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Omg I just found your blog,very nice job!!!:) Can I ask for all the S/M boys headcanons as fathers? (I only saw a bit of Shu).

Chris : Thank you so much,Anon-chan! (‘∀’●)♡ Here are the Father!Shuu headcanons,if you haven’t seen them.

Father!Reiji headcanons :

● he will try to teach his toddler math or chemestry,but he will fail

● he will be really happy if his child help him in the laboratory

● when the child’s mom is gone with some work,their sweet child will lay on a fluffy blanket with some toys around him,on the floor,while Reiji is doing some experiments and keep an eye of him

Father!Laito headcanons : 

● if he has a boy,he will give him as a present every time,condoms

● if he has a girl,he will enjoy to buy clothes for her

● he will talk with his child about his sexual history with the child’s mother

Father!Kanato headcanons : 

● he will love to have a daughter

● if he has a daughter,he will love to have tea parties with her

● he will be really possessive with his child

Father!Ayato headcanons : 

● he will love to play basketball with his child

● possible that his child will have his big appetite

● he will teach his child to be the best

Father!Subaru headcanons : 

● he will be really gentle with his child

● he will sing so many lullaby songs to his toddler

● he will always try his best

Father!Ruki headcanons :

● he will read stories to his child,every time

● sometimes,he will pick up his child and put him in his lap,to read together.

● if his child will be too loud,he will take him outside Ruki wants silent

Father!Kou headcanons :

● he will love the idea of having a child

● he will take his son/daughter at his concerts

● if he has a daughter,he will dress her up in so many cute outfits

Father!Yuma headcanons : 

● he will always pick his toddler up

● he will be very happy if his child help him in the garden

● he will love to have a big family

Father!Azusa headcanons : 

● he will love to touch his little baby’s cheeks

● he know all the lullaby songs

● he will be the calmest parent who had ever existed