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Sunflowers of Akeno 明野町のひまわり Please take care for hot summer season!! Akeno town is located on the highland, and the daytime is very long in Japan. 暑い夏ですね。暑中お見舞い申し上げます。 もうすぐ会社も夏休みですね! 高原に位置し日照時間の長い、山梨県明野町のヒマワリです。 Akeno town, Yamanashi pref, Japan

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On one of your asks you said you weren't sure when the deal with Syco ended. In September of 2013 it was announced (properly) that 1D had signed for 3 more albums with the label. FOUR was the first album in that deal.

I can find the news they signed a new contract in September 2013, but I can’t find specifics about the number of records.  

The only official quote is: “Simon Cowell and One Direction are delighted to confirm they have agreed to continue their hugely successful relationship with a new long-term agreement with Syco. Simon and the band look forward to many years of continued success together.” from a spokesperson.  

Other quotes at the time were all from sources and said that the boys could earn 10 million pounds each by the end and that it would probably keep them busy through the end of 2016.

Back in January 2013, it was reported that the boys had signed on for 3 more years with an album a year, but the Metro article doesn’t specify who that’s with.  It could be Sony or Syco and since Syco was reported later that year, I’d assume this is in reference to Sony.

“One Direction have signed a new multi-million pound contract which encourages them to ‘stick together’ for three more years.

A source told The Sun: ‘It’s a really clever contract that the boys have signed up to. It means they have a real incentive to tough it out and stick together.’

The formal length is for 36 months and an album a year — but the clever part is they get the big pay day after the three years.’

But the bonus is void if one of the band leaves before the three years is up meaning any moves to go solo like Robbie Williams are strictly discouraged.

The insider added: ‘If one of them walks away before then, then all five miss out on the money.‘They don’t miss out on a few quid either, we are talking millions.‘They all get on really well, but it would be the kind of deal that would see them through the worst aggro possible.’”

In November 2014, I’ve got Sugarscape quoting the Daily Star which, yeah, not very reliable coming from them and an “insider”:

“Spilling the bloody amazing news to the Daily Star, a record label ‘insider’ said: ‘One Direction are big business and Simon and co are desperate to keep the money-making machine going for as long as possible.

‘The £2.5million would be a signing on deal before they get the cut of royalties, songwriting and PRS. The concert deals would remain separate. The negotiations are already in the very early stages and are being kept top secret.’”

Another article about the same info says:

“Even though One Direction’s new album Four isn’t out yet, there’s already rumors that the band is being pushed to record more music! According to Daily Star, Simon Cowell wants to extend their contract — and is offering them each £2.5 million to do it.

‘One Direction are big business and Simon and [company] are desperate to keep the money-making machine going for as long as possible,’ their source said.

‘The negotiations are already in the very early stages and are being kept top secret.’

Under their current contract, the guys are expected to release two more albums and a greatest hits record, but this new deal would mean two more 1D albums through Syco. We can’t complain with that!”

The November 2014 news only claimed that there were “rumors” they were “in negotiations” which I think the fandom has already discussed is BS.  Zayn and Louis called them out on telling “porky pies” before when they were announcing that the boys had already settled an extension when they clearly hadn’t finalized everything.  Generally, it’s not a good idea to report real deals before they’re actually done.  I don’t remember any articles ever confirming a deal after that.

So, we’re back to the drawing board.  It was only in November 2014, a full year after the extended deal news in September, that we got specifics about how many albums the boys supposedly have left with Syco. 

(Edit: they were saying the 2 more albums and a greatest hits in 2013 although there’s still no solid source for that.  I wouldn’t believe everything in this article either as it writes without even quoting sources and is likely just an impression of what someone read in other articles.  AKA: I don’t think anyone else confirmed this deal had anything to do with Sony itself.) 

Maybe they were telling the truth or maybe they were scrambling to make it seem like they still have One Direction firmly in their grasp.  

I don’t know why the boys would look at signing another contract already (as reported in Nov 2014) if they had already just signed an extension in September 2013 that wasn’t about to run out for a couple more years.

It seems to me that the only official news we have is of a 36 month, 3 record Sony deal STARTING from January 2013, but that the papers have continued to report it as if it’s starting from September 2013 and then maybe even November 2014.  We know that the boys did extend their deal with Syco, but there was never any official number of albums or years attached to that.

If someone can find an article that confirms anything but the January 2013 info which seems pretty specific and the September 2013 info which actually does have an official statement from a spokesperson, please let me know.  As far as I can tell, we can only guess if they’re telling the truth or not about the number of albums left.

Speaking of which, if the Jan 2013 news is right and it’s about Sony (Edit: yep, found other articles, it is Sony) and if the September 2013 deal refers solely to Syco and not Sony, 1D’s contract with Sony should run out right about… after this album and in Jan 2016.

calling all larries, let’s annoy sony


So. Friday I put up a house cover of DMD on Soundcloud and over the weekend, it got 40,000 listens.

This is a HELL of a lot for me and I was dead chuffed w myself.

Then this morning I wake up to find it GONE from my profile and find that I have an email saying Sony made a claim against me for copyright.

Obviously I already hated Sony due to the shit they pull on us and the way they have branded the boys and treated them like products but then they did this and holy moly,

shit just got personal.

Obviously I understand the claim, however I was still outraged.

Due to this, I kinda want to get them back because I’m a revenge driven little shit and I did not just go on an angry run to not get any results.

So, before this all went down I wrote a song called Ropes and I’m sure you can guess the meaning behind the song and what it refers to from the album artwork:

Would it not be GLORIOUS if this song became popular and was made known to Sony? I would certainly feel liked I’ve achieved something and been avenged for having my most played song so rudely removed.

You may think this is petty of me but it’s very similar to the multiple incidents involving copyright issues during the You and I remix contest. Sony ASKED people to make remixes and then TOOK THEM DOWN because of COPYRIGHT ISSUES?!!?! WHAT?!?

So it would MAKE MY LIFE if this became popular and annoyed Sony. If it was put on iTunes(it won’t be but, hey, I can dream) I would put a LOT of the profits towards action 1D.

Also if you do not support Larry and do not wish to share this, you do not have to. Likewise if you do not like the song, I’m not really bothered. Everyone has their own opinion.

However, if you tell me it’s a stupid song due to the subject matter, be prepared for a lot of Larry gifs being thrown forcefully in your direction.

Thank You for your time, Larry trash #1


The trailer teaser for the Deadpool trailer coming TOMORROW. …yes …a teaser for a trailer. …I’m okay with it.


New gameplay vid, it’s from a Chinese youtube channel (according to google translate it’s called Bahamut games crazy) so all of the subtitles and such are in Chinese characters but the voices are, of course, in english. Thanks to 18shadowolf for sending this to me!

Seems to me like Josh comes across as super douchey.. He almost seems worse than Mike, the way he’s talking about Ashley.. interesting.