“I know, I know, shh…” I tried to keep the Doctor calm, despite the fact that I was almost shaking myself. He had gotten badly hit and I had closed the TARDIS doors with seconds to spare, not noticing the blood until it was soaking through his shirt. I had him sit down and started to do what I could to stop the blood.

“You know what’s coming, Skyler.” I glanced up, tears somewhat clouding my vision. His eyes locked onto mine and, through the pain, he smiled. I smiled slightly in return and nodded. He had to regenerate. When I noticed the skin around the wound begin to glow a golden color, I stood and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“Remember, I’ll love you with whatever face you get. Even if you look like a Sontaron,” I said, making him laugh before wincing. I went under the console and gave him a thumbs-up, and a few seconds after he stood up, the regeneration process started. I flinched and hid my face, the brightness being too much for my eyes. Once the light dimmed, I slowly climbed out from my spot and onto the main area. “Doctor? How do you feel?”

“My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. How do I look?” I looked him-er…them over quickly, not wanting the blood on the shirt to dry while they were wearing it.

“Cute. You’re a cute girl,” I said, and they gave me a funny look. “Seriously! Look for yourself.” They found a mirror and did the usual once-over of their face before turning to me and grinning.

“You’re right! It took me 13 regenerations, and I’m finally a girl! Granted, still not ginger…” they said, making me laugh.

“Maybe next time, dear. Let’s find you a new outfit, yeah?” I suggested, wrapping an arm around their waist.

“Sounds like a plan. I don’t want to stay in these any longer than I have to,” they replied before noticing something. “Hey, we’re the same height again!”

“Which makes me taller than you in my boots,” I pointed out as they wrapped an arm around my shoulders. They huffed playfully as we headed to the TARDIS closet. “Oh come on, you love it.”

“Not admitting it.”