sony shock


That’s right, one single commission slot open. First come first serve! 

Does not mean I won’t open more, but I’ll be opening only one at a time.

Contact me via email (so I can know you were the first to write to me!) at

PRICES ARE AS FOLLOW (I won’t be taking animation commissions at the time)

Traditional sketch: 7$  (+3$ extra character) | Digital sketch 10$ (+3$ extra character) | Digital sketch (clean lineart) 15$ (+3$ extra character)

Fake Watercolor 20$ (+5$ extra character)|Full colors 30$  (+5$ extra character)  | Full Illustration 50$ (+10$ extra character)

  • All base prices are for up to 2 characters. The extra character fee is for third and consequent characters
  • Very basic characters like Bomberman, pokemon or other very simplified characters won’t be considered extras. Same with details such as flowers, staffs or small furniture.
  • Price lowering is very likely. But ultimately it’s up to me, so please do not demand it.
  • Pieces will be 350 ppp, minimal A4 sized. PNG by default. Be free to specify details
  • Payment will be via paypal. You are free to pay at any time before the final piece is finished.
  • When deciding the details of your piece, do not fear on giving away any background story or psychological aspects. I appreciate those.
  • NSFW is allowed.
  • Delivery will be by email unless otherwise specified.

Good luck!!

30-minute-sonic challenges (<-That’s a link to the original post and you should join the challenges some time too!) made a Valentines special and as I told them, I didn’t do Robotnik/Wily because I still ship LightWly more and if that’s a pro or a con is matter of opinions.

I could go with Boom!Sonamy but I decided to work with the only good thing my ex got into me, which is much less acceptable. Happy Valentines everyone~!


The day after tomorrow! The day after tomorrow I’ll be selling at SummerFreak!

Anyway. Those are two of the prints I’ll be selling there~! There’s going to be a Splatoon live match AND there’s a Pokemon Gym at the building, so I’d say they’re appropiate, right? For the Pokemon one there will also be version with each of the starters availible. And of course over one hundred different stickers availible at my table!

Ta-daaa! Summer Freak commission! Except not really, it only turned into a sold good once I finished it. By the same people who actually got me in the mood to try some Mogekoverse fan art. Once it was finished and they saw it, one of them asked me to buy it! And they were super kind and scanned it for me!

The original has more charm, as any traditional art. In any case, I found it strangely pleasing how much fun I had doing traditional artwork again!