One Direction’s Deal with Syco - Was There Ever a 6th Album Planned?

Yesterday, @harrylouislove35 messaged me asking about 1D’s original Syco contract and suggesting that our collective opinion that UAN, TMH, and MM were the completed first part of their Syco deal and that the contract extension of 3 additional albums announced just before MM’s release might not be completely accurate.

So I went to look and see what I could find.  The rest is under the cut since I was not here at the time and Google may have missed some key information that I’ll need to change for accuracy.

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34/366 : Eyes by Hidehiko Sakashita
Via Flickr:
February 3, 2016 Sony A7II with 10-18mm F4 #366project2016


32/366 : Pedestrian Bridge by Hidehiko Sakashita
Via Flickr:
この日久しぶりに渋谷に行くと、銀座線渋谷駅移設工事中とあったのだが、駅はどこへ行くのだろうか?地下へ潜るのかな? February 1, 2016 Sony A7II with Summicron-M 50mm F2 #366project2016

A piacon…..

Mintha csúnyán nézne rám a néni….valahogy magyarországon ha az embereket fotózzák, nem túl közreműködőek. Sok ellenséges megnyilvánulással is találkoztam már, az emberek fásultak,zombi módjára mennek a dolgukra, sehol egy mosoly, egy pozitív visszacsatolás…..
De miért? Mi rossz van abban ha lefotózom őket? Mintha egy bennszülött törzs lennének, akik félnek hogy a képpel ellopom a lelküket! :(


26/366 : Night - 大ガード下 by Hidehiko Sakashita
Via Flickr:
January 26, 2016 Camera: Sony A7II Lens: Leica Summicron-M 50mm F2 #366project2016

Winding Road at Sunrise

Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, Oakland, CA // Sony RX1rm2

Whenever I’m asked to recommend good places for sunrise in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sibley always tops my list. It’s not in San Francisco, but it’s just across the bay. Looking east, you see rolling hills, morning mist, and Mount Diablo on the horizon giving a great sense of depth and scale.