An unexpected meeting

This was one of those days were she just wanted to relax, and enjoy it as much as possible. She did not want to stress right now just time to think about different things that she didn’t usually have time for, and to be by herself for once she got here again.  

Nina sighed as she reached the lake,  and looked at the water she really was tempted to dive in it, Her hand touched the water to try the temperature.  A small smile formed on her face as she ran inside the lake with clothes, and all. The temperature is amazing even though its fall.

Sun In The Warfield | Closed RP

Blonde hair whipped around her angelic face in the wind. Standing face to face, eye to eye with the son of Apollo, Clarisse couldn’t help but take in just how attractive he looked in the light of the evening sun. She despised it. “Blake,” she spoke in a stern tone. “What are you doing here?” The clearing had always been Clarisse’s area. No one but Luke and her siblings, ever dared to step foot in the sacred ground of the Daughter of Ares.

Heartbreak Girl || Blake and Glimmer

Glimmer hugged her fluffy white pillow to her chest as she buried her face in it, sighing and trying to fight sobs. On one hand she wanted to rip the pillow apart and go looking for the douche-bag that’d made her feel like this, and on the other, she just wanted to eat chocolate and cry and watch Titanic. But she could do neither of those, because of the consequences. So she just wiped her eyes and sighed again, hugging the pillow just a little tighter, as the door to the Cabin opened.

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“Oh, excuse me!” He said as he “accidentally” almost crashing with the person in front of him, honestly it was part of the plan just to slip his hand on the other person’s pocket, just for the sake of stealing the wallet “Didn’t saw you there!”


Trinity was outside the Apollo cabin training with her Photokinesis, she closed her eyes focusing on manipulating the light, she was creating a ball of light in her hand when she lost focus for a moment after hearing foot steps approach, she opened her eyes to see her half-brother “Hey there..” she said smiling at her half-brother.

+ sonofthegodofthesun

Clarisse made her way over to the training center. She couldn’t help but smirk at all the demigods trying desperately to beat their partners. She had decided to skip training that day, because honestly? She didn’t need it. Spotting Blake she waved over at him, waiting for him to finish.

Complicated Heartstrings || AU

Glimmer had pre-packed her bag as soon as she’d got up. What ever happened, she was leaving the Camp grounds for at least a few hours, and now it was just a matter of finding someone to take along with her. She figured it’d be good to find someone that she hadn’t hung out with all that much, and she directly had an idea. A matter of minutes later, Glim was in front of the Apollo cabin, waiting for Blake to come out after yelling at him that he had no choice but to go with her.