sonora cruz


I know it’s wrong for me to stay
I cannot bear these shades of grey
So now I’m on my way 

Song of the Day: Be That As It May by Herizen Guardiola

22 March 2014

     so i decided to boot up fallout 3 as i do every so often, just to check up on things, explore a little, whatevs. i don’t fast travel anymore, because i want to see every little detail that the developers put into the wasteland.

     i came across the regulator hq in my wandering, and was reminded of the runaway sonora cruz. i decided to scout out the area just to see if she was anywhere nearby. to my utter shock, she was just a few map squares away in a direction i rarely go from the regulator hq. there she was, just standing around twiddling her thumbs. so i talked to her first, collected 5240 bottle caps, 1000 for killing judders plunkett, 4240 for the 424 severed fingers in my inventory.

     after that i figured it would be a good idea to get her back to hq. fifteen minutes of tedious pushing later, and she was just outside the door. after that i experimented with knocking her out and trying to shoot her unique (and to my disappointment, completely unplayable) 10mm off her hip, but to no avail.

     so then i spontaneously decided that i wanted to get her back inside the hq, to her original spawn point, where she should never really leave to begin with. i chose the weakest weapon in my inventory, shot her once in the arm, and chased her in circles around the hq several times, after which she finally went inside. i went inside to ensure that she would go stand where she’s supposed to, but all the other regulators started to attack me. so i ran until i was out of their range, waited 24 hours, and then walked back. all the other regulators were calmed down and walking back to hq. i ran ahead of them, went inside, and pushed sonora back to her own room.

     peace has been resorted to the wasteland. all in a morning’s work.

tl;dr, i found sonora and got a bunch of caps and pushed her back to where she’s supposed to be

i am very happy, and i hope all of my followers are having as good a day as i’m having today.


Celia the Queen (2008)

“The 96-minute film is a loving look at the amazing life and legacy of a woman whose voice symbolized the soul of a nation and captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Erupting onto the Cuban music scene as the lead singer for La Sonora Matancera, Celia Cruz broke down barriers of racism and sexism. With the powerful weapon of her voice and the warm tolerance of her heart, Celia soon became all things to all people. The film shows the diversity of the people whose lives she touched, from stars like Quincy Jones, Andy Garcia, and Wyclef Jean to ordinary people all over the world who loved not only her music but her incredible spirit.”

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