Sony ve Ericsson ayrılıyor mu?

Japon ortak Sony, İsveçli ortağındaki hisseleri satın almak istiyor.

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Son birkaç yılda Android’in hızlı yükselişinden en çok faydalanan isimlerden olmayı başaran SonyEricsson, arka arkaya duyurduğu güçlü ve şıkcihazları ile pazardaki kaybettiği etkinliği geri almaya başlamıştı.

Bu başarıya karşın Japonların, İsveçli ortağından ayrılmak istediği konuşulmaya başladı bu günlerde. Gerçi yıllardır bu tür haberleri görmeye alışmıştık ancak bu kez durum biraz daha ciddi gibi görünüyor zira Wall Street Journal’da yayınlanan bir habere göre rakamlar bile şimdiden telaffuz edilmeye başlandı.

Buna göre Japon ortak Sony, İsveçli ortağındaki hisseleri satın almak istiyor. 2001 yılında her iki tarafın da %50 paya sahip olduğu bir ortaklık altında kurulan şirket, patent konusunda da önemli bir arşive sahip durumda. Sony’nin İsveçli ortağındaki hisseleri almak için girişimlere başladığı bile konuşuluyor. Analistlere göreyse böyle bir satın almanın Sony’ye maliyeti 1.3 ile 1.7 Milyar Dolar arasında değişen bir rakam olacak.

Me watching the Federer match...

When he was serving for the match…

Ryan catching up to 40-15 on Roger’s serve…

Roger stopping play and giving Ryan the break because some idiot from the stands yelled “out”…

Ryan’s shot hitting the net cord and making it over anyway…

The lines person calling Roger’s shot out when it was in…

During the tiebreak…

…Roger WINNING 6-3, 7-6!

Get ready for a long rambling rant:

I have a problem with my mobile phone.

I first noticed something was off last week when I caught my phone turning itself off and on again. It was in my bag, so I shrugged it off, thinking something must have been pressed up against the power key.

Then two days later I noticed a new symbol on my phone next to the signal bars. I’m not sure how long it had been there, but that is when I first noticed it. It was a blue square with 3G+ inside it. After some research, the only information I could find about it was that it was something to do with internet and upload speeds. I’m not very good with this kind of thing, so any more technical solutions were lost on me. It’s possible the symbol has always been there and that was just my first time noticing it, but I’m not sure.

The next day, I was out in town and the symbol was still there. I mentioned it to my mum and she said she had got a new symbol appear on her phone in the same place. Hers was a red box with a H inside it. Again, with the research I found the same answers as I did for my blue symbol. From what I can gather they meant the same thing, but were just different graphics, though I may be wrong.

Then last night, I lost all signal on my phone. I could not send or receive messages. It would act like I had got full signal until I hit the send button, when it would vanish and say no service. At the same time, my mum started experiencing the same problems. They are still not working today, though I have received some messages several hours after they were first sent, I still cannot send anything back. Both of our SIM cards work in other phones though, so we are not sure where the problem is coming from. It seems like an issue with the phone, but it’s odd that it should happen to two different phones at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that our phones are different models. Mine is a Samsung, whereas hers is a Sony Ericson. We are both on Tesco mobile, however my dad is as well, though he uses Pay as you go, whereas the pair of us are on contract.

We phoned the service provider earlier and they cannot find any problems with the signal or anything and have checked to see if they had been blocked for whatever reason.

I’m trying to use google to find answers, but I’m having problems finding the right wording. We wondered if there is a possibility that they could have somehow been hacked or something, though I have no idea how or why someone would want to do that.

So I’m posting this on here as 1) a way to vent my frustration and 2) to see if anyone else is having the same problems and 3) to see if anyone can offer any advice.

Also, sorry to anyone that has tried to contact me. I’m not using a very old phone which seems to be working alright. I’m still using the same number as well.

First advert made, 2008. 

This was the first media production I ever made, we had to make this within a six week process to get entry into our course at college. This was like a training course as they went through what we had to do on a six week basis and we carried it out.

I know the camera work is ‘shaky’ on this production I believe some of the shots were good. The music could have been better and there could have been more of a variety of shots.

(1997-2011) These are the phones I’ve been using since my parents decided to buy me one, I started using 3210 this was a plan my parents provided me so they can contact me in case of emergency. Then I got jealous with my classmates because they were using 3310 then I told my parents to trade my phone to 3310, after a month or so my parents upgraded my 3310 to 3315 and I got to change the back lights and I can download logo’s for my phone that was kinda cool at that time. I wanted a small phone because its hard for me to text inside the room my parents traded my phone to 7210. Then I shifted to 3510i which was the latest phone when I was in 6th grade and I think it was the first colored phone I owned and after a few months I traded it to 3530. The second colored phone I owned was 6100 it has no built in camera but there’s an available camera that you can attach to the phone which my parents bought me for my birthday I was very ignorant because I never had a cellphone with a camera ever since. I got tired of attaching the camera to my phone and I asked my parents to buy me a phone with a built in camera and they gave me my first cellphone with a built in camera the Nokia 6020 I took a lot of pictures with that phone and I always made a copy for each. The next phone that caught my eye is the Nokia 7370 which was very unique because its very cute and you can slide it side ways for you to see the keypads and I find it really amazing, my grandfather bought me that phone during my birthday after a few years. Next on the list is my first Sony Ericson phone which I bought for my self using my allowance the z520a, I didn’t want to use my 7370 because I kinda glued some diamonds on the front and it was pretty messy and I decided to save and buy a new one the Sony Ericson z520a. After a few months my friends forced me to sell my phone because they wanted me to buy the latest Sony Ericson k600i they told me that it has nice features and etc. well they really made me sell my phone and bought the Sony Ericson k600i it lasted for almost a year. My dad went to Cebu (because I went to school in Cebu during my first years of college) and he handed my a box and when I opened it I was shocked and saw this touch screen phone the XDAii it was complicated to use more likely a computer but I was not used to this kind of stuff touch screen thinggy. Yet I was still thankful, my dad told me he bought that phone and didn’t know how to use it and he decided to give it to me (sweeeet). Since my XDAii  was such a pain in the ass I bought another phone to use the Samsung katalyst SGH-t739 and used both phones with different numbers. Then after a year the N series came out the market and I begged my parents to buy me the latest N series which was the n70 (with front camera back camera with flash) I explored my new phone and made themes ring tones and etc. Christmas came and my dad randomly asked me if I wanted a new phone (we were at Limketkai in the center Nokia had a stall there) who would say no to that? I picked a phone N76. Then again another N series came out but my parents didn’t buy me because my phones are still in good condition. Sadly, I didn’t own the n73 white, after a few months the n73 8gb (black) came out then I finally owned one because I won $$ (swertres) lucky me. The next phone I owned was the N95 the white version after a few months I gave my N95 white version to my mom and asked my dad to buy me the latest N95 8gb black version, with my puppy dog eyes my dad said YES. It took me a year and a half before I got a new phone. My dad gave me a SMART plan with a free phone the Sony Ericson w350i it didn’t really last long I used it often and sometimes my classmates use to call somebody for emergency. After a year or two there was one time my dad and I had a fight for two weeks and after that when I went inside my room I saw this Nokia paper bag inside it was a N97 white version, he told me it was served as a peace offering. After 6 months me and my friends went out and I was in the influence of alcohol then the next morning when I woke up my phone was gone I had no idea where I left it and I told my dad about it and he bought me a temporary phone the Nokia X3-02. Hours later my friend posted something on my Facebook wall that my phone was with her HALELLUYAH my phone is back. A few months passed my phone fell and fell and fell then it keeps turning off by itself. Hello replacement my iPhone4 white hopefully this will last for years *fingers crossed*. Remembering all my cellphones makes me remember all the texts the weird moments the embarrassing wrong messages gaaaahh *blush*. This is fun you guys better try it :)