah, it has it’s flaws, but it’s most certainly above average compared to other cartoons. :)

Binge-watching that for a couple hours every night kind of inspired me to make a mystery solving AU of my own! Introducing Septic Solvers, the rag-tag group of mid-20’s groupies from the 1990’s that go around solving the mysteries behind the strange creatures in their city with their mascot, Septic Eye Sam!

Sam, of course, is their oddball animal-not-really-but-it-counts mascot; Jack is a goodfball that’s in it for the thrill; Signe is the main brains in the operation and the lovely girlfriend of Jack; Robin is your friendly neighborhood elaborate trap man; and Felix is… well, he’s there, I guess, but he’s mostly comedy relief, as well as the head of the Septic Solvers blog!

I dunno how they would’ve met. Maybe they were all in some kind of club in highschool or college for foreign students and turned it into a mystery solving club? Maybe Felix and Robin would’ve known each other as kids in this universe? Who know, my dude? All I have rn is that they’re the raddest mystery group with the raddest floating, talking eyeball!!

I might just end up drawing more of this concept, who knows? .O.


RLM takes on the Ghostbusters controversy and utterly destroys Sony’s narrative.

Do watch this, it’s actually quite interesting and really makes it clear just how utterly ridiculous this shit was once you break down the numbers.