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Fun Fact: erector spinae

Anatomy def: bundle of vertically-oriented back muscles, one on each side of the spine; straighten the back and rotate the trunk from left to right.

Outlander def: paired columns of awesome, delightful Jamie muscles that flank the midline spinal groove.

Learn about erector spinae in Anatomy Lesson #10 “Jamie’s Back” or “Aye, Jamie’s Back!”

Read about Jamie’s erector spinae as Claire muses about these rounded columns of back muscles in Outlander book:

I thought with some regret that it must have been quite a beautiful back at one time. His skin was fair and fresh, and the lines of bone and muscle were still solid and graceful, the shoulders flat and square-set and the backbone a smooth, straight groove cut deep between the rounded columns of muscle that rose on either side of it.

See Jamie’s erector spinae muscles flex and bulge in rebellion at Dougal’s daring “usury” in Starz episode 105, Rent (also see his erector spine in episodes 102, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 112, 115 16...pretty much in every episode. Snort!)

A deeply grateful,

Outlander Anatomist
First Look at 'Ghostbusters' Reboot's Ecto-2 Motorcycle | Spinoff Online | TV & Film News Daily
The Ghostbusters will have a new addition to their fleet in director Paul Feig's franchise reboot: the Ecto-2 motorcycle.

We caught a glimpse last summer of Chris Hemsworth astride a motorcycle on the set of “Ghostbusters,” but now IGN has the first official look at the custom ride from Paul Feig’s reboot. It’s called … Ecto-2.

Ecto-1 is, of course, the iconic ambulance that’s made its way from the original movies to the Sony Pictures reboot. The motorcycle, however, is a new addition to the Ghostbusters fleet.

Opening July 15, “Ghostbusters” stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.


Mavis from Hotel Transylvania! :D I do think that her original face really fits her (one of those times when a baby-face on an adult works IMO), but it will most likely look really out of place in the second movie when she is older and a mother (as far as I know they have not changed her design at all). :o 

PS: Changed the tilt of her head in my edit.

More animated ladies with “realistic” proportions (because why not):

Elsa (GIF)ElsaAnnaRapunzelMother GothelHoney LemonAunt CassColetteMeridaRoxanneSusanLinda

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critic on the respective movies’ animation styles!  

Sony Pictures’ Sonic The Hedgehog (2018) to be Voiced by Arin Hanson of Game Grumps

  • Arin “Holds the Wiimote in between his toes” Hanson.
  • The same Arin who was dumped by Jennifer (by the way, she called him last night, he thinks they can make it work.)
  • “Is there any challenge that life can throw at me that I can’t conquer with style and ease?” — Arin Hanson, 2016

Would you have anyone else voice Sonic? Sign this petition today and make it happen! 


Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Team-Up for Spider-Man Film Future

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios will team-up for the future of Spider-Man in film, the companies announced in a press release late Monday night. The new Spider-Man will appear first in an upcoming movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, before breaking off into his own, Sony-Produced, new franchise starting July 28, 2017. The new film will also be co-produced by Amy Pascal, who launched the franchise at Sony Pictures, and Kevin Feige, producer and president of Marvel Studios.

The press release, on, detailed the new deal, saying the two studios are “also exploring opportunities to integrate characters from the MCU into future Spider-Man films.”

Disney’s Chairman and CEO Bob Iger said of the deal, “Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s great characters, beloved around the world. We’re thrilled to work with Sony Pictures to bring the iconic web-slinger into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which opens up fantastic new opportunities for storytelling and franchise building.”

Feige, meanwhile, says that “Marvel’s involvement will hopefully deliver the creative continuity and authenticity that fans demand from the MCU.”

He notes personally, “I am equally excited for the opportunity to have Spider-Man appear in the MCU, something which both we at Marvel, and fans alike, have been looking forward to for years.”

The press release is careful to note that while Feige and Marvel Studios will be involved in the future Spidey solo flicks, “Sony Pictures will continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man films.” This means that it’s still up to Sony when the movies come out, and while Marvel Studios will be in the room, Sony can still say “yes” or “no” to individual characters and story ideas. The plus side for Marvel Studios of that arrangement: they don’t have to put up the capital for these films, and can continue to focus on everything from Captain America to Dr. Strange to Captain Marvel and beyond as they expand the MCU.

With a first date of mid-2017 for the new Spider-Man film franchise, Marvel Studios has several opportunities to introduce the character. While it’s unlikely that 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron or Ant-Man would introduce the new Spidey, 2016 presents two golden opportunities: Captain America: Civil War, based on a comic book story that held Spider-Man as a central character, torn between Iron Man and Captain America, and Doctor Strange, which has been said by Marvel Studios to explore new worlds and dimensions.

The July 28, 2017 release date also raises a question: what about Thor: Ragnarok? The third Thor film from Marvel Studios was announced to have that date locked down in the initial “Phase 3” announcement; while not addressed in this press release, it can be assumed that with Marvel’s stake in the new Spidey film, they won’t release the two movies on the same day, meaning Ragnarok will shift dates.

The deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios was long speculated upon and rumored, not to mention clamored for by fans. After several stops and starts, after Amy Pascal’s resignation from Sony, the deal was either finished or had new life, depending on who was reporting on it. Apparently being free of her duties as Co-Chairman at the production company meant she could team with Feige for the next adventure in Spider-Man’s web.

Just before closing the note it was know that Marvel Studios and Disney have announced the new release schedule for their films, based on the Spider-Man news. Four films have new release dates, starting with Thor: Ragnarok, shifting to November 3, 2017. Black Panther hits on July 6, 2018. Captain Marvel moves to November 2, 2018. Finally, Inhumans will now hit July 12, 2019, putting that film after the release of both parts of the two-part Avengers: Infinity War, which keeps its release dates of May 4, 2018 for Part 1, and May 3, 2019 for Part 2.

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Plans for a Hollywood blockbuster version of Doctor Who have been leaked, from the Sony Pictures​ computer hack.

Published by WikiLeaks, their source of a Doctor Who movie from Sony states:

The plans for Doctor Who were put in an email sent in January [2014] from Andrea Wong, president of International Production for Sony, to the company’s chief executive Michael Lynton.

The email says: “[Danny Cohen, Director of BBC TV] said that while there has been tremendous interest (and pressure from [BBC Worldwide]) to do a Dr Who film, the show runners feel very clear that they don’t want to do one at this moment.

“That said, over the course of the coming months, the show running team is coming up with an 8 year timeline for the brand – laying out all that will happen with it.
“He says that a film will certainly be a part of that timeline. So the answer is that a film won’t happen in the next year to 18 months, but it is expected that it will happen after that within the 8 year horizon.’

Lynton’s response was: “Sounds like we need to meet with the show runners.”

A follow up email from Wong reads: “Spoke to Danny and he doesn’t think it makes sense right now and actually might hurt our cause.

“He said that the creative team on the show have been having the movie conversation with BBC Worldwide in recent weeks and are very hot under the collar that their position on it is not being listened to or accepted.”

There’s been no response from Sony or the BBC on the leak, though Sony has strongly condemned the release of material by Wikileaks, saying: “We vehemently disagree with WikiLeaks’ assertion that this material belongs in the public domain.”

Prior to 1993, it might have been hard to describe a time loop to someone in the general public. Now, you just have to say 7 little words: “It’s a Groundhog Day type of situation.” On its surface, a goofy 90s comedy where Bill Murray drives a truck off a cliff might sound like…