sons of men

Call to Arms!

Let’s face it America. A two party winner take all political system like we have is not a true democratic republic. A British-style parliamentary system is far more democratic and less subject to control by powerful banking and industrial interests many of which are multinational corporations.

The United States is an oligarchy, that is, a government of the rich. It is not a true republic and will never be one until the great mass of the American public wakes up. 

Soon the American people will come to realize that they have just set the fox to guard the chickens. We will see health care taken from millions, the curtailment of hard-won civil rights advances for women, minorities and the LGBT communities. Money for education will dry up. That money will be shifted to the military which will need to find a use for all that new expensive hardware. When that happens it will be the sons of working men and women who will be sent to kill some other mother’s sons.

I call for action. Revolution not of guns but of political will. 

We progressives have been dealt a body blow as a demagogue assumes the office of president of the United States and both houses of congress with Republican majorities. This is not a great tragedy. It has happened thirteen times since 1945 with Democrats achieving it more often than Republicans.

We must resist. We will do all that we can to resist in the coming four years. 

tfw you realize that the line “I’m brave enough to fight the enemies” from “Theme of King JJ” isn’t about JJ seeing the other skaters are enemies but taking on his own anxiety and fears, putting the song and his arc in perfect keeping with the entirety of Yuri on Ice’s antagonist-less narrative.

Nursey: Oh my god, are you ready yet? I mean really how much time does it take to scowl and act like you don’t care how you look. 

Dex: Soon. 

Nursey: Soon could mean anything, soon could be three weeks from now

Dex: Is that what soon means to you? 

Nursey: *shrugs* sometimes

Dex: Then come back soon.


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