It’s pretty obvious that all my talents lie with being able to draw an ADORABLE Bunnie Rabbot and nothing else so I should embrace that lifestyle, I suppose.

I love Amy and Sally and their friendship and I don’t understand how there is still a SonSal vs SonAmy vibe out there because both are SO GOOD and the girls are … really similar?

@progressoftomorrow asked me to draw Shadow in exchange for Sally.  Her drawing is SO GOOD compared to my pidly offerings.  SHE PUTS ME TO SHAME.

friendly reminder for artists that anyone can improve!!




as an artist speaking out here to all other artists, i insist that you all practice as much as you can! i know this is preached quite a bit, but with practice the improvement in the quality of your art is undeniable. go out there and draw!!

It occurs to me that I have no impulse control because this was literally the last thing I should have spent my time on tonight.

Scrapping most of the fankids from last year, but I’m keeping a few, including the SonSal son (Chux) and the Tails/Mina daughter (Melody). I think it would work better if instead of trying to make a new generation of Freedom Fighters like the comic tried to do, each MXYL arc would focus on just one set of characters at a time, getting smaller glimpses of different parts of the world. Like Little John and Cheerios (and by extension Amy, Mercia, the Albionites, and Rob) would be one arc, and then the SonSal/TailsMina duo another one entirely to explore what’s happening with the Kingdom of Acorn and Mobotropolis. And maybe even each one isn’t the same XYL, so you get mentions of how peripheral characters are growing up.

Chux is still worthless and has no powers, is not cool or charismatic, even though his dad was the greatest hero ever! and was important! and is the stuff of legends! And his mom is basically the queen! No matter how much “special training” all the old cast members throw at him, he’s just not equipped for danger. Melody is still a spoiled starlet, riding on her parents’ fame, inheriting their money and her mother’s abilities, she’s everything that people expect Chux to be, and she hasn’t had to work for it at all. They have to team up at some point for some reason, yadda yadda yadda, they hate each other, learn the true meaning of friendship, yadda yadda, they save the day and become better people for it.

Sonic’s Luke Skywalker’d off into whatever adventure and has been MIA for years, and is an all around lousy dad. But Chux has heroic eyebrows, so I’m sure he’ll turn out alright…