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I looked closer at the panel and I noticed Vanitas’ expression when Jeanne is about to bite him… even though he claimed he likes to be bitten he clearly looks… unhappy? Apprehensive, anxious, unsettled… as if he’s afraid of the bite or the pain? (maybe painful memories?) I can’t quite figure it out, but he looks far from happy or pleased… now the question is, of course, why he would claim to like it then.. Maybe because he loves Jeanne and knows she wants/needs his blood? Or maybe there are ulteriour motives…(which, if, we take Mochijun into consideration, might be the case…also vanitas and his interactions regarding this and Jeanne (and generally tbh) seemed “off” in the first place)
This also opens the question whether he really “loves"Jeanne or not… Or if he does but still has some shady reasons for letting her feed off of him… this has me really intrigued now (aaah praise for Mochizuki) and I can only pray this doesn’t turn out bad for either of them…

the-green-anon  asked:

What drew me to this muse? 

Short answer: 

I really like Toriel and I saw her as my inspiration so I wrote a character in which Jack, a rogue masked human, would find her in the underground and instead of leaving he’d stay with her. 


Because of a certain friend, Ahem, El I’m looking at you, And because the idea of Toriel having a son before Asriel intrigued me, I thought, sure, why not make Jack, the Prince of monsters? A lost cause who simply died for his people in the first battles of the war, and lived with that pain for the rest of his life as he was transformed into a human with determination, and came back as his Fluffy Butt self, with minor…..changes. 

And that’s how I got the idea of Good old Jackyboy. 

Please thank the artists who made his design, @eltehdork, @gentleman-penguin, @messofneutrellas, @da-moonmoon, @chippani, @blacklynx14, @rawring-rainbows and every other artist who has helped contribute their version of the first Goat Prince :D.

I wouldn’t have gotten this far without them. 

(I’m sorry if I didn’t tag you if you have made art for him, I’m a horrible person I know)

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“The Family” (ABC) Trailer

This thriller follows the return of a politician’s young son who was presumed dead after disappearing over a decade earlier. As the mysterious young man is welcomed back into his family suspicions emerge — is he really who he says he is?

- Joan Allen. Brilliant! The long-lost son. Oooooo…. potentially intriguing & worth checking out. :)