sonoita greyhound


My sister on Sonny. This is why I love reining horses. They’re so broke, you can do almost anything with them. I jumped him today (granted it was only 18 inches). That’s versatility. There isn’t a single thing I would be scared to ask this horse to do.
Also I clipped him recently which is why he looks funny.

My horse is awesome. It’s 1° out here and I have his stall door open so he can get to the water trough (which has a heater in it, since I haven’t gotten a heated water bucket yet). I go in to pick his stall and he comes up and puts his head against my back. He doesn’t shove me, like most horses would, he just follows me around, insisting on touching me. So finally after several minutes of this, I turn around, wrap my arms around his head and kiss him right between his ears. Not once did he throw his head, push me, or nip. He was just glad I was there. And he let me hug his face. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Even when he’s being a brat, he’s perfect.