“And if that doesn’t work, we bring back chastity belts!”

Sons and Daughters
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Sons and Daughters  |  The Decemberists

take up your arms, sons and daughters,
we will arise from the bunkers
by land, by sea, by dirigible
we’ll leave our tracks untraceable, now

hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away . . . 

Imagine: Big brother Jerome making you feel better.

Being the children of Joker and Harley Quinn, you both grew up very tight knit and always had each other’s backs. Being the youngest, Jerome took on the big protective brother role especially, always trying to make you feel better. On days when you’re sick or just down, he always puts a smile on your face with his antics. Jerome will tell jokes and do magic tricks for you, if that’s not enough then he enlists the help of his fathers goons. While he drives you around Gotham in dad’s purple lamborghini, Frost and the goons will hijack the circus and all the innocent people to give you a night to of entertainment and laughs. You two pull up and see the show all ready, Jerome wins you stuffed animals and shows off his knife throwing skills until you forget why you were down in the first place.

(thank you for the inspiration @vaniileiinkeks )

i’m literally the only person who finds the concept of a stydia son adorable??

•like imagine him being the spit of stiles with his long eyelashes, lil nose and dark hair (but he has lydia’s green eyes and dimples.)
•he would wear lil plaided shirts like his dads and baby converse/vans
•him being a mama’s boy and always telling his mom how beautiful he thinks she is
•stiles and lydia saying “our little man”
•stiles introducing his family to his co workers “that’s my sun (points at lydia and that’s my son”.
•lydia raising him up as a lil gentleman
•stiles giving him a lil baseball bat
•scott being his godfather and letting him go to his work with him to look at all the baby animals (and would take him to zoo a lot too)
•grandpa stilinski babysitting him a lot and every time he does something mischievous he thinks about lil stiles and just smiles at his lil grandson and would call him “mischief maker” or saying something like “you’re the creation of mischief” (bc stiles was dubbed mischief by his mom when he couldn’t pronounce his name)
•melissa and argent treating him like their grandson and he would frequently go over to theirs and play with scotts kids
•boys trip with sciles or stiles/noah
•lydia helping him with his homework and is very patient with him and appreciates his effort and calls him her little genius
•lydia, scott and stiles being proud af and watching his game whether it’s lacrosse, football or baseball or if he’s into drama his play
•sciles teaching him to drive in the jeep (if it’s still around) and them giving him duck tape for when stydia eventually gets him a car

Second son
It is not unlikely that giving birth to Michel, her second son, weakened Camille Monet’s already precarious health. 
Michel Monet was only one and a half years old when his mother said goodbye to him and his older brother, just before she died on 5 September 1879 at ten thirty in the morning, only 32 years old.
Michel would survive his brother and inherited his father’s properties and collection. For 40 years, he kept most of the paintings gathering dust in a county house in Sorel-Moussel, Normandy, only selling works when he needed money for his main interest in life, his African safaries.
He died in a car accident in 1966. Per his father’s wishes, he left the collection to the Musée Marmottan, not to the French government because Claude Monet never forgave the Louvre for ignoring him. This donation endowed the Marmottan with the largest Claude Monet collection in the world.

Claude Monet, Michel Monet au chandail bleu (Michel Monet in blue sweater), 1883. Oil on canvas, 46 x 36 cm. Musée Marmottan, Paris


Magnus: …  and to be honest I never told him the truth.

Alex: Why? 

Magnus: Because he never told me that I had a sign on my back and that’s why I ended up with a spear through my chest.

Alex: Oh poor little thing, at least they didn’t take your head off.

Magnus: No, that is something that only you do.

Alex: I did it for a good reason, Chase.

Magnus: Admit it, you just wanted to see me dead.

Alex: Maybe~

Magnus: -whisper- I hate you Alex Fierro.

Alex: -giggles-  It is a mutual feeling, Magnus.

Magnus: You smiled.

Alex: I didn’t.

Magnus: Yes you did it, come on, just laugh! There’s no one here to hear it.

Alex: You are here!

Magnus: I’m dead so I don’t count! Come on, laugh! Do it

Alex: D-dont touch me, Chase! -laughs- S-stop! Please, Magnus.

Magnus: Good job, Daughter of Loki.

Alex: I hate you, Magnus.

Magnus: your welcome.

Stares, stares, stares ~♥

Alex: -Cough- let’s go back, it’s already late. -start walking away-

Magnus: -Smiles then start walking behind her-

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