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Fingolfin’s Arrival to Middle-earth

Arien: *sun rises*
Fingolfin: *marching from the grinding ice, rocking those blue & silver banners. marches with his followers to Dor Daedeloth*
Orcs: *flee because the sun is spooky*
Fingolfin: *standing outside Angband* … hmmm. Fëanor probably got killed coming here - you know, what. Let’s turn around.
Maedhros: … halp.
Fingolfin: Hey, I heard the sons of Fëanor are right over in Mithrim.
Maedhros: … pls halp.
Fingolfin: *marches off to Mithrim  with his company*

Company of Fingolfin: *very salty about the sons of Fëanor*
Sons of Fëanor: *trying to blame dad*
Fingolfin: You guys went along with it though. None of you came to help us.
Celegorm: OK but would you have tried to stop him?
Fingolfin: Yes, because I’m not an asshole.
Curufin: Neither are we!
Fingolfin: Yes you are.
Celegorm: Seriously dude. Chill out already. He’s dead anyway and Maedhros was kidnapped by Morgoth.
Fingolfin: Called it.
Amras: So you forgive us?
Amrod: Pls.
Fingolfin: omg no. Get out.
Sons of Fëanor: *divides the Noldor*
Other Noldor: Do you forgive us tho? We’re srsly sorry.
Fingolfin: No.
Fingon: … I can fix this. *goes off to rescue Maedhros*

Morgoth: … lel. They’re divided.
Sauron: So very fortunate, for us.
Morgoth: Stupid assholes gonna get wrecked.

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¥ I command you, Feanor son of Finwe, to stop being so angsty and be happy and fluffy for 15 minutes.

Send me a ¥ and a command and my muse has to obey

*strained smile*

Both of my parents are dead and my priceless work is stolen by someone who SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN RELEASED IN THE FIRST PLACE b-but…but that’s ok…haha…everything is great….let’s…pet some bunnies?

Let Me Tell You About The Silmarillion (pt 1/12)

All right, you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies and they’re a lot of fun, but it seems like there’s this whole big world of characters and events beyond them, but it’s just so massive! Where do you start? LET ME TRY TO HELP YOU WITH THAT, FRIEND.  LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE SILMARILLION.

INTRO:  Over the last year or so I’ve been doing my best to lure friends into Tolkien fandom and to do this I’ve had to explain a lot of stuff the movies wouldn’t or couldn’t put into them, including a whole lot to do with The Silmarillion. As a result, I’ve shored up my own views of those characters/places because I had to, in order to better explain them or just because I went looking for art references!

I mean, I’m still not an expert, some stuff is still fuzzy for me (so please be gentle if you want to chime in, I’m totally up for discussion, but Tolkien fandom scares me sometimes!) and it’s sort of fun to see my progress as I work through a lot of this stuff, especially because honestly the Silm isn’t exactly the easiest to read. You practically have to read it once just to get an outline of things and then go back and start over just to understand what the hell you just read. And that’s kind of a lot to ask of people!

But I find one of the things that most helped me cement things in better is having reference points for the characters. FOR EXAMPLE, when I was starting out and I would say, “Shit, I am having a lot of Maglor feelings today!” I also used to often think, “Maglor is one of the sons of Feanor and also the Elf that helped raise Elrond and his twin brother Elros when they were young.” That connection to Elrond (a character that is already firmly established in my mind) helped me keep straight who Maglor is. From there, I could branch out into the other stuff that Maglor did–like wandering forever and all the Kin-Slaying stuff.

That’s what this series of post is meant to be. A fun way for me to draw connections between characters that the wider fandom knows and the Silm characters and draw some broad strokes. And have some fun doing it–this isn’t terribly serious and I’m going to wind up condensing things down and putting my own spin on things, so don’t take this as hard fact. It’s a humorous retelling! I made myself laugh AND THAT WAS THE POINT.

So.  I’ve been thinking about this and I want to start with movie characters, since many already have a reference for them and they have a lot of connections and are deeply entwined with everything that happened, especially Elrond and Sauron and Galadriel. Well, that and Gandalf, perhaps. But then I keep thinking, shit, first you need to have a basic set-up of how Tolkien’s world works!  SO:  Way back in the beginning, before the planet was made, there was the One True God, Eru Iluvatar. From his thoughts, he created 14 spirits called the Valar (think Archangels) and then a whole shitload of “regular” “angels” called the Maiar. Together they’re collectively called the Ainur.

Basically, they’re disembodied spirits who are making Music-With-A-Capital-M together and they create the planet (eventually). Then the Valar take physical form and go forth to help mold the planet into what they all agreed was the way to go–except for the strongest among them, a dickweed named Melkor. He’ll be important in a minute.

Once the planet has progressed far enough, we have two continents that will be important. Aman and Middle-Earth. Keep in mind that Middle-Earth is about the size of Europe, give or take, and it’s in the East. Aman is the Blessed Realm or Valinor or the Undying Lands (there are a lot of names, I know, don’t worry about it, you’ll acclimate) and is in the West. So, after a bit, Eru wakes up the Firstborn of his Children, the Elves (other stuff happens, but broad strokes here) and the Valar decide to ask the Elves to come live with them in Aman, because it’s more magical there.

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Repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

1. ANIMAL: Deer
2. COLOR(S): White, Silver
3. MONTH: July
4. SONG: Everything’s Alright - Laura Shigihara
5. NUMBER: 28
7. PLANT: Wildflowers
8. SMELL: Spring Rain
9. GEMSTONE: Blue Topaz
10.SEASON: Spring
11. PLACE: Wales
12. FOOD: Cherries
14. ELEMENT(S): Air
15. DRINK: Sangria

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Nolofinwe is facepalming so hard right now. Like seriously what part of naming your son “High Chieftain“ when he is the second born of the king and your not even liked by the first born son seems like a good idea? Yeah sure that will help ease his insecurities. Oh and it definitely wouldn’t occur to Feanaro when he hears rumors of Nolofinwe wanting to be the king instead.


Four similarities between mun and muse:

  • We’re both perfectionists
  • We both have the mindset “people hate/fear me? well then, let’s give them a reason to.”
  • We’re both intelligent and never really shut up about it
  • People are always surprised when we act nicer than they assumed we would

Four differences between mun and muse:

  • I am not immune to fire
  • Mairon can shapeshift
  • I haven’t attempted world domination yet
  • Mairon has killed people

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✉: Any RPers the Mun admires.

Oh my. So okay I admire a lot of rpers, some I interact with and some not really. Guess I’ll just make a list of whoever I can remember of the top of my head lol. @sorrowssinger, @first-son-of-finwe, @nightingaleenchantress/etc, @bxstiion, @voidxsm, @admirable-mairon, @amlugnis, @ardawanderers, @driftwoodprince, @rondo-tarmenel, @littlestmun

Names in the House of Finarfin

First of all, if you haven’t read this post about elvish naming customs, you’ll probably want to, since the rest of this won’t make too much sense otherwise. Also, I’ve got the Feanorian version of this post here, and Findolfin’s version here. 

Second of all, which house Gil-Galad belongs to really depends on which version you prefer, since theres some question to his parentage.  For more information on all of that check out this post. I personally consider him part of the House of Finarfin which is why he is part of this post.



  • Father-name: Findarato (“Golden-Haired Champrion”), sindarized to “Finrod”.
  • Mother-name: Also Ingoldo (“the Noldo”).  Noldo is the singularized form of Noldor.
  • After-name/Epesse: Felagund (“Hewer of Caves”), given to him by the dwarves. Also Nom (“Wisdom”), given to him by Beor and his people.  


  • Father-name: Angarato (“Iron Champion”), sindaraized to “Angrod”.
  • Mother-name: unknown
  • After-name/Epesse: Angamaite (“Iron-handed”).


  • Father-name: Ambarato (“Champion of Doom”).
  • Mother-name: Aikanaro (“Fell Fire”), sindaraized to “Aegnor”.


  • Father-name: Artanis (“Noble Woman”).
  • Mother-name: Nerwen (“Man-Maiden”)
  • After-name/Epesse: Alatariel (“Maiden Crowned with Radiant Garland”), given to her by Celeborn, and sindarized to “Galadriel”.


  • Father-name/Mother-name: It’s sort of unclear because Tolkien’s notes of Orodreth are a mess, but we know that his Quenya name was either “Artanaro”, “Artaresto” or “Artaher”.  I’m not sure on the meaning of any of these names, but “arta” means “noble”, so theres that.



  • Father-name/Mother-name: unknown, since she was born in Middle Earth it is possible that she didn’t follow the traditional Noldorin naming customs.
  • After-name/Epesse: Faelivrin (“Gleam of the Sun on the Pools of Ivrin”), given to her by Gwindor.