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What Camille and Mitis are planning. Have planned? That, I’m unsure of.

Oh sh–

[He catches himself, twisting his face into an utterly unnatural smile as quickly as he can. If there were any small children present, they’d be crying.] I mean oh… sure I remember that. Cashmere told me all about it. Real… sweet of them kids, huh?


The commotion at the inn had died down for the evening; the musical performance had ended, guests retreated to their rooms, and the few still out were finishing a meal or having a drink before bed. In the room off the side of the parlor, a small sitting room, Sontaire hummed a little tune to her boy, Hallandor, asleep soundly enough to rival the dead in her arms, while Noora still stubbornly attempted to stack some blocks. The blocks were altogether uncooperative, clacking noisily as she slammed each piece down on top of the other.

For now, she hadn’t noticed his approach, but she was completely engrossed in watching her children. It had been a long and tiring day. They were the start and the end to it all.

Korgul heard some kind of humming, and he looked for the source. Heading toward the small room, he was slightly shocked by the scene before him. Children. Very small children. A little younger than his own step daughter surely, but still very young and small. He smiled at the young one playing with blocks, looking like she was ready to fall over in a sleeping heap amongst the ruins of a great block city. 

He heard the song come to an end, and he rested against the frame of the entranceway as he quietly clapped. 

“A beautiful melody, Sontaire.” 

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((i feel the same way. wrt the grey quarter especially, i feel as if its almost necessary for people to imagine these areas are larger. the small scale really doesnt do the injustice, well, justice.))


I understand why everything is scaled down for the point of gameplay (though i still wish the cities were bigger.  i am a snooty morrowind elitist who was spoiled by how big vivec city is.  that place is gigantic in comparison to your average skyrim city.) but the smallscale depiction of the Gray quarter really irks me because that place inevitably gets brought up when talking about Ulfric Stormcloak and people inevitably go, “The Gray Quarter isn’t so bad.  It’s just one street.  There aren’t that many Dunmer there anyway.  And it’s only the town drunk that harasses the residents, so obviously they’re not facing any real discrimination.  And also that one Dunmer that hates the Nords hangs out outside the Cornerclub all day so obviously all Dunmer in the Gray Quarter are lazy and shiftless.  But that one Dunmer owns a farm and has a Nord worker, so obviously all Dunmer are doing alright and have no right to complain."  And obviously that’s a little bit more than just frustrating. 

And there are so many interesting things about Windhelm and the Gray Quarter that the game suggests -assimilation vs. retaining your culture in a new land, poverty, the fact that the Dunmer are largely in service jobs, classism, the fact that a lot of people likely can’t get jobs and probably turn towards gambling, begging, prostitution, banditry, assassination (or they did when the Dark Brotherhood was actually a thing instead of practically dead.) etc. to survive, and all that- but because of the small scale, none of it ever really gets addressed in any length and is instead reduced to suggestion, it seems like the average gamer ignores it because five minutes on any gaming website has convinced me that the average gamer is oblivious as fuck and has to have things written out in giant red text before they get it, aha.  And it’s frustrating to me especially because I studied immigration in the late 1800s - early 1900s a fair bit in college and I see the same arguments against the Dunmer in Windhelm that people used back then against real life immigrants and still use today and I know they still would if the game actually addressed it in the length it deserved but the cursory way it did that isn’t helping and people are just nasty and happy to perpetuate disgusting things and fsadfdasfds.


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((White Cap, Fly Amanita!))

mushroom headcanons meme

White Cap: Eating habits headcanon

Lamia can’t cook for shit, and so she’d rather have other people do it for her. She likes Aran’s cuisine the most, but he’s very often away doing his dark-brotherhood-assassin-y business. So she used to go through all the trouble of summoning him with the black sacrament (it worked faster than sending a courier). She was told to stop after several times, but it was good while it lasted.

Fly Amanita: Clothing/materials headcanon

Lamia prefers to wear clothes that are ligth and tight-fitted, more than heavy and poofy. The latter never sits right, it’s uncomfortable, not to mention flapping of the fabric is loud. Capes are a no-go too (no capes!)