sons of fundin


As soon as you had finished your errand at the marketplace, you exhaustedly hurried back home as you knew perfectly well Dwalin was irritated that he’d been placed in an unwanted position of a nanny. But as you had just settled in Erebor, you couldn’t ask anyone for help as you knew no one, in the exception of the dwarf warrior, Dwalin.

As you burst through the door, quickly removing your shoes, in the living room the sight before you took you by an astonishing surprise and rendered tears to your eyes - which you were quick to dismiss. There was Dwalin reaching for another cookie from the glass jar while your child stood atop a chair as (s)he was colouring Dwalin’s tattoos upon his head.

You were surprised because your child had never grown to become so comfortable around strangers so easily and so fast. And of course, you’d never think Dwalin was the type of dwarf to concern himself of babysitting, let alone do it so well.

At the sight of your entrance, Dwalin’s eyes widen slightly while your child jumps from the chair, running towards you, beaming adorably. You wrapped the little bundle of pure joy into you but not before placing a loving kiss upon her (his) forehead and supple cheeks. 

As you made your way closer to where Dwalin was sitting, you offer him your signature, beautiful smile. “I didn’t know you got along so well with children, Master Dwarf.” You teased and you could have sworn Dwalin’s cheeks instantly turned a shade of pink at your words.

Though, he was quick to recover, “Aye. You are right but the little one kept insisting upon it.” Dwalin answered as he pointed to his head, sighing. “It shouldn’t have been so much of a surprise, to be honest with you.”

Your eyebrows raise at his remark. “Why’d you say that?”

Dwalin chuckles and shakes his head lightly. “The small babe takes after the mother, who is just as stubborn and headstrong.” 

You scoff, placing your hands on your hips, fixing the dwarf with a playful glare. “Speaks the dwarf of Erebor.”

The both of you laugh and Dwalin proceeds to place his big, calloused hand upon your shoulder. “I must take my leave now but if you are in need of me again, I’ll always be here to help, lass. ‘Sides, you know I’d anything for you.”

That time as he had said those words, it had been your turn to blush uncontrollably.

This imagine was kind of inspired by my mother when she took care of me and my dad was never around to help. She basically was a single parent. 


Dwalin could feel his cheeks getting hotter, as he grunted, lifting himself of the floor. He was mortified at the incident that had just happened to him. For Mahal’s sake! Dwalin cursed in his mind. He was a dwarf warrior, the best one in Erebor and here he was slipping and falling on his arse, like a fool…

He groaned as he knew it’d be a while till you seized from your laughter. He huffed once more as he looked at you, you had been clutching your stomach with your hands, barely able to breathe from laughing. Tears rolled down from your watering eyes to your blushed cheeks. 

After stripping himself from his weapons, Dwalin made his way to the dining room and waited impatiently for you to join him for dinner. Finally, after a good few minutes, you sighed and filled his cup with mead. With a large grin on your face, you spoke, “You know, I had a pretty rough day today at work but thank you for lightening my mood for possibly the many years to come, my love.”

Dwalin eyed you in some sort of warning gaze, as he was the least bit amused about what had occurred to him just a few moments earlier. Though, if it brought a smile or made you happy, he was willing to let it slide.

“I’m glad I can be of service to you, amralime.

You hummed approvingly and made your way to the kitchen to grab a loaf of bread. As you did so, you couldn’t help but burst into a fit of giggles again as you reminisced the previous incident. You were definitely going to let Dís know about this when she would visit tomorrow.


They are the cutest of patoots, oh and Nori likes his Dwalins shirtless ^_^  I had to dig up a piece I did a year ago for Dwalin’s hand tattoo reference (one of my all time favorite hobbit drawings I’ve done btw). It creeped me out cuz I could have sworn that piece was 3 years old, but nope, only a year and a half.  Time sure does fly.

I was super grossed out by all of the other old drawing i saw when looking for it.  I saw the flower series that I never finished :P Might have to try that series again sometime.

Dwarf Year in Review. It’s been a dwarf filled year, and I’ve learned so much.  Please enjoy some of my favorite dwarf related art from each month this year.

(I rarely draw Bofur, so I was surprised to see he made the list 3 times ^_^)

This is by no means every fic I’ve ever enjoyed - that list would probably stretch to the end of time. These are a handful of the ones that I’ve enjoyed the most and were written by truly masterful wordsmiths, so I hope that you and your friend can enjoy them as much as I did. No doubt this list will grow as I find more lovely things.

It gets a bit long, so I’ll put it under a cut.

MarieJacquelyn’s Big Fat Hobbit Fic Recommendation List

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cheenvageen  asked:

YOUR TAGS ON THE BAGGINSHIELD POST YOU JUST REBLOGGED "he's too old to witness such obscenities anymore jesus can't you and bilbo get a mountain" I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING THATS THE GREATEST TAG I HAVE EVER READ

balin ‘are you seriously checking out the hobbit’s ass five minutes after we met him AND he fainted in front of us look I know it’s been a while thorin but this is SO not the time’ son of fundin

balin 'did you honestly just sneak off with our hobbit to stargaze and talk about fireflies when you should be busy hating elves’ son of fundin

balin 'mahal fucking wept why do you THINK he came back thorin it certainly wasn’t because of bombur’s cooking skills’ son of fundin


balin 'why are you two wearing matching red cloaks’ son of fundin

balin 'his name is bilbo’ son of fundin

balin 'so are you ever going to tell him what the mithril shirt means or’ son of fundin

Well, Hello

First installment of the Tough Love series. (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.)

Based on this imagine found at @imaginexhobbit

Dwalin x Ex!Reader

Warnings: Hmm.

Word count: 1,461

With the exception of the glowing blue rune at the bottom, the round door before you does nothing at all after you’ve rung the doorbell, staying that way for a few minutes and a few more rings, just in case. For all you know, the Halfling could have had to step out for a moment or two to do Halfling things, whatever they may be. Though, if you are hearing right, there does seem to be some movement on the inside of this Hobbit hole.

The door swings open just as you reach for the doorbell one more time, a harried looking Hobbit showing himself at long last, clutching tightly onto small pie, it looks like.

“Well, hello there,” you say with a wide smile, much to his bewilderment. “Y/N, at your service.”

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I really love how the sons of Fundin deal with the “we barged into a house uninvited and the host is a giant Man who could hurt is even before turning into a giant feral bear and we know he doesn’t like Dwarves” situation so differently. Balin has the good old grandpa strategy, all nice friendly smiles and looking as fluffy and cuddly as possible. Meanwhile Dwalin goes out of his way to puff his chest up and take up a powerstance to make sure that he still looks tall despite the company he’s now in. amazing.

he must have done that on purpose too wtf

"Imagine Dwalin breaking into your home and eating all your cookies"

ironandrocksalt || imagine

It was a cold and stormy night. The chill wind howled outside and the rain battered at the shutters. But inside, you were safe and warm, sat in your chair by the fire, watching the flames flicker and dance. You had been busy all day stocking up your larder, cooking all sorts of food that could be kept over the next few weeks. 

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