scott: this is my son nathan, my son nate, my and my daughter rachel

erik: you named two of your kids nathan?

scott: listen i tried okay. jean wouldn’t let chose rachel’s name

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Unpopular pjo opinion: I rly loved Thalia and wish that she was the main character sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Percy, as he is my son, but I wish my daughter got more book time in the first five books and fought more battles. (I haven't read the next installment yet with the Roman demigods; without spoiling, can you tell me if she appears more?)

She appears in the first and fifth books (Lost Hero and Blood of Olympus), and gets mentioned a few times in the others. She also appears in the second book of the ‘Trials of Apollo’ series (The Dark Prophecy). :)

I love her too, omg. Thalia Grace is a literary gift. Like, I get why she doesn’t pop up that much in Percy’s story, but that’s not going to stop me from hoping for an eventual Hunters series lmao. 

On Natural Disasters

I hear a row of cypress trees,
I see the wind and smell:

lightning cinders. Clouds gathered
with rain that never fell.

Oh why has she struck us? The mother of earth and water
Setting her sons and daughters asunder!

Again and again, from heavens we pray to
Reciprocated we are
Dealt unintelligible violence.

{ Sun Day Fun Day } // Modern ( AU) Armin

Armin pulled up to the beach with you and the kids in the car, having the windows fully rolled down. You could feel the cool breeze and the smell of the salty air against your face as Armin pulled into a parking lot, which made you feel excited and giddy on the inside. You were wondering how Armin was even able to contain himself. It had been forever since the whole family had gone to the beach together. Your kids were too young and too hard to tame while at the beach, so of course that made it difficult. It would usually be you and Armin, plus a few friends, while someone baby sat the kids but even that was rare. Having a six year old son and four year old daughter didn’t mean that would stop Armin from going to the beach. You doubted anything could, he was infatuated with the idea of the sea alone. Any mention of it and he could ramble on about it forever and ever, which was one of the reasons why you loved him so much. Even though you didn’t like the beach nearly as much as he did, you loved to hear him talk about it so passionately.

“ Are you guys ready for the beach? ”, Armin chirped and looked into the rearview mirror waiting for the kids to respond.

Frieda just sat there, straight faced, while the wind blew around her crazy blonde hair. It was still kind of early, she hadn’t had her nap yet so you could say she wasn’t very … excited. Emil however was nearly halfway out the window trying to get the best glimpse of the sea he could and smelling the salty air like he was some wild dog. Even though Emil looked just like you, he was exactly like his father in so many ways. His love for the sea being one of them.

“ Yeah! ”, Emil chirped back and sat back down into his seat as Armin pulled into a space and parked.

“ Okay, lets go then. ”, Armin pulled out the keys and got out.

Of course all of you didn’t jump out at as quickly as Armin did because one, your kids are still in car seats and two, you and Armin had to get the stuff to set up for the beach before your kids started running wild. Emil was old enough to know better and you doubted Frieda was going to run around anywhere with the attitude she had, but you never knew.

“ I can grab the stuff, you go ahead and let the kids out. ”, Armin smiled and you nodded your head and went to Emil first, who hopped out the car immediately and went to his dad. You walked to the other side of the car to get out Frieda. First, throwing the ’ Child Emergency Bag ’ or the CEB as Armin liked to call it. Which contained ’ emergency ’ snacks, two outfits to change into ( for each of them ), juice packs, water and two blankets for when they wanted to take a nap. Then you picked up Frieda with your other arm and she curled her arms around your neck and rested her head on your shoulder. Emil passed by you, carrying the folded chairs with Armin behind him.

“ Mommy look at me! ”, Emil screamed but you didn’t at first because you trying to manage carrying the CEB, Frieda and closing the door at the same time so Emil repeated his sentence three times.

“ Mommy! Look a- ”, You cut him off.

“ Wow Emil! What are you doing?! ”, You chirped in that fake interested voice you had to use, in order to show Emil you were listening.

“ I’m being a big boy just like daddy, look! I’m carrying these all by myself! ”, He smiled and you nodded your head agreeing.

“ Wow Emil! You are a big boy.“, You smiled and Emil ran off trying to catch up from his dad from taking to long from trying to get your attention. You saw his tiny legs struggle with the weight and height of the chairs as he ran towards Armin, tripping once then getting back up again, acting as if his fall had never happened.

Armin began setting up the beach tent as you laid down the towels and tried to set Frieda down on one of them but she clung onto as if she was a sloth and you were the branch. You set the bags down as Emil set up the chairs and tried to help Armin set up the tent. Although he mainly just inspected what his father had done and nodded his head reassuringly, as if approving that what Armin had done was okay.

“ Do you want to get into the water now baby? ”, You asked Armin but both Emil, Frieda and Armin turned their heads. Gosh, you really had to start working on your nicknames.

“ Daddy, I wanna get in the water. ”, Emil shouted and lifted his arms up so Armin could take off his shirt for him, which Armin happily obliged to doing. You sat down with Frieda and took off her shirt and shorts and placed a little visor on her head. Then you put on lots and lots of sunscreen. You were lucky enough to not burn so easily but Armin? His skin was practically like bacon on a stove once he was out in the sun and your kids too. You took off your shirt and shorts and you were going to let Armin put sunscreen on your back but Emil insisted on doing it for you. So Armin handed over the sunscreen and squeezed some of it into Emil’s hand then walked over to you and had you put sunscreen on his back, while he put sunscreen of Frieda.

After everybody put sunscreen on Armin picked up Emil and you picked up Frieda as you both walked towards the water. Armin and Emil seemed to have no problem getting into the water. In fact they were splashing around and giggling while you were struggling to get the water passed your knees while carrying Frieda. You didn’t even bother trying to put her into the water because you knew exactly how that situation would play out.

So you and Frieda headed back to the tent and you had her sit in your lap as you built a sand castle and watched your husband and son play around in the water. At one point Frieda had finally passed out in your lap and you ended up passing out too. Armin walked over with the tired out and heavily exhausted Emil wrapped around him and sat beside you and laid down too because Armin was exhausted himself too.

He was surprised to see how long Emil had wanted to stay int the water and he was also surprised to see how long he had lasted in it. Armin just had to wait it out until the boy tired himself out. He tried to get him to go build a sand castle or eat some snacks or drink some water but Emil was fixated on staying in the water. Finally Armin could rest and lay next to you on the beach as you cradled Frieda and he cradled Emil. 

He watched you as you slept and he couldn’t help but feel nothing but intense love for you. The way the sun kissed your skin and how your cheeks had turned a slight shade of rose red made you look more beautiful than ever. Having you here with his kids you had given him, there was no war he couldn’t love you. You were his wife after all.

“ I love you. “, Armin whispered before he felt himself drowse off into sleep.

Someone: *says anything bad about a class 1-a student*
Aizawa: Don’t talk to me, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son,, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my daughter , or my daughter, or my daughter, or my daughter, or my daughter, or my daughter, or my daughter ever again

Sons and Daughters
The Decemberists
Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters  |  The Decemberists

take up your arms, sons and daughters,
we will arise from the bunkers
by land, by sea, by dirigible
we’ll leave our tracks untraceable, now

hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away . . . 

  • Male fave character: *exists*
  • Me: MY SON. Look at my son. Pride is not the word I'm looking for. There is so much more inside me now!
  • Female fave character: *exists*
  • Me: When you smile, you knock me out I fall apart. And I thought I was so smart.