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Taishi Hirokawa

In the mid-80s, the Japanese photographer Taishi Hirokawa developed an original idea that moved to Ehime, in the town of Shikoku, Japan. The project was to bring haute couture pieces such famous names (as Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake or COMME des GARÇONS) to the country, achieving photograph in common and current street style people. The experiment became one of the most famous books of style, called “Sonomama Sonomama” (1988).


Sonomama Sonomama. High Fashion in the Japanese Countryside. Taishi Hirokawa San Francisco,, Chronicle Books. 1988, 1st Edition. (ISBN: 0877015104). Soft cover, 39,2 x 29,8 cm. Book, With 63 photographic plates by Taishi Hirokawa, biography, and at the end contributions by Kazuko Koike, Leonard Koren, and a discusion by Taishi Hirokawa and Kimie hata, folio, original illustrated softcover.  euro 70,00 Taishi Hirokawa travels around rural Japan in a wagon loaded with designer outfits of namely, Issey Miyake, Comme de Garcon, Yohji Yamamoto and others. He meets people who live with nature, bearing sun and the earth, such as a farmer ploughing his feild, a fisherman, a man working in a gas station, a builder at work, a country watch-maker, a general grocer, an icecream man, and an amateur archeologist doing research on his own. He asks them to dress into the designer outfits on the spot and captures them on film.

sonomama sonomama (Adv.) - Just like that; just as you are. unchanged; as before; in a natural state; don’t move inch…

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3.1 Phillip Lim 2013 Fall/Winter ‘SONOMAMA’ Film  VIDEO

A classic love story is the subject of 3.1 Phillip Lim‘s consideration for their Fall/Winter 2013 campaign, with the label producing a short film entitled SONOMAMA. The film features Kiko Mizuhara and Louis Simonon in the streets of Japan, surrounded by loving friends, contemporary architecture, and even cameo appearances from Black Shadow – the notorious Japanese rockabilly gang. All of these set the tone for 3.1 Phillip Lim’s new collection, an array of playful jackets, trousers, and casual shirts that draw inspiration from the diverse personalities within the ‘racer’ generation. Leather is integral to the range, which uses the material to block cotton, compose biker jackets, and create rich textured bottoms. Enjoy a look at the Fall/Winter 2013 collection from 3.1 Phillip Lim via SONOMAMA, viewable above.


sonomama sonomama
i’m not going to pretend i’ve been hunting for sonomama sonomama for ever, because up until a few days ago i didn’t even know it existed. however, as soon as i did discover it, i had to have it. published in 1988, the large format book features the photos of Taishi Hirokawa as he traveled the japanese countryside, dressing local residents head to toe in high japanese fashion of the time and snapping them in their natural environments (the japanese word ‘sonomama’ translates to 'in a natural state’). you have shopkeepers, fisherman, school children and farmers all modelling cutting edge designs from the likes of issey miyake, comme and yohji yamamoto, creating some beautiful juxtapositional imagery. the idea books price was a little rich for my blood but i managed to track down a copy on the amazon US marketplace. highly recommended if you can find a copy. 


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To all my family,my friends, my loved ones! I give this song to you all! I am thankful for everything you gave me! <3

SMAP - Sonomama W.Lyrics


3.1 Philip Lim | ‘Sonomama’ Fall 2013

The Boy In Kenzo


@31philliplim is really winning me over with its brand of cool. I don’t entirely agree with ‘Sonomama’ - it means 'As you are’ in Japanese - but when it looks  this cool, I wouldn’t mind forever.