How to make a Sontaran - Dan Starkey transforms into Strax (by doctorwho)

Wondered what it takes to make a Sontaran warrior look so terrifying? Turns out, it’s foam rubber, a lot of make-up and two hours of patient work. See Strax actor Dan Starkey get made up in this time-lapse video.

Strax or Storr? Whatever you make of the current situation with Strax he is surely AWOL from the Sontaran Empire? I know they have alluded to him sending reports (outside of the TV series) but that would seem somewhat deluded and wishful thinking on Strax’s part. I can’t help thinking the first Sontaran he bumped into would shoot him as a deserter.

Watercolour, A6.


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BBC One Doctor Who Adventure Calendar: Songtaran Carols

Join Strax and the gang for a seasonal Sontaran sing-song!


“The figure looked round the yard as if making sure that it was alone, then raised its hands and lifted the helmet from its head. The face beneath was something out of a nightmare. The head was huge and round, emerging directly from the massive shoulders. The hairless skull was greenish-brown in colour, the eyes small and red. The little nose was a pig-like snout, the mouth long and lipless. It was a face from one of Earth’s dark legends, the face of a goblin or a troll.”

Terrance Dicks, The Time Warrior (Target Books, first published 1978)

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“Sontaran reveal” scenes from: The Time Warrrior (1973) • The Sontaran Experiment (1975) • The Invasion of Time (1978) • The Sontaran Stratagem (2008)