More concept art of Aloy, the lead character of Horizon: Zero Dawn. I worked on this character together with the rest of the character team for a few months in 2013. It was a huge honor working with Guerrilla Games and their inspiring, talented team! I’m so proud of them and the beautiful game they have created.

These concept drawings make an appearance in this featurette by Sony:… and in some of Guerilla Games’ presentations.

Image © Sony and Guerrilla Games.

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important question: what hogwarts houses do the Galra Generals belong in

dam son

i didn’t watch season 3 that hard so forgive me if this characterization is off

Zethrid: Zethrid is wild enough to be a Gryffindor but loyal enough to Lotor to be a Hufflepuff. Loyalty is a very Gryff/Huff trait; Hufflepuff emphasizes loyalty out of faith, while Gryffindor is more loyalty earned (similar to Slytherin, but that’s another analysis entirely). Hufflepuff as a whole tends to be the slightly slower house however just because more chill people tend to be Sorted there (relative to the school), so Zethrid would probably push for Gryffindor just so she can pull Stunts. Tldr, she’s a Gryff.

Acxa: Ravenclaw. Acxa is a very careful person, who prefers to be completely appraised of a situation before she’ll even raise a finger. She borders Slytherin but I just get the feeling that she values knowledge a whole lot. A true Slytherin would be okay with limiting say, books, but Acxa seems the type to squirrel them away. So, Ravenclaw.

Ezor: Slytherin. She’s a very peppy girl so people are surprised by her house placement but imo Slytherin strives to hide in plain sight and subterfuge. “Always keep them guessing,” is a good saying to apply to Ezor, as her personality seemingly contradicts her actions all the time.

Narti: I literally cannot glean Narti’s personality besides her relationship with her cat so I have no idea how to place her. She’s super loyal to Lotor so tbh she would probably just request to be placed in whatever House he’s in so she can protect him better?? She doesn’t have a lot of outside personality, at least from what I can remember, which is a goddamn shame. At the very least, I can fall back on Loyalty and classify her as either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. I kind of want to make her Hufflepuff just so the Houses are balanced among the generals, lmfao.


Lotor: Ravenclaw. He’s a textbook Slytherin which is why he specifically requested to be placed in Ravenclaw as a misdirect, lol. Knowledge and power are oftentimes intertwined, and Lotor wants to be in control of it all. Ravenclaw is the best place for him to bide his time; for one, the smart kid is automatically endeared to the class, as students oftentimes rely on them to carry the class. Lotor becomes a teacher’s pet, helps people with homework, establishes hella connections in the meanwhile, and learns how to cheat the system by becoming the system. Being a Ravenclaw also separates him from his father’s legacy. So pop off, Prince Lotor.

Laughing at all the Larries faux-confused about the “shadiness” of Harry’s Sony deal being ‘revealed’ by Sony Mexico, as if the outgoing head of Columbia/incoming head of Sony Music didn’t tell Billboard six weeks ago “we have a record we’re incredibly excited about and it’s not far away from being ready”. Like….did they somehow miss that??! 


The Aibo meet video is up for anyone who wants to watch! 🤖✨

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Wait, if old xian is't earning any money from 19 days than how does she make money😐

19 days earns her a lot of exposure (3 billion reads on weibo) and she gets paid very generously by her boss (last year just as bonus she got an iphone 6s from him, a new condo and a holiday to japan), gets book sales from her artbook, and all the advertisements she does for huge companies like marvel, apple (iphone, ipad, apple watch), sony, huwei, gintama, coca cola, that green water bottle, game apps, contact lenses, even tinder 

sony has sponsored/commissioned/paid her for product placement for the pink haired guy and band guy 

thanks sony for the gays