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Connecting the dots...

So on Tuesday, a blind item was written about Louis and Eleanor reuniting and signing a “new deal” in the process.

  • Priming the fandom at large: About about a month was spent on social media likes and follows and articles from about the minute the Douis break-up announcement hit until Sunday of this week (19 February 2017).
  • The blind item: On Tuesday (21 February), a blind item was published on our old friend Blind Gossip’s website. Yes, I know it’s a blind item. Yes, I know Blind Gossip lies out it’s ass 99% of the time. But this blind was written to specifically speak to larries. They framed it as a contract relationship (read: fake) and that it was a “GOOD thing” she was coming back, despite fan (read: larrie) reservations. Then they went on to say the person (Louis) was considering signing a new deal with this person (Eleanor). 
  • Sony Pictures: On Wedensday (22 February), Jojo was called to take pictures of Louis at the Sony offices in West London just hours before the Brits. She DMed an update account and said the pictures would not be published that day. Despite some indications Louis would attend the Brit Awards, he did not (and we all know the weird shit show that followed). 
  • The Reunited Article: To no one’s surprise, the article the pictures were published with was about a Louis/Eleanor reunion, thus implying Louis was in on the pictures and the content of the article. 

So, if we follow the very obvious crumb trail here, fans are meant to believe:

  1. Antis, Elounor Shippers, Ex-Larries, etc. - Eleanor and Louis are back together and God is real again and the larries will finally shut up! BABY + ELEANOR=LARRIE KRYPTONITE! 
  2. Larries - If we assume the blind item is correct, then maybe Louis did sign a new deal with Eleanor at Sony this week, and that means she’ll be around for a while. And we know that their public trips to Sony (Liam and Louis’ specifically) are often followed by dumb shit (Chiam baby, babygate). 

Basically, the trail is obvious. It emboldens the antis, but the blind, especially, was designed to speak to the “exhaustion” of the larries. We talk about it all the time. What’s the worst case scenario for some of us? 2 Louis stunts. The end of babygate but the return of Elounor doesn’t sit well with some of us, either. 

So it becomes a little easier to rationalize Louis wants to remain closeted, that he’s made this choice, that “we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes,” and that part may be true. But the way this has been set up on a silver platter for everyone, twisted just the right way for each audience, made for public consumption since the beginning of time, is why we shouldn’t believe the bullshit, even when it’s been manufactured to speak directly to us as a subset of this narrative. 

I think Eleanor, at this point, is going to be around at least a couple of months, maybe a few more, and it’s important that we just don’t let the demons shout down the better angels in our brains, so to speak, and allow the exhaustion and confusion and the images we’re seeing break us. Because that’s what they’re designed to do. 

So just hold on. :)
Louis Tomlinson dons a hoodie as sources say he has reunited with ex
The One Direction star, 25, rocked a casual look as he popped into his record company in West London on Thursday as sources claim that he is now back together with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

He recently sent fans into overdrive with rumours that he had reunited with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder two years after the couple split.

But Louis Tomlinson wasn’t giving anything away as he stepped out to visit his record company Sony in West London on Thursday.

The One Direction star, 25, opted for a casual look for the meeting, wearing a black zip-up hoodie over a white t-shirt.

He donned pale blue jeans which were ripped at the knees and spotless white sneakers.

The dad-of-one looked a little sleepy as he clutched a coffee on his way into the office.  

Louis’s casual appearance comes just days after speculation that he had reunited with his fashion blogger ex-girlfriend Eleanor.

The pair, who dated for three years, triggered intense speculation when they followed each other again on Instagram and started liking posts.

Sources claim that the pretty pair are  back together following a secret reunion in Los Angeles.

Adding to the rumour mill, Louis and Eleanor were spotted wearing very similar sweatshirts. 

The couple, who parted ways in March 2015, reportedly rekindled their romance after Eleanor flew out to LA for work.

‘Louis and Eleanor spent a lot of time in Los Angeles together this month,’ a source told The Sun.

‘It’s early days but they are an item again. Eleanor was flown to Los Angeles for a huge Tommy Hilfiger fashion event as she works with the label as a blogger.

'They have a really special three years together and they have found it quite easy to find that spark between them again.’

Louis and Eleanor donned a Vetements hoodie inspired by Jack and Rose from Titanic just weeks apart from one another.

Louis wore his to pick up a coffee on Thursday in Hollywood, while Eleanor posted a sizzling shot of herself wearing a hoodie from the same French brand.

Her sweatshirt appeared to be the same as Louis’s apart from the yellow lettering.

Pouting sultrily at the camera, the brunette beauty - who split with Louis in 2015 - rocked a pair of black thigh-high boots in the snap.

And Louis was clearly impressed with the photo - and their similar taste in fashion sense - as he liked it on Instagram.

Fans claimed that the almost identical garment was a sign of their imminent reconciliation.

'I’m so happy you’re on good terms with Louis,’ one wrote, while another added: 'Louis was wearing the same top recently!’

'It’s obvious that Louis is going to come back with her to end all this s**t, so here we go.’

Others eagerly picked up on the fact that the father-of-one had liked Eleanor’s photo, commenting: 'Louis be stalking lol.’

'Omg Louis liked the post,’ while another pleaded: 'GET BACK YOU TWO.’

The couple were introduced by Harry Styles, and in 2014 Eleanor, now 24, acted as the Maid of Honour at Louis’ mother’s wedding.

But the pair split just a year later, with the stress of  constantly travelling the globe said to have been the root cause of their relationship woes.

Louis has been ostensibly single since splitting with American actress Danielle Campbell last year after the tragic death of his mother Johanna from leukaemia in December.

Singledad!Tom (the beginning) HC

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SingleDad!Tom is my life source tbh so here we go! I think I’m going to do a couple of these headcanons/blurbs because I love Little Alana. Also before you ask yeah I made Alana mixed because I wrote a headcanon about Tom x black reader, and a part of it had him doing the little girls curly hair and I fell in love with that so expect that to be a part of this Alana “series”. The actual reader though will be vague enough to imagine yourself in that part. I hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think. Love you guys!


Word Count: 1891

Warnings: Swearing and fluff

Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister

  • Tom was in a pretty stable relationship with a dancer he’d met while filming in NYC named Kaya.
  • The two knew how to have fun together and enjoyed each other’s company.
  • The relationship came to a close however when the two got into an argument about not seeing each other enough that ended up with screaming and glasses being thrown at Tom’s head.
  • Kaya stormed out in a rage and it was safe to assume that relationship was over.
  • Tom moved on with his life, not wanting to dwell too much on the girl he did have serious feelings for.
  • Flashforward about a year later, Tom gets a phone call from his publicist flipping out on him.
    • “Do you know what you’ve done!?”
    • “Oh my gosh, I stopped myself before I spoiled it too-”
    • “No, not that. You’ve done something big, just Facetime me.”
  • He’d call her on Facetime and would see her with a baby in her lap.
  • To say he’d be confused was an understatement.
    • “Congratulations?”
    • “I should be saying congratulations, this little one was left in my office today with a note. You got Kaya pregnant.”
    • “Shit.”
  • He would be filming a Spiderman movie in Atlanta and paid for his publicist to fly down asap.
    • Let’s just say she wasn’t exactly happy about having to fly with a random child, who did not like her and would not stop wailing.
    • She ordered a lot of champagne on that trip.
  • Tom would first meet his little bean when he got home from filming to his Atlanta home. He’d walk inside and see his publicist in the living room with the baby girl sitting on a blanket grabbing at a stuffed animal. 
  • His heart stopped in his chest. She was beautiful.
  • The angel had dreamy chocolate eyes, chestnut curly locks, and caramel colored skin.
  • She had those adorable little pinchable cheeks.
  • “Holy shit you weren’t joking,” Harrison said coming in behind Tom. 
  • The little girl looked up at her father and his best friend.
  • Tom gently got down on his knees and came close to the little girl.
    • “Hi princess, I’m your daddy.”
    • The little girl grinned letting out a satisfied gurgle, trusting the stranger for some reason.
  • His publicist introduced the little one as Alana and she was 5 months old.
  • Tom pulled his daughter into his lap and hugged her close to his chest. She was his everything now and would make sure she had the whole world.
  • His publicist showed him Kaya’s note which simply explained how she was sick of being a mother and needed to live her life and he should never contact her.
  • He was PISSED to say the least. While he was glad he now had his daughter, he didn’t understand how his ex could just drop her off with no second thought. 
  • He contacted his lawyers and had them serve her with official papers giving him full custody so she couldn’t change her mind and make his life a living hell. Now that he had Alana he couldn’t imagine having her taken away from him.
  • At the beginning of his fatherhood journey, things were a little rocky. Tom had a tight filming schedule which involved early mornings and late nights.
  • He took his little girl to set with him and she was very clingy. 
  • She wasn’t sure how to feel about all the hustle and bustle of the set and felt comfortable in her father’s arms. 
  • The first time she saw him in his Spiderman suit she was confused. Tom chuckled at her wrinkly little forehead as she looked at him intently. 
  • He was really cautious about holding her while in the suit because spit-up on a 6 figure costume was probably not something Marvel wanted.
  • There was a very close call where Tom had been spinning her, not realizing she had just finished a bottle. One of the production assistants recognized the familiar look on the babies face and snatched her from his hands letting the little girl spit up on her instead of Tom in the expensive suit.
    • “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” Tom hastily apologized, reaching to grab Alana back.
    • “Don’t worry, I’ll clean her up,” The woman said, already covered in the small girl’s snack. 
    • “Um thanks, Y/N I appreciate it.”
    • “No problem, Tom.”
  • Whenever Tom had to get his hair and makeup done Alana was right in his lap, cuddling up to his chest.
  • At the early morning shoots, the little one would have a tradition of falling asleep in his lap while getting his hair done.
  • He would smile down at his lap watching her little snores.
  • Alana became the set baby.
  • The whole Spiderman cast and crew fell in love with her. 
  • Zendaya and Jacob were especially soft with the little one, both having nieces and nephews.
  • Jacob would promise to teach her how to sing and also started calling her the Trinity’s baby.
  • Zendaya would buy Alana new clothes and offer to help do her hair, knowing Tom was helpless on the topic.
  • Everyone would joke that Alana’s allowed to see the script but Tom’s not because she’s a better secret keeper than him.
  • He attempted to keep her a secret for as long as possible from the outside world because he didn’t want the little one traumatized from yelling and cameras in her face.
  • He knew it was inevitable to keep her a secret forever, but he was doing a pretty good job. 
  • Marvel doubled down on security making sure no one on set took pictures of Alana and if they did they should expect to be hit with 2 lawsuits. One from Tom and one from Marvel.
  • So far, no one on the outside had suspected anything. The only “questionable” thing he did was switch out his usual sports cars for an SUV but that could just be reported as a change of style.
  • The first time Alana met her Uncles and Grandparents were during a filming break in November. While everyone on set was having Thanksgiving, he went home to show his little girl off to his family.
  • They took a private plane (thanks, Sony) back to London so they could be comfortable and Tom wouldn’t have to look over his shoulder every five minutes, paranoid someone knew who he was and was taking pictures of him and his girl.
  • She was surprisingly well behaved on the flight, sleeping most of it off in her car seat.
  • Tom looked at her lovingly and snapped a few pictures of her then placing a kiss on her forehead.
  • When the plane landed, he would have Harrison take Alana so in case someone did recognize him he wouldn’t have to explain why he had a child with him.
  • They made it through customs seamlessly and found the twins waiting for them with a car.
    • “Let her favorite uncle see her first,”
    • “Fuck off, Sam she’ll know I’m way cooler.”
    • “Can you divs shut up she’s still sleeping,” Tom would snap ending the arguing.
  • The car ride was spent catching up with each other, when they’re halfway home they hear a tiny little yawn.
  • Tom lifts up the blanket and chuckles as Alana rubs her sleepy little eyes.
  • “You’re home princess, isn’t that exciting?”
  • Arriving at the Holland home, Tom could barely get through the door without everyone bombarding him to get a look at the Holland girl.
  • He placed the car seat on the coffee table and removed the blanket, showing her angelic little face.
  • Everyone awwed. They’d seen the few pics Tom had taken but now she was actually there.
  • “You have the same eyes,” Nikki smiled lifting her granddaughter out of the car seat. “Aw, I’m going to spoil the mess out of you little one. Isn’t that right?” She cooed. Alana squealed. “You need to stay with us all the time, so you end up with our accent isn’t that right? You’re a London girl aren’t you?”
  • Dom would ask when Tom planned to show Alana off to the world, to which Tom responded “probably eventually, or never. Never works.”
  • His parents forced him to come up with a gameplan for revealing the secret, knowing he’d just be more upset if it came out not on his own terms.
  • The final solution was to have Harry take a black and white photo of having Tom hold a sleepy Alana against his shirtless chest, and then have the caption “Daddy’s sleepy angel”
  • The post blew the fuck up
  • The entire family turned their phones off just from the vast amount of calls, texts, and social media notifications they’d got.
  • Tom spent the rest of his break just enjoying time at home before he knew he had to face the public.
  • There was one call that he did pick up, Y/N’s.
  • Ever since she’d saved his suit, the two had been talking to each other. 
  • Alana normally switched between her and Harrison whenever Tom was acting on set. 
  • Tom would feel comforted by his friend’s nice words.
    • “Me and my girl will be alright, don’t worry about us.”
    • “We’ll amp up security on set if you need it. And we can make sure your flight comes in at a low traffic time.”
    • “I’ll figure it out. Thanks for checking up on us.”
  • The return back to Atlanta was…a mess. A hot mess. There was a genuine mob of people waiting for Tom, Haz, and Alana once they made it through customs.
  • The loud screams startled the baby girl, making her wake up and started crying.
  • Her father would try to shush her, but the tears did not stop.
  • Obviously, the mob of people heard the baby cry and it made them go even wilder.
  • Tom hurriedly tried to exit the airport with security, doing something he rarely did which was ignore signing things for fans.
  • Before he could fully exit someone yanked the blanket off the baby girls stroller, exposing her tiny eyes to the flashes.
  • All her father could see was red. He was visibly shaking out of anger that they, first of all, had the audacity to follow them, upset his child and then attempt to put their hands near his baby.
  • Harrison could see this anger and pushed his best friend ahead before he could do something he would regret. He grabbed Alana’s stroller, blocking her face with his body and practically running to the car.
  • In the car, Tom sat in the back seat with Alana and tried to soothe her cries. He was still tense but had a light touch with her. Her cries got quiet, as she wrapped her tiny hand around his fingers.
    • “It’s alright angel it’s okay.”
    • “I thought you were going to punch someone in the face,” Haz spoke up from the passenger’s seat.
    • “I should have.”
  • From that horrible experience, Tom was even more careful with Alana seeing how panicked she got the first time.
  • She was his whole world and he’d protect her as such.

So to recap cause I was asleep for most of the shenanigans.

-Louis meets stalkers outside Sony offices in London
-Louis is papped meeting stalkers outside Sony offices in London
-no red carpet appearance from any of the boys at the Brits
-new pic of Louis with Syco act Digital Farm Animals who reference recording with him his week
-a number of people associated with the boys tweet the Britsonedirection hashtag after Louis says please (predominantly those associated with Harry, his mum twice 💔, Gemma, Jeff, Tommy, Harry Lambert, Matt Selly, James Cordon, Ben Winston)
-it appears Simon is going to accept the award for the boys until Liam enters stage left, steals his thunder and delivers an incredible speech reassuring the fans hat OT4 are united and 1D is still a thing (thanks you Liam)
-Louis posts a lovely IG video thanking us and placing himself in Doncaster with his family. So I guess he drove straight back after the paps
-Niall tweets is thanks and sends his love to Payno
-Liam posts a pic on IG of his accepting the award and reinforcing OT4 or die.
-anne tweets congratulations with double emojis 💔

ETA - Harry tweets his thanks 4/4🎉😘

It’s been a busy week for us today no doubt

This Day in 1D History - July 18


  • Zayn is the softest cutie outside Sony Music London
  • …and jams to Ashanti with his friends :))


  • Best_of_Both_Worlds.mp3
  • M&G time!
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Minneapolis, USA, feat. Niall turning into a mother hen when a fan throws their shoe on stage <3


  • Louis is an actual real-life model at Mercedes-Benz World