“My son and daughters are married, so everyone’s gone, and it’s the two of us. He’s just like family. When I go somewhere for a few days, I put him in a taxi and take him with me. There isn’t much traffic if I go very early in the morning, so taxi fare isn’t even as much as half-price. But sometimes taxi drivers tell me that they won’t let him ride. If that happens, I give at least five dollars more and make sure he goes with me. That sort of thing is money well spent, even if I scrimp on eating…because he’s like my own son.”

“아들이랑 딸들은 결혼해서 다 없고 저희 둘이 살아요. 식구나 다름 없지요. 제가 어디에 며칠 갈 때는 애를 택시에 태워서 같이 데리고 가요. 새벽에 가면 차가 없어서 택시 값이 반도 안 되잖아요. 그런데 가끔 택시 기사 분들이 안 태워주려고 해요. 그럴 때는 5천원 이라도 더 줘서 꼭 같이 가요. 그런 돈은 아끼지 않아요. 제가 먹는 건 아껴도… 내 아들이나 마찬가지니까.” 

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How does Oliver feel about each daughter/son-in law? How does Felicity feel about each daughter/son-in-law?

Hmmm… Well… I mean a lot of this is theoretical this far out.

Oliver pretty much pats himself on the back for his instincts about Amelia. He’s always liked her and known she would be good for Will if they could get it together. Felicity is probably a bit more wary because she’s a little less trusting, doesn’t know Amelia as well, and can’t help thinking of all the times she’s hurt Will (however inadvertently). Will’s blinding happiness with Amelia and the way she actually openly reflects that will win her over though.

With Jules’ husband, I think eventually he’s Oliver’s favorite of his kids’ spouses. Felicity likes him and she likes him for Jules (in time) but he’s not her favorite.

Ellie’s wife is someone that both Oliver and Felicity respect and like a lot. They’re mostly just thrilled to see Ellie happy and in love with someone who loves her back equally.

Penny… yeah Felicity adores her. She’s so giddy about her baby boy finally falling in love and building a life beyond the office. Plus Penny has a quiet kind of strength that Felicity enjoys. She’s very different from Amelia or Ellie’s wife or even Jules or Ellie. In some ways, I think she relates. Oliver is less certain. He likes Penny fine but I don’t think he quite knows what to make of Nate and Penny’s relationship.

That’s all just gut reactions though so it’s subject to change

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your samurai headcanons are amazing you have no idea how happy they make me. I had this HUGE headcannon where ashi and jack ended up having 6 daughters and she names them after her fallen sisters. now i can just imagine that happening with the added bonus of both jack and Kuriketto there.

They have like a HUGE brood of kids all together. Kuriketto got Jack two sons and one daughter, Ashi got seven daughters and one son, and Jack is just so fucking happy because oh goodness, these are his children. All eleven of them. He’s going to take care and love on all of them unconditionally and thank you wifeys! Thank you two so much for giving him all these precious little ones! (*whispers* Six of Ashi’s seven daughters are the reincarnations of her sisters and one is the daughter of Ashi and Jack of the other six had lived)

So yeah, Jack is one happy father.

  • Matt Murdock: opens with a lot of sacrifices a law firm with his best friend, but can barely pay the bills because he keep working pro bono
  • Jessica Jones: has to beat up the clients that refuse to pay her, can't even buy a plane ticket
  • Luke Cage: constantly in debt because people keep putting holes in his clothes
  • Danny Rand: "that's my building"
Sons and Daughters
The Decemberists
Sons and Daughters

Sons and Daughters  |  The Decemberists

take up your arms, sons and daughters,
we will arise from the bunkers
by land, by sea, by dirigible
we’ll leave our tracks untraceable, now

hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away
hear all the bombs fade away . . . 

Someone: *says anything bad about a class 1-a student*
Aizawa: Don’t talk to me, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son,, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my son, or my daughter , or my daughter, or my daughter, or my daughter, or my daughter, or my daughter, or my daughter ever again

There’s always two types of people in fandoms. The people who ship themselves with a character/person and the people who ship characters together

Sometimes I think about how A&E had the most beautiful love story in the palm of their hands and tossed it away like it was nothing.

The Evil Queen, finding True Love with the Saviour made to break her curse, the biological mother of her son, the daughter of her sworn enemy. The reinvention of a fairy tale.

170512-14 EXO Cup Japan opening Q&A: Kyungsoo cut


Q. The member that acts like a child most?

A. Kyungsoo: 1. Xiumin, 2. Chanyeol, 3. Chen

Jongin: 1. D.O., 2. Sehun, 3. Chen

Q. If the anime One Piece were made into a live-action show, which member would fit the part of Luffy the most?

A. Kyungsoo: 1. Kai, 2. Baekhyun, 3. Chen

Q. Which member is most likely to give up an accessory if they’re running short, saying he’ll be fine?

A. Kyungsoo: 1. Baekhyun, 2. Xiumin, 3. Sehun. Other members all chose Kyungsoo. 27% of fans also chose him while 1% chose Baekhyun.

Suho asked D.O. if Baekhyun is considerate of him and after thinking, he said “He is. Baekhyun-san is kind.” 

Q. Which member would be the first to run out of a haunted house?

A. Kyungsoo: 1. D.O., 2. Xiumin, 3. Baekhyun. Xiumin had D.O. at 3rd.

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