96.“You’ll be homeless if you keep it up."    100."Why is it pink?"  CHIBS

When you’re an Old Lady, you’re expected to carry yourself in a respectable way. You are representing your man and his club of course.

The guys can take it a bit far though. For instance, the Friday night party was really busy and loud like normal, but my Old Man, Chibs, he was being super touchy feely and loud.

A fight was going on in the ring and Chibs was parked ring side with me in his lap.

A punch was thrown and he booed when the opponent missed. Just as quick, his attention was on me as he caressed my thighs.

His nose running up my neck was telling me that he was about to get real frisky.

"Come inside for a minute, Love.”

I got off his lap. He pulled me inside and we had a quickie.

This happened 3 more times through out the night and I was exhausted by 4 am.

Chibs was about to pass out on the couch, which I couldn’t let happen.

“C'mon Filip. Off to bed.” I helped him stand.

He was extremely wobbly, still trying to love on me as we walked.

“Ya know woman, I feckin’ love ye.” He slurred.

I stumbled a bit as his legs gave out briefly.

“I love you too, baby.” I grunted, helping him back up.

“I love that ass too!” Chibs had enough energy to haul off and give my ass a good smack.

I was exhausted and Chibs acting like a child wasn’t improving my mood.

“You’ll be homeless if you keep it up.” I growled.

Burying his head in the crook of my neck, he kissed my pulse point as we continued walking.

“Sorry Love. Just showin’ ya how much I love that ass.”

God he was such a goob when drunk! I couldn’t help but laugh.

Finally inside the dorm, I all but flung Chibs’ body onto the bed. He raised himself up on to his elbows and watched me undress.

I could tell that he was ready to go at it again, but to be honest, I was sore and just plain tired.

He pulled me close to him when I was down to my underwear. Slowly, he began to kiss my stomach.

I ran my fingers through his hair and smiled, “Chibs, baby, no more tonight.”

He literally pouted.

“Look, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow as is.”

His looked up at me with bloodshot eyes, “Aye, was good, wasn’t it?”

I shook my head and leaned down to kiss him soundly on his loveable, Scottish lips.

“Yes, it most certainly was. Now bed.”

Clumsily, he stripped down to nothing and climbed in. I finsihed taking off my underwear and laid out on the bed as well.

“Why is it pink?” He asked.


Chibs pointed to my backside. I looked over my shoulder and saw a decent sized pink shape on my butt cheek.

“Oh, that’s from the last go around.” I smiled.

Chibs didn’t return the smile, in fact, he sobered up quite a bit.

“Sorry, Love. Didn’t know I got that rough with ye.”

Laying on my stomach, I reached over and caressed his scarred cheek, “Hey it’s okay, baby.”

He shook his head, then proceeded to lean down and kiss my tender cheek. I watched him over my shoulder as he pet the welt.

“Get up here and snuggle with me, baby.” I said softly.

I wrapped Chibs up in my embrace, and within minutes we were both asleep.


*** I know this request was sent in a while ago but I hope you’re doing alright and everything worked out well 😘***

“Maybe we can take her out for dinner. You can take her on a little shopping spree or something.” Gemma nodded and kissed Clay’s cheek.

“Good idea baby.”

You’d been a little off lately and everyone had noticed. Even Clay. Your dad was one that sometimes was oblivious to things but how distant and down you’d been lately wasn’t one of them. It was clear that everything was weighing down in you. You rarely spent time with them anymore, hiding out in your room with your nose buried in text books and doing homework. They barely saw you anymore and they knew that getting out for a little bit and getting your mind off of school would do some good for you.

Gemma stood from her place at the dinner table and made her way over towards your bedroom door, knocking softly before walking in anyways.

“It’s me baby. I was just wondering if you wanted- Oh honey what’s wrong?”

Her smile dropped as she saw you sitting in your bed, head buried in your hands as your shoulders shook. You harshly wiped at your fave and sniffled but it was too late. She was already sitting on the bed beside you, gripping your chin and making you look at her.

“What happened? Why are you crying?”

You looked over as Clay walked in too, concerned when he heard the urgency in Gemma’s voice.

“What’s wrong babygirl? Are you ok?”

You nodded and smiled weakly.

“I’m fine, I’m just…schools really stressing me out. I’ve got so much stuff going on at once and I really need to keep my grades up to make it into the next semester and I’ve got 4 tests this week and Mr. Andrews is-” “Breathe baby. Take it easy.”

You nodded and took a deep breath, trying to settle your nerves while Gemma pulled you into her chest and ran a soothing hand over your back.

“Everything’s gonna be fine baby. You’re a smart girl, always have been. Beat your brother in that sense. Just give yourself time to rest. You’ll do fine. And if you don’t then you can try again. Whatever you do, you just give em hell.”

You smiled and nodded against her chest but Clay butted in.

“And uh, is there a problem with that Mr. Andrews?”

With a laugh, you sat back up and wiped your face dry once again.

“No dad. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

Clay nodded skeptically but relented and stood.

“Well get dressed. You’re mom is taking you out for a girls day.”

Gemma nodded and ran a hand through your hair.

“That’s right. Gonna go to the spa, get massages, facials, spend money. It’ll be great.”

She winked at Clay and he rolled his eyes but smiled none the less, leaning down to press a kiss to your head.

“Anything for my girls.”

3.“She’s too smart for you."   56."I didn’t know we were keeping score."  JAX

"Jax, baby! We need to go, Gran’s waiting for us!” I called from the bedroom as I tied my shoes.

We were headed to my Aunt’s house for a damily cookout and I wanted Jax to meet the people that mattered the most to me.

It wasn’t very many, but this would be the only chance I’d get since the family stayed busy.

Jax came into the bedroom, dressed in a blue plaid button down, jeans, his white sneakers and of course, his cut.

His hair was slicked back, his beard all cleaned up.

“You look handsome, baby.” I smiled.

Jax grinned, taking my hand and pulling me off of the bed. He wrapped an arm around my waist, leaned in and gave me a sound kiss.

“You look good too, Darlin’.”

I looked down at my yoga sneakers, yoga pants and tunic. Eh, I guess I looked okay. I really wasn’t dressing to impress; more for comfort than anything.

“Thank you,” I checked my watch, “Oh, shit. We best go. You know how Gran gets.”

He patted my bottom, pushing me ahead of him, “Yeah, I do. I value my ass just as much as you do, baby.”

I laughed, grabbing my bag. When Gran and Jax first met, he was late. He found out the hard way that you don’t do that to Gran. She had wacked him with a switch.

Not too hard mind you, but it stung nonetheless. He was never late again and Gran approved of him and has loved Jax ever since.
Pulling up to the house, we could see that the cookout was in effect. The front yard was full of kids, chasing each other and playing other games.

The adults were standing in groups drinking their alcohol and conversing. It came across as picture perfect but the vast majority of them were drama and attention whores.

Gran and I had filled Jax in on who was the best to talk to and the ones to stay away from.

I got out of the car as Jax helped Gran out.

“Now don’t let these bastards scare you off, Honey.” She told him as she held on to his arm.

He winked at me, “No Ma'am. I won’t.”

Here we go.
Jax had heard it all, but damn he couldn’t fathom these assholes. How they treated his girl was down right wrong.

Y/N had snuck off and he was in search of her.

“Jackson!” Gran called him over, looking just as worried.

“Have you seen Y/N?”

She nodded, “Yes. She went in the house. Check the bathroom. Down the hall, last door on the left.”

Jax kissed Gran’s cheek and headed inside.

When he crossed the threshold, he heard yelling coming from the living room.

“I didn’t know we were keeping score!” Y/N yelled, clearly upset.

“Well, we are and I’m telling you that we don’t want some low class criminal at our family functions!”

“Leave Jax alone! I’m sick and tired of you all treating me this way. I do everything I can for Gran, and this is how I get treated.”

Jax held back, listening.

“Oh come off of it, Y/N! You’re such a brat!”

The slap was loud and that was when he rushed into the room.

Her cousin stood there, holding her cheek. Y/N’s chest was heaving, her fists shaking.

Without even glancing at him, Y/N took off down the hall. A door slammed shut. Jax shook his head about to go get her when the woman spoke up.

“She’s too smart for you.” She said, sneering.

Jax shook his head and faced her, “You know what? Yeah she is and I’m one lucky son of a bitch.”

Slowly advancing on the woman, he smiled as she backed up.

“Now, if I were you; I’d leave her alone before you find yourself in a very unfortunate situation.”

The cousin gulped before scurrying away.
Jax knocked on the bathroom door, “Y/N? Let me in baby.” He said, softly.

The handle turned, the door creaking open slightly. Going in, he shut the door, locking it.

When he turned around, he found Y/N wiping tears off of her cheeks.

“Jesus Christ, babe. C'mon here.” He held his arms open.

Her face screwing up as a fresh batch of tears started, she all but threw herself into his arms.

“So fucking embarrassing.” She sobbed.

His ring clad fingers threaded into her hair, he gently shushed her, “Hey, don’t sweat it, Y/N.”

Framing her face, he lifted it from his chest. He bent his knees slightly so he could get eye level with his woman.

“Listen to me, baby.”

She sniffled and held on to his wrists.

“I love you, alright? Nobody is going to take that from us, I promise.”

“Love you too, Jackson.” She said, her voice breaking.

Jax kissed her, savoring the sweet wine that stained her perfect lips.
His kisses were the best, always able to make me forget about the world.

I put my arms on his shoulders, playing with the back of his hair as we moved our heads from side to side.

Jax took my bottom lip between his, sucking on it as he pulled back, the smacking noise echoing in the rather bare bathroom.

“Thank you Jackson.” I whispered.

He smiled, the pull of his lips warm, loving and inviting.

He gripped my bottom, hugging me tightly to him, “Welcome Darlin’.”

He held me a little bit longer, before placing a kiss on my neck and patting my bottom, “Let’s get Gran and go somewhere nice.”

I nodded, glad that this was going to be put in the rear view, “Sounds good, baby.”
Gran was thankful that we were leaving, having had enough of the family as well.

Jax wound up taking us out to a real nice restaurant and then out for ice cream.

Once we had dropped Gran off at her house, we headed back home ourselves.

The second that the door shut, Jax had me pinned up against it. He showed me just how much he did love me and it lasted all night long.

Truly, Jax was a one of a kind man, knowing how to take care of his woman.

The Freaks Come Out At Night

“Imagine you being the new girl in Charming after running away from an abusive relationship and Tig pretty much falls head over boots for you and asks you out to the state fair and then over time through a roller coaster of a relationship, you become his old lady!”

I really had a fun time writing this one, I couldn’t stop laughing haha, especially the bumper carts part, I can totally see the club just having a great time playing bumper carts, hahaha, enjoy, lovelies!





You’ve never been to the California state fair, it was always too far since it was in the capital, Sacramento and you were almost 500 miles away when you lived in Riverside, it was just too far for you.

You could see the ferris wheel from the freeway, you were so excited, the last time you were on a ferris wheel you were 8 and your grandparents took you to Santa Monica Pier.

You held on tightly to Tig’s waist, you were a bit nervous because it was your first time on a motorcycle and you didn’t know it’d take you guys almost an hour to get to Sacramento.

You looked over and saw Donna holding onto Opie for dear life, then you remember Opie saying that she doesn’t really like motorcycles, which is ironic since her husband is in a motorcycle gang. You saw Chibs, Kozik, and Juice in the back and Jax and Clay in the front, Gemma looked like a queen on her old man’s bike, same with Tara.

By the time you guys got there, it was sunset, so the colors of the rides and games were really standing out. You all were gathered together in line, you noticed Gemma and Clay looking like high school sweethearts, they were cute together, but it still didn’t change your opinion on Clay, but you, of course, kept that to yourself. Opie and Jax looked like little boys, they were play fighting in the middle of the line while their old ladies cheered them on and laughing. Juice and Chibs had a father-son type relationship, Chibs had Juice in another playful headlock while Juice was trying everything he could to get out of it, so eventually Chibs let go.

You were all a pack, and you loved it, you felt like you fit in finally.

Tara, you, and Donna were talking about their kids and how Ope and Donna were thinking about finding a bigger place once some money starts to build, and they asked you how you met Tig, “I’ve only known him for less than a week, him, Chibs, and Juice came into the store while I was working to buy some booze for the weekend and Juice invited me, but Tig caught my eye, so we hung out at the party and he invited me for tonight, he just seems…different,” they noticed your eyes lighten up whenever you talk about him, “well, he certainly is indeed indeed different,” they both smiled at each other and laughed, they’ve known Tig longer than you have that’s for sure, they probably know all about him, his birthday, his background, his family, where he’s from, all that stuff they probably know, and you want to know too, “what do you mean?” they grinned, “he’s a cool guy, but he can be a little weird at times, but you’ll know once you get to know him, but don’t let that hold you back, Y/N” they both turned to each other and started talking again about houses and their kids, you didn’t know what to think when they said that, ‘don’t let that hold you back’ what was that even supposed to mean?

“Come on, doll, we’re up next for our tickets.” Tig had his hand on the small of your back, everywhere he touched felt warm, and when he let go, you could still feel his hand on that exact spot and you loved it.

You all finally made your way into the fairgrounds and Tig put your unlimited wristband on, “I say we hit the bumper carts first, it’ll be fun!” Juice said jumping up and down practically, “Alrighty, Juicey boy, you can bump me since all these lovebirds got eachotha’” Chibs grabbed his shoulder, we all headed towards the bumper carts and waited in line, watching the kids driving insanely, bumping into each other and having the time of their lives.

It was your groups’ turn, you chose the green bumper cart in the middle and Tig chose th blue on off to the side, Donna and Juice sat on either side in their colors and everyone else kinda found their own carts, you heard the bell go off and immediately headed towards Tara, you got hit from the side by Chibs, you bumped your head and started laughing “ah, sorry lass, I meant to hit you from the back,” he winked and Tig rammed into his side, “sorry, meant to get you from the front you creepy old man!” they both laughed, you saw Clay chasing Gemma like a bee chasing a kid, it was cute, until Jax, Tara, and Gemma turned on Clay and rammed him into the corner. Donna was chasing Opie, and Opie was chasing Tig who was chasing you, but you somehow managed to spin around and hit Tig from the front and you winked at him, “Get the fresh meat!” Jax yelled pointing towards you, everyone started heading your way and all you could do is keep going around in circles, you looked like a chicken with its head cut off, finally, Chibs, Opie, Tig and Juice cornered you and just rammed into you causing you to almost flip out of the cart, you all couldn’t stop laughing, you felt your stomach start to hurt you were so happy. You saw Kozik in the corner of your eye standing on the sideline, you were wondering why he didn’t join you, but you didn’t think anything of it, the bell rang and it was over for your group. You unbuckled yourself and saw Tig was there to help you up, “thank you my knight in shining armor,” you took his hand, “anything for you,” he held your hand, your fingers intertwined with each others.

“Where to next?” Donna asked, “hmm, what about the arcade, I think the ladies might wanna take home some teddy bears, don’t you Juice?” Jax gave his devilish grin, Juice grabbed you and Tara, “yes I think we do, don’t we, girls?” he had that dorky smile, you all laughed and headed towards the arcade.

Tig and Opie were playing wack-a-mole and Chibs and Kozik were playing it too on the next booth, “Jesus Christ, ya fuckin’ mole!” Chibs was getting annoyed, he couldn’t hit any of them, “let me show you how it’s done, old timer,” Jax took the toy hammer and missed every one of the moles, “what’s that you say, Jackie boy? ‘Let me show you how it’s done?” They both laughed, you looked over to see Tig trying to rip the mole out of the hole with his bare hands, “calm down, man, it’s just a stupid game!” Opie moved him back, “it’s messin’ with me!” you laughed and went over to challenge Tig, “alright, I got this,” he was trying to be cocky, and of course, only hit one, while you hit a whopping 12 out of 15. You were laughing and cheering, Opie picked you up and cheered, “we got a winner!” he set you down and you hugged Tig, “it’s all alright, Tigger, you can’t hit everything,” you smiled looking up at him, “oh, there’s something I’d like to hit,” he winked at you and you could feel his hand squeeze your butt, you’re heart started to race, you weren’t gonna protest, you loved it. “Come on, let’s go ride something,” he pulled you, “there’s something else I’d like to ride,” you said into his ear, you swear you could see his whole body shiver with horniness.

You all headed towards the rides area, Clay and Gemma stuck to the slow moving rides, Gemma couldn’t actually ride the quicker ones because of her heart, but of course Clay stuck behind with her, he didn’t mind. Chibs, Juice, and Kozik went towards the biggest one leaving you and the other couples behind, “we’ll be back, Jackie boy, just gotta see what this Juice is made of,” Chibs was always teasing Juice, but they were brothers. You were holding Tig’s hand, Ope was with Donna, and Jax with Tara.

“What do you say we get our ladies something to take home,” Jax smiled at Tara, “yeah, come on,” Tig grabbed your hand. You all walked to the water gun game, “Piece. Of. Cake.” Tig smiled to his brothers, they all lined up and grabbed a gun and aimed, the bell rang and they shot, each one of them getting it right on the dot, Opie shoved Jax, and Jax aimed the gun at him spraying him with water, Donna was laughing the hardest so Opie pointed his water gun at her and drenched her arm, she laughed and ran towards him to hug him, Jax and Tig kept going, but of course, Tig one, “alright, sweetcheeks, which one you want?” you looked up and saw the cutest panda bear you’ve ever seen, it had a huge gut with a bamboo stick in its paw, “hey, it looks like Bobby!” Tig shouted, “that’s foul, man,” Jax couldn’t help but crack up, all their faces were red with laughter, but you gotta admit, you did think it looked like Bobby.

Throughout the rest of the night, each one of the girls had their own stuffed animal including Juice and Chibs, they won each other small bears, you thought it was adorable.

“The state fair will be closing in 15 minutes, please make your way towards the exits and have a safe drive.”

“Alright we should start heading back, it’ll be close to midnight by the time we get home,” Jax handed Tara his sweatshirt, but he still wore his cut. “Let’s go, everyone, Jackie boy is getting sleepy,” Chibs joked, “nah, man, just was thinking that you needed to get ready for that old folks home,” Jax laughed, they were all always joking and having a good time, you could never imagine one of them being violence or even dangerous at that matter.

“You ready, doll?” Tig kissed your forehead, “whenever you are, I am,” he had his arm wrapped around your shoulder and you leaned your head on his shoulder, next thing you knew, you saw a flash, “that was such a cute moment, the couple’s first photo together!” Donna shrieked, you didn’t know she brought her camera, “you had that the whole time?” you asked, “yeah, I totally forgot it was in my bag the whole time, let’s take a group photo?” Donna smiled, you all cheered to the question and asked a random person to take your photo, you all stood in a group squeezed together, the girls were in the front with their men behind them, Juice of course gave the dorkiest of smiles, Chibs didn’t really smile, just kind of tilted his head a bit, and Kozik just gave a full on mugshot. “Say cheese!” the random person snapped the photo, and handed Donna back her camera. “Thank you!” She smiled when she looked at the photo, Opie and Donna looked the cutest you thought, their height difference made it all the better, Tara and Jax looked like a younger version of Clay and Gemma, Clay of course had that weird smile of his with his hands on Gemma’s hips and Gemma giving her queen smile. Tig and you were on the far left, his hands on your shoulders and he gave a serious look, you liked it, “send me that will you?” you wanted to frame it, your first picture with your new friends, “yeah of course!”

You all walked towards the bikes and put on your helmets, and rode home.

When you got back to Charming, you didn’t stop at TM, once you got to your first stop you all said bye to each other and went your separate ways, Tig was dropping you off. You were fascinated with the sky, you’ve never had this view before, in the middle of the night, full view of the stars and the moon, you thought it was beautiful. You looked up the whole ride to your home.

“Alright, we’re here,” Tig said as he pulled into your driveway, you handed him the helmet and he walked you to your door, “do you wanna come in?” you were hoping he’d say yes, “I better not, gotta work in the morning,” he sighed, “when am I gonna see you again?” his body grew closer, “gimme a call sometime,” you grinned, “I had a lot of fun tonight, thank you for the panda and flowers, I love them,” you batted your eyelashes at him, his icy eyes pierced through you, you were so enchanted by him, Tig leaned down and cupped your cheek and planted a firm but gentle kiss on your lips, of course, you kissed back, you both let go, “I had a great time too, I’ll give you a call, Y/N.” He gave you a final hug before you opened your door and he walked to his bike, you looked out the window to watch him ride away.



I hope you loves enjoyed it! This was my favorite part to write lol, I had so much fun with this one, I had to rewrite it a few times, cause I didn’t like where it was ending the first time I wrote it, but I really hope you liked this one! Thanks for reading.


Welcome Back to Charming

“Kozik request… that you are is ex girlfriend from when you where 16. You move to charming and bump into him. You start to get to know him again and rekindle what you once had.”





‘Come by Teller-Morrow tonight, okay?’ Kozik’s words replayed over and over again like a broken record. You didn’t know if you should go or stay away. You hurt him good enough already, what did you expect to happen? Just a random chit chat then you’re both back together again? It was a thought, but you knew it wouldn’t happen. But you considered it, when you heard your name out of Kozik’s mouth, it gave you the same feeling you had when you were 16. Your heart jumped through your chest, you never thought you’d hear your name said like that ever again. But you couldn’t just jump back into a relationship like nothing ever happened, it would take time.

While you were at home, you fought your thoughts whether you should go or not, but you figured you should since you felt like you owed him an explanation as to why you left those years ago. You were both in love, and you up and left him stranded, with his heart broken in a thousand pieces in his hands. But what did you have to lose? Nothing. ‘Fuck it,’ you made up your mind, you were going.

Getting ready you could feel your body begin to grow nervous and your stomach turned into a whirlpool of emotions. Nervous, happy, sad, everything at once. You just threw on some jeans, your leather jacket and some boots you had lying around and headed on your way.

Pulling up to TM, you heard loud music, and bikes parked along the street. Of course, there was a party. When you parked your car, you didn’t know how to start what you were about to do. Would you just walk in there and say ‘Oh hey, looking for my long lost love that I left when I was 17, but I’m back and I want to see him,’ you couldn’t just do that.

Gathering yourself, you walked straight into the club. The smell gave you old memories, you only ever came in here once in awhile, it smelt the same, cheap perfume and cigarettes. You felt a few eyes on you, Gemma saw you and her eyebrows were raised while talking to Tara. You looked around to see croweaters surrounding the guys, barely covered, they looked like they were dying to get a piece of any patched ass.

“You made it,” turning around you saw Kozik make his way towards you with a big smile on his face, “Hey, Kozik,” you said as you hugged him. It wasn’t like any friendly hug, it was long needed, you both embraced each other and held on for dear life, like it was the last hug you would ever receive.

“Any memories?” Kozik took a sip of his beer while he sat next to you outside next to the swingset, “Just a few,” you looked towards the boxing ring, “I remember you getting the shit kicked out of you for your cocky mouth,” you both laughed, “You know it.” You both made small talk and thought back to old memories. Then you both went quiet, looking down at your feet, Kozik turned to you.

“Why’d you run?” This was what you dreaded, but you felt you needed to give him closure, “I thought for a long time I didn’t have a choice,” a lump gathered in your throat as you took a deep breath, “But I made a choice. I was 17, and I was scared,” you looked towards the stars hoping you’d find the answer in the sky, “My dad always told me that love would trap me forever and if I found someone I came to love then I would only ruin them,” Kozik looked at you, you felt his eyes fill with sorrow, a tear slipped from your eye, “I thought he was right for a long time, since I couldn’t do anything right with him, I thought ‘If my dad can’t even love me, why would any man?’” Wiping your eyes, Kozik placed his arm around you, “When I was with you, I felt like I could do anything, be anything, I felt so warm and happy, I couldn’t think right, but when I heard you tell me you loved me, I couldn’t stop thinking back to my dad’s words. And I got scared, and I was tired of dealing with him being drunk 24/7, I thought my only option was to run and never come back, but,” you let out a cry, “I lost you,” Kozik wrapped his arms around you while you cried, “You never lost me, Y/N, you’re stuck with me, I waited for you, I knew you needed to figure things out, and even if you still do, I’ll wait.” You wrapped your arms around him, “I loved you then, Kozik, and I haven’t stopped, but I can’t jump into this right away,” Looking in his eyes, he understood.

“I know, but when we finally get there, you’re going to be stuck with me, and I’ll never let you run, or we’re going into that ring,”  “And you’re going to get your ass kicked again,” he smiled, “I know, but at least you’ll be there.”



I hope you enjoyed!!!!

I liked this ending, and I know! It’s somewhat of a cliff hanger, but I like it lol.

Thanks for reading, dolls♥