sony smash

Up Air: Clank Zapper

Using his upgrade from Going Commando, Clank extends his head and allows his antenna to unleash a sturdy green spark. The pulse shocks whoever touches Clank’s head or antenna and pushes them away, making the attack rely more on hitstun and knockback than damage itself. The attack is a single hit with damage that’s below average, decent knockback and respectable hitstun. Meant more as a “Get back!” move with a mean sting. Can KO on high percentages.

Done digitally. Clank is Sony’s, Smash Bros is Nintendo’s.

Up Tilt: Death Tornado Punch

That’s right, Crash Bandicoot is getting in on the Smash Bros moveset speculation.

Crash is my all time childhood favorite video game character. Ahead of even Diddy Kong and Rayman. I absolutely adored his first 3 games and it was sad seeing him drop harshly in quality after CTR, but I liked Twinsanity. He’s been passed around among developers so much that he’s now 3rd Party, so despite being an icon of the 1st Playstation and Sony’s former mascot, he now has a legit chance of being in Smash. Anyway, I could gush about his oldschool self for paragraphs upon paragraphs, but let me detail this moveset idea instead:

Crash swings his arm upward and then spins it wildly above him, while the rest of his body remains balanced and stationary. Those that are hit by this move receive multiple hits until the attack ends and are lifted slightly higher to the tip of the tornado, but not high enough to escape. The duration of this move lasts exactly as long as a regular spin from him–about 2 seconds, which is how long his regular spin is in his Naughty Dog games–but it doesn’t knock foes away and simply stirs them around as it nudges them upward while damaging them. The name of the attack is meant to distinguish it from his Neutral Special, which of course is high on knockback when used on the ground and has the same duration, but doesn’t rack up damage. Since foes are pushed upward ever so slightly while being hit with this, the Death Tornado Punch is a good setup for Crash’s Up Smash, which explains why his other fist is clenched as if ready to strike.

Overall, Crash is a silly but dangerous fighter in my moveset. Not as erratic as Ripper Roo but still an energetic combatant. This is inspired by Crash 2’s Diggin’ It and Bee-Having levels, where Crash would attack bees by sticking his hand out of the ground and spin them away.
Done digitally. Crash currently belongs to Activision

Up Air: Quantum Whip

For his Up Air, Ratchet whips out a literal whip and tosses it slightly above him. Appearing in Up Your Arsenal, the Quantum Whip is the fully upgraded (or evolved a la pokemon) version of the Plasma Whip, a long fiery melee weapon that outclassed Ratchet’s omniwrench. The black and blue stream and bright sparks make the whip visually stand out from Zero Suit Samus’s weapon as well.

While the weapon doubled as both a melee and ranged weapon in Ratchet’s 3rd game, in Smash Bros he uses it strictly for ranged purposes. Here, he hurls it overhead and a short distance away from him. The whip will typically spin twice before returning to Ratchet: once on the upswing and once right before Ratchet catches it. The upswing sort of pulls in whoever it hits while the downswing knocks away whoever it touches, allowing those who are hit early enough to suffer 2 hits instead of 1 . Victims take fire damage from the whip and are cosmetically covered in black and blue flames, like many victims of Ganondorf’s attacks. It’s basically a vertical boomerang with even less distance than his Spiral of Death (Down Tilt), so while it is a ranged attack, it’s a little difficult for foes to Reflect or Collect the attack since it returns to Ratchet faster than the Spiral will. Also, the whip has an elliptical spin throughout its trajectory. The upswing’s hitbox is diagonally oriented despite the whip moving strictly upward as shown above, and the downswing is more vertically oriented, and–while impossible–if this whip could spin forever, it’d alternate between a vertical elliptic and a diagonal one. You’ll only get 2 swings out of this relatively quick move. The damage is slightly below decent/average but the range allows it to be disruptive to anyone who’s trying to attack from above at certain angles, and if Collected, you can’t use the move until the Collector (Rosalina or Villager) gets rid of it. If you’re knocked away while using this, the whip will try to return to you much like Link’s boomerang does when in the same situation.

This has the least range of all Ratchet’s projectile-oriented attacks. Done digitally; Ratchet belongs to Sony, Smash is Nintendo’s.

Down Tilt: Cryo Blast

While crouching, Clank whips out a weapon from Full Frontal Assault called the Cryo Shot and immediately fires it at the ground. The gun is projectile based in its home series, but since he’s shooting it downward at point-blank range, the gun instead creates an icy blast that freezes foes on contact! Enemies that are hit by the glacial explosion are also pushed upwards and away as they rebound from the blast while being frozen for the duration of their hitstun, so they don’t remain frozen for long but their damage percentage determines just how quickly they’ll break out of the ice along with how far they’ll be blasted back (which is also factored in by their weight). They’ll typically defrost before landing, even if they were only blown a couple feet back. Also worth mentioning is this Tilt leaves an icy streak on the ground for a brief moment after being fired, meaning anyone who runs or walks over the impact will find that area to be slippery. The spot is small and lasts less than 2 seconds, but having a spot that can mess up your traction is something you’d wanna know about, as it can disrupt your movement, and you could potentially trip. Those windows of opportunities are small though.

As Clank is aiming an icy explosive projectile at the ground instead of directly at enemies, the move can’t be Reflected or Collected. This makes the gun useful for him as it prevents opponents from using it to their advantage, but it can still be Absorbed for a brief moment by Ness and Lucas if they stand near the explosion. They won’t be healed much by the move, but it’s useful info. Also, Clank doesn’t use guns as much as Ratchet in this moveset but as recent games have shown, he doesn’t mind shooting by Ratchet’s side, so I don’t think this is out of character for him.

Done digitally. Clank is Sony’s and Smash is Nintendo’s.