Photos of the early Nintendo based prototypes of the PlayStation emerge

Way back in 1991, when Nintendo announced at CES that they would be ditching Sony for Phillips for developing their CD technology, Sony decided it would continue building off of the tech they had already been working on for Nintendo since 1988, which would eventually lead to the invention of the PlayStation.

The console would go through many design iterations before its launch a few years later, but the above images show what could be the very earliest examples of a PlayStation concept, still fit with very SNES inspired joypad, console box and even cartridges (which may have stored CD’s inside given that was the basis of the console).  

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Microsoft 'Completely Discounted Nintendo Because Of GameCube' When Launching Xbox 360

Microsoft ‘Completely Discounted Nintendo Because Of GameCube’ When Launching Xbox 360

IGN has uploaded an extremely interesting podcast which quizzes Xbox creator Seamus Blackley, Head of Xbox during the 360 launch Peter Moore, and current Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, to share the backstory to the launch of three Xbox consoles. During the podcast it was revealedthat when Microsoft was launching the Xbox 360 they completely discounted Nintendo and were focussed at beating Sony with…

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If you have the pleasure of knowing just at what you’re looking at then you know how great I felt when I watched E3 last month & learned that Kickstarter as well as SONY are helping Yu Suzuki fund Shenmue 3.

Shenmue in essence is the game that started the terms AAA & Blockbuster. At time of release it held the title of world’s most expensive videogame. If i’m not mistaken the budget was $200 million.

I discovered Shenmue randomly during a mall outing with my family at about 10 years old. My father & I walked into KB Toys to browse, he asked me what I wanted in the store & I told him i’d like new videogames..We proceeded to check out the Dreamcast section since I had just gotten one for Christmas, we came across two games..Blue Stinger & Shenmue. I believe my father picked up Shenmue & read the back of the case.. he said if he was into videogames he would play it so I thought i’d like to as well. We went home later & played it. I fell in love with it, the story, the graphics, the action, everything about it had me amazed…not to mention the birth of the QTE or the Quick Timed Event. Shenmue was a story about a boy in search of his fathers killer, we watch Ryo Hazuki grow into a man over the span of two games if you had the Japanese imported Dreamcast editiion of the second game like I did (pictured above) or if you had the official xbox release of the game.

Long story short Shenmue left a mark on my childhood that I wish everyone could’ve experienced, Ryo’s story did not conclude at the end of the second game, it actually just start to begin as he had just made it to China..there’s so much more that can be told. So much I cannot wait to explore in 2017 when the game might release. This game left a huge impact on me as a child 16 years ago & I know it will as an adult in a few years as well.

Thank you to all of the fans & supporters who are just like me out there. Shenmue 3 & possibly 4 are happening. We did it!

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