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Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017) | Official US Trailer


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If you need to watch one animated penguin movie, watch Surf’s Up.

It’s the best written penguin movie, has fun character design, a nice soundtrack, and a pretty dang impressive environment/lighting/rendering considering it was made in 2007. The animation team needed to make a new program to create their wave and water physics to work, and another to give the cinematography a mockumentary look. 

It’s a little gem a lot of people overlook because of the silly premise and the fact that it was released by Sony Animation only a year after Open Season..


Sketch & Photo dump- travel edition

1. Just headphones curled up on a bed in some South Carolina hotel room

2, 3, 4. Two sketches and a painting from the food zoo that is the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. I had my first “real” cheese steak 

5,6. My bright red self at Philadelphia magic gardens

7. Sketches from wandering through NYC of the type of finds that make me miss the city

8. Photos from my last days at Sony Animation, featuring my office roommate and new pal, Todd Kurosawa


So I saw the trailer for the upcoming Sony Animation movie, “The Emoji Movie”.

All I gotta say is this:

At the end of the trailer, when the cupcake emoji was about to say that this is a bunch of crap, those are the words that perfectly describe this trailer.

It’s a bunch of crap.

The movie will be crap.

The comments are even disabled!



Nine Culliford, from her maiden name Janine Devroye, wife of Peyo, creator of the Smurfs, passed away this Tuesday aged 86. Everyone in the Smurfs family remember 1946 as an important year for Pierre Culliford, as it was the year when he took the artist name of Peyo, published his first board and met Janine Devroye.

She would later become his wife, the mother of his children Veronique and Thierry, and his most trusted associate.

It is Nine who suggested to paint the Smurfs in blue, because she felt that the color stood out much better on the green backgrounds of a forest environment.

Since the passing of her husband in December 1992, Mrs Peyo carried on taking an active part in the development of the comics by giving color advises, just like she had been doing since 1958. It is now Véronique and Thierry Culliford’s task to perpetuate the work of their parents.

Peyo’s family and everyone currently hard at work on SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE are now missing a great lady.  The image of Smurfette featured in this post was drawn in loving memory of Nine by character designer Patrick Mate and painted by production designer Noelle Triaureau.

Producer Jordan Kerner recalls “Nine was a true lady. She was generous, beautiful and strong. She was so very intelligent and tasteful. She is with Peyo now. No doubt enjoying a village and friends awash in the blue she loved so much. Nine was a gem. As we stood together on the Paris Opera House Stage, with a full audience (a set for one of our Smurfs movies),  she hugged me, and Veronique translated, that she could never have dreamed of this moment. Seeing that smile made the complex journey worthwhile.  Nine stood side by side with Peyo to create characters, a village, and an entire environment, which has given so much joy to the world. She is in the hands of angels. May she Smurfily rest in peace.”

Adds director Kelly Asbury, “My thoughts are with the Culliford family and everyone at Lafig. I never had the pleasure of meeting Nine, but her Smurfy legacy will live on and on, in the many personas embodied by all those adorable blue citizens of Smurf Village… and beyond. I’m proud to be able to count myself - even in the smallest way - among those who will help carry on Peyo’s and Nine’s life’s work.”

SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE which marks a return to Peyo’s style and tone in full animated form is being dedicated to Nine Culliford. May she rest in peace.


Well, nice to know the main character in this teaser is as enthusiastic about this movie as I am.